Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Can't wait to hear how the party was!

Always fun when Jessica and her friends get together. I just wish that they would still all be going to the same high school. Rats. Wonder how many text messages she received hahaha

Two nights ago I was having trouble sleeping. Flashbacks to those awful months of getting just a few hours of sleep and feeling crappy. Don't want that to happen again. My MIL gave me some lavendar spray for your linens. Helps ya sleep! I know some of this is all in your head...but that stuff works! Two sprays will get me through the night with no waking up (grin) Hey, long as it works people!!

Work is slow again today. Sure wish I could sleep! I need to make some coffee. Maybe I'll wait and see what work brings and possibly go to the neighbors again. I really do miss seeing them. There are 6-8 of us who would regularly get together in the mornings for coffee. Different people would "host" it each day. I'm the baby of the bunch, most of them are 10-11 years older than me. I've always hung out with people older than me. OH! The call just came. Guess Ms. Berline's ears were ringing. Hopefully no work will old to for another hour or so and I can enjoy some coffee and gossip! Gotta find out the low-down in New Year's Eve plans. In the past we did New Year's bon-fires, parties, etc with neighbors. I really do have some cool neighbors. This year Rich works and I work New Year's day.

Remember! What you do at midnight is what you do all year long - make it worth it!!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

LA La la...

Life is good. I had a good day. Not too much work. I was able to do some laundry and get some things caught up on around here. Enough work that when I sat down to type there was something there. Good day.

Even better was when we found the cell phone Jessica wanted! I know she is so happy to have it. She is all lit up like a Christmas tree. Makes my heart warm.

Granted, SHE bought it and is paying for the mins. I refuse to purchase a cell phone for a 14-year-old. It's a payas-you-go plan from Virgin. I will help with purchasing some minutes. Afterall, I DO need to get in touch with her, too! It's a really nice plan: Keep the plan active by purchasing mins every 90 days and mins roll over too. Nationwide calling. She gets free incoming text messages (which mom sends FREE from the web site) She's got voice mail, caller ID, cutsey rings and can change her face plates, which I'm told is of MAJOR importance to teens across America. Gotta be in style, even if the phone is pressed against your ear or jingling in your purse.

We have bombarded her with text messages tonight. She's at a slumbar party. I'm sure all her friends are ooohing and ahhhing over the lil thing and will go home whining to their parents, "JESSica has one, and you KNOW how her mom is!" hahahahaha

Like I said, SHE is paying for it. She could use my phone for emergencies while she was away from the house but that is just not the same. I'm sure once she sees how fast those mins zip by she will be singing a different song haha. Rich and I decided this would be a wonderful teaching/learning experience for her in the ways of managing her $ and decision-making on how much time to spend yacking away at her cost. She claims the phone is to have for security (an angle kids use against their parents!) and so that I can reach her when she is away. I have argued that I always know where she is and there is usually a phone where ever she is until I'm blue in the face. Alas, she still wanted the lil singing box. Status symbol I tell ya.

She called Amie, her best friend, on the way to the party so she could put Jessica's phone number in memory. I could hear "let me let you go, I don't wanna use all my freaky minutes on this thing." hahahahahah I beamed with such pride.

I took Sarah and Daniel to eat at McDs. We got nuggets - we don't want madd cow bazeeze! Everyone in the joint had the same thought because they all hd nuggets. On the way out we saw they installed computers. Yes, internet (free) at McDs. Amazing. They just had to stop and send their sister a text message MOOOOOOOOOOO!!

While Jessica is playing tetris, reading text messages or sleeping with the lil glowing box held snuggly in her hand... mom is here dreaming of Valentine Cards, Birthday cards, Easter baskets, etc. all filled with phone cards so my darling daughter will be able to yack til her hearts content! Wish pleasing teens was always this easy!

Go to bed!

I found my post floating around. I would have hated to retype all that. I probably wouldn't have. I hate to blag in a rant/vent. But sometimes it is necessary so you can understand what I'm talking about. So, now ya have a little understanding. Glad you tuned it?

Work is slow today. I don't know why because there is a full surgery schedule. Look out New Year's Eve. They will all decide to dictate their work and I'll be stuck working a full day while the office goes home at noon. Small price to pay for working at home :)

I was able to get out for coffee at the neighbor's this morning. That was nice :) Miss seeing everyone on a daily basis.

The kids are still sleeping - oh to be kids again! I just cannot sleep like that anymore. I now find myself going to bed earlier so I can get more hours instead of sleeping late in the day. I'm grouchy if I sleep too much.

Lemme get busy or at least LOOK busy :)
What happened??

I was on a Blogger roll on Saturday. I went to bed, and when I woke up it was Tuesday!?

Sunday was a lounge day. Then we went to the inlaws to open presents. My MIL is the greatest. My FIL? Uhm, I can honestly do without him. The man is .... different? I don't know how Rich turned out so normal.

We had Amie with us. Amie is like our 4th child. She and Jessica have been best friends for over 5 years now. Amie's mom went out of town so Amie stayed with us. Even Amie noticed how "different" the FIL is. Pretty sad.

How different is he? He is anal. About everything. Anything and everything. You name it. Anal. After opening presents we all went into the kitchen. MIL had made cookies, had chips/dips and cokes for everyone. FIL sat with a watchful eye. Crumbs? He immediately swept them up. Wet ring from your glass and he was wiping it up. Makes one loose their appetite really quick.

After snacks we went outside and walked around. My inlaws love their yard and it really shows. It is beautiful. But to spend that much time and have nobody ever go over to show it off? Sad. I have not been to my inlaws in probably 5 years. I got up and left one evening when FIL was telling my kids to not go around a chair. A CHAIR! Because it was old and they might damage it. Uhm, okay. Put it in a museum then if it is that frigging valuable. Like I'm gonna sit there and let my kids jump on the furniture?? How can you when he is always standing over you like a shadow.

I kid you not. I got up and walked out. Haven't been back. If Rich wants to go that is fine with me. I refuse to be treated that way or have my kids treated that way. it was a buildup of years of chair incidents, etc. that I finally had enough and just walked. I tell you, the man is insane.

One time we were all camping. He was eating an orange. Sarah was small, maybe 4? She says "is that an orange?" (she was practically salivating) He keeps right on eating saying "yes" Anyone can see that as a child saying "can I have a bite?" Not him. He proceeded to eat the entire orange in front of her AND me and he had no problem doing it. Then Sarah asks "where did you get it?" FIL "MeMe brought them." Sarah "Where is she?" FIL "She is in the shower" Never did he say "The oranges are in the fridge, go get one" poor Sarah goes into the camp and peeps under the door and asks MeMe if she can have an orange only to find out that FIL had eaten the last one. BastardHISTORY: And he knew it was the last one. Did he bother to share? No. Not even one sliver.

I could go on and on about him too. But I refuse to let him get to me. He has done/said some very hurtful things to me in the past. I chalk it up to him being an asshole and that's good enough for me. I keep my distance to keep calm waters between father and son. I'm not married to him so I don't have to please him. For many years Rich tried to please his dad - make him proud. It just don't happen so Rich finally stopped and started living his life. It's just really sad when your FIL is at your house and is talking to you about the new truck you just bought and says "It really is a nice truck. Your parents must be really proud of Rich." MY parents? No, they are proud of US.

Don't got to the bathroom at their house either. He will stand outside the door and wait. Then go in and inspect the bathroom once you come out. If you threw anything in the trash he will carry the can outside and dump it. All while giving you the evil eye while walking back and forth from the bathroom carrying this huge trash can. Pretty embarrassing for a teen girl while at her future inlaws house wouldn't ya say??

What a jerk! Ask him when is dog's birthday is he can tell you that. When were his only grandkids born? He has no clue. Yet he will rattle on about stories of how when Rich was a small child his grandfather loved to have him over and would watch him all the time!

Oh well, his loss is all I can say. His grandkids have never been to spend the night, never go on trips, never call, etc. He only has himself to blame.

Now, how did I get off on the inlaws??? I guess they are so different than my family or even ours (Rich and I) that it just sticks out really bad how they are when you do finally go around them. I think I'll keep my distance for another year :)


Sarah is getting on Jessica's last nerve.
Me "Sarah, stop antagonizing your sister!"
Sarah continues
Jessica "Mooom, Sarah is still antagonisting me!"


Saturday, December 27, 2003

Must be

Must be blogger marathon for me today. So many thoughts fill my head when I'm busy cleaning. I need to do like Dy and take a long drive to sort them out. No time today. They will have to settle for being sorted out while doing laundry and putting the house back together.

I've avoided the living room all day. It's the worse. And it's the first room folks will see when they walk in. So why not clean it first and get it over with? Blah! Eating three different flavors of popcorn from the cute Cmas tin and blogging is much more fun at the moment.

Last night at the Casino, I ran into a very old, dear friend. Gosh, didn't realize how much I missed him until seeing him again. Hopefully now we will stay in touch. He's a hoot!

Spencer - I sat down earlier with my cookies and caught up on your blog. I was scrolling down the page like when I get caught up in reading a novel and it's to the good part! I kept saying, "Spencer!?? If there is no way to get news, HOW does this man know about the earthquake??" Blows my mind!

The power of prayer blows my mind too. I should say - The power of prayer leaves me in awe. I know it works, but I'm taken aback each and ever time I hear about it.

I belong to an email loop of women who pray. We email the loop and ask for prayers regarding something and then those people email others and it just branches out. God knows who the woman I'm praying for is even if I don't know her personally. That's our latest miracle.

Email came from a woman in the loop requesting prayers for a woman at her church. The woman was previously pregnant and lost the baby. She found out she was pregnant again and the church started prayers 24 hours a day. You picked your hour for the day and prayed for her. How awesome! That same woman got in a wreck when she was 6 months pregnant. The wreck totaled her van, but she and her unborn child were unhurt, along with her 3-year-old son. Not a scratch on them!

