Saturday, November 29, 2003

I've been...

BUSY! And it's only gonna get worse as Cmas approaches. ACK! I'm cutting back, I'm cutting back this year! I say this every year. We shall see. I agree with Spencer on gift giving. Put some thought into it.

My brother and his wife tend to do more with her parents. That's fine. Completely understandable. But don't tell me your wife got pissed because I asked for 10.00 more on a "together gift" for our parents, when you spent WAAAY more on her parents. Heck, who spent gas money, wrapping paper, tape and TIME running around town finding the best sale and housing this present then hauling it over to little sisters for Cmas?? Okay, so you licked an envelope and dropped a check in the mail, whoo hooo! OH well. That's been a few years ago and perhaps he has finally learned to not look a gift horse in the mouth. He eagerly jumped at the chance to not have to THINK of a seperate gift. Gee, kinda hard to know what mom and dad want when you live a few states over and never call! Oh yah, Spencer, 6-figure income there too. They aren't coming in this year, so my sis and I will proudly say "it's from ALL your kids and families" like good kids do :)

Thanksgiving was really nice! My sis hosted at her house - Cmas is at mine, pray for me! We are in the middle of remodeling (okay, so it's been an few years ongoing - but it's happening!) We'll have the traditional gumbo and opening of presents. Rich can't wait. He loves to cook - load off of me! I'll get the bowls and drinks and make potatoe salad. Mom will cook some rice. My sis will... maybe she'll get the bowls and drinks (grin).

But Tgiving was really nice. I thought I would have taken more pics - being the photo queen - but I didn't. The few I did take were really nice tho. We brought the mem stick to walmart and had them printed while we shopped for Daniel a scrapbook. My kids are totally enjoying this! They make them how they want them and it really shows their creativity. Kinda neat to see what they find memorable about events. Sarah dug thru old photos and put them in no-particular-order in her book. Vacation is mixed with Bday parties (giggle) Kinda neat to see the "process" evolve of how to group pics together, jotting things down on the page, etc. I'm hoping this project will continue for many years. We already enjoy flipping thru them and talking about things. Much better than having photos sit in the cabinet not being enjoyed.

I did manage to snap a stick-full at a friends wedding. I'm not the best photographer, but hey, free pics for her and practice for me. It was a wonderful time. Rich and I never went to Prom or Homecoming. We did not date each other in high school and it really wasn't our thing anyway. But the reception was held at the Pioneer Club and well.. nice jeans won't cut it. He actually bought dockers! With no complaints! I was impressed. I kept teasing him saying this night was going to be our Prom since we were so fancy-smanchy! Nothing better than slow dancing at a wedding reception, remembering your own wedding, and feeling like a million dollars with your man.

My Ms Sheri took me shopping and did a wonderful job in helping me pick out clothes to wear to the wedding. I hate shopping, but we had a great time. Thank you Ms. Sheri!! I looked and felt wonderful. Amazing what the right jewelry and new bra and panties can do for a gal LOL

Jessica fixed my hair. She straightened it, pulled it back and left with some whispy bangs. Very nice and look like it took a long time to do - I thought she was pinning up my hair to straighten it some more and she said she was done! She's soo good at stuff like that. Of course, she spends hours practicing. I'm a blow-and-go kinda gal. More than 20 mins and I've lost interest.

The wedding was nice. The bride and groom were beautiful and handsome. Nighttime weddings are beautiful. The reception was a blast. The "office" was there. Our boss was the bride, but I"d rather call her my friend :) Since I work at home now, I rarely get to see everyone. We had a great time and lots of laughs. People are so funny once they have a few glasses of wine in them and let their hair down! My how they change! Whoo hooo!!! And I have photo's to prove it.

Okay, the kids are stirring...I guess I"ll dare ask if they want to go see Cat In The Hat today. :)

Oh, leftovers are THE best! Yummy Yummy!!

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Organizing all my pics today. It's hard to come up with names for a picture that you are going to remember. I have gone through them yet again and named them and deleted the ones I don't want to hang on to any longer. I'm sure I could fill up this computer's harddrive without a problem LOL

Took some pics of Daniel leaving for Winter Camp with his Boy Scout Troop. Hoping to get some more on Monday when we go for a visit and a few of his return. Hey, maybe I could get the kids some albums for Cmas with some stickers and cardstock and get them into scraping!? I think they'd enjoy that! Time to start hitting the clearance at Michael's. Great rainy day projects and since they make it, it's all the stuff they see as important. Really neat to look back on. Organize pics. Let them be creative. They ARE old enough and I'm sure I have tons of "stuff" for them to use.

