Sunday, August 31, 2003

I'm a gadget lover. I LOVE gadgets. My PDA is my newest toy. I'm getting so organized. I'm enjoying that lil booger to the hilt! I already need to charge the battery. I've figured out so many neat things on it. I know, I know. Read the directions. I do. Only when I can't figure something out. I love a challenge.

I'm in the truck coming home from Walmart and start checking out the cell phone because I have free weekends and nobody has called. Nobody meaning Rich calling from work. I dial a number. Wait. I get an awful tone. I have no service! This is not good. What if I need HELP? I called Sprint when I got home and the Techie was so nice. (remember, you get more flies with honey than with vinegar) Pop the battery out. Wait for one minute. Put back in. Voila! Service. So now ya know! No voice mail was waiting. ::sigh::

Yes, I'm addicted to my cell phone. Hey, free anything gets me in a good mood. My time rolls over on the 10th of each month and I've already put 1277 FREE minutes on that puppy. Most of that is my teen yacking over the weekend while I'm tying up the phone lines with work. She's got to find out what happened to her friends in the past 24 hrs while they were apart ya know.

Spencer's blog got me thinking about our birdie Itzy. The kids found him while roller skating on the road. He was down on the side of the ditch (country living) and just sitting there. Sarah jumped across the ditch and grabbed him. She's not scared of anything and all animals love her. So, we inherited a bird. Itzy got his name because we didn't know if IT was a boy or a girl. So .. Itzy was it. He's a cockatiel. He's a SINGING cockatiel. He loves to ...well, it sounds like a coo-coo clock only very high pitched. And he steps left right, left right on his lil legs while he's swinging his toy as he does this. He looks like he is dancing. He starts cranking up when you can hear the tap, tap of the toy as it swings and hits the side of the cage. Then he lets go of the toy and it keeps on swinging back and forth as he's stepping along with it. To and fro. To and fro. He's not too keen on getting out of his cage. Every now and then Sarah will take him out. Yesterday he was walking on the floor in the living room and he saw me in the kitchen. He got all excited and started running to me. Ever see a bird RUN? OMGosh. Too funny! We recently bought him a bigger cage. I felt sorry for him. To hardly ever get out, you'd think he'd want a bigger home. He loves it. He can flap his wings and climb all over. Sometimes he kinda hangs upside down. He's a reserved bird tho. Not into all these cutesy tricks and stuff. He's right here next to the computer where I sit all day so I find myself talking to him. He whistles, but never talks. Sometimes when the weather is pretty we hang his cage outside on the porch and let him "visit" the wild birds. Poor Itsy is so tired when we bring him back in. He has a lil song that comes from the wild birds. He sings it sometimes when he doesn't think anybody is listening. LOL He can "cat call." The women think that is so cute. He can also whistle for the dog. Poor Zoe. Everytime she comes inside I tell Itzy to call the dog and he starts whistling. Zoe runs back and forth from the front of the house to the back of the house looking for the person who is calling her. I'm sure she thinks they must have a treat for her to be calling her over and over HAHAH

Such torture :)

Thursday, August 28, 2003

There needs to be more hours in the day. There just isn't enough time for me to do everything for everybody! ARGH!!!

Now, I've vented. I'm letting it go. Hey! Maybe I'll pop in my yoga tape? No, gotta do some laundry or the kids won't have uniforms for school.

My oldest is babysitting tonight for a gal I went to high school with. We were pretty good friends - ya know, ride around, drinking in the church parking lot, OOPS! And she had gone to catholic school before coming to the public school and meeting me! LOL Such memories. We always had a good time together. Lost touch and then just kinda lead our own lives. Recently she has started attending the same Church we attend. She's started a Children's Church and I'm helping. We were talking one night about her returning to school and all about how you enjoy it so much more as you are older, yadda yadda. She is fretting because she has no sitter. Uhm..DING! Jessica can! :) I called while ago and J is having a good time. She fed them and one of them made a huge mess so I walked her thru putting the clothes to soak in the washer. She's now nestled between two kiddos, reading books and watching kiddie videos. She's gonna be tired when she comes home LOL Now she will see what ole mom has to do! Can't wait to hear all about it. Glad she was able to help out an old friend of mine.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I know Mars is not a moon, but I can't get CCR out of my mind! LOL Our alarms are set and we shall attempt to view Mars again tonight. I sure hope we see SOMETHING or my legacy will be told as - "Great Grandmaw Rachel got up at 1:00 am to view Mars.. and didn't see a damned thing!" ACK!