Fate, miracle, power of prayer, God, Goddess, Buddah, whomever. There IS a higher power. Aren't you glad?
Spencer - I could go on and on about Stephanie. Some people just never change. She is stuck so far up her in-laws hiney. She thinks because she is married to the "baby" of the bunch that she is entitled to special things. I'll bet she is hoping to score on a cut of the inheritance and her 1/6 of the biz. I have learned over the years that in in-laws see right thru her. Steph named both her children after the in-laws. They begged her not to. She just smiled all fake and said, "Well of course we are! It's such an honor to be named after family." uhm.. then why weren't they named after anyone in HER family? Could be the payoff wasn't as good? Thank goodness we only see them once a year! I can't take more than a few hours with her.

I refuse to let it bother me. At one point people like her could consume me. Not anymore! Not worth my time :)

Last night the "girls" went to dinner. There were 4 of us. We had the best time. We ate at Logan's, had a few glasses of wine and made friends with the teens at the table next to us. They thought we were hysterical. See? Look at us. This is how your mom acts when she goes out. And you thought was was a stick-in-the-mudd! How little you know!

After dinner we drove around wondering what to do. Here we are, our kids are teens so no more sitters needed, and we can't find a thing to do! Movies? nothing good. We laughed saying we'd prolly end up at Walmart!


We scooted on over to the Casinos. Big spenders we are! I think we each lost $20 and stayed until 1 am! We had the best time. The place was packed but we managed to find slots. I played a good while on a poker machine. Love it! Lalla played a nickle machine - kinda like slots but not. Texas Tea I think it was called. Vickie wandered around watching others hit on slot machines and dropped her quarters in the machines here and there.

Yes, there were four of us originally. We dropped Debbie off to meet her girls at OB's Deli and Pub. We had teased her and said we'd meet them all later. OOPS!

Always fun when the girls get together. Need more nights like that.

Time to clean the living room! If you don't hear from me in a few days please send the search party. Why is it they think MOM is the only one who needs to pick up things???

Friday, December 26, 2003

What Child is this.....

My favorite song :) I'll give you a rundown on the festivities and then I'll post my gripes. Did you think there wouldn't be any?? Cmon! Pah-leeze.

Christmas Eve

We all attended mass as a family. Rich works shiftwork and all getting together at the same mass is hard. But we able to this year :) Then we get to church and there are two of my friends (who are sisters) and they are there with their families. We filled three solid rows. It was so warm and fuzzy to be with friends on Christmas.

Afterwards, we strolled on over Rich's grandparents house for homemade eggnog. It's a shame we only see his family once a year. Yes, they live in the same town. His family is very strange. He'll even agree to it. I tried, I really tried when we first go together to mend bridges and shorten the gap - my family just not like this and it seemed so odd to me - but after our first child was born, well, they started treating us like strangers and the rest is history. I figure it is their loss. Our kids are their first great grandkids. But it doesn't surprise me at all. That's how they treat all the cousins/grandkids.

Anyway..... We did the eggnog. Got lots of pics to print for the kids scrapbooks. They look forward to the eggnog every year. They are what keeps me going back each year.

Came home and wrapped a bit more and then Rich and I hit the hay. We woke up at 3:30 and set the gifts out - we could hear the kids making a gazillion trips to the bathroom all night. Sarah told us Christmas morning that she kept peeking in the living room to see if Santa had passed yet. HAHA We woke the kids at 4 because Rich had to go to work and they wanted him to see their gifts.

Oh my. We laughed so much. The kids love pickles. So, we bought them each a pickle in juice and wrapped it. I made them open their pickles at the same time. Their faces were priceless. They could not figure out what it was through the wrapping. When they ripped into it I don't think it was what they were expecting. They had that HUH? look for about 3 seconds then burst out laughing. Too funny!

We ate our traditional Christmas breakfast of Hominy, bacon and lil sausages all cooked together. Rich's grandfather use to cook it for him and he's just made it the Official Christmas Breakfast over the years. Kinda neat to mesh together as a family and accept each others traditions and make new ones of your own.

Rich left for work and I checked email, etc.. the kids tinkered with new stuff. My parents stopped by around 11 to see what Santa brought.

I met Rich at his grandparents house for gift exchanging around 6. Most of the crowd had gone by then. It was really nice to sit and visit with his aunt (who Rich is close to), his grandparents and his mom after we opened gifts.

I helped clean the kitchen and put the food away - Rich went home since he had been up since 3:30a.m. I got home around 9:30 and ZZZZZZZZZZ.


Rich has 5 aunts and uncles. There are three boys and three girls. The youngest uncle is 3 years older than Rich. I can understand the grandmother didn't watch Rich too often - she had a baby herself to watch - but geeze.. it's your grandson!

Cmas Eve we are at the eggnog and Uncle Bruce and I were discussing digi cams. Stephanie, married to the youngest uncle, walks up and totally butts in the convo and telling Bruce all about her wonderful camera and how she does all these wonderful things with it, blah, blah, blah. Then she asks to see my camera and proceeds to show Bruce how it works. Uhm, hello? Ever been so stunned by someones nerve that you are frozen? I have a tendency to get really angry and blurt things out if I don't hold my tongue, so this was definitely a tongue-holding moment! It's pretty bad when your 14-year-old comes to you later and says, "Mom! She just totally grabbed it out your hand and started explaining it like it was hers! How rude is THAT?!!"

Thank goodness Uncle Bruce plainly sees through Ole Stephanie and turned the convo back towards me again. I heard him tell Richard later on, "Your wife knows a lot about that kinda stuff. When she started talking USB ports, I knew she knew what she was talking about." hehe Pffffffft on you Stephanie!

Stephanie is a name dropper. You know those kind? They are friends with a doctor who owns his own walk-in care facility. EVERY year we have to hear, "Can I take some eggnog to Dr. XXX? He just loves it!" And, "Ya know, we get together with Dr. XX around the holidays and cook up a storm. He is just do funny in the kitchen..." By this time I have zoned her out. Good ole Dr. XX is probably hooking Stephanie's husband up with some illegal prescriptions lol We all know those years of Clark "traveling" and being on "extended vacations" that he was really in rehab. DUH!

Last year Stephanie made the comment, "oh, you are typing still? How is that little job going?" Hmm.. lets see. I wanted so bad to say, "Doing good. By the way, are you still living in the house that your in-laws let you have? Do you still have the truck your in-laws gave you and are they still paying the insurance and note? Are you still in debt up to your armpits? Does your husband still work for his parents when he can't keep at job?" But, my mamma taught me better and I replied, "Can't complain."

Okay, time to get back to my little typing.

Thursday, December 25, 2003


Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas. We woke up at 3:30 to let the kids open presents before Rich left to go to work. We had the BEST time. We drank coffee, cooked our traditional Cmas breakfast of hominy, bacon and little smokies ... MMMM.

I have to say, I did much better this year. I only spent 2 hours wrapping last night because I started wrapping early. Thank goodness!!

The kids are so funny when opening presents. We got them a pickle in a bag, a huge pickle that is. I made them all sit close and open at once. Their faces were priceless! My pic came out a lil fuzzy, but I"m keeping it for the memory! Who would expect a pickle???

Of course, they had a great time and loved all their presents. Just 2 so far that I need to return for a different size. Oh joy!

Now it is 6:22, Rich is off to work, the kids are engrossed in their new stuff and mom is off to bed!!!

Last night was eggnog at Rich's grandparents. Homemade eggnog MMM Everyone had a good time there too. Lots of pics with my camera! hehehe

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Monday, December 22, 2003

Please take a moment and send a Christmas message to the troops. Here is the address: OperatationDearAbby

I need to wrap back later!

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Robin emailed!

She told me a little bit of what has happened. But it was almost like she didn't want to "bother" me with it. Bother me??? What are best friends for? I will have to email again and ask what's a good time to call. Hate to be pushy, but it bothers me that she is going through this alone.


We baked cookies today. Mom gave me a cookie press for Cmas. Nifty lil gadget! I love gadgets.

I think we tried just about every shape. We even got creative and put green dye in the dough and use the tree template and the wreath template. Pretty crafty!

Now, if I look at another cookie..ugh!!! I have a gallon zip-lock bag full. I'm sure the kids will devour them in no time.

This week I've still got wrapping to do, maybe a present here and there. The kids' candy for sure. I'd buy it now but I'd eat it. LOL Seriously. My kids like candy bars and beef jerky, etc. Good stuff. I hate all those foiled-wrapped candies. Darn foil balls all over my floor. GRRRRR

I'm pooped. Maybe tomorrow I can con Jessica into dipping some pretzels. Ever dipped a ritz cracker with pb smeared on it, topped with another ritz and then dipped in choco?? Wonderful creation!!!

Maybe we'll make some more cookies! Maybe...

The update is no update. Bummer.

I called and left a message. She is either really busy or avoiding me. I emailed. No response.

May have to email her mom again.

I need to wrap. The girls started. They left a mess. I want to bake cookies. What to do?

I think the girls can pick up and I can bake!

Wrapping? I had a friend who never had wrapped Santa presents. Just tossed them under the tree. I use to think HUH?? Now I can see why his parents started doing that hahaha

Maybe a game of skip-bo? Laundry can wait.

And I wonder why I spend so much time making list after list of things to do only to not do them! But it feels soo good to make those lists.


Thursday, December 18, 2003

I've had a nagging feeling for a few weeks now. One day I will learn to "tune in" to this feeling and LISTEN to it.

The feeling has been over my best friend. Robin and I have been best friends.. well... for ... 23 years. She moved to Shreveport many years ago and our friendship slipped aside as the years of marriage, kids, work, life moved forward. Slipped aside is not a good word. I'm lost for a good word at the moment. Put on hold is not it either.

Robin's dad told us one night that we would grow up and maybe not stay in touch. That we would always remain best friends. And just because you don't stay in touch does not mean you don't love each other or think about each other. And if one of us every NEEDED the other, we'd be there. No doubt about it.

Robin and I looked at hiim like he was nutz! We should have known he's been down that road too.

So here we are. She's going through a ruff spot in life and I'm aware something is not right and don't know how to bridge the gap. I cannot just call. I haven't called in years. I don't want to make it worse for her. I kinda feel like if she wanted me to know she'd have told me about it.

