Saturday, January 31, 2004

I made reference...

to Spencer being my friend on his tag board. Hope he doesn't mind. I tend to look at the blogs I read daily as friends. With each posting you find out more and more about a person. I actually look forward to seeing what's going on in their lives. Hope they get the same feeling when they read mine :)

I'm having some Emma withdrawls.. but I guess Dy is busy hunting down a new job and piddling with the kiddo. (no pressure ya know, *wink*)

Anyway.... each night we sit around the dinner table and it's our conversation time. The kids go thru the good things/bad things that happened that day. We talk about how it made us feel. How we could change it. Someone usually pipes in with "That happened to me before..." and then you know you aren't alone and it can be lived thru! Great way to stay in touch with your kids and as a family as a whole. We all love that time. I've even seen when one of the kids was sitting at the table alone eating, they called a sibling to the dining room to sit with them so they could talk. Awww... I really have great kids :)

I remember telling the kids of Spencer's "digs", and I think Daniel has Spencer envisioned like The Mummy or Raiders of the Lost Ark, etc. Daniel has a very vivid imagination. LOL

My kids love to hear stories of my blog readings, and I love sharing them just as much.

Thanks, friends.

Friday, January 30, 2004


Today Rich and Sarah are making soap. Sarah asked her daddy to wait for her so she could help. We use to think Jessica was always wanting to be with her daddy. She's a teen now and can't be bothered with that. Afterall, it interferes with her telephone social activities. Daniel loves to do things with his dad too. Camping and hunting. Not soap making. He'd rather be skateboarding with his friends. Rich even says Sarah likes to camp, hunt, fish and eat the stuff he does - squirrell, rabbit, deer, etc. Go Sarah! She's like her mamma really. Die-hard tomboy.

Speaking of squirrels.. Zoe treed one today. She was soo proud. I swear I saw that dawg smiling. Though I don't know who was smiling more - her or Richard. Yes, she got a lots of treats and praise and pats and rubs. She LOVES to chase squirrels, and loves to grab them and hug them really tight with her teeth LOL Ick!

This weekend I MUST finish two pillows I started... and do those taxes. I hate taxes. I will love them while waiting on the refund. Hmm.. what to do with it? Vacation? Decorating? Savings? Pay off the truck? No, wait. It won't be that much... shucks. I'm sure we will find a good use for it.

What are you doing with yours???

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Sneaky, sneaky!

My mom that is! She's been studying her flylady papers and has it all put in plastic sleeves in a binder! Go mom! too funny!

I popped over there tonight for a surprise visit to see how her cleaning was going. GREAT! She's doing wonderful and caught on to the whole concept of flylady. She's hooked! We are both still amazed that you can clean for one hour a day and it look like you busted hump to do it. Can you tell where I get my cleaning abilities from? My mom did me no favors by keeping me at bay with cleaning and cooking. Oh yah, I can cook. Where ya think these hips come from?? I like the good stuff. mmmmmm

So I'm showered, shaved and slathered in lotion. Plucking the eyebrows will have to wait for another day. I'm off to dream sweet dreams in my getting-cleaner bedroom and bathroom. Feels soo good to go in there and it's clean and uncluttered. I'm sure next month when my bed/bath zone rolls around I'll part with even more stuff. Liberating!

Until then... I"ll make do with what I got! Bye!

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Baby steps, baby steps

Thank goodness I don't have to pack up my entire house like Derbs and move. Heck, maybe I should? Think that would help me get rid of some of this stuff? Sixteen yrs is a long time to collect some... well.. stuff.

I have a hard time parting with things. Little things, big things, things people give me, things people made. It all just means so much. It's a part of that person. Ya know? *sigh*

Amazing what 15 mins a day spent in one room can do. Yes. I've gone back to FlyLady. Tho I tweek it to fit me, it works all the same. I can tell a difference in two days. yes, two. That's how out of control I am/was/are. Whatever.