I love my PDA. Now I'll be searching isle after isle in the store for moms with PDAs so we can "beam" each other some info. If Jane has some addresses/recipes/whatever in her PDA and you want them, she can beam them to you and voila! They are now in your PDA. Kinda neat. Beam me up Scotty!

I'm tired, it's late. Hope to see Mars!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

How do stores expect to survive if they don't DO something? Officemax has some PDAs on sale that I wanted to go look at. Drive. Look around. Ask. Nope. They don't have any. HUH? The ad JUST came out? Opps, they don't have any because they never came in. Brilliant. I look around and decide I'm not settling.

Headed to Office Depot. Look around. Ask. Was pointed in the general direction. Looked. HUH? Four on display? And the prices.. wowzers! Nothing here for me.

Headed to Target. Yeah, right. Like Target is going to have a PDA. Two cashiers. Nobody in electronics. Hunted and hunted. AH-HAH~! Palm Zire, case and free software (nothing really to pick from so I got a game- ick) Tada. I'm all set.

It took 3 hours to charge. Yes, I waited up! It is the neatest lil gadget. I'm a gadget freak. I'll have to dig up the sandwhich maker and let the kids make pear fritters soon! I know I still have it. I just wanted a basic run-of-the-mill PDA. No color, no fancy bells and whistles. This lil bogger has smart bells and whistles.

I'm sure my eyes are gonna cross soon from staying glued to the PDA. I was carrying around a planner, address book (that was often left behind at home just when I needed it) and a printout schedule of Rich's shiftwork. Now it's all in one place.

Wonder how long before the kids discover mom has the adult-version Gameboy LOL

Monday, August 25, 2003

Blue Bayou/Dixie Landin' was great! Hot, but we managed to have fun. Point of Grace was awesome. Huge crowd. One of those crowds that really gets into the music. Always makes it much more enjoyable.

We stayed at a brand new Comfort Suites. Very nice! They were very nice giving us late checkout, reduced price on the room and even opened the pool early so we could swim before checkout. They served a continental breakfast - which is obviously different in meaning where ever you go. Some is a fruit basket and some is full-fledged buffet. This was kind in between with waffles you made yourself, which the kids enjoyed doing. Juices, milk, cereal, muffins, danishes, bagels, coffee and of course a fruit basket. Considering we probably saved $20.00 on breakfast alone, that made the room seem even cheaper! I love good deals. Every room has a fridge and microwave. The kids were blown away. Ah, so easy to please. Only one problem.. when you got in the shower you had better hold on to the bar! MY GOSH was that tub slippery. Rich and I fitting into a double bed was kind of funny. Even funnier was me sleeping on the wrong side of the bed. We had a great time and maybe we'll be able to sneak in another weekend before our season passes expire. Cmon cooler weather!!

Friday, August 22, 2003

Yah, tagboards are up!

We are headed back to bluebayou in the morning. The kids are acting like they really don't mind not going, so Rich and I said WE'D go and be glad to have the weekend away LOL Oh, and I think we are splurging for a hotel. Whoo hooo. My kids have never stayed in one. We always camp or stay with family/friends. They will be so excited. Can't wait for the concert - Point of Grace (I kept thinking it was Jars of Clay but it's not) The park is now open only on the weekends and Rich seems to think it's REALLY gonna be full. Gosh I hope not. The weather is looking to be like it was back in July - raining, which is good. It won't be too hot.

Wish us a safe trip!

Thursday, August 21, 2003

What's the deal with the tagboards?? Enough already. Since I can't tag, I'll post!

Derbs - When does school start? Still using the treadmill?

Dy - You are doing a good thing for E :) Moms have a tuff life. Hang in there.