So here I sit. Feeling like my hands are tied. Wanting to drive up there and sit around in our PJs and giggle and talk about old times.. to share our deepest secrets of marriage and kids, the pros and cons of working moms and stay-at-home moms... to brag about our kids and cry because we really should have stayed closer these years.

I'm mad at myself for not putting forth the effort. I'm sad because I never wanted it to be like this. Life just moved forward and we went our own ways.

I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Ever laugh so much you become just down right silly? Ever laugh so much it begins to get annoying? Eight-year-olds - egads, boy, can she laugh!

We sat by the fire outside in the yard (country living!) and sipped hot coa-coa. We nibbled on cheese, crackers and summer sausage. MMM with spicy mustard.

Once the fire died down we moved indoors and played a few rounds of Skip-Bo. Sarah got the giggles and soon the entire table was breathless!

I was so glad when 9 pm rolled around. Gotta love kids.
Cmas Trivia...

Why are red and green the colors of Christmas? The colors have come down to us from the ancient Britons and Romans, who used holly to decorate their homes for winter. Because holly is an evergreen which weathers the cold of winter, ancient peoples believed that the plant would lend its strength to their homes and families. Holly also has meaning as a Christian symbol; the thorns are said to represent Christ's crown of thorns, and the red berries symbolize His blood.

Christmas trees have a long history that predates Christmas. Long before the evergreen tree became a symbol of the Christmas season, it was a symbol of hope and joy. To the Vikings, it was a reminder that the darkness and cold of winter would end and spring would return. One legend credits Reformation leader Martin Luther with beginning the custom of the indoor decorated Christmas tree in sixteenth century Germany, and most historians agree that the custom of decorating trees did begin in Germany. In 1841, German-born Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, popularized Christmas trees in England by displaying one at Windsor Castle. The first mention of a Christmas tree in America was in the mid-1800s, but the custom did not gain widespread popularity until the early 1900s.

Poinsettias are the subject of a beautiful legend from Mexico, where it was customary in some areas for villagers to leave a gift for the Baby Jesus at church on Christmas Eve. A poor boy in one village wanted very badly to give the Holy Child a gift but had no money to buy one. In desperation, he picked some weeds on his way to church to leave as his gift. He prayed to God to help him show his love, and God answered by turning the weeds into a beautiful star-shaped flower with bright red leaves. The poinsettia has been a beloved Christmas symbol ever since.

Druids, or Celtic priests, used mistletoe in religious ceremonies before Christianity was brought to the Celtic lands. Because the plant has no roots (it's actually a parasite that attaches itself to a tree and lives off the tree's root system), it was thought to have magical powers. This belief carried over into Christian times; one Christian source likened mistletoe to a link between heaven and earth since it grows without touching the ground. In Norse mythology, mistletoe was associated with Frigga, the goddess of love, who brought her son Balder back to life; the plant's berries were believed to represent her tears. As a result, it was considered the plant of peace, and under it, enemies in ancient Scandinavia met and reconciled their differences. This gave rise to the custom of kissing beneath the mistletoe, which has survived to the present. The sprig of mistletoe no longer signals young warriors to throw down their weapons. Instead it invites young and old to stretch out their arms and embrace in the spirit of Christmas.

One of the better-known traditions of Christmas is the burning of the Yule Log. The custom came to England from the Norse, who burned the juul in honor of the god Thor in pre-Christian times. The Christians of England adapted this ancient rite for Christmas as a symbol of fellowship, warmth, and light. According to tradition, each member of a family was to sit upon the log and salute it before it was lighted to assure good luck in the new year. To this day, the tradition of the Yule Log continues in many homes in both England, Canada and the United States.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003


I survived the first throng of Cmas festivities. Cmas with my family was held at our house. A good time was had by all. The wrapping paper was ripped apart in 2 seconds flat by kids scrambling to open.

We do things a little different here. All the kids gather their "pile" of presents. Then we start with the youngest kid and he says who the present is from and we all watch as he opens it and ooggles over it. This way we all get to see who got what and each kids gets a little lime light. Helps stretch out the fun too.

Rich cooked a chicken & sausage gumbo. MMM He's such a good cook. As most times, we have waay too much food. Oh well. All was good. Leftovers are even better.

Now,... one more week to go and a few more parties. Think I can have a WRAPPING party? I gotta get this stuff wrapped soon!


I think men give themselves a bum wrap about helping around the house. You can see what I'm talking about over on Derbs' blog. Also, check out Denny's comment on her tag board.

I'm very blessed. In this house we don't have his/her chores. We all do what needs to be done. Of course, the kids take more prodding.

Rich helps when he is off. At first he really didn't think what he did around her was a big help. After almost three years of my having returned to the work force, he sees how much of a help he is. Simple things are the most help.

Putting up folded clothes is a huge help around here. There are five of us here. That generates a lot of clothes. I can get them to the washer and even into the dryer. That's where they sit.

Cooking a meal is a plus too. Rich is a great cook. He also likes to cook LARGE. Another plus. That means left overs. Even if not eaten that week, they can be frozen and saved for another hectic day - I assure you, there are plenty of those around here.

Errand running/grocery shopping. He has even learned to pick up that never-ending gallon of milk while he is out without even a second thought. He's also learned that grabbing a few things each time doesn't leave us hanging in mid week with 1/2 bag of chips and no dip with regular grocery shopping day still days away. He will sometimes surprise us with things we haven't had in a while or NEW products. I rarely do this. I tend to stay with what we are familiar with to be safe.

Household chores - the trash is a given. Now, Rich refuses to do dishes but he will vacuum and my gosh, he looks so yummy doing it! hehehe. No that is not a ploy to get men to do more housework. I can tell you from experience and speaking with lots of other women, when men do household chores it really speaks to a woman's heart. He is giving HER back something - her time. And all women know time is something that is hard to come by!

Rich and I joke when he's cleaning something he will say "look how sexy I am as I put these dishes up." I promise you,sexy is RIGHT! And he gets paid well for doing it, too.

Now, men across the world, get to doing those household chores and reap the rewards!! Trust me, it works.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

I should be cleaning...

I really don't want to clean, but I should be. I have made list after list of all the things I need to get done. Why aren't they done? The lists are made and all over my desk!

Not major cleaning; just some tidying up. I desperately need to declutter, but that's a whole other topic. Five people in one house who all love to save - and not put things back where they go!

If they'd just put things back. Sure would save me some times. Lots of time.

I still have a few "projects" to complete before Saturday. And some shopping. I think I'm going tonight to finish up the things needed for Saturday. I like to wait until the last moment. But this is pushing it!

Rich is off. He will help. Do I want him to clean or go shopping? Gosh, tuff call. I hate doing both. I'd better shop. He'll be happy to not leave the house.

We are such hermits. But happy hermits indeed.

It's cold. There is frost everywhere. To some of you this is not a big deal. When you live deep in the South it is. It's like globs of snow to you northerners. Hey, maybe Rich can bring me home some Ice melt!

Rich told the story of the Ice Melt. (grin) The plant where my husband works is the only Tetra plant that produces Ice Melt. Another company, DOW, produces it also and sells out West. Interesting. I enjoyed the story. It is neat to see Rich explain how things work. Heck, he's been there over 11 years and I still don't know all what they do there- ya learn something new every day!

Wanna learn more?

I really should be cleaning... really.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

On this day..

We accomplished a lot!

1. Church. Not as jaw-dropping as Nelle's.

2. Swung by the hospital to visit my grandmother. She is getting around so well. No word on when she will go home. Hopefully soon. It gets OLD being in the hospital.

3. Lunch at Hong Kong. MMM. Good eating. My kids discovered this year that they like Chinese food. They were tickled to go. Nice change of pace from our normal.

4. Toys R Us. My son could live there. Daniel found all the "old" Star Wars stuff he has been wanting. The prices have come down considerably so it was easy to get what he wanted on his wish list. Poked around a bit for Sarah some stuff and left with one huge bag of goodies.

5. Came home. I wrapped some presents and picked up some around the house. Did more laundry. Lounged.

6. The kids and I got the living room back in order. Who would have guessed the work in setting up ONE tree?? I'm not happy with the position of the furniture but it's only for a few weeks. I have one of those odd-shaped rooms.. hard to place furniture. The tree has presents under it already! yes, in the past it was bare and I dreaded putting the tree up for that reason. Since my side of the family celebrates Cmas early, I must have things ready early. The kids did a wonderful job to setting up and deocrating the tree. Some folks have a themed tree. Others insist on putting ornaments on themselves, arranged just so. ME? I'm glad I don't have to do it so any way they want is fine with me. Most of our decorations consists of things the kids made in school. Works for me!

7. Cleaned the kitchen.

8. Resting.

I need a vacation again. So much still to do. Parties, gatherings, baking, food prep, decorating, wrapping, shopping and more wrapping. Somewhere in between I'm supposed to have a good time. Yah, right. HoHoHo!

I have cut back. I can honestly say I have done that. And next year I'd like to cut back even more!

To all a good night!

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Forgot to add...

This is really cute.
Today's Wishes

Today I've designated it "clean your room day." Yes, even mamma has to clean her room - she shares it with DAD ya know! I try to make it simple: Clothes in drawers, pants and good shirts hung up (by me, of course). Think this works? no. Okay, some of it IS my fault. I have a huge Old Navy bag full of unmatched socks. Surely we don't have THAT many unmatched socks? What are we wearing on our feet then? The room is 99.5% complete. A quick pass of the dust rag and a wipe of the bathroom counter and it's done. Oh yah, and vacuum.

I'm on the madd rush to clean before Saturday. We are having Cmas with my side of the family on Saturday. That means Gumbo and presents! Translation: CLEAN and FINISH SHOPPING! I'm trying my best to get things cleaned today and shopping done so during the week I can tidy up as needed and get some baking done. I have all the fixings, just need the time.

Why starting so early you ask?? Because around here we tend to get sidetracked easily. Who knows what Monday or Tuesday may bring besides the basical weekly meetings, events, etc? Not only do I have Cmas for my family Saturday, it's our office party too. I've already purchased/wrapped that gift. I'm getting better on my resolution to get more organized!