I realized I do my job really well because it's all laid out for me. There it is. Do it. Housework? Every room is screaming at me to help it LOL Making a list of what needs to be done was easy. Breaking it down into days of the week took some thought. I'm not good at that kinda stuff. Normally I mop then decide the fan needs cleaning. Yup. Dirt on my clean floor. UGH. That's my kinda cycle.

Now I have a plan. Hopefully I can stick to it. I did before. And it works, and works well. I was blown away by the little amount of housework I was having to do in order to keep a really clean house (note: not decluttered but clean) and having tons of free time. It just didn't make sense. But it works. For some reason it fell by the wayside. I think I got tired of doing it all. Blah!

Now the kids have some added things (their bathroom) and are doing a good job of keeping it up. I totally understand it will take a while for it to sink in that mom expects this daily. In the long run I'm teaching them lots of things. good things.

My mom never made us do any type of work. None. I don't know how she did it. What we wore to school on Monday was in our closet by Wednesday - all hung, ironed and buttoned. Supper was always cooked too. Now, the house was always in a jumble..but we lived! My poor mom was running around like a chicken with her head cut off always organizing, straightening, cleaning, moving, filing.. in essence - spinning her wheels.

So? We both made a game plan of housework and are trying our best to get a routine that fits for us. So far so good on my end. I'll have to check in with her tomorrow night.

My sister...well.. she dont keep ANYTHING. Nothing. And she purges often! Too often for me. We don't let anything go there that we may want back someday.

I have toys WE played with as kids. My sis doesn't have last years Bday stuff. She cleaned before the upcoming bdays in anticipation of more stuff. I think she is starting to notice that nobody gives her STUFF anymore. They don't want to find it at her garage sale a year later. Sad but true.

Why am I telling you this?? I dunno. To hold me accountable? To have someone to answer to? To have someone to check up on me?


I organized it all on my PDA. *giggle* Hey! If you make it FUN well.. it's FUN!

So this week is the:

daily routine - which consists of me getting DRESSED and everything. Now I feel like I went to work and came home. Seperating the two. I get to LEAVE work behind at the end of the day. I have closure. See, working at home does have some pitfalls. my job is always staring at me in the face and calling me.

weekday routine - one item that has to be for that day - either dust, mop, vacuum, paperwork, clean fridge, etc.

Zone routine - divide your rooms into 4 equal zones. Each week a different zone is decluttered/cleaned. You spend 15 mins a day in your zone. By the end of the week you will have worked 1 hr 15 mins in your zone. I can work for 15 mins a day!

All in all, you spend about one hour cleaning your house (less after you have decluttered!) a day, and because you are constantly moving from one area to another it stays clean constantly!

That was my biggest downfall. I'd clean a room for an entire day to find the rest of the house had gone to pot in the meantime!

Give it a whirl!

Monday, January 26, 2004


We went from 75 degrees today at noon down to 53 degrees at the moment. That's a 22 degree drop! The low is 27 degrees. The wind is howling so bundle up and snuggle close! Blah, my man is at work tonight.

I was the "fiance" show... hmm.. If I were her.. in order to get my family to accept and believe I was in love with this man I think I'd let my hair down so to speak. Loosen up and at least giggle sometimes. If you can't get him to adapt to YOUR style, ya gotta change your style. DUH! Act crazy and silly like he does (to a degree) and show your parents he brings out that side of you. That might make it a lil more believable. Guess that's why they picked her. I swear I can hear her squeeking when she walks. (grin)

Okay, I was on a roll with getting prepped and ready for bed. No more hurrying to take a shower at noon. Just because I work from home doesn't mean I need to look frumpy all the time. So I was totally ready for bed by 9:30..and I'm still here LOL Guess old habits die hard.

