Friday, October 31, 2003

Rich is hunting again. Hope he gets sumpin.

TrT was fun. We had NO kids. So, I took my candy and went to a neighbors. When I say neighbor, this could be a friend who lives a few miles up the highway LOL There was about 5 of us all sitting in her driveway and we passed out candy and visited until around 10. Packed up the kiddos and came home. The kids got gobs of candy and I got to visit with friends.

I have a huge blog.. I decided not to post it. It's too long and sounds more like therapy writing. I'll save it for furture looking over.

Bottom line - my grandfather is crazy. I'd say Alzheimer's but his of the selective memory kind. I've always told my mother that my grandfather was a womanizer and a male-chauvanist. She now had a taste of his ways and was greatly insulted and, as she says, has washed her hands clean.

My grandfather loves to dangle money in front of people and hold it over their heads. Always has. Funny, the family that does not need his money are the ones who help him! Those who "owe" him money don't do anything. Tables turned. He has stabbed my mom and I in the back and now is running to other family members for help. Mom and I give it two weeks and then he'll be calling us again.

And you thought your family had problems?? Hardly. Oh well.. sucks to be me this week but by next week that will all have changed. :::::crossing fingers:::::

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Yes, got yesterday's paper today! Now I'll get to look thru Kroger's, Albertson's and Market Basket's ads and make my list. I'm a happy camper!

Well, was. You are not going to believe this. There is NO Albertson's ad. This just isn't my week! ARGH! Then after looking thru the other ads, there is really nothing I need. The things I need MUST be in the Albertson's ad!! It's a conspiracy, I just know it.

The kids decorated the yard/house. I'll have to take a pic. We have pumpkin lights around the door. They look soo cute! We have a huge plastic skeleton (skel-pha-lent as Daniel use to say) and he is sitting on a haybale on my porch with his arm on a Pumpkin!

Get your pumpkin Derbs! Even ONE! Gotta have a punkin!!!

I'll have to take pics of the kids in their costumes - so cute!! Even Jessica got one to hand out candy and wants to walk her brother and sister down the road to the neighbors to show of her costume.

Okay, work is gonna be hell. The other transcriptionist is off Friday and Monday. Plus, I work this weekend. Gonna be a LOOOONG four days for me. Oh well! $$$$$$$

I got some of my cabinets today. Rich has them in his shop and is sealing them for me. They are so nice! Cabinets Mine is not a tall one like this, but it's just like this on the inside. Mine look like a regular cabinet with a countertop. Gonna be nice!!! Can't wait to fill that puppy up - and I have the means to do it.

Gnite.. gotta get some rest.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

stupid people

Okay, how stupid can you be? My patience have totally gone out the window.

Get the morning paper. Yah, Wednesday, ads! I'm know, I'm so dull! Hmm, no ads. Call the newspaper - remember you get more flies with honey than vingar :

:::Ring, ring:::
American press: Hello, can AP, can I help you?
Me: Yes, I did not receive any ads in my newspaper today. It's Wednesday, aren't there supposed to be ads?
AP: I don't know. Let me send you to Circulation. (apparently she's not smart enough to know that ads come out every Wednesday!)
AP: Circulation.
Me: Yes, I did not receive any ads in my newspaper today. It's Wednesday, aren't there supposed to be ads?
AP: I don't know, let me ask. :::hand over phone (like I can't hear)::::
AP: yes, there were ads. I can fill out an incomplete report and you will receive today's ads in tomorrow's papers.
Me: Okay, that will work, I won't need them until tomorrow.
AP: Okay! :::sounding like she is about to hang up because she has down her good deed for the day.
Me: Ma'am? Don't you need to know WHO I am to send this stuff to me?
AP: OH! Yes!


Okay, my next vent is Harry Potter. I'm so tired of everyone saying it's teaching our kids to perform witchcraft. And what did Bewitched do? Do you KNOW how many times I prayed for powers like that?? I tend to be more optomistic in thinking it's teaching kids to be imaginative! Heck, more kids (okay, some adults) are actually reading!!! Geeze. People will come up with anything to debate to get them on tv!

Now, I haven't even read the book, so I really shouldn't judge, I'm just so sick of hearing this over and over. Those of you who have read this, care to blog your opinions???


Okay, I'm on my way to pick out some kitchen cabinets. I can't believe it is finally happening! Maybe one day my entire house will be complete! Here's to dreaming. Or, maybe I can twitch my nose and it will be done! hahahaha

Monday, October 20, 2003

"Rita's again tonight! OMG.. I have drank more in the past week than I have almost all year I gotta stop. I'm turning into a sot!!

So much fun tonight! Thank you, Ms. Sheri, for inviting me! It was so nice to see you and Laura seeing each other after all this time! psst, Laura is Sheri's old roommate - until she moved to Australia to marry the man she met online! they have been married for a year and eight months ;) So sweet. They all came to the US for Laura's brother's wedding and swung over to our neck of the woods for a visit. That was soo sweet. They are so happy together and it shows too!