Hmm.. now my old brain is wheeling again....

Friday, November 21, 2003

Missed me, missed me, now ya gotta KISS me!

I have been having a ball with my new camera! Amazing what you can find to take pics of LOL Not that you have to keep them, but sometimes people (or life) tosses you some funny stuff and you'd just like to show somebody and go, "Look at THIS!"

I think the kids are tired of me snapping pics every time they turn around. I'm practicing - and it's all FREE! Gotta love free. Amazing what you learn just by reading the instructions.

I'm working on some snapshots of the kids to use as a screen saver on the computer. Jessica put it together when I got the web cam, but you had to be sitting near the computer to get your pic taken.

I'm also keeping pics of our remodeling around the house. I"m hoping to print some up and make a collage out of them. Should be neat. Can't wait for Tday! All the lil kids with smiling eyes. Should make for good pics.

Once people find out I have a digital camera they wanna tell me lots of cool things. Things that make this SO much more addicting. Like, the fact that you can upload your pics to Walmart (and others) and then pick up your prints when you are there. How cool is that? I thought the picture-maker machine was a helluva gadget because it takes the memory sticks or cds and prints pics, but to upload from your house and go pick them up? WOW! Technology is wonderful. Walmart also allows you to share your pic albums online. If your friends want one, they can select it and go pick it up at their Walmart!

UPDATE: I just got back from Walmart with photopaper hehehe I saw they had iron on transfers. I think I'll have to do one for Rich with his dog on the front. Somebody stop me!

I'm off to play. There just are not enough days OFF!

Sunday, November 16, 2003


Whoo hooo, I've been a good lil girl (or very naughty!) I got an early cmas present today - a digital camera and a new 4 in 1 printer.

I'm a cajun thru and thru - play with the new gizmo - if you can't figure it out then you read the directions! This camera is amazing and probably more of a camera than I'd ever need, but geeze, this puppy is nice! For not knowing anything about a digital camera, I took pics, reviewed them, uploaded to PC, cropped, viewed as a slideshow and sent some in email.

The kids love being lil movie stars. Even Rich and the dog got in on some pics. I couldn't even see them on the LCD screen because it was pitch black outside and snap! They really came out good. i love the fact that you can SEE them instantly. Delete - head turned. Delete - blurry or not a good shot.

I even burned them to CD and will go tomorrow and have them printed out! I got a really good pic of Jessica and her best friend. They don't have many pics together. This will be a good treat for them.

Ohoo, my brain is thinking of all the pics to take in the future. Tgiving is coming and I can't wait to get family photos!!!

Santa can bring me a bigger memory stick, a tripod, a camera bag, extra batteries.....I think I may have started an addiction. LOL But it's soo much fun. I'll have to carry my camera around everywhere I go now! Heck, I can come home and upload, share and delete! No wasted film.

A very nice woman showed me how to work the do-hickey machine at Wal-Mart. That lil photomaker machine was used quite a bit! This one woman told me she has saved so much money this way. She keeps all photos on CD and only prints the ones she wants to put in albums or share. No wasted pics laying around yet she always has a copy if she needs.

Technology is amazing!

Time to get to bed. My batteries are charging and tomorrow is a new day.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

OMG, twice in one day. Yall don't faint!

I'm dizzy. I'm busy cleaning house because work is slow, drinking my water and watching what I eat. Maybe not enough calories? Maybe I need alcohol lol The energy is great. Just can't stand or spin around too fast. Oh! Laundry is done - gotta run!

source grams cals %total
Total: 796
Fat: 62 556 72%
Sat: 27 243 31%
Poly: 2 16 2%
Mono: 17 149 19%
Carbs: 18 36 5%
Fiber: 10 0 0%
Protein: 46 186 24%
Alcohol: 0 0 0%

I want a digital camera. Nothing major. Easy to use. Rechargable batteries. No more than $200. Any advice?