Oh well, off to bed. Believe it or not, it really has been a productive day for me. Ta-tah!
Swiped from Spencer

Sometimes I will do the quizes, but rarely post. This one describes me pretty well. Figured I'd share :)

You are one of the few out there whose wings are
truly ANGELIC. Selfless, powerful, and
divine, you are one blessed with a certain
cosmic grace. You are unequalled in
peacefulness, love, and beauty. As a Being of
Light your wings are massive and a soft white
or silver. Countless feathers grace them and
radiate the light within you for all the world
to see. You are a defender, protector, and
caretaker. Comforter of the weak and forgiver
of the wrong, chances are you are taken
advantage of once in awhile, maybe quite often.
But your innocence and wisdom sees the good in
everyone and so this mistreatment does not make
you colder. Merciful to the extreme, you will
try to help misguided souls find themselves and
peace. However not all Angelics allow
themselves to be gotten the better of - the
Seraphim for example will be driven to fighting
for the sake of Justice and protection of those
less powerful. Congratulations - and don't ever
change - the world needs more people like you.

*~*~*Claim Your Wings - Pics and Long Answers*~*~*
brought to you by Quizilla

Sunday, January 25, 2004

I survived

At least until I started looking for me ATM card and couldn't find it! Normally I am very protective of my stuff. But this time I let Sarah swipe the cardand since my normal routine was broken, well.. guess I forgot to put it back in my wallet.

Have no fear. Academy has it in their safe :) Rich is on his way to pick it up. Good thing. I needed to order some more makeup LOL

Yesterday was ALL day shopping for shoes. We hit Academy and Shoe Carnival first. I didn't realize how bad I needed new shoes until I had the new ones on my feet and the old ones in the box and the cashier opened the box. Shoulda seen her face. LOL

I have wide feet. Freddy Flintstone feet. Good STABLE feet. Women's shoes are not wide enough, unless I purchase them at PayLess. They seem to have wide enough shoes for women. So I ventured to the mens side. I figured tenny shoes are pretty generic. For some reason mens shoes are made to last. Plus, their shoes are naturally wider.

K-Swiss. I have always wanted a pair. I vowed to purchase some. That was until I tried on some Adidas'. Ohoo, they had them in Xtra wide! What???

When slipped my foot into the shoe... comfort. No needing to wear them with thick socks to stretch them out. No needing to bend and twist my foot to streeeetch the leather. All my piggies fit flat on the bottom and not all squinched up. What? They are SUPPOSED to fit flat? Nobody told my poor piggies that! All these years I have been stuffing my poor piggies in shoes that were too narrow. Now I am the proud owner of shoes that actually fit! :)

Mom was happy - I was on cloud 9! I was willing to make the kiddo's happy with whatever they wanted. We all eventually got new shoes. Eventually, as in 6 hours later we were done. All that shopping for SHOES. UGH. Now ya see why I hate shopping. We did run into a few friends, have a good time and got out of the house for the day.

That night Rich met us at Logan's for supper. The waitress was the same I had a few weeks ago. She sucks. She was taken aback by the table across from us. They only left her a .26 tip! Ya think it clicked she sucks yet?? Nope. Needless to say, she sucked up to us after that. Even the kids noticed.

I kept wondering why Rich was calling the kids Baby, Darlin and Honey. Finally he says, 'Ya didn't hear her calling me darlin???" Uhm. No. Not that I have fears of my man leaving me for an oranged-haired, 1/2 our age, underweight waitress.. but I do find it rude to call people pet names when you don't know them. Especially when their wife is with them. If you want to do it to single men to ensure a good tip, so be it. But please. Spare us the suckup. Heck, my man don't even call me all those sugary names, and I've never called him anything but Rich or Dad. And yes. Rich is two syllables.

Rich has his own pet name for me. I use to notice the strange looks at first but not anymore. Heck, sometimes I tease him and ask him to say my real name because it sounds so odd for him to say it. Sometimes I say he doesn't even remember my real name. Crazy!

Jessica was modeling her shoes. Dancing around and acting silly and says:
"LOOK at my new shoes. They are so pretty. So ARRR. So sexy!"

sarah "OMGOSHshesaidthatword! Can I say it???"


