Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Word To Jenn!

Uhm, I gave the kids some Tshirts I found... in the back of the truck. They were supposed to be Cmas presents LOLOL Some things never change!

I've been wondering...

Does cologne/perfume make that much of a difference to you??

Do you have a favorite?

Yesterday I was in the grocery store. I was wheeling the buggy (yes, we say buggy in the south) up to the packets of seasonings and a man was standing there reading over his list. I passed him just enough so we were back-to-back and as I was reaching for the taco seasoning I caught a whiff of his cologne. Just a subtle hint. A nice manly cologne. Not all that eye watering, throat choking, bugspray kinda cologne most younger men seem to be wearing these days. You know, that kinda musky manly scent. YUM! Suddenly this man seemed more attractive than he had been. Each time I passed him in the store I couldn't help but smiling. Rich being gone doesn't help. He wears cologne like that. And I miss him. I'm sure he will not know what hit him when he comes home. All this excitement over cologne!? Maybe this is what happens to him when I wear the perfume he loves?

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

It could have been embarrassing!

Okay, first lemme state that normally these kinds of things do not happen to me. I'm too anal. hahaha

Home from church and I changed my clothes. We would be returning to the church hall later that night so I left my pants on the bed. When I slipped off my pants I also took off my undies in one swoop - they stayed inside my pants. I grabbed a pair of silk undies from the drawer to wear and slipped into my lounge pants. If case you are wondering (men mostly) my silk undies don't cling/bunch up/ride up under my dress pants like cotton ones do. I was in a hurry that morning for church and wrestled with those dern cotton undies all during mass. I sure didn't want to fight them at the dinner social so I made sure and changed them as soon as I was home.

Time to run to the church hall. As usual, we were running late. Slip, zip. Out of the lounge pants and into the dress clothes. Off we go! By getting there late we were forced to park at the far end of the lot. Thank goodness!

I'm hurrying Rich along and we are laughing and cutting up when he says, "What's on your shoe?" huh? Wha??? OMGOSH! My hot pink cotton panties are half hanging out from my pant leg!

Can you imagine walking into a church social and having them fall out right there! In front of everyone???? It's not likely that you can play off hot pink undies or kick them under a table before someone notices!


Monday, December 27, 2004


Last night it was just Sarah and I. I asked Sarah if she was going to miss MawMaw. There was a time when Sarah was afraid of MawMaw. That was until she heard that MawMaw constantly said her prayers. Sarah thought MawMaw was talking to people who were not there - and that scared her. Since Sarah and I were alone I thought I'd ask a few questions to see how Sarah was handling MawMaw's death. Sarah nodded she would miss MawMaw. I assured her that she was not alone and that I would miss her a lot too. Then Sarah added, "I prayed for her in Church today." My heart was smashed in a million pieces. My lil girl thought enough to say a prayer for her grandmother. I sure hope all my kids have a strong spiritual bond. That they know to lean on and trust in the Lord all throughot their lives. I think Sarah is off to a good start.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Best Friends!
Rich and Jessica

Is it really over?

I hope everyone had a wonderful, memory-filled Christmas!

Are the festivities over? Can we get back to normal living?

Not that I want the Christmas spirit to end because you should live that way wall year. I just want the hustle and bustle to stop. It's been a crazy since..oh, say, OCTOBER! I need a rest.

Tonight Rich and Daniel are up at the camp. Hopefully they will snag a deer. A hunting trip to Wyoming is the talk between the men. I sure hope they make it come true. A trip of a lifetime! I know Rich would sooo love that!

The kids had a blast on Cmas morning. By the time Rich and I were up, the gifts were sorted by child and each kid was eagerly awaiting. We go from youngest to oldest to open. Gives everyone time to see what the other is getting and you get a moment in the spotlight. We do this at my parents' house and the in-laws. It also helps to stretch Cmas a wee bit longer. The excitement builds as the kids hold off on the biggest gifts until last.

Each year they get a together gift. This year it was a telescope. I think ole mom wanted that more hehehe, but they all enjoy the moon and stars and meteor showers and the eclipses. I thought it was fitting - with the new patio and all.

Tonight I took it outside and sited the moon. Wow. The glow alone is amazing...but the detail! People. You are missing soo much by viewing the moon with the naked eye. Sarah said she wished there would be someone on the moon and that we could see them by looking thru the telescope. Wouldn't that be amazing!?

We also saw a sparkling star. It was doing just that, too. Sparkling! Now we are inside winding down for bed. I'm so sleepy!

Enjoy a few snapshots of the day!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Do You Believe in Signs?

We buried my grandmother December 23. It was one of THE hardest days of my life. This was a woman who was my rock. She was not supposed to EVER die. As an adult I see things differently now. There comes a time for all things to end.

Being surrounded by family and friends and sharing the good memories and funny stories... wonderful memories. It just goes to show you how loved she was and how loving she was. She left deep impressions on people. Good impressions. How blessed we are to have had her in our lives.

When someone dies we always want reassurance that they are okay. That they are happy. We need that to be able to go on living. Some people will look for signs. Some people want to make things into a sign. I just cannot be done. You cannot force a sign.

After she passed the "sign" stories started coming. I know these were signs. Each person was given a special sign. Specifically for them. I won't share those. They are too personal for the internet's eyes. But I will share mine with you. And I think you will agree that it was a sign.

I have always loved snow. Yes. A girl from Southern Louisiana. Snow. Ask Derbs. I want to hear all the stories of the snow falling and all the pictures you can snap. My northern friends think I am insane. Who could possibly love snow?? Me. That's who. Me.

My aunt was in last week from Colorado to visit my grandmother while she was in the nursing home. My aunt always comes with gifts. She gave me a silver snowflake with 2004 engraved in it and lil blue stones on the ends of the flakes on a silver necklace. Perfect for me. She said this way I could always have my snow with me. I was soo happy to have my snow!

My son tells me on Monday that we are forecasted to have snow on Christmas Eve. This is five days before Christmas Eve. Lots can happen and chances are that it will get pushed up or back and no snow on Christmas Eve for us. Heck, it hasn't snowed on Christmas Eve in 75 yrs!

We are all gathered at my parent's house to see my brother and his family before they leave to go back home to Georgia. The weather was to get bad and we wanted them safe and sound at home! Prayers can be said in Georgia just as well as in Louisiana. God hears all.

As we were sitting around we started on the subject of it snowing for Christmas Eve. I tell everyone that if it snows on Christmas Eve that I will know that is MY sign from my grandmother. And we jokingly say I will have to be committed if it does indeed snow.

I wear my snowflake necklace to the first day of services for my grandmother and a few comment on how pretty it is and how much my grandmother loved the snow and the cold weather. That's just what she got for her services. Very cold weather.

The services were very hard. But the love and strength of our family was very evident. We are all bound by this one woman, this amazing woman, and bound tightly.

On Christmas Eve I wake up to find some lil round balls of ... snow/sleet on my truck and porch steps. I quickly grab the camera and snap away. This is my sign! But it really didn't feel like a sign. I didn't have that feeling. That feeling of warmth and knowing all is right.

In Louisiana IF it snows a hit and miss here and there you are pretty much guaranteed that it's not gonna start and stop anywhere else. One spot and you can pretty much say that was it. I was content. If this was to be my sign then so be it.

Off to breakfast we go with my aunt and her husband and my parents. Then off to the airport to see them back to Colorado.

Back home to wrap some presents and Rich was gonna make some beef jerky. All day sitting at the table wrapping I would look outside and squint really hard trying to make myself see snow. Nothing.

My aunt who lives here calls to say it's snowing at their house and she thought of me and wanted to call.

Okay. They got snow.

Then a few hours later my sister calls me from about 15 miles away. It's SNOWING at her house. OMGOSH. It's coming my way!?


All day.


I meet my sister in town to retrieve my kidlets and it's those same darn balls of sleet. She assures me this is how it started at her house and that it got harder within minutes. Humph! Nothing more. It stopped. Shoot! I had even gone prepared with my video camera and digital camera.

But you cannot force a sign. You cannot make a sign. It has to come naturally.

I pick Jessica up at her friends and we stay and visited a while. No snow.

I stopped by the cemetery thinking I would see my sign there! I NEED A SIGN. Everyone else got a sign. Why not me? Had I set myself up for some serious disappointment by saying I wanted snow on Christmas Eve and THAT would be my sign, and now I won't be getting it?? What have I done????

No sign at the cemetery either.

Once home, the kids started watching tv and Rich was snacking on jerky and I needed to rest. I was so tired. It had been a long week.

There was still no snow. But I keep reminding myself that Christmas Eve was not over with yet. Be patient.

I wake up around 8:30. I putter around in my room for a while and I'm in the bathroom when Jessica comes running. "Mom! Mom! I can hear it falling against my window. It's SNOWING!"

Sure as shooting it's SNOWING. Not some lil balls of sleet. Not some half-melted slivers of slush. GENUINE SNOW FLAKES. They are whirling around and landing and staying!

I telling the kids in a furry of half hollering and half screaming with excitement:
Get the camera!
Get the video!
Get the cell phone!
Get your jacket!

I immediately called my aunt in Colorado.