This is one of the few years I actually know what I want and can afford to get it LOL


I'm so jealous! The wind is kicking here and it's turned much cooler. Gumbo weather!

Jessica looks great! She was beautiful to begin with, but man, she is looking healthy! My sister is amazed at Jessica's willpower. It's not about willpower, it's about being full and satisfied - then you have no reason to cheat. My sister just doesn't get it. A vent for another day.

My scale is not moving. Hmm. Wonder why? I added up my foods yesterday on (great site for whatever diet plan you are using and it's FREE) Now I know why my scale is not moving. Egads people! It wasn't as bad as I had expected. Then again, I didn't count the two suckers I ate LOL

Today is a clean slate and so far so good. If you want to up the good and lower the bad cholesterol, try flaxmeal. Oh. Great source of FIBER so be careful (grin) I mix 1/4 c with 1/4 c of low-carb milk, splenda, butter and nuke for almost 1 min. Stir. If too thick I add in some sugar-free syrup (not like pancake syrup tho). It's like hot oatmeal. MMMM Sprinkle some cinnamon too if you like. Great for on a day like this. Very filling and best of all - no carbs!

Perfect day to stay indoors when you have energy and a dirty house. Goodness. How much clothes do people actually need??? If it were all clean and put away at once I don't know if it would fit in the drawers and closets! We need to purge people! More than 2 weeks worth and some dress clothes is too much. How do you get kids to understand that? They wear uniforms to school so they need even less clothes.

They don't like to part with anything. Wonder where they get that from?? LOL We still have the orange tshirt that I sewed a pumpkin face on with black felt and green felt around the neck. All three kids wore it once they outgrew the baby t-shirt like it. Sarah uses it as a night shirt now. I have a pic where they are all wearing a pumpkin shirt - my lil pumpkin patch!

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I must blog about snow. Yes, snow. Reading Dy's Blog about snow falling and then heading over to Nelle's Blog. Heck, I'd much rather blog than load the dishwasher. The kids' school clothes are all hung up and drying to tomorrow. My house is a wreck, so my life must be WONDERFUL.

There are things in life I want to do. Not win an Oscar or become an inventor. Simple things. Me things. These are things that I just want to do.

One of those was to make a snow angel. Living in Louisiana, well, we don't see much snow. We did one year. I had the chickenpox. And my wonderful mother refused to let me go out and play. So I watched. From the window. And was heart broken.

We've been to Colorado twice now. We vowed to see snow. We did. From afar. Not the same.

This past Feb. I went back to Colorado. Snow was teasingly in the air. But it looked like it wasn't going to happen until after we left. Rats! We drove up to Black Hawk in hopes of snow. YES! It was soo beautiful. And the atmosphere of Black Hawk made it all the more beautiful. I stood outside for a solid 45 mins soaking up snow flurries. It is so peaceful to watch. It just makes you pause in awe. I was so happy I cried. If I couldn't make a snow angel, heck, I would be happy just being in it!

On the way back to Denver we stopped somewhere. There are buffalo on the side of the interstate and we stopped there to play in the snow. So darn cold! And we sank when we walked. I figured it would be hard - frozen.

That night the blizzard set in! In 30 mins there were inches on the ground. I was having the time of my life. In the hotel parking lot I made lots of little snowmen on the backs of cars. The doorman got a kick out of my excitement. He told my aunt (who lives in Colorado) that it was no nice to "see" snow thru the eyes of a first-timer. He was just a grinning while watching me. And I'm sure I was a sight to see!

We drove back to my aunt's house to pick up a few things before our trip home. In her neighborhood there is an empty house. An empty driveway. It was calling my name to make a snow angel! My aunt turned the car so the lights were shining so I could see the driveway. My sis took the pics and ...

I MADE A SNOW ANGEL!!!!! They were laughing and I was crying. To be able to DO something in life that you wanted. To reach a goal you set. Wow. Amazing.

Now, some of you are probably thinking I've lost it. But I'm sure there are things out there that you just WANT to do before you die. So? Get cracking!


Monday, November 10, 2003

In reading Nelle's blog I couldn't help but smile. She is soo loving her new calling in life. And I can totally relate.

After being married for 13 years and all kiddos in school, I knew it was time to do SOMETHING. My brain was so ready to learn! Diapers, cooing and rocking a sleeping baby was wonderful! But I'm so ready for ME now. That's when I starting looking into jobs. Who is going to hire me after 13 years as a mom?