Lowa - (who for the longest time I thought they were saying iowa - as in the state and couldn't figure that out!) Enjoy teaching! Having a degree doesn't make you a better teacher. Congrats on the art show.

Nelle - You live a busy life! A very busy one! I'm sending good vibes for the cars. How are the newlyweds???

Katie - popcorn and M&Ms - together, oh yeah! MMM Eat a handful for me. If I saw the bad I'd probably gain 5 lb.

Spencer - Games - loves games. yahoo has tons of games.. we should get together and play sometimes. They have scrabble and pictionary, omgoodness, never laughed so hard in my life. You ever try to draw with a mouse???

Sheri - You been busy too. Big plans for the weekend? You can post them on ya blog ya know -hint,hint-

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Wooooow, being organized is kinda.. nice ::grin::: No, I"m not an organized person by nature. Matter of fact, I tend to do things the long/hard way. You'd think after 36 yrs I'd learn something. I guess I was too busy learning lots of other stuff. I'm hoping to stay on top of things so I can enjoy Cmas this year. We shall see. I can tell that organizing for Cmas has overflowed into organizing other areas of my life - but I've got a long way to go still.

Those overly organized people still make my nose crinkle. You know the kind. They always have a solution no matter what the problem. They never have problems. Everything flows for them. Their lives are perfectly organized all the way from morning to night and even while they are sleeping there are detergents cleaning stuck on goo, buckets with socks soaking so they will be like-new white, food defrosting for tomorrows dinner, timers set for coffee, lights, sprinklers, etc. I do some of these things.. but I don't go overboard.

I know a gal (online) who claims she keeps RED washcloths in the bathroom, oops, POWDER ROOM, for emergencies. This way a child doesn't see the amount of blood and get scared. Okaaaaaaaaaaay. I've never had such an emergency that I needed a washcloth to sop up blood. The child always screamed waay more than the blood amount needed. Never had more of an accident that a lil character band-aid and some monkey blood couldn't fix.

Time to get in bed!!
Jessica on Friday morning, the 2nd day of school - "I'm so glad it's Friday! I'm tired of getting up early to wash and fix my hair." HAHAHA

We are headed back to Blue Bayou/Dixi Landing this weekend. Whoo hoo! We talked about bringing the camper vs hotel. I wanted a hotel - no set up, a bit more room and was willing to get a separate room for the kids! That was until I saw the prices! Egads! We can stay in our camper for $17.00 a night. All 5 of us. So for $34 we have both nights covered - we have season tickets for BB/DL so that's covered - gonna be a very cheap weekend get-a-way.

My grandfather did not have a stroke. :) His sodium was LOW! He doesn't like salt. ?? You would think he would get enough salt in everyday items. He seems to be in much better spirits now. I hope this upswing lasts awhile.

Time to read the paper and enjoy some quiet time before the kids come home. I hope we don't have another homework day like yesterday.

Me - Gosh Sarah. I sure hope EVERYday is not like this. You need to practice graphs more.
S - I don't have trouble at school, mom. I just have trouble with You.


Monday, August 18, 2003

Long day - but I was able to finish before they had to shut the server down at work. They seem to think a "worm" is nibbling around. Everyone, update those virus protectors.

Rich's something-or-other broke on the truck. A $300 something-or-other part. He fixed it tonight. It's so hot and humid and he was in an awkward position and .. he was getting angry. He's always soo mellow that when he gets angry it scares me. So I held the light and jacked up the jack and talked to him under the truck to help calm him. Worked. The truck is running again. I'm so blessed that he can/likes to work on engines. I can't image what this would have cost us.

For all you northerners.. it's still hot here. Send some of that cold here. My aunt was making her way back up to Denver and had to stop 250 miles out due to bad weather. Hopefully she'll make it home in a few days. I'm jealous of that Fall air. Can't wait to have the windows open here.

I tell ya, those B-12s work. Yall get some! I've been a cleaning/organizing fool. Feels so good to have it getting under control. The schedule of school sure helps. Maybe it's avoidance of my family? Either way, I'm liking the results :)

More on my family later.