Not sleet.
Actual flakes! And you can see them! Flakes!
What time is it?

It was the time that my grandmother passed away! And *I* was getting my snow!

There was no denying it. This was my sign!

People will talk for years how it snowed on Christmas Eve in 2004 and how amazing it was after 75 yrs. But my family and I will know why it really snowed!

Saturday, December 18, 2004


My heart hurts. My grandmother passed away.

I had a whole post and I deleted it. It really is just too personal. The internet is a huge place. I feel too alone as it is.

Thanks for understanding.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

One step forward and two steps back!

I started wrapping tonight. I'm not finished. I'm only wrapping what I MUST have for this Saturday with my side of the family. Of course, that covers just about all I've purchased! I can't find some Cmas gifts. I guess I hid them too well. I had them next to my computer for ages. And now? No where to be found. Legos. For my nephew. Bought on clearance months ago. My grandmother use to do this very thing. Guess he'll get it for his birthday next year. I'm ahead of the race. I just hope I can find them before next AUGUST! I really need to get a central location for gifts that I purchase early. Sounds good!

I have played this game a zillion times. Omgosh... the concentration you begin to draw from after you have OOPSed a few times. But it always feels so good to win no matter how many tried it takes ya!

It's cold here. Last night it was 27. Brrr. We just aren't prepared for this kinda cold. How many times do I have to tell the kids, 'Put on your night pants, it's gonna be COLD tonight." before they will believe me? They are so use to walking in short and socks... I had to threaten to turn off the heat if they weren't going to do as I asked. Their teeth were a chattering this morning when they woke up though!

We managed to pick the satsumas off the tree so they didn't freeze and we picked the riper oranges. We attempted to put sheets over the fruit trees. uhm, my trees are huge! When did they get that big??? ONE sheet will not cover it. Maybe if I tied like 5 sheets end to end and then wrapped the tree. Maybe.

All I know is I was warm in my bed and slept so hard. Could be the medications too. Tylenol has a new thing out - kinda like Nyquil. Great for a cough. Cough suppressant and acetaminophen and jack up the price! Still, the cough suppressant is the highest dose available and is cheaper to buy it like this. Amazing the prices people pay for brand names and not fully understanding what medications are actually in stuff. Do some research. You may find the same amount of whatever you're taking currently in another med - generic even - or a whole other brand!

Knowledge is power!

I gotta check on a friend soon. She pulled her back bent over wrapping presents! I'm telling ya - this mommy work is HARD bizness! Another friend might have the flu. Gosh I hope not. That would be the pits. When all the running around needing to be done and wrapping and decorating and it's stressful enough... then to be sick?? AT CHRISTMAS???

I gotta go take more medications and finish up my wrapping. Lost is a re-run tonight so I'll have to find something new to watch.

Bundle up! Keep warm and toasty.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Too many questions!

My aunt is in from Colorado. Weekdays I work, so doing something with her is out of the question. My sister and I asked her to keep Friday night free for us.

We started out at a lil mexican place. GREAT food and even better margaritas! MMM We ate, drank and laughed until we cried. Then the next question. Where are we going from here?

Let me just clear up a few things. We are all happily married. We are all adults. We are all adults whose husbands are not jealous people. We have daddy's and don't need their permission to go out!

Yes, we opted for the bar up the road with a live band. Gotta love a band. Especially a good band!

I ran into several people I know and the same questions kept coming up:

"Hey! What are you doing here?"

"Is your husband here?" or "Where is Rich??"

"Does Richard know you are here?"

and my all-time favorite...

"Is there a party? a graduation or something?"

PEOPLE! Yes, my husband knew I was out. He knows I was in a B.A.R. and he's totally find with it. Why was he not out with me?? Geeze, I needed a SITTER! hehehe. It was girls night out for crying out loud! He certainly didn't want to be a fourth wheel.

It's always good to go out with the girls now and then. Especially when you are not looking. The guys tend to navigate to you and you all end up having a good time. No pressure of going home with someone or getting numbers, etc. Just plain ole fun and dancing and laughs.

It does ya heart good too when you go out. Looking around, seeing all those people looking for that spark, looking for that certain someone to fill a void, I realized all over again how lucky I am to have Richard.

Monday, December 06, 2004

please explain

I know we all find quirks in other families and especially our inlaws. Each family has their own way of doing things. No harm done.

But please explain to why my MIL can call at 9am and ask me what Rich's schedule is for his birthday, yet at 2pm she calls and wants him to return her call so she can ask him about his schedule around Cmas. Uhm...after 17 years, have they not figured out that Rich will tell them, "I'll have to talk to Rachel." or "I'm not sure what we have planned yet."?

This coming from people who go sometimes three months without a phone call or a visit. We don't go there anymore. Trust me, I have my reasons. Perhaps below will help you.

Never ceases to amaze me the phone calls with them. His dad is famous for telling me, "If you can remember to tell Rich, let him know that I called." IF I can remember? WHAT? It use to piss me off. Now I've matured. My reply is, "Sure thing. If I can remember, of course!"


Birthday Party

Saturday was my grandmother's birthday. There we were, 13 of us crowded into her room at the nursing home singing Happy Birthday. She loved her presents and especially loved her boudin. I'm sure her roomy was praying that we don't come often haha. We had cake and brownies and cokes and boudin! MMM The staff thought we were wonderful as we shared the love (the food and drinks) with them. It's a birthday party and we wanted all to celebrate with us. They even let us have our party in the dining hall. Mawmaw slept in her room while we mingled in the hall. My kids put the connection together with my dad and his siblings. It's funny to hear them say, "THAT'S your brother??"

My aunt from Colorado is in and it's soo good to see her. She looks great having lost 30+ pounds! Whoo hooo! Speaking of...I need to call and see what plans are for the next few days. I'm sure my mom and dad have a gumbo planned or even fried shrimp? MMMMM

Lunch is ova!

Sunday, December 05, 2004


Sign today at Wendy's said that due to the recent hurricanes in Florida, the tomatoe crops were hit hard and they will only give tomatoes on request. Uhm, do the plan to take .10 OFF per burger? I think they put more lettuce.

Desmond, yes, life can be cruel. Everyone wants to due with dignity and grace. I hope my grandmother doesn't suffer any longer than need be.

Leslie - check is in the mail. :) Thanks again!

Bye - we are off to get some shopping done - three kids in tow, dunno how much I'll get!

Friday, December 03, 2004


Oh, this BE is a such a good thing. I met a gal who lives not too far from me and she's a soapaholic. Whudda thunkit?? Leslie and I emailed about her soap addiction and my husband's love of making soaps and she offered to send me a lil sumpin-sumpin she's been working on. It arrived today and in the package was an extra lil sumpin - soap!

Rich checked the mail today and handed me this package. Immediately I thought it was some makeup I had ordered, but I hadn't ordered any. Once I took that package in my hands...that bulging, chock-oh-block full package, I knew what it was! Leslie's package!


Before I could even get the package open I could smell the sweet heavenly smell! OH MY GOSH! That stuff smells soo good! "That stuff" is called "Dead Sea Mud Space Bar." and it's all MINE. Because my friend gave it to ME. hahaha

She also sent me a lil something she has been working on perfecting and I can't wait to try it. Not gonna mention it just yet. Mum's the word.

Everything is package and labeled so professionally that I feel so pampered! So if your looking for that unique gift to give someone or just want something a lil different... check out Leslie's new site! I'm sure she has something that will catch your eye for that perfect gift or just a lil something extra to have for the holidays for that unexpected guest that you want to feel welcomed. What better way than with a gift made with love!?!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Grandmotherly love

My grandmother lives with her son. He made a trip to the store and found her sitting in blood when he returned. She had fallen and had a gash in her head. He immediately took her to the Emergency Room - after some cussing and fussing I'm told. My grandmother has dementia. So sometimes she's in her own lil world and you become a character in that world. Mostly it's humerous. Then it came become really serious. Makes you wonder how much of her world really laps over into reality.

She told me she fell. And a man came out of the bathroom. And she told this man he had to help her find her people so they could help her. And he did. Nobody was home except her. We know she talks to people who aren't there. But these same characters keep showing up. Sometimes she calls you by their names, and when you correct her she will say every so softly, "No, that's not Beau. No. That's Jerry. Yes. That's Jerry. I know who Jerry is."

When I saw her at the hospital she was in a neck brace, which looked very uncomfortable and honestly I don't know how it was supposed to be helping. We were told she'd be having a Halo (picture B)later that evening. Yes, it's screwed into your skull. And I imagine it hurts like hell. Not to mention her already hurting head due to the gash, which they stitched.

Now she looks like an Angel (halo) and actually looks much better. They'll be moving her to a nursing home while the Halo is in place. After that I don't know what they'll do.

It's so hard to see this woman who for so many years was the one guiding you and helping you and being strong and knowing exactly what to do and what to say. Now the roles are reversed. I want my grandmother back. My old grandmother. The woman who could say more with a hug or a look and you instantly knew what had to be done no matter how hard it was or how much you didn't want to do it. The woman who always had compassion and a heart of gold. A woman who was quick as a whip and a fist of iron if you messed with her family. The woman who loved you... matter what.