I love computer, love to type, love to work alone, love learning and love a good challenge! Yup. I'm a transcriptionist. Please don't attack my spelling or incorrect grammer here. This is my personal space and I don't get paid to post here. LOL

I was hired at the first place I applied and have been there for over 2 1/2 years. Granted, I do a lot more than just transcribe. Due to my above listed loves and my personal push for over achieving, they give me extra duties -all which I love no matter how much I groan. I am very blessed to have this job and work at home.

So, Nelle, you just keep on hunny! Sounds like you found your niche. You will love it more and more each day! I truly know what they mean by "Find something you love to do and get someone to pay you for doing it!"

Happy day! I hear the bus rolling up the road (yes, in the country we call them roads (giggle)

Friday, November 07, 2003

It's been one of those days. You know, it starts out fine then from out of nowhere it hits. In the middle of it all you look around and silently think, "How did it get to this?" Then wham bam! It's all over and nothing much "changed" from before it hit the fan. I know you know what I'm talking about!

Anyway, Sarah's been complaining her stomach hurts. No fever. Diarrhea sometimes. Feels like she's gonna throw up. The pain hits whenever. No rhyme or reason. I got hung up at the office (see above) so her Daddy took her. I'm sure she was tickled. Daddy picked her up at school in his big truck and took her to the doctor. When one of my children ask to go to the doctor I know it's bad. Seems the tyke had a UTI and her bladder was having spasms. Now I feel like the bad mom for playing it off for a few days. I should have known better - when they want to go, take them! Oh well.. Bactrim makes it all better.

Tomorrow is the Veteran's Day Parade. Son will be riding in it. Daughter will want to go. I can't be in two places at once. Why? I'm not Bewitched. I loved that show and still catch reruns in b&w at night. Good ole Nick at Nite. So I'll drop one kid here, bring another there and have Rich meet me in the middle for a delivery of a kid. Man, I don't know how single moms do it! Hats off to yall!

I need a new fax/copy/scanner/printer. I hate to shop. Even for fun stuff like this. Too many decisions. To many options, buttons and frills. Just gimme the cheapest, bestest one you have and I'll take it. Tho, I have been using my PDA to keep track of the ones I've looked at, where, frills, prices, etc. Who knew I'd use that lil puppy so much! I'll do some more looking tomorrow. HOpefully I'll decide and get one soon! Maybe I'll look at Sam's? Seems wehre you least expect it is where you get the best deal. The last one I looked at had like four ink cartridges. FOUR! I can afford the machine, hook it up and then wait a payperiod to be able to afford the ink!! Geeze. Technology, isn't it wonderful? My current one is a freebie. Rich's work was tossing it out because the ink cartridge wouldn't sit right after someone broke the tab that holds it in place. Toss it out for that??? A Xerox??? I wedged a piece of paper between the ink and compartment it sits in. Worked for over a year now :) And so easy to use. Only problem is if the paper moves too much the ink isn't aligned, it will say you are of ink and won't print. But for free? Who can complain. I sure hope I can find one I like. Maybe I'll get a free moment to actually install it and play with it?? The only drawback to work - I now have enough money to get/do what I want, I just have no time!!

And no time to sleep late! Geeze. I start work every day at 6:30. I rest from 3:00 (when I get off) until 3:30 (when the kids get home) Wow, a whole 30 minues. During my lunch I gotta eat folks - and sometimes just fixing it takes 30 minutes! Once the kids are home my second shift begins. Then before I know it, it's dark (don't like the time change) and then I glance at the clock and it's 10:19 pm!! Tomorrow I"ll be up by 7:30 (day off ya know - it's MY time) and then I'll try to cram 1.5 days into one... and wonder where the time went. Rat race? Hardly. Marathon is more like it! Gnite folks!

Saturday, November 01, 2003

My sis and her hubby always take my kids to his company picnic. This year my sis twisted my arm to go (next year she won't have to do that!) We had a blast! The kids had a blast. It was nice to go and have a relaxed afternoon. The kids got tons of lil goodies from playing games, all they could eat and drink and had lots of fun just playing.

I'm tuckered out. So nice to be home, chilling in my jammies.