Daniel said we had the perfect shopping-all-day day. Glad I could bring a lil joy to them :)

Friday, January 23, 2004

Wake me when it's Friday

Oh wait. It IS Friday. Joy. Wake me NEXT Friday.

It must be the moon. Seems everyone is stressed.

I know.. TAXES!

Okay. So I'm not stressed as much as I was last night, but geeze.. is all this REALLY necessary? It's all fixed to know how much to take OUT. Now so us all a favor and just don't take it out, we'll call it even. Capish?

i'll get thru it. I always do. It's one of those mountain/mole hill kinda things like Denny had. This too shall pass.

Are you still here? Okay. Skip the past few days. It's just littered with work, cleaning, driving kids here and there and not enough sleep.

Fast forward to today.

Me and my kids, my sis and her family and my mom and dad all went to dinner. MMMM Great lil hole in the wall joint called The Crab Palace (i think they changed the name but we all still call it the OLD Crab Palace) but THE best. We scarfed down some boiled crabs while my mom and dad had the boiled crawfish.

Dad footed the bill. Love ya dad! No, he don't read here. Just wanted to share.

Can you tell it's late? I'm pooped.

Then AFTER gorging on crabs.. we rented movies. And then popped in for icecream at Marble Slab. MMM

I'm still up because I'm miserable! I'll prolly toss and turn all night.

This weekend is gonna be busy too. Hopefully I will get lots done around here. HUH? Where did THAT come from??

Daniel told me "Mom, I want to shop this weekend. I want a day-on-the-town kinda day." They need new shoes..and they want to eat lunch out..and i'm sure they will try to get me to purchase movies, games, toys etc.

So nice to be able to spoil them now and again.


Sunday, January 18, 2004

Deep family roots...

What can I say? I'm a southerner and my roots run really deep.

Getting together is a good thing.

He is my brother. My only brother, and he's my big brother.

He rose and set the sun to me when I was growing up.

As happy as I am for my brother, I still miss him.

The house was a wreck! My mom's house that is.

Twenty people sat around and visited. We passed us a gud time, as we say in da Sout'. We ate. We laughed. We caught up on each others lives and we swapped stories of growing up.

The kids ran amuck and will ZZZZZZZZZZZZ way earlier after staying up late and enjoying playing with cousins.

Memories...and I have the photos to prove it. Can't wait to get them developed!

Hope you had a wonderous weekend like we did. No place like home.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

My mamma always said...

You raise your kids for other people. Having kids, I now understand.

I don't think she told my brother enough though.

My bro and his family live in Georgia and are in town for the weekend.

His kids are rough. I don't know how they take the bickering and fighting all the time. I think my brother will have his hands full :) But get them apart from each other? The kids are wonderful.

All the kids love getting together when they come into town. My poor mom got the brunt. She has Jessica 14, Sarah 8, Jaime 9, Tyler 6, Chris 5 and Mya 4. I have Daniel 11 and Cameron 13. The all love to get together for one night. My mom goes ape. She made pizza, oyster crackers with seasoning that you bake, brownies, and tomorrow they are making cookies. Doncha just love my mom??? She was an only child and just loves all the kids around enjoying cousins and catering to them.

Too much for me. I took the older ones to give them some time alone. They love it. They stay up all night and talk and laugh and get to know each other again. When they go back to Georgia the kids will get on the computer and talk. Great way to stay in touch.

Work was long today. Ugh. I think I typed for 6 straight hours. Not the norm. Usually the weekends are slow to fair. They were hopping this weekend. Geeze. Lots of ultrasounds and chest xrays. The flu is abound in our lil town.

The boys are watching Bruce Almighty. I'm sure they will drift to sleep soon. They have hardly moved since the movie started. I can wish!

I took my camera and snapped lots of pics. I want to send some to the kids in frames.. and my kids will want them in hung in their rooms. :) And in scrapbooks. Gotta love scrapbooks. Now if I could just organize the pics from the past. Our current pics are all scrapped

Gnite. I think I'm gonna turn in early!


Okay, whatever is going on with Blogger needs to stop!!! I posted last night and it's not here. Pfffft!