I've got my list down of things I need to do in the house and about to start my shopping list. Last night the kids and I wrapped the presents we had. Too funny. Daniel preferred to roll his up on the sides and tape it any-which-way. Sarah wanted so bad to make creases and have things look nice. They really did good. HOpefully they won't burn out before Cmas.

Since my room is done, it's time to start on the living room. It's really not bad. I just need to move some furniture to put up the tree. I'm praying by the time I get back from shopping they will have the tree up. I despise putting a tree up. Lights outside I don't mind. But that darn tree.

I've determined that we just have too much stuff. We all tend to hang on to things. I found some old pictures on my dresser. I've been saving them. For what?? I forgot they were even there. I've given them to the kids to put in their scrapbooks. It's those pics that you must have, then really don't know what to do with them. The kids will have fun while I'm shopping.

Speaking of shopping. Never go into town to get some serious shopping done unless you are totally prepared. I mean from the "womanly" standpoint. I raced to the public bathroom only to find the dispenser only had pads- AFTER I put the quarter in on the other side. RATS! Okay, fished out another quarter; and the pad that was received was not worth a quarter! I'd have been better off buying a baby diaper in the other machine and wearing that! I know. Too much info.

Off to clean some more! The girls are actually vacuuming their room. Snow must be in the air for Southern Louisiana hahaha

Thursday, December 04, 2003


Today was a good day. Never a dull moment that's for sure!

1. Work was slow - so lots of time to visit with Rich and do some laundry - ugh! Rich and I rode into town ( you say that when you live in the country ) and picked up pizza-MM

2. Talked to my mom - this is scary - my mom has moved in the past few years to being my MOTHER to being mom/friend. I see her as a person now and can relate better to her. Freaky, but so far so good.

3. My grandmother is in the hospital (reason for the above). She's in rehab. LOL, no, not that kind! She felling in a sitting position and jarred her lumbar vertebrae. Fracture and compression. Time and rest will heal her. She's really doing great. They moved her to rehab a lot sooner than expected. She's a fit ole thang! She'll be fine.

4. Mom and dad are going to New Orleans Friday to pick up their motor home. A new one - not used - not new-to-them, but a brand spanking new one! They planned their retirement well. So I'll be put in charge of decisions for my grandmother and keeping peace in the family and checking on my brother in Georgia, who had surgery. Yup, I'm the peace keeper and "mother" of the siblings. Oh well, they (siblings) wouldn't do it the way *I* wanted anyways (grin)

5. The kids and I had a long discussion of boys/girls/dating/boys calling girls/boy-girl friendship etc. I don't think they are too impressed. They seem to know all and can't see into the future like their mom can. Jessica cannot understand why girls do not call boys. Okay, no flack on the tag board - we are old school!

6. Swept the porch. Making progress.

7. Hey, I cooked! haha

8. Caught up on the Palm and sync'd it with the computer.

9. Sarah and Daniel rated supper. Baked chicken breasts, wide egg noodles with alfredo sauce and mixed veggies. So funny! They'd take one bite and then rate it. Don't ask what the scale was. My chicken went from 10 to 30! Depending on the bites' flavor, seasoning, heat and texture. KIDS! I was informed I was a pretty good cook. Clean plates I might add. Oh, they had baked sweet potatoes for dessert haha They love those things, and since they weren't ready when supper was they opted to call them dessert. I needed to bake them and put them in the freezer, but when the kids smelled them they insisted to have them for supper. Who knew they'd love em like they do!??

10. Called Rich at the camp and wished him good luck on a deer. This is his last weekend to hunt.

I'll call it a night. Sleep well!

Wednesday, December 03, 2003


I don't do these quizes. I enjoy reading them, but I don't ever do them. Dunno why. Well, maybe because they hit a lil too close? YIKES!

I was gonna blog all about being the middle child, everyone leaning on ME and knowing things will be done if they ask, me being such a people pleaser!! And yes, I am SO the worrywart! I took the quiz just to see and wham!

You are MARLIN!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Tuesday, December 02, 2003


1. List five things you'd like to accomplish by the end of the year.
--Finish my shopping early with enough time to relax and enjoy
--bake more for Cmas gifts
--get a system for laundry (one that I can stick with)
--Organize around my desk (bay window is a catch-all)
--Get the decorations all put up in rubbermaid and back in the attic!

2. List five people you've lost contact with whom you'd like to hear from again.
--I've slowly been doing this over the last few years
--Melissa - waiting on her to return my call
--Trina - I called her last
--David - yikes, need to call him!
--Renee - haven't seen her in ages- she was always so much fun

3. List five things you'd like to learn how to do.
--organize and stay that way!
--take really good photos
--learn sign language
--snow ski
--to landscape my yard and have color/flowers all year long

4. List five things you'd do if you won the lottery (no limit).
--buy land in the country and build a house
--college funds for my kids and neices and nephews
--Help all my family

5. List five things you do that help you relax.
--get online
--watch tv
--soak in the tub
--get a massage from Rich
--talk on the phone

Saturday, November 29, 2003

I've been...

BUSY! And it's only gonna get worse as Cmas approaches. ACK! I'm cutting back, I'm cutting back this year! I say this every year. We shall see. I agree with Spencer on gift giving. Put some thought into it.

My brother and his wife tend to do more with her parents. That's fine. Completely understandable. But don't tell me your wife got pissed because I asked for 10.00 more on a "together gift" for our parents, when you spent WAAAY more on her parents. Heck, who spent gas money, wrapping paper, tape and TIME running around town finding the best sale and housing this present then hauling it over to little sisters for Cmas?? Okay, so you licked an envelope and dropped a check in the mail, whoo hooo! OH well. That's been a few years ago and perhaps he has finally learned to not look a gift horse in the mouth. He eagerly jumped at the chance to not have to THINK of a seperate gift. Gee, kinda hard to know what mom and dad want when you live a few states over and never call! Oh yah, Spencer, 6-figure income there too. They aren't coming in this year, so my sis and I will proudly say "it's from ALL your kids and families" like good kids do :)

Thanksgiving was really nice! My sis hosted at her house - Cmas is at mine, pray for me! We are in the middle of remodeling (okay, so it's been an few years ongoing - but it's happening!) We'll have the traditional gumbo and opening of presents. Rich can't wait. He loves to cook - load off of me! I'll get the bowls and drinks and make potatoe salad. Mom will cook some rice. My sis will... maybe she'll get the bowls and drinks (grin).

But Tgiving was really nice. I thought I would have taken more pics - being the photo queen - but I didn't. The few I did take were really nice tho. We brought the mem stick to walmart and had them printed while we shopped for Daniel a scrapbook. My kids are totally enjoying this! They make them how they want them and it really shows their creativity. Kinda neat to see what they find memorable about events. Sarah dug thru old photos and put them in no-particular-order in her book. Vacation is mixed with Bday parties (giggle) Kinda neat to see the "process" evolve of how to group pics together, jotting things down on the page, etc. I'm hoping this project will continue for many years. We already enjoy flipping thru them and talking about things. Much better than having photos sit in the cabinet not being enjoyed.

I did manage to snap a stick-full at a friends wedding. I'm not the best photographer, but hey, free pics for her and practice for me. It was a wonderful time. Rich and I never went to Prom or Homecoming. We did not date each other in high school and it really wasn't our thing anyway. But the reception was held at the Pioneer Club and well.. nice jeans won't cut it. He actually bought dockers! With no complaints! I was impressed. I kept teasing him saying this night was going to be our Prom since we were so fancy-smanchy! Nothing better than slow dancing at a wedding reception, remembering your own wedding, and feeling like a million dollars with your man.

My Ms Sheri took me shopping and did a wonderful job in helping me pick out clothes to wear to the wedding. I hate shopping, but we had a great time. Thank you Ms. Sheri!! I looked and felt wonderful. Amazing what the right jewelry and new bra and panties can do for a gal LOL

Jessica fixed my hair. She straightened it, pulled it back and left with some whispy bangs. Very nice and look like it took a long time to do - I thought she was pinning up my hair to straighten it some more and she said she was done! She's soo good at stuff like that. Of course, she spends hours practicing. I'm a blow-and-go kinda gal. More than 20 mins and I've lost interest.

The wedding was nice. The bride and groom were beautiful and handsome. Nighttime weddings are beautiful. The reception was a blast. The "office" was there. Our boss was the bride, but I"d rather call her my friend :) Since I work at home now, I rarely get to see everyone. We had a great time and lots of laughs. People are so funny once they have a few glasses of wine in them and let their hair down! My how they change! Whoo hooo!!! And I have photo's to prove it.

Okay, the kids are stirring...I guess I"ll dare ask if they want to go see Cat In The Hat today. :)

Oh, leftovers are THE best! Yummy Yummy!!

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Organizing all my pics today. It's hard to come up with names for a picture that you are going to remember. I have gone through them yet again and named them and deleted the ones I don't want to hang on to any longer. I'm sure I could fill up this computer's harddrive without a problem LOL

Took some pics of Daniel leaving for Winter Camp with his Boy Scout Troop. Hoping to get some more on Monday when we go for a visit and a few of his return. Hey, maybe I could get the kids some albums for Cmas with some stickers and cardstock and get them into scraping!? I think they'd enjoy that! Time to start hitting the clearance at Michael's. Great rainy day projects and since they make it, it's all the stuff they see as important. Really neat to look back on. Organize pics. Let them be creative. They ARE old enough and I'm sure I have tons of "stuff" for them to use.

Hmm.. now my old brain is wheeling again....

Friday, November 21, 2003

Missed me, missed me, now ya gotta KISS me!

I have been having a ball with my new camera! Amazing what you can find to take pics of LOL Not that you have to keep them, but sometimes people (or life) tosses you some funny stuff and you'd just like to show somebody and go, "Look at THIS!"

I think the kids are tired of me snapping pics every time they turn around. I'm practicing - and it's all FREE! Gotta love free. Amazing what you learn just by reading the instructions.