Have you even taken vitamins and got a madd rush of adrenaline? WHOA! I couldn't stay in my seat to type for very long. I found any excuse to get up and move. I was wriggling a leg, tapping a foot, anything to use up some energy. I gotta take them when I get off work instead. B-12 works wonders! This lasted about 30 minutes. I could do some major damage in housecleaning in 30 minutes. Hmm....

Second week of school and all is well. Everyone is getting adjusted and excited that no other sibling is that their school. Go figure!

I think we are headed back to Blue Bayou this weekend. Jars of Clay is playing. The kids were so excited to hear we were going back. I'm excited to get away for the weekend :)

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Listen. Do you hear that? Silence. The kids went back to school today! My house may actually stay clean now! Time for decluttering!

They were a bundle of nerves this morning. Jessica is in high school, Daniel is in middle school and Sarah is in elementary. I can't wait to hear how the day went.

I'm sure this weekend will be spent shopping for those must-haves. Oh fun fun!

Monday, August 11, 2003

Driving down the road, a song by Sting comes on:

Jessica - Mom, change that. It's fonky.
Me - HEeey! That's a song by Sting!
Jessica - I don't like being Stung, change that, please!

School starts Thursday!!!
The other night, at 4am, I was awakened by the sound of hammering. I thought maybe I was dreaming. Nope. The knocking continued. I thought it was the dog under the house. Nope. I thought it would stop. Nope.

Enter Daniel's room and there he is sitting on the bed while attempting to hammer a nail into the wall. His hammer? It was a stapler! Sorry, you can't hammer softly. After some grumbling. with some things I really shouldn't have said, I turn off the light and inform him it is not fun to be woken up at 4am and he had BETTEr get to bed.

Rich gets up at 5am, so not much sleep lost for him. I don't get up until 6! I'm sure you are thinking, "So? You still have 2 hours left!" Uhm, obviously you've never been in bed with a man who has 30 mins to kill before having to get up. He's wide awake and "frisky." I stumble back to bed (having gone to sleep at midnight, I wasn't in a good mood). I'm snuggling down on the bed and hear, "Can I snuggle to you?" I replied with a half sleepy voice of, "yes, but don't TALK!", to which he roared with laughter. He loves my sleepytalk.

I woke up at 6am and found Daniel sleeping on the living room floor. I nudged him with my foot and he sat up. I took full advantage of this time. "Get up! Get up! No more sleeping. Today you will clean your room." From 6am to 10am I would go in his room every 15 mins and wake him up. Ever seen an 11-year-old drunk? That's what he looked like. Sleep deprivation can make you do strange things like walk around the room in circles saying, "Yes mom, I'll clean it." hahaha Around noon he got his second wind. He wasn't grumpy or anything. But around 4pm he was out like a light for the entire night. We are in the process of getting them up early and going to be early - school starts on Thursday!!!

I'm in a cleaning mood. I'm a night owl (wonder where my kids get it??) Think it's the weather? A cool front came in this morning with rain, wind (yes, I was terrified!) and cool weather! It was 68 degrees out. I can't wait for Fall and Winter.

Saturday, August 09, 2003

I've been awake since 8. Lounged until 8:30. Yacked on the phone until 10:00 and read blogs until 10:30. I have so much to do and hate getting started. Once I"m going, I'm good to go, but it's just to get started. I'll post later. I'm sure you will want to read all about my 4am awakening the other morning. I"m off to eat pear pie and milk with ice. Yes, ice. I like my milk COLD.


Butter and sugar sandwhiches - butter the bread, sprinkle sugar MM
peanut butter and banana sandwhiches MMM

My kids eat saltine crackers with cocoa mixed with a little bit of water and then drizzled on the crakers. Real cocoa, not hershey's chocolate mix drink.
They also take cookies and chop them up in a bowl and add milk then eat it like that. Gross. I don't like seing wet soggy crumbs floating in my milk!

More later, now i"m hungry!

Friday, August 08, 2003

Is it really the weekend again?? YESSSSSSS!