I hope I"m a tad like her during my lifetime.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Wake me in 2005!

Good grief! Will this ever end?

Got word today that my dad's mom has fallen and possibly broken some vertebrae in her neck. So, if you are the praying kind I'd appreciate some prayers. My grandmother has the starting of dementia and this could be pretty rough on her.

Will keep ya posted. If I remain sane enough to make it to 2005, it will be a miracle!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Whoa Nelly!

Can someone please stop time for say..oh... a month!? I dared not venture out on Black Friday this year. There was nothing that I had to have worth venturing out in that mob of frantic people. Oh, I was a frantic Black Friday shopper before. But the kids were little and they had visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads and their wishes were easy to fill. NOW? I have NO clue!

My brother and his family are coming in for Cmas. I'm so excited! Naturally, I have to work that weekend but it should be slow. I normally send a check to the kiddo's, but since they are coming in I'd like to get them a something instead of cash. Kids like to rip open stuff. I dunno how my brother is gonna fit all that stuff in the vehicle to go back to Georgia. LOL I'll have to email my sis n law and see what the kids need. See them once a year, ya just don't get a feel for what they want or already have. We shall see!

Rich and Daniel went up to JB's camp. It musta been women's weekend. Three women got deer. Rich said Daniel thought he saw a rabbit and asked to see the binoculars. That's when he saw it was a doe. He was so nervous he was shaking. Rich took a look and they waited until it got a bit closer. He shot, but they were out of range. Both he and Daniel were so nervous they could barely hold the binnoculars and the gun. Boys! They had a good time and have beautiful, cold weather to boot. Father and son bonding. Life is good.

Today it's laundry (again) and maybe getting the tree down to decorate. Time to get into the holiday spirit. A lil snow would help! Speaking of. A friend sent me pictures of a freak snow store in the desert of California! Can you imagine!!??
Winter wonderland
Looky the snow!
Snow and palm trees

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Preparing for the feast!

My parents are having a turkey fried. My sister and I are bring sides. I can hardly wait! I was given a recipe to try for cheesecake. Oh my! If it tastes like the batter part... I'll be making it often. Hurry Thursday!

We had a cold front move through. BRRR. At least it will make hurrying around seem more exciting. That hustle and bustle in the air always makes people frisky!

Anyone gonna venture out on Black Friday? My sister and I do. Tomorrow we will map out what we need from each store. Gotta charge up the 2-way radios!


Monday, November 22, 2004


Bonko. Ohmygosh. I haven't laughed that hard in a looong time. Gather 8 women together.. you think teens are loud and crazy? You ain't seen nutting! Good food. Good friends. No husband, teens, etc... oh man.

You know how you mispronounce a word wrong and never correct yourself? After a few yrs of saying it wrong, well, it starts to sound normal!

The hostess has a dog. Kathy was asking if the dog barked and Lala said the dog didn't until you left. THEN she barked when you got close to the door. And barks loud! So Kathy says, "Man! Really? You have a rapid dog there!" Rapid? Rabid maybe. But not raPid. OMGOSH. I'm quick to catch when someone saying something wrong. It just seems to come out louder and more obvious. I was laughing soo hard I couldn't see to roll the dice. Rapid? All I could imagine was this dog running really fast around the neighborhood with foamy spit oozing out and Kathy on the phone with the police screaming, "Officer, officer, hurry! There is a rapid dog running around and he's foaming at the mouth!" And the office replies with, "Ma'am, everything will be okay if you can run faster than the dog!"

Guess you had to be there! Debbie almost wet her pants laughing at a rapid dog!

I won't get into the hose plower nor the month of Optober. hahaha

Tday is coming!

We held the annual three-way phone call to discuss the menu. Mom and Dad are frying a turkey. YUM! I've been assigned to make the greenbeans for life... then I'll have drinks and dessert. We'll be stuffed like lil turkeys again after eating this meal. Each year we say the following year must be trimmed down! Ya think it is? NOT!

We are expecting a cold front to push through for Tgiving. Will be nice to celebrate with a chill in the air. Sunday I wore capris and sandals to church! Not that I minded... Heck. We've had Cmas with the a/c on and opening up sweaters! ugh.

Rich and Daniel are gearing up to go hunting after Tgiving meal. Hopefully they score.

Time for lunch!

Sunday, November 21, 2004


Anyone have a good recipe for cheesecake? Is the philly box one good? I made the reduced carb one tonight unwillingly - Rich bought low-fat creamcheese..ick! I'd hate to make yet another cheesecake for a test run for Tgiving. I've got Bonko tomorrow night and not enough time to test one out. Help me here people! Lemme know if you have a good recipe for cheesecake.

I finally got the comments section working - though I'd rather have the pop-up window like what Derbs has! Maybe one day.

Those of you passing through, leave a comment so I can read/discover your blog too. I'd like to return the favor.

Now that my migraine is gone I'm off to bed. OH joy, 5 hours of sleep tonight! GRRRRR.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Date Night/Girls Night

Since Rich got his '61 Willys Jeep running, we have been riding around a few times each night. We call it our date night. The other night we road all over town and ended up at the Civic Center and walked along the boardwalk. It was like a flashback of dating, cept we are older and wiser! We enjoy the moment now..not rushing off to meet friends or get a drink or grab a bite. We just enjoy the moment. Alone.

Riding with no top on the jeep seems to make the moon a lot closer and the stars a lot brighter. The ride is bumpy, loud, sometimes chilly and muses up my hair..but I love it! Wouldn't trade it for the world. Rich is so proud of that jeep and he loves driving it around. I love to see him so happy.

Friday night was date night with the girls. Me and two friends hit the Casino here in town. We played a bit and lost. Opted to grab a bite - because your luck changes after you eat - and went back for more. This time we plopped ourselves down for three hours at the penny machines and never moved! I broke even and the other lost. So I treated them to coffee and dessert on the way home. Debbie's daughter (24) would call and say "Mom? Where are you NOW?" HAHAHA Funny how when the shoes on the other foot things change. Ohoo, but we had wonderful time and can't wait to go back again. Next time I'm seeking out a video poker machine.


Friday, November 19, 2004

Ohoo, tag boards are back! Funny how ya miss those lil suckers! Kinda like you don't miss tv until cable is out! Then suddenly you have nothing else to do and WANT to watch tv. More to write later. I'm just glad the tag boards are back up. Mostly because I cannot seem to get the comments thingie to work! grrrr.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


After all that friend talking ...Sarah's best friend, Kade, is moving today. They are moving several states over. I've done everything I could think of to help ease the transition, but I know she's still gonna hurt really bad.

I think they drove off at 3pm to avoid the bus and the tears. I dunno which is worse, watching them drive off as you cry in the street or never getting to say good-bye.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Old Friends Revisited

Growing up there were about 12 of us, give or take one or two here and there, that all hung out together in our neighborhood. Boys and Girls. Sometimes there were couples, mostly not. We were just friends. Learning about life and relationships and all that kid-related stuff. There was a field that separated my road from the next, and in that field is where we'd all hang out. On our three-wheelers. We were some cool kids, I tell ya. We'd meet in the morning and ride all day, coming home worn out and so dusty that even our teeth were gritty. Those were the good ole days for us. Memories to last a lifetime. And they have. That was 20+ yrs ago and we still smile when we think about those days.

Today? We are all grown up and scattered about around different towns throughout the state and across the country. Have we forgotten each other? No. We had something very special all those years ago. It's funny to see Chris all grown up now. A man. A married man with kids of his own and a successful business. I still expect him to be that grinning kid from way back when. It's especially hard to see him bear the death of his mother. That's what brought us all together. Not a birthday party, or a birth or even a marriage... a death. That's what friends do. They rally together in a time of need putting their life on hold for a few hours or days to be there for each other. And there we were, gathered around sharing what we have done in the last 20 yrs; our accomplishments, our kids, our lives, sharing news of those who were not able to be there, etc. For a moment we were the old gang again. I think Chris was deeply touched that these friends had not forgotten him, had not left him alone in this time of need. One of the gang drove for 3 hours to attend the rosary. She wanted to be there. That bond of friendship has proven to last 20+ years. What greater solace than the comfort of friends?

My best friend's dad told me once, "You will have lots of acquaintances in your lifetime, but there will be very few friends. Real friends. And those real friends you'll be able to count on one hand." And he's right.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Sarah Smurf

Yes, below is Sarah. Sarah Smurf. In all her glory around 3yrs old. She was out in the shop with her daddy and decided to spray paint herself. She was wearing rubber boots and a t-shirt. So from the top of the boots to where her tshirt stopped is blue! Then her arms..and of course HER HEAD. We had to shave her hair poor baby. Rich just seemed to think this was the funniest thing ever and I was horrified! Poison control reassured me that the paint would wear off and that putting Goo Be Gone on my baby's skin would be more harmful. After a brief moment of silence I asked if was going to be a phone call to be remember and he agreed. Glad I could brighten someone's day! At the time it was awful. Now we can look back and laugh. My baby has come a long way in years...but she's still that free-spirited child who we all long to be. She is gonna have one helluva life and I'm gonna enjoy watching her live it. Thanks for the reminder Derbs!