I'm working on some snapshots of the kids to use as a screen saver on the computer. Jessica put it together when I got the web cam, but you had to be sitting near the computer to get your pic taken.

I'm also keeping pics of our remodeling around the house. I"m hoping to print some up and make a collage out of them. Should be neat. Can't wait for Tday! All the lil kids with smiling eyes. Should make for good pics.

Once people find out I have a digital camera they wanna tell me lots of cool things. Things that make this SO much more addicting. Like, the fact that you can upload your pics to Walmart (and others) and then pick up your prints when you are there. How cool is that? I thought the picture-maker machine was a helluva gadget because it takes the memory sticks or cds and prints pics, but to upload from your house and go pick them up? WOW! Technology is wonderful. Walmart also allows you to share your pic albums online. If your friends want one, they can select it and go pick it up at their Walmart!

UPDATE: I just got back from Walmart with photopaper hehehe I saw they had iron on transfers. I think I'll have to do one for Rich with his dog on the front. Somebody stop me!

I'm off to play. There just are not enough days OFF!

Sunday, November 16, 2003


Whoo hooo, I've been a good lil girl (or very naughty!) I got an early cmas present today - a digital camera and a new 4 in 1 printer.

I'm a cajun thru and thru - play with the new gizmo - if you can't figure it out then you read the directions! This camera is amazing and probably more of a camera than I'd ever need, but geeze, this puppy is nice! For not knowing anything about a digital camera, I took pics, reviewed them, uploaded to PC, cropped, viewed as a slideshow and sent some in email.

The kids love being lil movie stars. Even Rich and the dog got in on some pics. I couldn't even see them on the LCD screen because it was pitch black outside and snap! They really came out good. i love the fact that you can SEE them instantly. Delete - head turned. Delete - blurry or not a good shot.

I even burned them to CD and will go tomorrow and have them printed out! I got a really good pic of Jessica and her best friend. They don't have many pics together. This will be a good treat for them.

Ohoo, my brain is thinking of all the pics to take in the future. Tgiving is coming and I can't wait to get family photos!!!

Santa can bring me a bigger memory stick, a tripod, a camera bag, extra batteries.....I think I may have started an addiction. LOL But it's soo much fun. I'll have to carry my camera around everywhere I go now! Heck, I can come home and upload, share and delete! No wasted film.

A very nice woman showed me how to work the do-hickey machine at Wal-Mart. That lil photomaker machine was used quite a bit! This one woman told me she has saved so much money this way. She keeps all photos on CD and only prints the ones she wants to put in albums or share. No wasted pics laying around yet she always has a copy if she needs.

Technology is amazing!

Time to get to bed. My batteries are charging and tomorrow is a new day.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

OMG, twice in one day. Yall don't faint!

I'm dizzy. I'm busy cleaning house because work is slow, drinking my water and watching what I eat. Maybe not enough calories? Maybe I need alcohol lol The energy is great. Just can't stand or spin around too fast. Oh! Laundry is done - gotta run!

source grams cals %total
Total: 796
Fat: 62 556 72%
Sat: 27 243 31%
Poly: 2 16 2%
Mono: 17 149 19%
Carbs: 18 36 5%
Fiber: 10 0 0%
Protein: 46 186 24%
Alcohol: 0 0 0%

I want a digital camera. Nothing major. Easy to use. Rechargable batteries. No more than $200. Any advice?

This is one of the few years I actually know what I want and can afford to get it LOL


I'm so jealous! The wind is kicking here and it's turned much cooler. Gumbo weather!

Jessica looks great! She was beautiful to begin with, but man, she is looking healthy! My sister is amazed at Jessica's willpower. It's not about willpower, it's about being full and satisfied - then you have no reason to cheat. My sister just doesn't get it. A vent for another day.

My scale is not moving. Hmm. Wonder why? I added up my foods yesterday on (great site for whatever diet plan you are using and it's FREE) Now I know why my scale is not moving. Egads people! It wasn't as bad as I had expected. Then again, I didn't count the two suckers I ate LOL

Today is a clean slate and so far so good. If you want to up the good and lower the bad cholesterol, try flaxmeal. Oh. Great source of FIBER so be careful (grin) I mix 1/4 c with 1/4 c of low-carb milk, splenda, butter and nuke for almost 1 min. Stir. If too thick I add in some sugar-free syrup (not like pancake syrup tho). It's like hot oatmeal. MMMM Sprinkle some cinnamon too if you like. Great for on a day like this. Very filling and best of all - no carbs!

Perfect day to stay indoors when you have energy and a dirty house. Goodness. How much clothes do people actually need??? If it were all clean and put away at once I don't know if it would fit in the drawers and closets! We need to purge people! More than 2 weeks worth and some dress clothes is too much. How do you get kids to understand that? They wear uniforms to school so they need even less clothes.

They don't like to part with anything. Wonder where they get that from?? LOL We still have the orange tshirt that I sewed a pumpkin face on with black felt and green felt around the neck. All three kids wore it once they outgrew the baby t-shirt like it. Sarah uses it as a night shirt now. I have a pic where they are all wearing a pumpkin shirt - my lil pumpkin patch!

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I must blog about snow. Yes, snow. Reading Dy's Blog about snow falling and then heading over to Nelle's Blog. Heck, I'd much rather blog than load the dishwasher. The kids' school clothes are all hung up and drying to tomorrow. My house is a wreck, so my life must be WONDERFUL.

There are things in life I want to do. Not win an Oscar or become an inventor. Simple things. Me things. These are things that I just want to do.

One of those was to make a snow angel. Living in Louisiana, well, we don't see much snow. We did one year. I had the chickenpox. And my wonderful mother refused to let me go out and play. So I watched. From the window. And was heart broken.

We've been to Colorado twice now. We vowed to see snow. We did. From afar. Not the same.

This past Feb. I went back to Colorado. Snow was teasingly in the air. But it looked like it wasn't going to happen until after we left. Rats! We drove up to Black Hawk in hopes of snow. YES! It was soo beautiful. And the atmosphere of Black Hawk made it all the more beautiful. I stood outside for a solid 45 mins soaking up snow flurries. It is so peaceful to watch. It just makes you pause in awe. I was so happy I cried. If I couldn't make a snow angel, heck, I would be happy just being in it!

On the way back to Denver we stopped somewhere. There are buffalo on the side of the interstate and we stopped there to play in the snow. So darn cold! And we sank when we walked. I figured it would be hard - frozen.

That night the blizzard set in! In 30 mins there were inches on the ground. I was having the time of my life. In the hotel parking lot I made lots of little snowmen on the backs of cars. The doorman got a kick out of my excitement. He told my aunt (who lives in Colorado) that it was no nice to "see" snow thru the eyes of a first-timer. He was just a grinning while watching me. And I'm sure I was a sight to see!

We drove back to my aunt's house to pick up a few things before our trip home. In her neighborhood there is an empty house. An empty driveway. It was calling my name to make a snow angel! My aunt turned the car so the lights were shining so I could see the driveway. My sis took the pics and ...

I MADE A SNOW ANGEL!!!!! They were laughing and I was crying. To be able to DO something in life that you wanted. To reach a goal you set. Wow. Amazing.

Now, some of you are probably thinking I've lost it. But I'm sure there are things out there that you just WANT to do before you die. So? Get cracking!


Monday, November 10, 2003

In reading Nelle's blog I couldn't help but smile. She is soo loving her new calling in life. And I can totally relate.

After being married for 13 years and all kiddos in school, I knew it was time to do SOMETHING. My brain was so ready to learn! Diapers, cooing and rocking a sleeping baby was wonderful! But I'm so ready for ME now. That's when I starting looking into jobs. Who is going to hire me after 13 years as a mom?

I love computer, love to type, love to work alone, love learning and love a good challenge! Yup. I'm a transcriptionist. Please don't attack my spelling or incorrect grammer here. This is my personal space and I don't get paid to post here. LOL

I was hired at the first place I applied and have been there for over 2 1/2 years. Granted, I do a lot more than just transcribe. Due to my above listed loves and my personal push for over achieving, they give me extra duties -all which I love no matter how much I groan. I am very blessed to have this job and work at home.

So, Nelle, you just keep on hunny! Sounds like you found your niche. You will love it more and more each day! I truly know what they mean by "Find something you love to do and get someone to pay you for doing it!"

Happy day! I hear the bus rolling up the road (yes, in the country we call them roads (giggle)

Friday, November 07, 2003

It's been one of those days. You know, it starts out fine then from out of nowhere it hits. In the middle of it all you look around and silently think, "How did it get to this?" Then wham bam! It's all over and nothing much "changed" from before it hit the fan. I know you know what I'm talking about!

Anyway, Sarah's been complaining her stomach hurts. No fever. Diarrhea sometimes. Feels like she's gonna throw up. The pain hits whenever. No rhyme or reason. I got hung up at the office (see above) so her Daddy took her. I'm sure she was tickled. Daddy picked her up at school in his big truck and took her to the doctor. When one of my children ask to go to the doctor I know it's bad. Seems the tyke had a UTI and her bladder was having spasms. Now I feel like the bad mom for playing it off for a few days. I should have known better - when they want to go, take them! Oh well.. Bactrim makes it all better.

Tomorrow is the Veteran's Day Parade. Son will be riding in it. Daughter will want to go. I can't be in two places at once. Why? I'm not Bewitched. I loved that show and still catch reruns in b&w at night. Good ole Nick at Nite. So I'll drop one kid here, bring another there and have Rich meet me in the middle for a delivery of a kid. Man, I don't know how single moms do it! Hats off to yall!