Do you like pears? You'd have to if you had been to my house this week! EGADS! A good friend of mine has a tree and lets us pick pears each year. Last year was too hard with me working outside of the house and every other weekend. This year I get off at 3, so I have time and I only have to work one weekend a month! whoo hooo

Last year we peeled and cored by hand. Not this year. We got a snazzy lil contraption and in no time we were done. Ahhh.. Then began the cooking them down part. The house smelled wonderful. Bagged them up and they are in the freezer. MMM. Good eating. I decided against canning them. Takes too long, it's too hot and it's yet more steps after cooking them down. If you don't know, when cooking pears down, they get everything sticky. I make them in a medium syrup and MMM.
I was done with my washtub of pears in 2 days. Last year it took me and Rich 4 days! I was pooped, but I also didn't work so could get started early in the day and be done at night. Now my kitchen is somewhat back to normal and the pears are done.

Today I made a pear pie. MMMMMMM My husband is gonna be happy.

Mom and dad picked some pears too. Dad is making pear wine. He's already made peach wine. I'll let you know how it turns out. They decided that having only two buckets full they didn't need a peeler - they were gonna do it all by hand. Halfway thru the first bucket they called to come use ours HAHA They peeled all his and enough for me to cook down 3 huge pots the first night. All in a few hours. I tried to tell them. But sometimes you can't make grownups understand that their kids may just know something more than them.

Ms. Giddy now has a site. As soon as she gives the okay I will link her :) She's got a crazy sense of humor too. She'll be great at blogging.

Today was high school registration. My oldest will be in the 9th grade! I can't believe it. The kids are so excited - I'm sure that will die off. Quickly.

Remember me saying my kids don't got to bed until the wee hours? This morning I was awakened by Daniel hammering on the wall at 4:30 AM! Needless to say, when I woke up at 6 am he did too. He has been up ever since. From 6 to about 10 he looked like a walking zombie. Then he got his second wind. I bet I don't hear a peep out of him tonight!

Tomorrow is my nephews birthday. He'll be five. He can't wait. He'll start school this year and is so excited. Lil does he know what he's in for haha

Okay, time to roust up something for supper!

Monday, August 04, 2003

stolen from Derbs

1. What time do you wake up on weekday mornings?
6 am

2. Do you sleep in on the weekends? How late?
Yes! Around 8? Or whenever coffee is delivered, in bed :)

3. Aside from waking up, what is the first thing you do in the morning?
Turn off the alarm, get my glasses and run to go potty!

4. How long does it take to get ready for your day?
20 minutes? I work at home. Hair and teeth brushed, pull on some shorts and a tshirt, deoderant and I'm good to go!

5. When possible, what is your favorite place to go for breakfast?
I could eat breakfast foods for every meal. If Rich is not cooking.. then... Pitt Grill MMMM

Sunday, August 03, 2003

I worked all weekend. I'm tired. I'm drained. At least "it" waited until we were back from vacation. Must be nice to be a man and wake up feeling basically the same daily. No hormones, bloating, fatigue, backache, headache and drained feeling. Ugh. I'm so glad I don't have to go into an office.

Rich wants to go camping on the bayou near our house. He wants to try out his new hammock. :::shiver::: I can't even imagine fun in that trip. Gators, snakes, rodents, insects, mosquitoes. He plans to take the cell phone.. I'll have nightmares of him calling me in the middle of the night... to go find him... and help him. I gotta stop watching horror movies. I worry too much.

I liked vacation - no laundry. We lived in swimsuits by day and night shirts by night. School starts August 14. Laundry will really cut down. How does that work??

I'm tired... gnite folks.

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Shopping with Sarah.

S - Mom? Which backpack should I get? (holding up purple, pink and light blue)
Me - Hmm.. put one on and walk over there so I can see how they look.
S - (fashionably walked around pausing to strike different poses)
Me - I like the purple one.
S - Yea, purple is so ME.

She tosses the purple backpack into the buggy with purple-handle scissors, purple folders, purple pencil grips, purple eraser toppers, etc. I wonder what she would have done if I had suggested the blue one?
Vacation - it should be manditory that folks get one, twice yearly, every 6 months! Even if it's a four-day weekend - they should.