I've got soo much to blog about..but I need to sort it all out in my head. Lot's of emotions and reliving the past and reflecting.

It was a busy weekend, that's for sure. My grandmother's Bday party at my house where Rich cooked a HUGE pot of veggie soup - slurped up and enjoyed by all. My sis and her family came for the party and we all just had a wonderful time. Lots of stories shared from the "good ole dayz" and lots of family stories shared. My grandmother's bday was Friday. She's 84. The anniversary of my grandfather's death (her husband) was Sunday. It has been 20 yrs that he's been gone. After 20 yrs I just realized he passed away 2 days after her birthday. I'm sure she thinks of that every year. I know this year we filled that day with memories and laughs and love. I'll have lots of photos to share too. Gotta love HELLO for that - but blogging in HELLO is the pits!

More later - gotta go get the kids uniforms out the dryer so they don't wrinkle!

Smurf Baby!
Smurf legs

Saturday, November 13, 2004


Below is a picture of Sarah and her hampster, Hammy. She got lil Hammy months ago and is still playing with him just about on a daily basis. In the mornings, she will get dressed for school and take Hammy out of his cage for some playtime. He's so small and cute and well..he's just a good Hammy! Sarah has always had a way with animals. Even with the bird. I can talk to him and attempt to pet him and all I get is hissing and squawking. Sarah will come up right behind me and stick her hand near the cage and he's lowering his head for a scratch! All animals love her. And you can see by the glee in that childs face that she just loves her lil Hammy!
Sarah and Hammy

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Fire pit Posted by Hello
Enjoying the patio Posted by Hello
Pictures of the new patio Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


My uncle's camp is on the Sabine River. Right on the river. White sand that squeeks when you walk on it. Cool water. Always. Constantly flowing cool water. Clear water. Sandy bottoms. All we have to do is ask if space is available and it's ours. Three bedrooms, bathroom, living, kitchen, central air/heat, porch across the front, dish tv, etc.... yes, a camp. A lil slice of heaven waiting. To boot, from the camp it is 4-wheeler riding distance to the lease where the men hunt. Rich goes every chance he gets, hunting season or not. I tag along whenever possible.

Tonight we grilled burgers and had chips, beans and deviled eggs. For dessert we made smores on the fire pit. The patio is turning out to be very useful. The cooler weather is nice and helps keep the skeeters away. Ahhh. Memories in the making. I sure hope my kids look back and remember all these things.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Raccoon prints (the hands) and a doe print Posted by Hello

Trees Posted by Hello

lake near the stand Posted by Hello

A big ole buck's print! Posted by Hello

Rich climbing into the stand Posted by Hello

What you see while in the stand.  Posted by Hello

Walking up to the stand Posted by Hello


Whoo hoo! Enjoy the pics! I still have a few more to show. So many new things added to blogger to play with.

Chris with his "teef" in Posted by Hello

Rich's Jeep Posted by Hello

Shoreline of Lake Superior Posted by Hello

Off to see the Wizard! (which one is ME?) Posted by Hello

Sidewalk leading up to the State Capital Building Posted by Hello

Weekend News

My great aunt passed away Saturday. As much as we all knew it was coming it was still very hard. She's in a much greater place and finally at peace.

Ahh, the camp. Bliss. The water was much too high so no beach walking was done. Rats. But I did go deer hunting with Richard and he just couldn't stop smiling. He was so happy to have me there. He's so silly. No deer though. But we had a good time giggling and acting crazy. We enjoyed 4-wheeler riding and I love to watch him show me things or explain things to me. He just lights up and is so eager to share. You have to understand that Rich is very quiet. VERY QUIET. Most people believe the he don't like them - far from the truth - all because he don't talk much. He says I talk enough for the both of us. Imagine that!

Lemme tell ya...It was a sight to behold trying to get my hiney into the deer stand. OMGoodness. It's 10+ feet off the ground! The forest creatures never giggled so much in their lives. By the time I made it into the stand I was shaking and sweating and crying. Can you imagine my Fear F*ctor? #1 See who can get into the deer stand faster! Lordy be! You've never seen fear until you saw me attempting to hoist myself into the stand. The guys all have long legs and upper body strength. Rich can stand on the 3rd rung down and the entrance to the stand will be below his hips. He'll lift a leg and step on into the stand. ME? I'm on the HIGHEST rung and the floor isn't even to my hips!!

Ya thought going IN was funny? Shoulda seen me trying to get out. HELLO! I don't bend at the ribs.. I gotta get my hips out the door before I'll bend! Poor Rich had my foot and is trying to place it on the steps... LEMME BEND FIRST! Here I am trying to ease myself onto the so-called ladder and there is nothing in the stand that I can hold on to for leverage. I have no upper arm strength. I type all day people! Rich stayed behind me on the ladder until I was safely down. I kept feeling like I was gonna just fall over backwards.

I've got to get HELLO set up so I can share the pics with everyone. My shooting (pictures) is a little better than it use to be. And I want yall to see how pretty Louisiana is.

Daniel had an even better time than we did. He hung around my cousin, who was there, and the neighbor. They took him squirrel hunting and 4-wheeler riding and really just made him feel like one of the guys. It's always such a big deal when you are a kid to be included with the grownups. I forget how many squirrels they got total all weekend. I'm waiting to be told the guys are coming over for squirrel however-they-cook-it supper. No thanks! None for me. I'll be more than happy to play hostess and listen to the hunting stories. Men can tell some tall tales!

Time to put the clean sheets on the bed! MMM...nothing better than climbing into clean sheets. Ya just sleep so much better on that first night.

Saturday, November 06, 2004


When I read Desmond's blog it reminded me how people all over the word view things very differently.

My grandfather's house is next door. He raised chickens all his life - hens and roosters. He had a cabane (that's french for a shed/storage building) to put them at night and, of course, it was called the cock house. We think nothing of it.

I overheard my kids while they were taking turns rolling each other around in a barrel, "Hey! Roll me over that way (pointing) really fast. But don't go past the cock house or I will be sick." Ahh, innocence is bliss.

We had a cat that my FIL would call Puss. Then the kids called her Puss-Puss. Imagine a child standing on the porch hollering for their cat, "Heeeeeeeeeeere Pusssssssssss! Heeeeeeeeeeeere Puss-Pusssssssssss!" hahahaha

GOtta scoot. Time to pack and head up to the camp to meet the rest of the family. Hopefully someone will get a deer. I've been instructed to bring my camera. He must have seen "signs" of deer.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Now another great aunt is in the hospital. She had a urinary tract infection and the infection got into her blood stream. There is really nothing they can do. So they've put her on morphine to keep her comfortable. The morphine will lower her blood pressure and she will slip into a coma and pass away. When? We don't know. It's wait and see.

Delima. I've seen my aunt at family reunions and the last time was pretty rough. They had her so doped up and her daughter was feeding her mashed potatoes when I went to say hi. She couldn't move too much but she kept smiling when I'd talk. Her daughter said, "Mamma probably don't know who you are and can't respond." I laughed and said, "oh yes, she knows it's me. I can see her smiling at me." Aunt V squeezed my hand and her eyes lit up and I swear a tear formed in her eye. I know mine did.

It's so hard to see my family growing older. I knew eventually they would...but not pass this quickly this close together! My heart aches. I don't want to see them in pain. I don't want to see family members in pain. The wars will start. My aunts children never did get along. I'm waiting for the groups to form and start attacking each other.

I'll be there for my cousin, of course. I'm torn between going up to the hospital and seeing her before she passes. Part of me wants to do it and the other part wants to stay protected. Am I doing it for me or for her?

What would you do?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A tease!

The weather is teasing us. Yesterday it rained ALL day and now? Now it is 55 degrees out. That may not seem to cold to some of you, but when it goes from the upper 70s to low 50s in twenty-four can put a chill in ya bones. The kids are "freezing" and Rich and I are loving it. HOpefully we can use our firepit tomorrow night. I'd suggest hotdogs roasted on the pit but after having them for the past few days I dunno if I can stomach another one so soon. OH! Maybe we'll do smores! MMMM That's it! Smores it is.

Tonight we had porksteaks in a gravy with rice, peas & carrots and for those who didn't want rice I made some smashed taters. (mashed potatoes) And for dessert? Yup. Cheesecake. YUMMY.

Another great aunt is in the hospital. 2004 will be the death of my family!

Rich has shaved his beard and kept his goat-tee.. yummy! gnite! :)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Election day! It has rained on-and-off all day. Really hard at times. Sheets of rain. Pelting rain. Rain... well, you get the picture. Lots of rain.

We headed out to vote after I finished work. Rich took Daniel in with him. We try to take the kiddos with us to show them the importance of voting and to get them familiar with the how aspect of voting. You know how they call out your name and spell it, then you sign the book? The woman doing the calling is my neighbor and she has a big, booming voice. So when it was my turn I told her to say my name extra loud and she did. When she asked why, I said because I wanted to see what it would feel like to have my name announced like I was making a grand entrance to a ball or something really formal. Then the women held open the voting booth curtain with a sweeping hand. They all got a kick out of that. I sure hope I never outgrown my silliness.