I need a new fax/copy/scanner/printer. I hate to shop. Even for fun stuff like this. Too many decisions. To many options, buttons and frills. Just gimme the cheapest, bestest one you have and I'll take it. Tho, I have been using my PDA to keep track of the ones I've looked at, where, frills, prices, etc. Who knew I'd use that lil puppy so much! I'll do some more looking tomorrow. HOpefully I'll decide and get one soon! Maybe I'll look at Sam's? Seems wehre you least expect it is where you get the best deal. The last one I looked at had like four ink cartridges. FOUR! I can afford the machine, hook it up and then wait a payperiod to be able to afford the ink!! Geeze. Technology, isn't it wonderful? My current one is a freebie. Rich's work was tossing it out because the ink cartridge wouldn't sit right after someone broke the tab that holds it in place. Toss it out for that??? A Xerox??? I wedged a piece of paper between the ink and compartment it sits in. Worked for over a year now :) And so easy to use. Only problem is if the paper moves too much the ink isn't aligned, it will say you are of ink and won't print. But for free? Who can complain. I sure hope I can find one I like. Maybe I'll get a free moment to actually install it and play with it?? The only drawback to work - I now have enough money to get/do what I want, I just have no time!!

And no time to sleep late! Geeze. I start work every day at 6:30. I rest from 3:00 (when I get off) until 3:30 (when the kids get home) Wow, a whole 30 minues. During my lunch I gotta eat folks - and sometimes just fixing it takes 30 minutes! Once the kids are home my second shift begins. Then before I know it, it's dark (don't like the time change) and then I glance at the clock and it's 10:19 pm!! Tomorrow I"ll be up by 7:30 (day off ya know - it's MY time) and then I'll try to cram 1.5 days into one... and wonder where the time went. Rat race? Hardly. Marathon is more like it! Gnite folks!

Saturday, November 01, 2003

My sis and her hubby always take my kids to his company picnic. This year my sis twisted my arm to go (next year she won't have to do that!) We had a blast! The kids had a blast. It was nice to go and have a relaxed afternoon. The kids got tons of lil goodies from playing games, all they could eat and drink and had lots of fun just playing.

I'm tuckered out. So nice to be home, chilling in my jammies.

Friday, October 31, 2003

Rich is hunting again. Hope he gets sumpin.

TrT was fun. We had NO kids. So, I took my candy and went to a neighbors. When I say neighbor, this could be a friend who lives a few miles up the highway LOL There was about 5 of us all sitting in her driveway and we passed out candy and visited until around 10. Packed up the kiddos and came home. The kids got gobs of candy and I got to visit with friends.

I have a huge blog.. I decided not to post it. It's too long and sounds more like therapy writing. I'll save it for furture looking over.

Bottom line - my grandfather is crazy. I'd say Alzheimer's but his of the selective memory kind. I've always told my mother that my grandfather was a womanizer and a male-chauvanist. She now had a taste of his ways and was greatly insulted and, as she says, has washed her hands clean.

My grandfather loves to dangle money in front of people and hold it over their heads. Always has. Funny, the family that does not need his money are the ones who help him! Those who "owe" him money don't do anything. Tables turned. He has stabbed my mom and I in the back and now is running to other family members for help. Mom and I give it two weeks and then he'll be calling us again.

And you thought your family had problems?? Hardly. Oh well.. sucks to be me this week but by next week that will all have changed. :::::crossing fingers:::::

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Yes, got yesterday's paper today! Now I'll get to look thru Kroger's, Albertson's and Market Basket's ads and make my list. I'm a happy camper!

Well, was. You are not going to believe this. There is NO Albertson's ad. This just isn't my week! ARGH! Then after looking thru the other ads, there is really nothing I need. The things I need MUST be in the Albertson's ad!! It's a conspiracy, I just know it.

The kids decorated the yard/house. I'll have to take a pic. We have pumpkin lights around the door. They look soo cute! We have a huge plastic skeleton (skel-pha-lent as Daniel use to say) and he is sitting on a haybale on my porch with his arm on a Pumpkin!

Get your pumpkin Derbs! Even ONE! Gotta have a punkin!!!

I'll have to take pics of the kids in their costumes - so cute!! Even Jessica got one to hand out candy and wants to walk her brother and sister down the road to the neighbors to show of her costume.

Okay, work is gonna be hell. The other transcriptionist is off Friday and Monday. Plus, I work this weekend. Gonna be a LOOOONG four days for me. Oh well! $$$$$$$

I got some of my cabinets today. Rich has them in his shop and is sealing them for me. They are so nice! Cabinets Mine is not a tall one like this, but it's just like this on the inside. Mine look like a regular cabinet with a countertop. Gonna be nice!!! Can't wait to fill that puppy up - and I have the means to do it.

Gnite.. gotta get some rest.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

stupid people

Okay, how stupid can you be? My patience have totally gone out the window.

Get the morning paper. Yah, Wednesday, ads! I'm know, I'm so dull! Hmm, no ads. Call the newspaper - remember you get more flies with honey than vingar :

:::Ring, ring:::
American press: Hello, can AP, can I help you?
Me: Yes, I did not receive any ads in my newspaper today. It's Wednesday, aren't there supposed to be ads?
AP: I don't know. Let me send you to Circulation. (apparently she's not smart enough to know that ads come out every Wednesday!)
AP: Circulation.
Me: Yes, I did not receive any ads in my newspaper today. It's Wednesday, aren't there supposed to be ads?
AP: I don't know, let me ask. :::hand over phone (like I can't hear)::::
AP: yes, there were ads. I can fill out an incomplete report and you will receive today's ads in tomorrow's papers.
Me: Okay, that will work, I won't need them until tomorrow.
AP: Okay! :::sounding like she is about to hang up because she has down her good deed for the day.
Me: Ma'am? Don't you need to know WHO I am to send this stuff to me?
AP: OH! Yes!


Okay, my next vent is Harry Potter. I'm so tired of everyone saying it's teaching our kids to perform witchcraft. And what did Bewitched do? Do you KNOW how many times I prayed for powers like that?? I tend to be more optomistic in thinking it's teaching kids to be imaginative! Heck, more kids (okay, some adults) are actually reading!!! Geeze. People will come up with anything to debate to get them on tv!

Now, I haven't even read the book, so I really shouldn't judge, I'm just so sick of hearing this over and over. Those of you who have read this, care to blog your opinions???


Okay, I'm on my way to pick out some kitchen cabinets. I can't believe it is finally happening! Maybe one day my entire house will be complete! Here's to dreaming. Or, maybe I can twitch my nose and it will be done! hahahaha

Monday, October 20, 2003

"Rita's again tonight! OMG.. I have drank more in the past week than I have almost all year I gotta stop. I'm turning into a sot!!

So much fun tonight! Thank you, Ms. Sheri, for inviting me! It was so nice to see you and Laura seeing each other after all this time! psst, Laura is Sheri's old roommate - until she moved to Australia to marry the man she met online! they have been married for a year and eight months ;) So sweet. They all came to the US for Laura's brother's wedding and swung over to our neck of the woods for a visit. That was soo sweet. They are so happy together and it shows too!

Okay.. back to 'rita's. Omgosh, I'mma become one if I don't stop! I've got to get to bed. So tired and gonna pay for it in the morning.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Oct 17 it was 16 1/2 yrs that we met :) Wow.

Tonight was my bosses shower/party. We had a great time and I had too many margaritas! I'm off to bed.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I have eaten all day- or so it feels like it! I just ate more than I normally do. Actually, I wasn't eating a whole heck of a lot until today. And it really wasn't until this afternoon. Boredom? Perhaps. All legals foods and I have the lovely metallic taste in my mouth so I'm doing something right! Normally when I get the bottomless pit like today I can expect to see a loss on the scale. Gosh, can I be so lucky???? Don't fret, I"ll let you know. Promise.

Halloween is creeping up faster then I'd like. I love Halloween. Rich took the decorations out of the attic and the kids had a field day. I didn't realize we had so much stuff. Now, to get it all put out! Rich has a hay bale in the shed and I want to go get it out and use it to decorate, but I don't have that many outdoorsy decorations. No. I'm NOT going all haywire like Derbs' neighbors LOL Just something simple.. that the cats can shred and spread around the yard. OH joy. What to do? The kids and I will think of something.

Rich is back at the camp. Gotta love free long distance. I can call him every night and talk for free ;) He didn't miss anything by being home for the weekend, but I know he's glad to be back at the camp. Just hope he gets something.

This weekend is my boss' wedding shower - well, more like an intimate dinner with close friends and office staff. Should be fun. I know some of her family and the groom's family and of course the folks in the office. Should be fun. Rich is tossing up whether to go or not. If he goes, no biggie. But he's not much of a party person. He's fun to hang out with but parties just aren't his thing. Too formal. If he doesn't go, he'll take Daniel and Sarah to the camp for the weekend. Hmm.. weekend alone?? Or weekend with hubby and kids?? Hmm.. well. Ya'll have fun hunting! LOL Will be nice to have a weekend to myself. He's had about 2 weeks now to himself! Jessica will be here, but she's a teen and is pretty much self-sufficient. She'll love being just me and her. She's babysitting Friday night and Saturday for my sister so she'll be good and tired and probably sleep when she gets home.

Maybe I'll spend the day Saturday shopping for a new outfit for the party? Shopping for things to complete the yard decorations? Start some Cmas shopping? Make cookie logs? Who knows!

Monday, October 13, 2003


Round 2! I sure wish Sheri would let me link her page! She has such a passion for what she believes in and it shines thru. One day!

MONDAY! It's over.. we can now start looking forward to the weekend. Hurry up Friday!!

Does laundry EVER stop??? Egads, people!

My day was busy and nothing new to report, but I know some of you are sitting on the edge of your seats just waiting to see what will spring forth from the computer screen when you read this blog LOL

Go to bed people, unless you'd like to try some of my eggplant lasagna. Stop making uglee faces! It's good! If you don't eat your supper, you can't have the choco mousse I made. MMMM All low carb too :)

Sunday, October 12, 2003

I'm alive and doing well! Boy, wish I could just pull the stories out of my head from the past week LOL I'll do my best to recap:

Mon - Wed was up at the hospital taking virtual classes for some more software stuff. Proud to say I now know how to work the stuff!

Rich came home on Thursday and left Friday morning - nuff said! :) He and Daniel cleaned the deer and packaged it up. Such bonding! They left Friday morning and returned Sunday. Not a thing :( Bummer.