I'll try to be short. My mom says I'm the only one she knows who can turn a short story into a novel. Is that a compliment???

Saturday we got a late start - aren't you supposed to sleep late when you are on vacation?? Traffic was slow due to only one lane open. FINALLY we arrived. Set up the camper. ZIP! We were on our way! It POURED for over 20 mins as we sat in the parking lot of the water park. Lots of people were leaving. We were chomping at the bit to hit the park!

Season passes were only 40.00 per person instead of 50.00! After we had our pictures snapped we were on our way. It drizzled pretty much until 6pm - when the water park closes. We had a great time! You were wet anyway so who cares if it rains? We were wrinkly little raisins for the day. Sarah and Jessica rode this ride that you sit on a sled-like thing. You zoom down a "track" and vrrooom you skid across the top of the water. AFTER her sled came to a stop, Jessica screamed OMG! Everyone got a good chuckle. Sarah? She was white as a ghost. The rims of her eyes got red and the tears started. I think she was relieved to LIVE! I don't know how they find that fun. Sarah said, "Mom, I couldn't even scream, my face was like this." She pulls the corners of her mouth back like the force of the ride did. OMGosh, we roared! My poor baby! She was giggling too, but she didn't think it was too funny during the 3 sec ride. They rode all the rides they could stand. They even got me on a water slide. Curvy thing that you are disoriented when you land in the pool at the end of the ride. It was okay. I have a much better time watching them and laughing at the people who come off the rides. HAHAHA

There was a ride called the Plunge. I swear, that ride looked like it was three stories high. You basically slid in a tunnel for about five feet then PLUNGED straight down. Daniel (11) and Sarah (8) insisted on riding. When Daniel got off at the bottom he was shaking his head and saying, "No way. Never again." I was almost in tears asking Rich HOW he could let his babies ride that awful ride. We stood and waited for Sarah. Nothing. I envisioned her arms and legs outstretched, wedging herself in the tunnel portion and refusing to drop! Then we see this white T-shirt coming back down. YES! My lil angel refused to ride! There is a God. After that, we never heard The Plunge again.

Once the water park closes at 6pm we would mosey to the fair ground section of the park. It really is a nice place. Very clean. Landscaped beautifully. Music piped throughout with speakers hidden in the plants. Well lit. Cement (wide paths). Plenty of park benches to sit and lots it seating in the food venders areas. Security was seen often. They flat out refuse to put up with unruley teens and their offensive mouths. Or adults for that matter. Great family place.

The kids lived on the Splinter. Astro Worlds version is the Bamboo Shoots. They pestered ole mom until she finally agreed to ride with old dad. No biggie, right? The log comes around, you jump in, you enjoy the ride, you jump out. The end. Not so fast. Standing in line Daniel showed me a TV that is pointed to the second ramp on the ride. It's for security. But, everyone in line can see you too. Remember that. The kids get in the log before us and are whooping and hollering ole mom is gonna finally ride a ride! Whoo hooo. That thrill was abruptly replaced with the sound of TICK, TICK, TICK, as the log was being pulled up the first ramp. Rich was in front. I had to watch the log reach the top, then Rich appeared to lean over and WHAM! Before I knew what was happening I had reached the tippy-top and was going down. SPLASH! Water in my face. My stomach hurt. My heart was racing. Worse part? That was the BABY ramp! At this point I'm looking around for an escape route. I tend to rattle on really fast when nervous. Rich was laughing. Oh joy! That was fun! NOT! I hear my voice saying," I gotta get outta here. I tell ya what, at this curve, I'mma jump out, climb over that fence and meet you at the gate." Rich turns around and says "What? Rachel! NO! It's okay, you aren't going to die, it's a cool ride." Cool my ass! Me, "NO! You don't understand. I GOTTA get outta here. NOW! I'll meet you at the front gate." He grabs my ankle and says, "Cmom, Mom... you can do this!" At this point I hear TICK, TICK, TICK and the log starts up the huge ramp. I knew I was in for it. There was no jumping off now. I prayed. And gripped the bar and prayed some more. Now, for your information when I was younger I could and did ride just about anything with no problems and LOVED it. Not now. Not at that moment. I kid you not, I was petrified. Rich screamed all the way down with such excitement. I squeezed my eyes shut, held that bar until my knuckles were white and braced my feet in the bottom. It seemed like forever until we hit. And when we hit it jolted the air out of my lungs. I could breath again. Rich is clapping and hollering and waving to the kids who are now watching with great anticipation the look of moms face. I was almost on the verge of tears. I hurt all over. All I could think about was the fear my poor baby must have felt when she skidded across the water. Remember that TV pointed to the huge ramp? I'm sure everyone in line just had a good ole laugh. I would have probably paid 20.00 for a snapshot of that. Priceless. The last day Rich suggested we ride just once more before we leave. It won't be bad this time. Nope, sure won't be bad, sitting on the bench eating an icecream cone ain't bad at all! I refused to ride again. Call me a wuss. I don't care. I did ride the ferris wheel and loved it. My oldest found it scarey. They had a wonderful time with the rides. Popcorn. Ride. Icecream. Ride. Coke. Ride. I don't know how they did it but I loved watching every minute of it.