Then we headed to WalM*rt for this-n-that. Daniel got his ears lowered (a haircut) and after that Rich and I had a hard time picking him out in a crowd. I kept teasing him saying that tomorrow the teacher would ask who is the new student. He said, "Mom, you use to tell me that when I was little kid." Sorry, didn't know 12 was so old! They grow much too fast.

We ran into a few people we knew at WalM*rt - one was a guy I had not seen since 8th grade! He and Rich went to the same high school, but I went to another. He's all growed up now!

Then we zipped by and picked up boudin for the kids. They found my Cheesecake Factory cheesecake in the freezer today! MMM, melt in your mouth bliss.

The rain has stopped and the election tallies will soon start rolling in. I'm off to do some extra typing to pass the time!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Trick R ick!

Oh the candy. The candy oozing from the plastic pumpkin heads. It's calling my name! No anymore though. I think every milk dud in the house is in my tummy.

It was a rushed weekend, but filled with lots of fun!

Friday was school carnival.

Saturday was CCD, decorate the church hall. Supper at my moms. Trunk R Treat in the church parking lot. It was our first year and it was a great success! Met up with friends (hunter widows) in the neighborhood and sat up until 2 am drinking wine and talking. It was great to sit, relax and hold adult conversation.

Sunday was church, home to rest and then back to church to work the halloween carnival - which was a huge success. Switched costumes and darted over to friend's house and visited while the kiddos ran up and down the road trick r treating. Zipped to moms to show them the kiddos all dressed up and then home to ZZZZZ.

Between all this I worked, grocery shopped, cleaned house and found time to fix a meal. It was rushed, but it was so much fun. I'm glad it's over to have a little break before the holidaze starts rushing in.

Tonight I'm hosting bonko and I sure hope 8 women are really hungy. Rich cooked a huge pot of chili last night for us. Today it should be even better since it sat and the flavors had a chance to mingle and share some love. MMMMM It's been cloudy and windy all day. Hot wind. Hopefully that cool front will push in soon! I still need to get pics of the patio to share.

Wake me when Christmas is over!

Saturday, October 30, 2004


This weekend is Halloweenie Explosion! Is Your Town Haunted!? Lemme know!

Last night was the Halloween Carnival at my daughter's school. It brought back so many memories. We use to have Halloween Carnivals there when I was a student. Many moons ago. The kids had a lot of fun. I ran into several friends who also attended school there and were bringing back their kids. What a hoot! Here we couldn't wait to get outta that school and now we are bringing our kids back. Oh the memories. It was good to catch up. The older I get the more I wonder "What ever happened to......"

After the Carnival O' Fun we stopped off at my moms. She had fried shrimp and had some left over. MMMM. So glad we spent an entire day heading peeling and bagging shrimp. Makes for easy cooking now. Just defrost and fry! Last Sunday Rich and I fried some up on the new patio. How nice that was!

Jessica went to the movies to see The Grudge. I'll have to wait until she comes home to get a movie review.

Rich is at the camp. I guess no news means no deer. I sure hope he snags one soon! We are expecting a cool front on Monday and I'm sure the deer will start moving then. Only problem is he will be back at work.

I've read a few blogs mentioning blog explosion and joined. I was hoping to find some really interesting new reads. You can only branch out so far clicking on friends' blog reads. Eventually it seems to make a full circle. I use to use the "next blog" at the top of blogs but usually ended up with blogs in other languages or worse, bLogS wrIttEn iN soMe tEeny-bOppEr haRd to ReAd sTufF. I'm not too keen on how BE works with points and credits, but I have managed to find some really good blogs to continue reading and even found a chick in my neck of the woods. How cool that is! So check out Leslie when ya get a chance. I also ran into Desmond's Blog and well..he's just got the kind of soul that shines.

Now I'm off to see what kinda trouble I can get into. Enjoy the festivities!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Wiped out

Since returning home from my vacation I have been wiped out. I returned with a sinus infection. Ye-haw! How much ick can sinuses hold? I'm still not 100% better, but I"m in the world of the living again. A shower can do wonders for the body.

Jessica had her wisdom teeth pulled a week ago Thursday. She's just about back to normal. We called her a Cabbage Patch kid. She would try to smile but her cheeks were so swollen that they would not lift. She was so funny. At one point she said, "Mom! All I do is eat and sleep!" Yes..and it was silent and heavenly. I'm not being mean. I am simply stating a fact. No phone ringing. No wanting to go anywhere. No I NEED something. No arguing with siblings! Bliss. Now the Codiene has worn off and it's life as usual at our house. Which seems more Normal to me anyways. Cabbie (as Daniel lovingly refers to her now) had no bruising and her face is just about back to normal. If you had never seen her before you wouldn't know she had them removed a little over a week ago. Next is spacers and then braces! She's so excited.

Richard is at the camp and I'm praying he calls me with news of snagging a deer. He soo deserves it. He's got his '67 Jeep on the road and almost every night we have gone for a lil joy ride. Something so free to have no top on the jeep and no doors. You can enjoy the moon and the air and breeze. Today we zipped out together for lunch. Mostly you notice the men staring at you as you drive by. The women really don't realise all the work involved in getting a vehicle on the road. Ya just put gas in it and it goes. HAHA

Today my cell phone company called me to renew my contract for 2 more years and they would give me a percentage off my bill for the next 24 months! That equals to a $2.00 savings each month. Hmm... I wonder how far they are willing to go to keep such a wonderful, loyal customer?

Girl: Would you like to renew your contract at this time?
Me: Does my phone get text messages?
Girl: Yes, $5 for 100 or $10 and get unlimited.
Me: Nah. There has got to be something better than that you can offer me. Do you have any better plans?
Girl: Are you happy with your current minutes?
Me: yes, we rarely use them all.
Girl: I see your weekends start at 8? I can make them start at 7.
Me: Oh? How much is that gonna cost?
Girl: Uhm. Nothing.
Me: YES! I'll take it! Sign me up for 2 more years! I knew I loved XXXX for a reason!

So next month my free time will begin at 7pm! Whoo hooo! And for free. And I'll be saving $2.00 on every bill. They currently charge you an extra $5 for having your free time kick in at 7pm. I know this because a few months ago they offered it to me for $5 and I opted to hold out until it was free. Glad I waited.

So naturally I had to call my mother and rub it in. She asked how I managed to wiggle out the free 7pm with XXXX. I let her in on a little secret. First ya gotta ask for something you don't want. Then willingly give it up. Then ask for what you really want! And you have to ask. They don't just offer up things to you. It's a well kept secret.

It's halloween weekend and I have to work. The kids are wanting to go here and there and I just don't have enough time or energy to do it all. I need to get more iron pills. And soon. We'll just have to map out our evenings. I think men secretely planned hunting seasons to coincide with holidays just so they don't have to be around. ack!

Time to type. I have a report from dr. mumbles I need to finish up. The other gal has tomorrow off so it's just me and I wanna be ahead of the game going in!

The jeep has seats in it now. I just don't have a current pic of that.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

These are a few of my fav-or-ite things...

Just a few of my fave snapshots from my trip.

Sidewalk leading up to the Capital Building

Lower part of Lake Superior

Northern Lake Superior

Off to see the Wizard!

Saturday, October 23, 2004


Are wonderful! We had a blast!! There are wonderful people in Minn.! It's cold, really cold, when the wind blows off the Lake. It is really a beautiful state. The colors of changing trees that brilliant is something we southerners really don't get to enjoy. Spectacular! I saw flurries... and it was perfect to be surrounded by friends to share it with.

Roni, the gal who hosted us and was a WONDERFUL hostess - as was her family! Roni was worried we wouldn't have a good time. She was worried there was nothing to do in her home state. WOWZERS! I had a wonderful time and it was awesome to be around the gals again :)

I'm pooped and have things I gotta get done... I'll post pictures later!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

I think I'm done! wait? No. Yes!

If I forget it, oh well! I'll have to buy it there.

Camera, mp3 player (loaded!), phone, chargers, batteries, clothes, jacket, socks, shoes, bathroom stuff, meds, etc... oh and my tic-tacs. I love orange tic-tacs and asked Rich to pick me some up. Egads. I think he bought 8 packs. I"ll be making silly sounds as I wheel my luggage around. CASH! BRB Whew! Sinc'd the PDA with important numbers. GIFTS, brb. I swear, if i don't have it right in front of me I will forget it! Rats, my shorts are in the dryer. I'll have to get them in the morning. I'm pooped and I wanna go snuggle under the covers with my man. Cool front came thru and we are enjoy the 52 degrees! The kids swear we are freezing them out. Grab some more covers.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I'm leaving on a jet plane.....

I'm off to Minn. for a few days to reunite with old friends whom I met over the internet. Many people ask how me met and I figured I'd post it here. This is a story submitted by the gal we will be visiting in Minn. Yall behave and I'll see ya when I get back!

Here's the story:

A couple of years ago, a group of us started chatting and emailing on a regular basis. Last fall, one of our dearest, sweetest members had a nagging cough that wouldn't go away. Doctors diagnosed pneumonia, but the antibiotics didn't work. She started to see specialists, who found a spot on her lungs. After a biopsy, it was determined to be non-cancerous. The whole group rejoiced with her. But the problems didn't go away. Several months passed, and she decided she needed a second opinion. This time it was determined to be cancer, and she needed to start chemotherapy right away.