Sarah feels good this morning. So we've down a tall glass of water and more motrin. She said she feels much better.

Anyone know of a home remedy to use? I'll have to get some cranberry juice at the store.

Time to get to work and take her to CCD. It's rained all night and still raining. Maybe I'll drive the flatbottom to drop Sarah off.

Have a good day!

I am very tired. And I'm getting grumpy. Time for bed. Why am I still up?

We rented movies. Bruce Almighty was good. Jim C. wasn't all spastic. I found myself laughing out loud more than once. Normally movies are so predictable. But this one pulled some surprises on even me!

Why am I STILL up? Sarah informed me she had diarrhea. Then it turned into "going" very often but I think it was more of a stomachache and feeling of diarrhea and not wanting to get caught with your pants down.. or well...up.

Anyways... while giving her antidiarrheal meds, she informed me it hurt like last time. She had a bladder infection last night. Ugh. Great! Poor baby. She's gonna have to wait until the morning so I can call the doc. And then I hope they'll call her out something. I'd hate to go to Urgent Care. Hopefully she will rest some tonight.

And to top it off I have to work this weekend. I'm gonna be a dead head.

My brother and his family are coming in this weekend! Yeah! They live in Georgia and I haven't seen them in a good while. Over a year? Dang. Time flies.

I'm never gonna make it thru the day tomorrow.

Oh. And if our bird ever finds himself a lil fancy feathered woman... he will most definitely have the know-how to please her!

And that's my life! How is yours?

Tuesday, January 13, 2004


I really try not to be bitchy and complain.. but ... Okay. Maybe it's more of a frustration thing...

Do not initiate an IM then:
Have nothing to say. (why then did you IM me?)
Leave long pauses between IMs. (if you are too busy to chat, say so!)
Reply back with one-word responses to a question that obviously demands at least a full sentence! (if you don't want to chit-chat, don't IM me in the first place!)

Idiots. Idiots I tell you! How they managed to get this far in life is beyond me!


My son received the Citizen of the Month Award for "Caring". Each month is a different theme and he got it for Nov/Dec and the theme was caring. He got a letter home to parents, certificate and a coupon for free icecream. So of course we went tonight! MMMM

Icecream in winter. Need I say more?

Sarah has this habit of forgetting to buckle up in the truck. What's a mom to do? When we got home I made her unbuckle and buckle the seatbelt until she didn't think it was so funny anymore. We ALL sat in the truck while she did this. Figured if her siblings had to suffer some they would be really quick to also remind her to BUCKLE UP!

Then we came inside and ate bologna bowls :) MMMM slice of bologna with a piece of cheeze on top nuked until the bologna curls and the cheese melts in the now formed bowl. Fresh bread, mayo, mustard, lettuce and tomatoes. And my bologna bowl. 26 seconds exactly until bliss. MMM

yes, we ate dessert first.. sometimes in life ya just gotta!

Belly laugh

That's what I got from Rich when I told him our next vacation was to be in Georgia - due to the nearest Shakey's Pizza being there. The kids have quizzed us on Shakey's and now are also in on the game of saying Georgia is our next vacation spot with the nearest campground to the Shakey's pizza so they can enjoy a taste of our past DAILY! Too funny.

Rich is mowing the grass. Not that is needs it, really. It has some wispy weeds here and there sticking up and was looking uneven and dingy. It doesn't help that the grass is mostly brownish-yellow.

I purged the linen clothest and other stuff this weekend. The kids cleaned their rooms and purged a few garbage bags full of stuff last week. This is now all neatly set at the side of the road. The garbageman passes on Mondays and radios in that our road has stuff on the sides of the road. Seems our entire neighborhood has been purging! Well, the pickup garbagemen came today. Wouldn't ya know it, they stopped right before our house!! Musta been time for a break or something. GRRRR. And it may take another week for them to get out here again.