Okay.. back to 'rita's. Omgosh, I'mma become one if I don't stop! I've got to get to bed. So tired and gonna pay for it in the morning.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Oct 17 it was 16 1/2 yrs that we met :) Wow.

Tonight was my bosses shower/party. We had a great time and I had too many margaritas! I'm off to bed.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I have eaten all day- or so it feels like it! I just ate more than I normally do. Actually, I wasn't eating a whole heck of a lot until today. And it really wasn't until this afternoon. Boredom? Perhaps. All legals foods and I have the lovely metallic taste in my mouth so I'm doing something right! Normally when I get the bottomless pit like today I can expect to see a loss on the scale. Gosh, can I be so lucky???? Don't fret, I"ll let you know. Promise.

Halloween is creeping up faster then I'd like. I love Halloween. Rich took the decorations out of the attic and the kids had a field day. I didn't realize we had so much stuff. Now, to get it all put out! Rich has a hay bale in the shed and I want to go get it out and use it to decorate, but I don't have that many outdoorsy decorations. No. I'm NOT going all haywire like Derbs' neighbors LOL Just something simple.. that the cats can shred and spread around the yard. OH joy. What to do? The kids and I will think of something.

Rich is back at the camp. Gotta love free long distance. I can call him every night and talk for free ;) He didn't miss anything by being home for the weekend, but I know he's glad to be back at the camp. Just hope he gets something.

This weekend is my boss' wedding shower - well, more like an intimate dinner with close friends and office staff. Should be fun. I know some of her family and the groom's family and of course the folks in the office. Should be fun. Rich is tossing up whether to go or not. If he goes, no biggie. But he's not much of a party person. He's fun to hang out with but parties just aren't his thing. Too formal. If he doesn't go, he'll take Daniel and Sarah to the camp for the weekend. Hmm.. weekend alone?? Or weekend with hubby and kids?? Hmm.. well. Ya'll have fun hunting! LOL Will be nice to have a weekend to myself. He's had about 2 weeks now to himself! Jessica will be here, but she's a teen and is pretty much self-sufficient. She'll love being just me and her. She's babysitting Friday night and Saturday for my sister so she'll be good and tired and probably sleep when she gets home.

Maybe I'll spend the day Saturday shopping for a new outfit for the party? Shopping for things to complete the yard decorations? Start some Cmas shopping? Make cookie logs? Who knows!

Monday, October 13, 2003


Round 2! I sure wish Sheri would let me link her page! She has such a passion for what she believes in and it shines thru. One day!

MONDAY! It's over.. we can now start looking forward to the weekend. Hurry up Friday!!

Does laundry EVER stop??? Egads, people!

My day was busy and nothing new to report, but I know some of you are sitting on the edge of your seats just waiting to see what will spring forth from the computer screen when you read this blog LOL

Go to bed people, unless you'd like to try some of my eggplant lasagna. Stop making uglee faces! It's good! If you don't eat your supper, you can't have the choco mousse I made. MMMM All low carb too :)

Sunday, October 12, 2003

I'm alive and doing well! Boy, wish I could just pull the stories out of my head from the past week LOL I'll do my best to recap:

Mon - Wed was up at the hospital taking virtual classes for some more software stuff. Proud to say I now know how to work the stuff!

Rich came home on Thursday and left Friday morning - nuff said! :) He and Daniel cleaned the deer and packaged it up. Such bonding! They left Friday morning and returned Sunday. Not a thing :( Bummer.

In the meantime.. (flashback to Friday) The girls and I went shopping for Sarah some bluejeans. She has none. Sarah is in that awful between size. This is too long, this is too tight, this is ..WHAT IS THIS? I hate to shop and that only makes things worse. After buying nil for Sarah and jeans for Jessica, we went to eat at Logan's. MMMMM Great service, great food.. we were stuffed piggies.

Saturday morning I bring Sarah to CCD classes. Come home and read email, lounge and planned the day. Picked Sarah up and we lounged and cooked lunch and cleaned kitchen. So much for the planned day! Off we went to shop for more jeans. We hit the mall. At this point I was willing to pay whatEVER for my baby some jeans.

JC Penny's was the first store. What luck! I must be living life right because we hit a rack with between/plus sizes (which she didn't need but it was a neat discovery) and better yet, the Arizona and MUDD jeans were 40% off!! Whooo hooo! She also lucked out and got some shirts. Tossed that in the truck and we shopped the entire mall. Jessica tried on some clothes here and there but we were so darn tired...and hungry. We ended up at Chili's and MMMM stuffed lil piggies again.

Sunday was church and then to my parents' house to show them Sarah's new outfits. My sis was there and we all had a good visit. Rich called around 1 to say he was home again. Can you believe my sis got a lil aggitated when I said I wasn't staying to play cards because my man was home!? Geeze,,, i LIKE being with my man, sorry! Blah! Don't get me started. She actually said she could not tell Jessica had lost weight. Paleeze. Jessica is down close to 20lb and is in a size smaller jeans and her face is MUCH slimmer. I was so madd and so hurt that she did that. I think she was ticked because she walks every day and excercises with a tape twice a week and can't get the scale to start moving again and Jessica has been following Atkins with me and dropped the 20 lb in a matter of weeks without starving and counting calories! GRRR. Sometimes my sister can be soo darn neg. I'm sure you know those people - never have a good thing to say - the service sucked, the food was icky, the view wasn't good, the people next to use were too loud, the people were rude. Geeze.. must suck to be her. Don't get me started. It will only get worse.