We saw Jaqi Velasquez and had a wonderful time. She is a great performer. Yes, Christian music can be hip, fun and get you out of your chair dancing and having a good time.

Sunday it did not rain. It was hot. Very hot. We had that sunblock for our faces that comes in glue stick form. We put it all around our hairline. That's where the kids got burnt last time and they didn't want a repeat performance. Neither did I. I forget I'm not as tan as they are and from the stick line down to my eyebrows I burned. I looked funny. My scalp burnt. Jessica had frenchbraided my hair and the part in my hair burned. I couldn't brush my hair for 3 days. Wash, condition and pull up in clip or ponytail OUCH! I'm sure my scalp will peel.

Monday it was hot. I did not rain. We were grouchy and tired. We spent most of the day lounging and riding the river ride. I loved that ride. Coast down the river on a tube.... waterfalls, bubbling water... heaven.

Tuesday we did some shopping. I hate to shop. I was mostly looking. Daniel and Sarah got school shoes. They are easy. Jessica? A whole outlet mall and she couldn't find ANYthing she liked. UGH! We went out to dinner. Splurged on desserts. Gotta love vacation.

Wednesday we slept in. The kids swam at the pool. We packed up and came on home. My sis n law and the kids had driven in from Atlanta so we all had a wonderful visit. The grandkids spent the night at my moms. (all eight of them - 14, 12, 11, 9, 8, 6, 5 and 4) Okay, the 11 and 12-year old came to my house for the night. They stayed up until 7 am! Daniel and Cameron had a great time together.

Thursday - visited with the nieces and nephews at my moms all day. Friday we shopped for school supplies and the starts of uniforms. I love uniforms. I just hate shopping for them. Or anything. Maybe if I were a size 6 I'd enjoy shopping. I doubt it seriously tho.

Thoughts that crossed my mind on vacation:
1. How crazy it is to pay 69+ for a hotel room when all you do is sleep in it.
2. How we stayed for 4 nights, 5 days for LESS than one night in a hotel room due to our camper.
3. How much I love watching my kids enjoy themselves.
4. How great they get along - they are all three years apart.
5. How incredibly sexy my husband is after 15 yrs of marriage.
6. How wonderful a father he is to his kids - he spoils them ROTTEN!
7. HOw many people REALLY use the bathrooms to pee at the water park???
8. Why do people run out from the rain at a waterpark? Aren't you wet already??? Rich kept saying, "It's raining, go home people!" He hated the long lines (and they weren't really that long)
9. Could Sarah really catch a squirrell - she DID catch a chipmunk in Colorado. She asked me if she could and I stupidly said "SURE!" I never expected her to actually catch the darn thing!!!!!
10. Do these people wearing bikinis actually think they look good??? Too much skin exposed does not deam you automatically sexy.
11. More tatoos and belly button piercings were seen in 3 days at that water park than I have seen in my entire life.
12. How blessed we were that nothing major happened on vacation.

That's my week in a nutshell. As good as vacation was, it's good to be home.