Our dog, Zoe, is at the vet. She work up today with an eye swollen almost shut and a rash under her arms. (okay, her front legs) They couldn't get her to cooperate with them to look at her eye so they will have to sedate her and check her out. They'll look her over from head to toe. I'm wondering if she got into some poison-ivy this weekend while hunting in the woods. Poor thing.

Oho! Rich is gonnna call and check on "his blonde"...

Sunday, January 11, 2004


To Shakey's Pizza Parlor. What?? It was THE pizza place in town. They had lil peanut-shaped balloons that you would slip paper feet over the knot you tied after blowing up the balloon and they would stand the balloon up. They were printed like shoes and had a slit in them to slip the balloon through. The balloon was printed on too. I remember standing in front of that huge glass window while they made your pizza. Time seemed to stand still .....

And the potatoes! MMMMM Who wudda thunk to eat fried potatoes with pizza? MMMM Now I'm flooded with such happy memories of Shakey's Pizza Parlor. They had a "magic" piano there. You picked the song, set up the paper roll and it would magically play!

Then they got a live band. My fave song.. hold on to your hats.. Kiss an Angel Good Morning.. Am I dating myself now or what?

I can't wait until Rich wakes up so we can tell him our next vacation will be to Georgia.. for PIZZA! He will get a kick out of it. We are always on the lookout for a Shakey's but never knew where they were until DOH! Cindi graciously pointed me in the right direction. Thanks!

Must be movie night! We rented Freaky Friday, On The Other Side of Heaven and How To Lose A Guy in Ten Days.

We sure are enjoying the new VCR/DVD player. I've got it run through the stereo and it's just like being at the movies. Hoping to update the TV when we remodel the living room.. maybe get some speakers to the back of the room.

Gnite, folkies!! Sleep tight. I'm off to dream land.
Updates, updates

Plans changed - I was in the throughs of cleaning and Ms. Sheri called to invite me for lunch. I was 2pm and I hadn't eaten yet. Actually, I was standing at the cabinet eating chips and dip when she called. I was getting the shakes and feeling pretty lightheaded and my tamalies weren't cooking fast enough.

She opted to bring Chinese to the house and I just couldn't pass that up. She had her daughter, Taylor, with her and it was a very good lunch. We decided we must go to the movies. The three of us. The Girls.

They went to Goody's while I showered. I met them there for a 40% off sale! Whoo hooo. Sarah only got two shirts, but I'm improving in the shopping dept. I even tried some stuff on and was willing to buy some new shirt.. but alas, nothing looked good blah!

From there we went to Target. Can you believe they don't have lay-a-way??? Too freaky! We grabbed candy for the movies. We were gonna be well prepared with the good stuff.

Can you believe we still had time to kill? We stopped in at Walmart. You can always kill time at Walmart. I've been hunting for a dvd/vcr and lo and behold they had just what I needed. Scooped that up in a hurry. I've been looking for a good while and was excited to find just what I was looking for. Yeah me.

Off we went to the movies. What did we see? Well.. I wanted to see Love Actually. I don't watch much TV so I really didn't know what it was about, but it was still something I wanted to see. So we went.

OMGOSH! I wanted to get up and leave after I finished off my popcorn. There was nothing else to do! Can you say sleeper of the century?? People. People. What were you thinking??

I kept waiting for the lil mini stories to all kinda mesh together in the end when it "clicks" and you go "ohooooo! I get it now!" Nope. Never happened. Not even close.

Ms. Sheri feel asleep. I thought I heard someone snoring!!! At one point in the movie a lil boy was running to meet the girl he loves and I wanted to shout RUN! RUN! just to add some excitement to the movie.

It didn't help that the movie was over 2 hrs long either. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

It was horrible. Seriously. It had no plot. If it did. I missed it. I must have been looking for my almond joy pringle-looking things we snuck in.

I would have been better off sneaking in a bottle of wine!

Ohooo.. Love Shack is playing... time to crank up the radio and jam! See ya!

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Saturday, whew!

Rich and the kids are having a good time. :) Yeah. They deserve it. I love to hear my kids' stories when they return from camping with dad.