In the meantime.. (flashback to Friday) The girls and I went shopping for Sarah some bluejeans. She has none. Sarah is in that awful between size. This is too long, this is too tight, this is ..WHAT IS THIS? I hate to shop and that only makes things worse. After buying nil for Sarah and jeans for Jessica, we went to eat at Logan's. MMMMM Great service, great food.. we were stuffed piggies.

Saturday morning I bring Sarah to CCD classes. Come home and read email, lounge and planned the day. Picked Sarah up and we lounged and cooked lunch and cleaned kitchen. So much for the planned day! Off we went to shop for more jeans. We hit the mall. At this point I was willing to pay whatEVER for my baby some jeans.

JC Penny's was the first store. What luck! I must be living life right because we hit a rack with between/plus sizes (which she didn't need but it was a neat discovery) and better yet, the Arizona and MUDD jeans were 40% off!! Whooo hooo! She also lucked out and got some shirts. Tossed that in the truck and we shopped the entire mall. Jessica tried on some clothes here and there but we were so darn tired...and hungry. We ended up at Chili's and MMMM stuffed lil piggies again.

Sunday was church and then to my parents' house to show them Sarah's new outfits. My sis was there and we all had a good visit. Rich called around 1 to say he was home again. Can you believe my sis got a lil aggitated when I said I wasn't staying to play cards because my man was home!? Geeze,,, i LIKE being with my man, sorry! Blah! Don't get me started. She actually said she could not tell Jessica had lost weight. Paleeze. Jessica is down close to 20lb and is in a size smaller jeans and her face is MUCH slimmer. I was so madd and so hurt that she did that. I think she was ticked because she walks every day and excercises with a tape twice a week and can't get the scale to start moving again and Jessica has been following Atkins with me and dropped the 20 lb in a matter of weeks without starving and counting calories! GRRR. Sometimes my sister can be soo darn neg. I'm sure you know those people - never have a good thing to say - the service sucked, the food was icky, the view wasn't good, the people next to use were too loud, the people were rude. Geeze.. must suck to be her. Don't get me started. It will only get worse.

Anyway! That's been my last couple of days. For all you single moms.. hat's off to you! I'm going nuts with 3 kids moving in 3 different directions and no hubby to help! I didn't realize how much he did around here and how much we talked! Geeze.. I was soo darn lonely, but way to busy to let it get me down. I think one night I was in bed by 8:30 I was so tired. He'll be home until Tuesday and then he is headed back up to the camp again :)

I'm tired from just reading this post LOL Gnite!

Saturday, October 04, 2003


He is so happy, and so am I! Whoo hoo, gonna have deer sausage soon. All the other men are itching to get their own deer.

Daniel is on his overnight hiking trip. I'm a nervous mamma. I know he's in good hands, but, but, he's my boy!! Can't wait to hear about his trip. He'll be so excited to hear that his dad got a deer. Rich is coming to get him on Friday and take him up to the camp so he can go hunting.

Jessica is at her friends. I'm sure they are driving the mom insane. Not really, but teen-aged girls and their giggles can drive anyone insane.

It's just me and Sarah. She's not to thrilled. Nobody to play with. Nobody to sleep with. She's had fun tho. Good for her to get some time alone and not always feeling like she's tagging along with her brother. The other kids are her friends too, but her brother is always there.

I've made several more cookie logs, did laundry, voted, cleaned and played some games online. Now I'm tired! I've been up since 6 on my day off! And tomorrow I gotta get up by 8:30- my turn to do Children's Church. Hopefully I'll find where everything is and have a wonderful time with the kids. Sarah will be excited because she gets to come with me. Then I'll wait for Daniel to come home and hear all about his trip. Some more laundry... that will be about all.


Friday, October 03, 2003

IT'S FRIDAY!!! Love it when Friday's go well. Sets the mood for the weekend. Not that my Friday was stellar, but it was about a 7 out of 10.

Was supposed to go in to work around 1. At 10 my boss calls and asks if I can get there NOW. I'm taking a virtual class (you dial, along with others, and an instructor teaches you over the internet) I maintain the modules for our dept and have to understand how they all work - such the geek. So the head of our IS dept is going home within the hour and I gotta get there. No problem! I'm ORGANIZED, remember? :) So once I'm there the trouble started. Go to the classroom, no key. Get key. Can't sign on to computer. Call for help. Told I should be able to sign on by hitting the ENTER key. Uhm, no. Finally the gal comes on over. Uhm, SEE. It does not work. "oh" she says, "this is the problem." Does she apologize for making me feel like I cannot work a computer? Heck no! It's not HER fault ya know. ARGH! So after 30 mins of waffling around to get everything situated, it takes me 5 mins to set things up for class on Monday. I had to set the volume for the headphones and test the mic. ?? All this drama for that?? Yup, seems so. Good grief!

So I'm there at the office. I get to eat lunch with friends so that was nice. They are a great group of folks. Leave there and return home to type some more. Spent 2 hours on ONE report! ARGH. But it's done and by that time it was quitting time.

Kids come here. Snack. Rest. We are out the door! I hate to shop but I was itching to get to the store and move around some. The kids and I looked here and there. Dropped Jessica off at her friend's house for the night. We went to eat at CiCi's pizza. Can you say ick?????? I put my X on that place.

Mom and Dad went to a new place we have called DeAngelo's. They had heard so much about it and decided to give it a try. It's more like a .. well.. bar and grill? But bar and pizza joint is more like it. Dad gets a Caesar salad the the gal brings it over. He requests crackers and the gal says "we don't have crackers." HUH? Heck, even McDonald's has crackers!!!! Dad ate his salad and they stopped at Pizza Hut on the way home and ate LOL Dad told Mom to put an X on the bill - meaning they won't be returning. HOW can a place have no crackers????

Rich calls and says he's heading to the camp after work. Won't see him for a few days now :( And no mushy-mushy calls either since all the other men will be there. LOL I don't know why men try to cover like they don't get all mushy. They all know when they are alone they do it. Why not in front of others?? OH well, wont' stop me from being mushy. They can't hear me, only see his face get red. ahahahah

Stopped at Mom's on the way home. Visited with them.

Came home and checked to make sure Daniel has all his stuff for his BoyScout trip tomorrow. They are hiking 12 miles, cooking, camping over night and returning on Sunday. Gonna be some tired lil boys to earn that hiking badge!! He's loaded with gear and can't wait. I'm SOOOO glad I"m not a boy. I was always a tom-boy but I do have my limits.

Now we are home and I should be in bed! The weather is so nice during the day and looks like we may get another weeks' worth!

Tomorrow I'm making more cookie logs in preparation for Cmas! I have a feeling Sarah's room mother will call and want me to make something. I think I'll make COOKIES :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Had Bonko tonight. Won second place!! $15.00. Now the kids can have lunch money We had a great time. We all discussed diets. Most of us are following one. What did the host have for the meal? Fried chicken! LOL I ate before going. Good thing because here was nothing there for me to eat. I had a great time with friends and that was most important! :)

OH joy, tomorow is HUMP DAY! One day closer to the opening of HUNTING SEASON! Rich is off and running. Pray he gets a deer this year. He'd be so happy.

Time for bed.. I'm pooped.

Monday, September 29, 2003

The weather is gorgeous and supposed to stay that way all week long. We have the windows open and the attic fan on. That's a huge fan in the ceiling that sucks air thru the house and out into the attic. Like a huge suction. You partially open (I normally say crack, but don't wanna hear no lip!) the windows and this forms the flow.. very nice! Supposed to be in the 50s tonight. MMM, good snuggling weather whoo hooo!

Rich has been busy in the house. The kids' bathroom is almost finished. The lil hall needs baseboards and he's fixing to start work on the kitchen. It's only been.ohooo. 2 1/2 yrs! Some of it is me. I can't decide on what I want. Good thing because the paneling in the lil hall is beautiful and it wasn't available until recently. My oldest said "oh, cool. no more ghetto house." ACK! Was it that bad? We were just so use to living here that it seemed normal to us. I'll be so glad when it's totally done. Now he's talking about adding a covered garage and pouring slab for a patio. Uhm, yah, that will be completed in 2010! OH well.. least we are happy and a roof over our heads.

Time to shower. My hair is really in need and ::::sniff::::: oh yah.. I think I'll soak with the jets on!

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Today was my niece's bday. A house full of kids, screaming kids lol They had a good time. Mya got lots of goodies! I"m sure she will drive my sister batty over which one to sleep with, wear, play with, take with her, etc.

I'm supposed to be working this weekend. There is a new radiologist coming in this weekend. I have done one report from him so far. Nobody showed him how to work the equipment! HUH? Geeze people. You knew he was new and yet everybody put it off as "not my job, let someone else do it." I hate that way of thinking. I will help anyone I can with whatever! I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing but I tend to think 3 steps down the road. I like to be prepared! I don't know how some people get as far as they do in life with the attitudes they have of passing the buck. Sad.

Fall better hurry up. We are HOT here in La. Really hot. I heard cool weather is coming - must be why it just seems soo darn hot now. I'm ready for light jackets and breezy, crisp days, snuggling at night, and hot meals to warm the tummy. Fall. My favorite time of the year.

Guess I could be making cookie dough to freeze for holiday cookies. Maybe I'll sift through some recipes.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Hey Derbs! (waving from this box to that box like the Brady Bunch!!) I'm baaack.

I'm telling ya, work had me snowed under. Everyone is getting antiquated with the new system and all is rolling smoothly. I'll be indispensable for sure now! (nobody wants to do what I do LOL)

Well, now that I can breathe again.. Wait. Nope. Too soon to relax. Rich is at the camp so all the duties fall on my shoulders. Blah! I'll just hang out and we'll eat leftovers. hehehe

My daughter is #1 in her Speech/Debate class. :) She is #3 in her Algebra class. Gotta love block scheduling. It feels so weird to let her go to the football games on Friday nights. ACK! My daughter is a teen and I have to trust her lil wings. NO! NOt yet. I'M NOT READY! Guess I'll never be totally ready. HOW did my parents let us go?? No wonder I'm getting gray hair.