Anyway! That's been my last couple of days. For all you single moms.. hat's off to you! I'm going nuts with 3 kids moving in 3 different directions and no hubby to help! I didn't realize how much he did around here and how much we talked! Geeze.. I was soo darn lonely, but way to busy to let it get me down. I think one night I was in bed by 8:30 I was so tired. He'll be home until Tuesday and then he is headed back up to the camp again :)

I'm tired from just reading this post LOL Gnite!

Saturday, October 04, 2003


He is so happy, and so am I! Whoo hoo, gonna have deer sausage soon. All the other men are itching to get their own deer.

Daniel is on his overnight hiking trip. I'm a nervous mamma. I know he's in good hands, but, but, he's my boy!! Can't wait to hear about his trip. He'll be so excited to hear that his dad got a deer. Rich is coming to get him on Friday and take him up to the camp so he can go hunting.

Jessica is at her friends. I'm sure they are driving the mom insane. Not really, but teen-aged girls and their giggles can drive anyone insane.

It's just me and Sarah. She's not to thrilled. Nobody to play with. Nobody to sleep with. She's had fun tho. Good for her to get some time alone and not always feeling like she's tagging along with her brother. The other kids are her friends too, but her brother is always there.

I've made several more cookie logs, did laundry, voted, cleaned and played some games online. Now I'm tired! I've been up since 6 on my day off! And tomorrow I gotta get up by 8:30- my turn to do Children's Church. Hopefully I'll find where everything is and have a wonderful time with the kids. Sarah will be excited because she gets to come with me. Then I'll wait for Daniel to come home and hear all about his trip. Some more laundry... that will be about all.


Friday, October 03, 2003

IT'S FRIDAY!!! Love it when Friday's go well. Sets the mood for the weekend. Not that my Friday was stellar, but it was about a 7 out of 10.

Was supposed to go in to work around 1. At 10 my boss calls and asks if I can get there NOW. I'm taking a virtual class (you dial, along with others, and an instructor teaches you over the internet) I maintain the modules for our dept and have to understand how they all work - such the geek. So the head of our IS dept is going home within the hour and I gotta get there. No problem! I'm ORGANIZED, remember? :) So once I'm there the trouble started. Go to the classroom, no key. Get key. Can't sign on to computer. Call for help. Told I should be able to sign on by hitting the ENTER key. Uhm, no. Finally the gal comes on over. Uhm, SEE. It does not work. "oh" she says, "this is the problem." Does she apologize for making me feel like I cannot work a computer? Heck no! It's not HER fault ya know. ARGH! So after 30 mins of waffling around to get everything situated, it takes me 5 mins to set things up for class on Monday. I had to set the volume for the headphones and test the mic. ?? All this drama for that?? Yup, seems so. Good grief!

So I'm there at the office. I get to eat lunch with friends so that was nice. They are a great group of folks. Leave there and return home to type some more. Spent 2 hours on ONE report! ARGH. But it's done and by that time it was quitting time.

Kids come here. Snack. Rest. We are out the door! I hate to shop but I was itching to get to the store and move around some. The kids and I looked here and there. Dropped Jessica off at her friend's house for the night. We went to eat at CiCi's pizza. Can you say ick?????? I put my X on that place.

Mom and Dad went to a new place we have called DeAngelo's. They had heard so much about it and decided to give it a try. It's more like a .. well.. bar and grill? But bar and pizza joint is more like it. Dad gets a Caesar salad the the gal brings it over. He requests crackers and the gal says "we don't have crackers." HUH? Heck, even McDonald's has crackers!!!! Dad ate his salad and they stopped at Pizza Hut on the way home and ate LOL Dad told Mom to put an X on the bill - meaning they won't be returning. HOW can a place have no crackers????

Rich calls and says he's heading to the camp after work. Won't see him for a few days now :( And no mushy-mushy calls either since all the other men will be there. LOL I don't know why men try to cover like they don't get all mushy. They all know when they are alone they do it. Why not in front of others?? OH well, wont' stop me from being mushy. They can't hear me, only see his face get red. ahahahah

Stopped at Mom's on the way home. Visited with them.

Came home and checked to make sure Daniel has all his stuff for his BoyScout trip tomorrow. They are hiking 12 miles, cooking, camping over night and returning on Sunday. Gonna be some tired lil boys to earn that hiking badge!! He's loaded with gear and can't wait. I'm SOOOO glad I"m not a boy. I was always a tom-boy but I do have my limits.

Now we are home and I should be in bed! The weather is so nice during the day and looks like we may get another weeks' worth!

Tomorrow I'm making more cookie logs in preparation for Cmas! I have a feeling Sarah's room mother will call and want me to make something. I think I'll make COOKIES :)