Our group was thrown into a panic, and a few of us decided we needed to be there for her. We planned our visit for halfway through the projected chemotherapy and set it up with her husband as a surprise for our friend. But the chemo never started.

Our worries increased. What did this mean? Why were they waiting? But we kept our plans for a visit anyhow. Wednesday before we were to leave, her husband called to say that she'd gone in for another biopsy and arrested on the table. Still, we planned to go. Maybe she'd come to. Or at least, God willing, she'd know we were there -- somehow.

We arrived in Missouri Friday afternoon as planned, from Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, Louisiana and Minnesota, and all met for the first time. It was wonderful! We had a great lunch, then set off for the hotel. Our first order of business on check-in was to call the husband and see how our friend was doing.

She died one hour before we arrived, and never even knew we were coming. I will always regret that part, but a very special bond formed between the five of us that time can never erase. We were there for each other at the time we found out, and for that, I'll always be grateful. Bless you Marilyn. I miss you terribly!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

ready? Set? NO!

I forgot some stuff when we went to town. That's what we call it in the country - going to town. When I was little going to town was a social duty. You gussied up (or your mom gussied you up) and you ran errands and went to the grocery store. You were bound to meet lots of people in the grocery store. Nowadays the convience stores and everyone zipping in and out of the grocery store on the way home from work stopped the grocery store social duty. Such is change!

Anyways... I forgot some things. Mostly because my husband was back from the camp and escorted me into town. I tease him often about how I'm sure people must think I"m a single woman because I'm never with my husband when I got to town. He thinks it is hysterical and begs me to tell them the reason they never see him is because I have him chained to the bed and I'm in a hurry to get his favorite snack between the next time I ravage him - cheese! LOL Men! Gotta love em.

My outting was a great score! We darted into Target and got new bedding! Hopefully hubby will go pick out an iron bed while I'm gone and have it all ready when I get back. We have a frame now - no headboard or footboard. We finally found some we like and I'll let him pick it out and surprise me. When I go out of town for a few days he usually does something around the house to surprise me. Either something new or he rearranges things. He's so cute!! Tomorrow he is supposed to get the mulch in around the trees on the patio and get some furniture. Whoo hooo! Cannot wait!

Anyways... after Target we went to Kmart. Bust! I don't know why that place is still open. Blah. Can't find anything there. I was looking for a particular lotion that I must have.

I am not a lotion person but this stuff is incredible. No slimey feeling and smells so nice. I have to have some for my trip and Target usually carries it. None. Kmart - none. At this point, I'm ready to have a panic attack. Rich suggests I find it on the web, "Rachel, EVERYthing is available on the web. Order it there." Argh! I need it now! I'm so last minute.

So we stopped off at Walgreen's to get Daniel's medicine and lo and behold the cosmetics gal helped me locate it. I snatched up two bottles. I dunno who was more excited - me for finding it or her for having it.

Oh, out of curiosity I asked the pharmacist the price of Daniel's medications. Gulp. 168.00 for the 300 mg and 86.00 for the 150 mg. He takes 450 mg twice a day and this is for a one month supply. Thank goodness for RX cards!! And I was complaining when the co-pay went up last year!?! Egads!!!!

Off to snuggle with my man who is watching westerns and calling me to go watch the (and I quote) "all these squinty lil eyed men" with him. I might have mentioned earlier that all the closeups had the men with these squinty eyes. I suppose it is to make them more menacing? Grimey men, tanned from the sun, dusty from the ride, spitting tabacco and/or smoking a pipe/cigarettes/cigar and yet most of them have good teeth LOL Rich says they spend all their $ on dentist. They MUST! hahah

Gnite! Hope you enjoyed my ramblings. Tomorrow I pack after I check the weather.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Do not pass GO

Heck, I can't even get to GO, must less pass it!

After a weekend of running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I'm still not ready for my trip. Hopefully Rich will return early on Tuesday and run some errands while I do laundry. I think that stuff multiplies at night while I sleep! Where are the good fairies who come and do housework while you sleep? They must be on strike, again.

The weather is cooler today. The rain has stopped too. Hopefully soon I can sit outside on my new patio and enjoy it! Rich called this morning to say nobody has even seen a deer this weekend. It's rained up there all weekend. My cousin did get a bobcat and Rich got a rabbit, but nothing else. Makes for long days when it's dreary weather.

Time for lunch!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Last night

A friend and I have really been having some deep conversations. I grew up in the same neighborhood as Angie. Our parents knew each other and were friends our whole lives. Her mother has since passed and her father now lives in another town, but she I have remained friends for 30+ yrs. Sometimes we go long spans without talking and then, like recently, it seems we see each other or talk to each other pretty regularly. We just kinda pick up where we left off and go from there. We think a lot alike on some things and then other things we are totally different. She's great to talk to and I've finally met my match on who can talk more hahaha

Angie and I met up for Charlie's Rosary last night. I know it brought back a lot of memories of her mother's funeral. For some reason this Rosary was especially hard. When Charlie's dad died last year I just could not bring myself to go. I could not see Cindy and her siblings in pain. I could not image their mother without their father. It was just too hard. And while I should have gone to be there for Cindy, I just couldn't. I hope she understands.

Charlie's Rosary was the most beautiful Rosary I have ever attended. There is a group from the church that will come and lead everyone in the saying of the Rosary. It was especially hard to see the ones who knew the family personally. Each decade of the Rosary was said by different person - at one point led by the women of the congregation. Between each decade they sang a few verses to different songs. Several times I just broke down. The room was jammed packed and overflowing into the back room. They are a big family, but the support was amazing. I saw friends I had not seen in yrs. Lots of catching up and lots of tears. It's just so unfair. Nobody should bury their child. But the same was said over and over: Mr Gene and Charlie are in heaven together. And what a sight for them to be reunited that must have been. They're riding horses and working cattle...together again. They are greatly missed.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

I napped

I napped for 30 mins so I should be up until at least 2am. This is getting old. Quickly.

A good friend of mine called today to say her brother passed away this morning. It just doesn't seem fair. He was too young. But cancer knows no age limit.

I got my hair cut today. Needed it! I looked like I had been living in a cave the past few months. The gal who cuts my hair is pregnant. She looks so good. Already has that glow. With my fresh cut hair I can mark that off my list of things to get ready before my trip. One week and counting. Guess this weekend I will pack. That way if anything is dirty I have time to get it washed. I'm still looking for new night clothes. I don't think my friends want to see me in my ole raggedy stuff. I promised myself I would start shopping early for this trip. And I did. I just didn't get what was on my list. Priorities ya know. Do you think my friends are gonna notice if I wear the same outfit for 3 days? HAHAHA I'm waiting to see what the temps do up north. Can't wait! Time to make yet another list of things to get down. I'll make the list and then forget it at home - typical LOL

It's raining here. Hopefully the cool weather will come. I'm still waiting. I'm sure when the cold rain starts I will be complaining. Supposed to be a wet winter in the south this yr.

I'm good at giving advice. I should learn to listen to my own. I'm doing that now. Thanks L for understanding. Guess I didn't realize how it sounded or how it made you feel. I forget that sometimes people just want to vent and don't want/need advice. They already know what they need to do. But they have to do it in their own time, their own way.

I've got another full weekend and a full week next week. I really need this vacation. Once I get back, Jessica will have her wisdom teeth pulled. Oh joy. Then the braces will go on! Had to get the stuff cleared with the insurance company and align dates that worked for everyone. This mother stuff is stressful!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Cooler days

We are expecting some cooler weather. Why would I get so excited about cooler weather? Hello! I'm in Louisiana folks. It's HOT here. And humid. And mosquitos will eat you alive. Hopefully this will be the beginning of the cooler weather on a daily basis. The kids want to wear their new jackets. They want to play outside in pants and never sweat. They want to ride the bus home and not be dripping and feeling like a layer of dust is covering their skin. I wanna save on my electric bill!!

My parents are out of town. That makes me the "keeper" The keeper of my grandmother. Gotta zip over there and change her sheets today. She can't tug on stuff due to her fall last November. I'm sure she will load Sarah up with all kinds of goodies. Grandmothers are good for that sort of thing.

I looked for patio furniture. Blah! They have Christmas stuff out already. Kinda hard to get in the spirit when I'm looking for SUMMER furniture. The stores are also getting their winter clothes in. I think they sent Alaska's order to us. I can't tell you the last time I own a heavy coat. Or a coat in general. Jackets are good round these parts. Makes me all stuffy to walk around the clothes department with all those big coats.

Work is so slow they sent the other gal home. Wouldn't ya know it. Soon as she clocks out we are flooded with work. *I* could use the day off and SHE needs the $$. What's wrong with this picture? Lots of things I need to do before my trip.

My brother, nerd #1, sent me a program to convert my CDs to mp3. Yeah! Now the tuff part - to pick which songs are worthy of a convert. Oh, still need to pick up rechargeable batteries and a charger. I have a sneaky feeling the batteries will be drained fast.