When they were little they were all mine. I took them everyone and daddy was working all the time. Sometimes two jobs and going to school. Or working 12 hr shifts for seven days, sometimes the night shift. So we'd go and get out of the house so he could sleep in peace. Dunno why. One time Jessica dolled him all up with makeup and he never felt it. I recorded it :) Memories.

One of the guys Rich works with, his daughter painted his fingernails and toenails when he was sleeping HAHAH RED! They guys rode him for a good while on that one.

Daniel wanted his done when he was 2. So I painted them clear. That lasted for awhile then he wanted color. In the winter he had red or pink toes LOL Rich made a big deal at first, but then realized Daniel wore shoes and socks when we went places and nobody saw. Hey, it made my baby boy happy! He liked the cool feeling it made on his itty-bitty tee-tiny dot of a ...toenail! No harm done. He don't remember all that but loves to hear about it.

Met my mom at my grandmother's house this morning. We both cleaned and it took about 1 1/2 hrs. Not too shabby. Wish I could mop my floors and the water never get dirty!! Geeze. What the heck was I cleaning for?? We had a good time considering we were cleaning.

Now I'm home to purge some stuff while the others are not here. They'd object to tossing at anything and everything. Then I'll soak in the tub. Maybe eat an orange from the tree and check into what's playing at the movies. Afterwards, I'll pick something up to eat and come on home.

Ahh, life is good in my corner of the world. Hope the same can be said for yours!

Friday, January 09, 2004

Ahhh, silence.

The husband and kids are at the camp. MY weekend. Not that I don't get to do what I want when I want, but the house is silent and all mine. Feels kinda empty. Guess I'm just use to the hubbub always going on. By Sunday I will be use to it and they will return. Such is life.

But I'll enjoy it while I can. Wanted to go to a movie but didn't want to shower and doll up to go out at 7. Not when I work from home in sweats. Maybe tomorrow afternoon. It gets dark so soon now. At 6pm it feels like 10pm. Daylight savings time doesn't save me any time.

Tomorrow I'm meeting my mom at my grandmother's house to clean. She's still in her back brace and can't do too much. Figure we'll clean and then sit back for a few hours and gab. Kinda freaky when you and your mom can actually visit and you don't feel like the lil child. Guess I'm officially and adult? EEK!

So what did I do with all my free time? Wandered around the house. Hogged the tv and phone! Now I'm surfing the net in peace. Ahhh.

Housework? Maybe tomorrow. But I do wanna take in a movie. Nuttin better than movie popcorn. MMM Even my teen said I clean house every day and needed a break. Five people in one house and ya gotta clean daily - or at least do laundry and dishes.

I cleaned today. I tossed 2 garbage bags of clothes. I hang on to things thinking that someday I will wear them. I figured if I hadn't worn in the last six months I probably wasn't gonna be wearing it any time soon. TOSS. So liberating. I'll have to go through it a few more times. Ya know.. first toss I was kinda stingy. Next round will be easier to toss stuff out.

Then I even organized my closet. I wanted to see how it felt to have an organized closet by pants, tshirt, casual wear, dressy, sweaters, long sleeves and then sweatshirt. FEELS GOOD! Now to keep it up. Wonder how long that will last????

I can dream.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Ever had a feeling of dread sweep over you?

I mean, just suddenly hit you and then you can feel it moving slowly down your body? And it tingles as it moves. I wanted to puke.

Yes. I'm anal. That can be a good thing at times. Today it is not. There is a huge meeting due to a discrepency in documentation. I don't know how or where I get the feeling it's something I did or did not do in a report. When the boss and I got off the phone that feeling overcame me. I wanted to puke. I'm sure this will hang with me for a few days. Hitting me when I'm up on a real life-high and feeling good. WHAM! It will slap me like a ton of bricks.

I called the boss this afternoon to see if she had any news. Nothing. She assured me it's nothing I typed or failed to type... more about documentation. But... I still can't help but feel horrible.