My son. He thinks he's a gift to women. He had three girls tell him he was a "hottie" and it went to his head. It was quickly shot down when upper classmen reminded him he was but a lowly sixth grader. Older kids can be so mean. I wasn't ready for my son to see the real world just yet. I liked having him believe all was good and fair and equal. So much for that when 3 older boys ran up to him and snatched his gatorade and started tossing it around until it busted on the ground. JERKS. Daniel was so upset that people would/could do things like that to other people. I reminded him there would always be people in this world like that.. JERKS. He got real eye opener. I don't think he likes the real world too much. And you know, once your eyes have been opened to it you don't go back. Hold those kids close and let them be kids for as long as you possibly can!!!

Sarah is so silly. Still just singing everything. That poor child. Every morning I go in her room and every morning she has no sheets on her bed. I don't know what she is doing at night. But geeze! This morning she was all the way to the very bottom of the bed all under the covers. Guess she was cold.

Speaking of cold.. We had a lil cool front come in. Nice. I heard Jessica say "I'm ready to watch Halloweeny shows in TV, for it to get cold out and to decorate for Halloween!!"

Sarah - Mom, is it really late? It's so dark.
Mom - No, it's 8:00 p.m., it's just dark because Fall is coming. It gets dark earlier now.
Sarah - I don't like Fall. It sure feels late.
Mom - But fall is good. Halloween, cooler weather, leaves change, T-giving, Cmas!
Sarah - We can still do that stuff in the day light.


Monday, September 22, 2003


Our software update at work went off without a hitch! I was in charge for our dept. Whew! So glad that is over with!

The weeks have really just flown by since the kids went back to school. The weekends are spent running errands, bday parties, grocery shopping and whatever else I didn't get to during the week. I feel like I never get time to just sit. That's not true. Each night I sit and relax. I refuse to venture out during the week. Too much to do at home. Boyscout meetings, CYO, CCD, supper, homework, baths, getting stuff ready for the next day.. does it every end? Hope not! As fast as it zips by, I"m still loving it. It is stressful, but it's so much fun all the same.

My teen is treating me like a person again. NOt that she was ever mean, she just stayed in her room all the time and wanted to be with her friends. She rolled her eyes at everything/anything I said or suggested. Finally I just stopped trying and let her venture out on her own when she was ready. Now we actually enjoy shopping and spending time together. The other night she plucked my eyebrows and we had a good time - giggling and plucking is not a good combination ahahaha Oh well..memories.

Gnite folks.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

I was in a chat room yesterday for the weather. Having lived through several hurricanes, I wanted to see how the East coast was doing. Geeze people. Heed the warning. It's there for a purpose!
Here is a good example of why. Audrey

Stay safe everyone.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I'm in a kooky mood :) I find this stuff interesting.

Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer are in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by it slef but the wrod as a wlohe and the biran fguiers it out aynawy.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Today was a good day. I got a lot of work done, but no real stress. The stress starts Saturday morning. UGH. Oh well, I shall live.

Have you ever listened to your kids. I mean just sit back and listen to them? I do this in the truck or when they are in the kitchen. Those places seem to really get them talking.

First, I have to tell you that Sarah, my youngest, is a singer. That child has an imagination like her brother and myself. She can sing anything. I mean anything. I taught her our phone number by singing. I had to giggle knowing the teacher would probably ask them if they knew their phone number and imagined Sarah standing up proud as you please and belting it out. I'm sure the teacher was speechless.

Sarah sings anything and everything. She sings so much she forgets she is doing it. Today she was playing with some banana pepper from the garden at the kitchen table. One was green, one was red. She's holding them up like they are people -

Green "Hello Mr. Red. I like how your hair sticks up today." (that's the stem)

Red "Oh, thanks. You sure are a pretty green today."

Green "Hey, lets go pick that pumpkin over there!" (talking about a green bell pepper that was left on the plant and has now turned from red to yellow and looks orange)

The other day in the truck we are bebopping along and Jessica turns around, "Sarah! Will you stop that!? Mom, she is singing and she doesn't even know the words!" HAHAHAHAHAHAH

Jessica and Sarah share a room. Jessica said one night she was trying to watch TV and Sarah was just a singing. About the covers, and school and the ceiling fan. So Jessica tells Sarah to sing during the commercials. Sarah giggles and said, "Oops, didn't know I was singing!"

Rich hung the new door for their bathroom. Well, the frame. He is sealing the door so it is outside in the shed. No door on the bathroom means we can hear Sarah just a singing throughout the entire house And you know in the shower how it just echoes and gets ya going.

When Sarah was very little.. maybe 3 or 4, she would sing everything opera-style.. geesh, I'm so glad she outgrew that. It's okay, but to have her carry on a conversation like that gets old fast!

I sure hope they look back on childhood memories with smiles!

Friday, September 12, 2003


I'm a simple girl and prefer simple things. Don't bring me a dozen roses. I'd prefer a bouquet of spring flowers or better still some handpicked ones. Knowing my man got out of the truck and walked through a field, bent over and picked flowers means more to me than any amount of roses. He knows this too. While we were dating I was always given fresh, handpicked flowers.

Rich was out and about yesterday on errands and called from the cell phone to say he'd be home soon and that he had picked me up something. WOW! A surprise. For me. And it wasn't even my Birthday or our Anniversary.

Rich came home with three white roses in a mixture of other flowers. He said Fall is here because he drove around and never saw a field with flowers that he could go pick, so he was forced to pay for these. AWWW. My poor heart just melted. These past few weeks I have been going through a lot of stress at work and at home and this was the perfect pick-me-up.

My roses are sitting on my desk and I get to look at them all day while I work.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

My Grandfather's House

My Grandfather is 86. He takes no medication. He's had eye surgery. That's it. OH, he has arteritis (arthritis) in his knees. How blessed he is! He got in a wreck earlier this year. He hit someone from behind. They came to a sudden stop and he didn't have enough strength to mash the brake (that arteritis ya know). Totalled his truck. Since then he has slowly given up driving. He passed his test and is a good driver; a lil faster than I'd like and all over his lane, but he can do it. After his wreck he stayed with my Uncle and his wife for about 2 weeks. Then he came home. He wanted his privacy. My uncle/his wife, mom, my aunt and myself all go and see about him. It's not too bad. Just.. well.. no offense.. he's a man and he don't pick up anything! ARGH!!

My aunt ( his youngest child ) came one day and cleaned house. Huge improvement. Guess she got tired of him telling her how we were always over there cleaning and she came to lend a hand. So now the rest of us work really hard to keep it clean. I don't like to go by myself. He'll follow me around and want to talk and I'm there to clean. Not that I don't want to listen... but I've heard that story a million times. I'll pass this time. Mom goes about once a week. When I see her over there I go meet her. Together we get so much more done and we both hate to go alone. She takes the bathroom and his sheets, I do the kitchen and living room.

Older people have a funny way of thinking. They like to take something that someone told them and twist it all around and make it more interesting. WAY more interesting. This can get you in trouble. But for now it's kinda funny. My grandfather has always had much younger women. I know, I know.. but hey, I don't pay his bills so I can't tell him what to do. Anyways, when he was very young he and a lil girl used to play a lot. You know, that year or two before you realized girl are different and you start having feelings. Well, someone made the comment when they were young that they'd probably grow up and get married because they were always together. Well... at 86 the translation to that is "I was supposed to marry this young girl." Uhm, guess he don't realize how that sounds to his family. If you would have married her we wouldn't be here.

Now he is stuck in overdrive to FIND this gal. My mom asked him if he wants to see what he missed! HAHA I'm sure she is in her 80s too. He has been on the phone trying to locate anyone who knows the such-n-such girls. He is on a mission. For what??? What on earth are you going to say? We were supposed to get married? What if this woman has a wonderful life/child/home with the man she has loved for many years and here you are saying "we were supposed to get married" like you were bequeathed or something! Let sleeping dogs lie! It was something said in passing to children. Nothing more.

He found out before we left that there is only one sibling remaining. A brother.

Monday, September 08, 2003

It's Monday. Why are Monday's so stressful? You have the rest of the week to do stress. Your week should be like a sitcom. I want Monday's to be that rest day from coming off the weekend. Stress should be on Tuesdays. Wednesdays is hump day, so that's taken. It's the 1/2 way mark in a 30-min sitcom. Ya know, where the trouble has started (Tuesday) and now Wednesday is the climax. It's all down hill from then on out. Thursday you figure out the problem and wham! it's fixed. Friday is a rest easy day with the weekend just around the corner. What shall we call this sitcom?? Fantasy!

Real life sets in! Kids, cooking, errands, work, pets, cleaning, and gosh darnit.. LAUNDRY! I don't mind washing/flipping/drying/folding... I despise putting that stuff up! Normally I have the kids put their own up. I don't want the drawers exploding when I open them. Must have too much stuff. Probably do. For some reason we can't seem to part with it. Jeans we love. Shirts that someday may fit again. Shoes that are comfy. Whatever the reason, our closets and drawers are full. Too sentimental I guess. OH well... one day.

Our Beta fish, Rainbow, died. He lived in the bowl that held the water plant. We had him for about a year. Poor fella. Whooosh!

Rich wanted me to cut his hair. No problem. Until he told me HOW he wanted it cut. The sides and back are short, the top is a little longer. The long part is just a circle on your head. Like a toupee! Next thing he'll want to bleach it! He insisted I cut it. So I did. While I cried. Once you cut, you can't get it back! I guess it's kinda like a GI haircut, but I can't do that. Just a buzz cut at different lengths. So I did the best I could. It wouldn't have looked so bad if the bottom part wasn't so darn short. Then the top was just a hair longer than the bottom so you couldn't see any definite "line" between the two. What you did see looked like a scar line! All around his head. ICK! He then wanted me to cut it all one length. What? Practically bald??? You gotta go with what the shortest is..and that was practically to the skin. Now he looks gross. I know it's hot, but it's gross. I wanted to puke. He kept saying he wanted a change. What's this?? His midlife crisis?? Next time I'll drag his hiney to the barber shop and let him get it professionally done! Then maybe I can go off of that. It's just hair.. but it's my mans hair.

Can you tell I don't do well with change???? Maybe I need to change the channel?? LOL