Off to work!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I must be old

Emily is gonna be 30 and wondering how she will handle it. With grace and style! You'll wonder how you ever thought 30 was a big deal in a few more years. Happy Birthday Ms Emily! Enjoy the day - you only turn 30 once!!!

I'm really enjoying my MP3 player. I found a program to convert my cd music to mp3 and getting it ready for my trip. The kids love it, but they say I need better music. Hey, I can't help it if I like Lousiana LeRoux and Prince and Rachael Lampa and Wham and Leo Sayer. Brings back the memories. Next trip into town and I'm getting rechargeable batteries and a recharger. Naturally, we have everything for AA and this uses AAA. It's a conspiracy!

We got the cement poured for our patio today. It's all across the back of the house and 16 feet out. It's poured around 2 trees and we'll put mulch and those solar lights. We'll have a fire pit too. Can't wait for the first party/BBQ out there. We had some xtra cement so we made a walkway from the patio to Rich's smokehouse. That is gonna be really nice. He can put the bbq pit there too and it will be out of the way of the patio.

They had a cool day to work with 55% humidity. Nice! And now the patio furniture is all on I'm looking. I'll have to get pics up here soon. The workers did a wonderful job. They should be very proud of their work. Funny thing.. Rich paid them and now they are hiring him to do some dirt work with his tractor for them. Tomorrow! Men are so silly sometimes.

I'm off to snuggle with my Beau. Gnite!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Is it live, or is it Memorex?

That would be the Memorex biomorph mp3 player. My kids love their gadget freak mother. I always bring home the coolest stuff. Ain't it great to be a nerd! And I love explaining how it all works. The wheels are turning in their heads and CLICK! You can see the face of understanding sweep over them. They each want memory of their own now. LOL I did pretty good with my memory. It was on sale AND came with a rebate.. so it ended up costing me $15 to max it out. Whoo hoo. Not often *I* stumble across something that good. Think I may have to go back and get one more. Even Rich thought it was the neatest thing. He kept commenting on how clear it was - even the FM radio. Gotta love technology. I was all giddy until he discovered the stopwatch feature. Then he informed me it would be a good way to track my workout. HUH? Yes. I gotta get back into my pilates.

Tonight was bonko, and 8 women speaking their minds of who should be president... finally we all just said a woman needs to run the country! For a moment I thought they were gonna have to give Lou oxygen. Ruffled some feathers. Still haven't figured out if she was pissed at me for not getting riled up or just pissed in general. Oh well. She can huff and puff all she wants. Won't be changing my mind. Wouldn't you just LOVE to know. Sorry. My lips are sealed! Oh! Song to download!


Saturday, October 02, 2004

There is an echo in here

Everyone is missing from their blogs and there is an echo in here. They are all off doing fun stuff.

What did I do today:

1. CCD for Sarah (religious classes for you non catholics)
2. Loaded truck with stuff to give mom at the bday party.
3. Attended niece's 5th Bday party at the bowling alley and had a good time. My 2 oldest and my dad bowled. My mom and I watched. I let Sarah play with the party folks. My sister only had one hour to bowl and the more people you have, the longer it takes. So the bigger ones moved on to their own lane. They had so much fun. Can't wait to go back. Ran into a friend and caught up with her.
4. Ran home and dropped oldest off so the gal she sits for could come pick her up at appointed time.
5. Gathered younger two and headed out.
6. Hit the library, where I ran into a friend and we sat in the children's section and caught up. The kids curled up with books and read. I should visit friends at the library more often LOL
7. Grabbed a bite to eat.
8. Went to Target. Spent waay too much time there.
9. Went to Walmart. Got Daniel's new lenses. Was surprised I found more stuff at Target that I liked. Will have to go back and pick these things up.
10. Came home.

I am pooped. My feet hurt. I wasn't anticipating all that walking! I picked up a few things for Cmas too. Aren't you impresse? Just little things - don't get all excited.

I did splurge at Target. I bought an MP3 player. Just a basic kind. Nothing fancy, but wow can that thing play. Sounds just like I'm listening to it playing on the computer. I've loaded up some songs and jammed around the house. The kids reinforced what I already knew. I cannot sing, HAHAHA, but I don't care. I'm having a good time. I'll really enjoy this lil gadget on my trip. The plane is soo boring and loud. I"ll have to bring some books from home to read on the plane too. I'll have a few hours worth of flying and some layover time.

Spoke with Rich tonight. He's at the camp. Zoey got three squirrels and a rabbit. Whoo hoo! Rich has been talking of joining a hunting club. Zoey would quickly pay the fees herself if they accepted dog biscuits. She LIVES to hunt. When she sees the 4-wheeler getting loaded... oh man, she goes bonkers. Rich said she ran all day long and is pooped. She was snoring away on the porch. Gotta love living in the South! Can't wait to hear how she does tomorrow. She makes a mamma proud.

I've GOT to start getting to bed earlier. This stinks.

If she only had a brain

That "group" email. Yah, the new question was a request for a taco meat recipe she can cook in the crockpot. Someone responded they didn't know why she wanted to cook it in the crockpot when she could brown it on the stove, drain and then add the needed amount of taco seasoning packets, bag it up in servings according to your family's needs and you're done! I wonder how she had fed her family all these other times? I mean, one pound of meat per seasoning packet is not too hard to figure out. So if you have 5 lb of meat, 5 packets. If she only had a brain! Amazing how simple life would be?

And to think I'm fretting over being in 2 places at once, getting 3 kids to and from, shopping, errands, housework, bills, family obligations, etc., when I should be home making major decisions as to how many packets of seasoning mix I need for my 5 lb of ground meat.

At least they did not say boil the meat. I think that topic is out of circulation for the next 5 days. I'm sure once they start talking about the weekend cooking sessions someone will just have to mention boiling it and the topic will resurface.

Oh well, must be nice to have nothing other to do than worry about seasoning packets. Some days I wish I could go back to just being the homemaker. I truly lived the life of luxury. The never-have-any-money luxury, but still. I got the kiddies off to school and the day was mine. Dishes, tv, computer, music, load of laundry, lunch, get out stuff for supper, cook, tv, computer, laundry, kids (and all that it entails) and bedtime. Do it all over again the next day. Never did my husband say "why isn't this clean? What DID you do all day??" Never. He knows kids take up your time and he's darn understanding.

But. I'm glad I have a job. A job that lets me do what I enjoy. A job that I get credit and PAY for doing. Three years later I STILL love my job. I'm also glad that more family members are participating in the responsilities of the home. I think that is important. No more "you didn't wash?" Like my day centered around making sure their stuff was taken care of??

I like the role my husband plays now. He is a wonderful father. Now he is a wonderful caregiver also. He knows how important it is for X to get that favorite cup. Not any ole cup will do. And why it is so important to make them unload the dishwasher at different times. hahaha He never understood those things before. Now he does. More importantly, he totally understands that he has to make get some me time. He sees now that it can consume you and you will never be able to schedule away time. Now he makes sure I have it - before, he would just say to take it when I needed it. Now he sees to it that I take it. Gotta love a man like that! He spent many a years hunting, fishing, camping, etc.. while I sat home with lil ones. Alone. Now they are older and I'm doing whatever strikes my fancy. Matter of fact, he informed me today before leaving for the camp that my trip is in 2 weeks! Whooo hooo!

Meals are in the freezer... house had a major cleanup before Rich left for the camp. Need to pack or make a list, but first I need some new stuff. Much cooler temps in Minn as compared to La! Time to start making my lists so I don't forget anything.

For now, I need sleep!! I've been running on 6 hours or less a night for 3 weeks. I'm not as young as I use to be. Now it's to the point where I'm too tired to sleep. Guess I'll go watch infomercials. They sell some strange stuff late at night.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Changes again??

Where you create a post looks different. Someone is playing with the controls again.

I belong to a few "groups" online. One is a freezer meal group. Really good recipes and MOST people have common sense. But, if I have to read one more post about boiling ground beef I will need 2 cups of strong coffee as to not hunt these women down and put the metal strainer permanently on their head as a hat. I mean, cmon, how many times do we need to hash out boiling vs frying ground meat. Boil. You know, water, pot, boil?? What kinda greasy meat are you buying to begin with?? I've heard of rinsing your ground meat under hot water in a strainer after you have cooked it. But if boiling suits your fancy, then by all means boil away! We just don't wanna read about it weekly! And one woman... she saves her boiled beef liquid...and uses it for stock!? HUH? Lady, it's greasy water! Didn't you just say you boiled it to get the grease out?? HELL-OOOOO??

Then they move on to potatoes. Do potatoes freeze? NO. NO. NO. They don't. Nor will they freeze in POTATOE salad, POTATOE soup, nor whole POTATOES. They do not freeze well unless mashed and mixed in with some other stuff. We discussed THIS topic last week. All the emails sent read more or less "will potatoes freeze?" and these week we are blasted with the same ole "Will potatoes freeze?" questions all over again. People, people. A LITTLE work on your end of perhaps READING the email that comes through and most of your questions will be answered. If not, go read the help files! You got an email when you signed up for the group telling you how to access the help files and to read them before sending out email. That would be so we don't have to rehash boiled vs fried meat and freezing mashed potatoes!!

I just don't have time for stupid people. I know some people aren't too computer savvy,,,but you can read, right????

Oh yah, before I more thing... green card. :)

Monday, September 27, 2004

One lump or two?

Break time! I'm out of work. THAT hasn't happened in a long time. I'm sure within the first minute I signed off five doctors jumped on the system to dictate. Always works that way.

Instead of picking up the living room or hanging the clothes in the washer I'll enjoy the quiet. I worked this weekend, but it was a nice, easy weekend. The weather is beautiful today and should be like this the rest of the week. Unfortunately, friends in Florida don't have it so good. You have my prayers.

Sorry, can't take it anymore. Gotta put away the folded clothes and MAKE COFFEE!

You want one lump or two?

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Ivan revisited

The above is true. Ivan is in the Gulf and is expected to bring us lots and lots of rain. While it's true we need it, not so much at one time. We are expecting so much rain from Ivan, that the parish (county to the rest of you) below us, which borders the Gulf, has shut down schools for the day. We are expecting 50 mph winds, too.

I'm sure it will hit just as I head out the door to run errands.

If you live in Texas, you're next for Ivan.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go.

Monday, September 20, 2004


I'm all for scrounging up some bizness...but by golly, show some respect.

If you are a telemarketer:

Do not yawn in my ear and then never apologize.

Please state WHO you are and WHERE you are calling from before asking to speak with anyone in the household.

Do not call my house and ask to speak to Richard as if you know him personally.
You don't. And you don't know his wife either, so show some respect, especially if you are a woman calling and happen to get the wifey on the phone. Trust me, you aren't fooling me or making me wonder if my husband is having an affair by asking to speak to Richard, and then when I tell you he is not in you rudely hang up. I CAN hear the 100s of other telemarketers in the background. Only the real morons keep calling back and asking for him. You will always get the same response of "He is at WORK!" if you insist on calling monday thru friday from 8-5. No wonder you are a telemarketer! Write it down if you cannot remember. Better yet. Just don't call!

Please remember that most WOMEN handle the issues of bills and credit cards and you will be much more apt in getting a response by asking to speak to WHOMEVER handles these things. Don't burden my man with these dumb questions such as "Do you own your own home and do you have credit cards?" He is going to toss the phone to ME. He has more important things to worry about.... ME!

I must be twisted and demented. Sometimes I actually enjoy when a telemarketer calls. I get to be creative. As in recently. Some Bimbo called and wanted to talk to Richard. (See above) Problem was, she kept on calling. And I know she called at 9 pm one night because I was soaking in the tub waiting on my man to call me from work when she called. Each time I would politely ask who was calling and she would just hang up. Finally I got wise. The next time she called and asked for Richard, I told her this was him. She sounded a little stumped at the sound of my voice, but who is she to differ??? She cannot PROVE that I am not Richard. Come to find out, she was from Bass Master's Magazine. She ain't called back since!

I had one today:

Ring, Ring

:::yawn::: uhm.. hmm. Yes, is, Richard there?
This is he.
This is Amy... blah blah, how much do you owe in Credit Cards.
Hunny, we don't have any outstanding Cards. Please take me off your list, now!

I"m sure they think I'm strange to have a manly name or that the poor man who lives there is going thru a sex change LOLOL

One guy musta called a dozen times. Each time he would say, "Is this XXX-XXXX?" and I would say, "No it's not." And he would hang up and try again-getting ME each time! Finally he caught on! Moron.

Another fav was to find it out it was a telemarketer and tell them to hold on while I went to get Richard. I'd give the phone to one of the kids and go back to doing whatever I was doing before being interrupted. Daniel loved telling these people, who were to eager to listen while waiting for Richard to come to the phone, all about his Ninja Turtles and Batman and Spiderman. HAHAHAHAH

Life is short, enjoy it to the max!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Aftermath

Ivan packed a punch, but the tornados were the real killer. No pun intended. We have tornado warnings now and again but I never really paid much mind to them. After seeing/hearing what the tornados did... I'm rethinking the tornado thing.

I watched/listened to the Channel 13 feed over the internet from in Florida. A car in a tree, people calling in saying they were scared and wanted to vacate their mobile homes (you stayed in one for a cat 4 storm??), tornados everywhere. Today I saw footage of the trailers that were no more due to a tornado where 5 people died. Died. I just can't fathom it.

Emily, stay safe. I'm thinking of you! Friend in Georgia has gotten over 6 inches of rain aleady. Another friend had to get offline around 3, the lights were flickering. Still waiting to hear back from a friend and my brother in Atlanta! Don't they know I worry??

Heed those tornado warnings, folks! And thank God for all you have. In an instant it can all be gone. {{{{{friends}}}}

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Move em out

After reading Emily's blog, I'm reminded of last year when we evacuated. It is nerve-wrecking to say the least. If it would have been up to my husband, we would have put the freezer on top of the surburban. Not knowing if you will have anything to come back to is not a good feeling. This hurricane is not playing around.

I vowed last year to make a list when I was calm of all the things to take. Thinking even about the order in which to load them in the truck! You should have see our vehicles when we left. Swamp dwellers - the stuff was piled in the boat. Anything and everything we could fit. Suddenly everything in my life seemed to hold some sort of importance and I wanted to take it with me. It was a pain to unload when we got back, but we did not lose anything and for that I am very grateful. Friends in New Iberia were hit hard. Granted, New Iberia is only a bit over an hour away, but is was like a war zone there. I'll never forget listening to their radio station, operating on generators in the parking lot, getting the word out to folks.

"Mr. X just stopped by and wanted me to annouce their freezer is defrosting so he is having to cook everything. If you need food, you can go by XXXX Street."

"OH! Good news. X just called and said the power trucks were down her road at XXXX, and there are five of them so power hopefully will be back on shortly in that area."

"There is a shelter open at X for those who need electricity for oxygen, a/c for the elderly, and small babies, etc."

It still brings tears to my eyes to think about it. An hour away from me. It could have so easily been us.

Emily, stay safe. You and yours are in our prayers. Let us know when you get back.

I think I'm gone make my list.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Got Shrimp?

We do now. My parents, my sister and I got 100 lb total. Yesterday my parents picked up the shrimp and we met them at their house when they got back. We headed, peeled and bagged up all 100 lb. My back hurts, my feet hurt, my fingers have lil nicks in them from the shrimp...but I have shrimp in the freezer to last me awhile.

Today we head back to my parent's house to eat fried shrimp - YUMMY. Fries, onion rings, shrimp, and desserts. MMMM

Saturday I worked most of the morning and then my mom calls that my SIL has driven in from Georgia and will be there within 30 minutes. Yikes! We had a great visit and it's always nice to see them. The kids grow so fast. Sarah was disappointed that her and Jaime didn't get to spend the night together, but at least they got to see each other and play for a few hours. I'll have to email my brother and tell him to get the kids set up on yahoo so they can use the cameras to see each other and talk. They'll LOVE that. Thank goodness for technology.

Off to work!

Saturday, September 11, 2004


Sarah and I had blocked off rooms with towels in hopes to keep hammy in one general location. Sarah was eating her mac n cheese when Jessica called her to the room. Apparently hammy returned to familiar surroundings (Sarah's bedroom) and was at the foot of her bed on the floor sitting and cleaning himself. Sarah scooped him up! Yah!! Poor lil hammy was trembling. I guess after being lost in that bedroom was enough excitement for him LMAO.

Whew! Now my lil girl is happy once more.

rodent alert

I hated to say Amber alert. The thought of a child being kidnapped is enough to send any parent on a fierce lookout for their child.

No, we have a rodent alert. Sarah's lil hammy has busted out of his ball and is roaming our house. She misses him already. Her hammy is the best. He's soo friendly. So cute. Her heart is breaking. We have some food set out for him and his cage. Hopefully he will come back to familiar surroudings. If not, we are off to replace the lil bugger.

Her and Daniel both wanted one. Daniel got his first and then rodent fever hit with her. Rich and I thought she was too young to handle the responsibility. That child is an animal lover. She plays with her hammy every morning before school and as you can see, she had him out already this morning playing with him.

It was MOM who suggested she put him in his ball and let him roll around while she cooked some mac n cheese. The guilt I feel. Prayer lil hammy finds his way back into his mommy's protective cuddles. Better still, pray we find him before I got to bed tonight!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Almost forgot!

We watched The Miracle Worker tonight. The kids were in awe that Hellen Keller was blind and deaf and later was able to learn. They kept asking, "When is it gonna click, mamma?? Don't she KNOW what a dog is yet?" Patience little ones.

I was doing dishes and noticed the table was a wreck from supper.

"HELLO? Front and center! This kitchen table is a mess! Get whatever is yours out of here. Whatever you leave is going in the trash! And tuck those chairs in. You came to this table and had to pull it out didn't you? Well, you and put it back like you found it!"

The kids are rolling eyes and sneering at me from behind my back. I know these things. Mom's have eyes in the back of their heads ya know.

"By golly, if lil Hellen Keller can learn to sign and understand things, you CAN be taught to pick up behind yourselfs and you will!"

Then the groans started. hahahah They should know by now there is always a lesson in there somewhere.