The unknown bothers me. Really bad. Ugh.. hurry up Friday and save me from myself.

Things like this don't happen often - thank goodness! But man.. it just sucks the life out of me. I have visions of the BIG BOSS telling me "YOU'RE FIRED!"

I have no clue how my over imaginative brain got this way. ACK!

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Today is my daddy's birthday.

He's 64. Doesn't seem possible. Then again, his lil girl is 36 and THAT don't seem possible!

I made him a mandarin orange cake. MMMM scruptious! My brother called from Georgia while we were there. Was good to talk to him too. Let's hope he don't find my blog anytime soon LOL Oh well, we are all entitled to our vents and I'm sure he's said some really nasty things about me before. Prolly all true too. (grin)

Hubby and the kids are going to the camp this weekend! I get a weekend by myself!!! Whoo hooo. Time to clean out closets and drawers!


Uhm, maybe go out with David?? Yeah, that's more like it. Even my daughter agrees that seeing an old friend is FAR better than cleaning. I like the way she thinks.


Does anyone know?

Our bird, Itzy, has been with us for over 5 years. He's a silly cockatiel that is very friendly. I think he is "in love" with his perch. He has a toy hanging from the top of the cage by a chain with some round and square chewy toys attached to it. It hangs just even with and in front of his perch. He will grab it with his beak and sway back and forth and then step side-to-side and chirp. I should say he gives high pitched squawks. Then he started trying to grab it with his foot. Too funny to watch. The toy would push forward and his legs would spread apart and he'd be stretched to the limit with one leg on the perch and one on the toy. That would tick him off and then he'd attack the toy.

The other day he was swinging and dancing but no chirp. I could see him out of the corner of my eye and he was wiggling all about. At first I thought his toenail was stuck on the toy and he couldn't get it off. There he was struggling to yank free. How the heck was I gonna get him unstuck? Great. Just what I needed - an amputee birdie!

Upon further inspection I realized that he was not stuck at all. He was enjoying himself just a lil too much. EGADS! No way! ohoo, yes way. That lil bird is one sex-crazed full. He grabs his "woman" and holds her tight and then well.. loves on his perch from morning to night. I can just imagine him sayin, "c'mere lil mamma, let me show you a new trick I learned." He's balancing on one foot and copulating with the perch and holding his lil mamma with a tight grip. He almost fell off the perch last night!

Does anyone know how long puberty lasts in a bird????

And how is YOUR day?

Tuesday, January 06, 2004


Sprint has a "thing" right now that you can get your unlimited nights and weekends to start at 7pm. Mine currently start at 8pm for no extra charge - I'm a loyal, long-standing customer so they did that as a perk. Yah, me and how many other millions? But it sure made me feel GREAT at the time. Now I'm debating having my free time start at 7pm for an addition of $5.00 per month. Is it worth it? Yes. No.

I'll have to lull it over some and pass it by the spouse who will mostly likely say, "Whatever you think is best." Hmm...

Just as I figured, as soon as a I had a whooping bite of chicken gumbo in my mouth they would answer the phone. The gal, Kim, was very nice and I found they are located in North Carolina. Gotta love a lil chit-chat to customer service. Oh well... I think I'll stick with my 8pm time for now.



That's blogger for you! Seems I'm not the only one having technical difficulties. I post and publish and my post is there when I "view blog" but when I open my blog on the web the new post is not there. Check back later and it's there. Freaky I tell ya.

First off, the gumbo was DELISH! For all you low-carbers, try eating cooked cauliflower that has been mashed with a fork in place of rice dishes. MMMM Even my teen eats it this way. No more bloated feeling from all those rice carbs! Best of all no reflux!

Don't knock it. I can hear you moaning. My kids didn't like iceceam at first either. Now I can't keep a half-gallon in the house longer than a week!

I don't like to watch cooking shows. Most of them are chefs who have cooked for years and know all the ins and outs of cooking. They also tend to cook exotic foods and extremely complicated meals. Blah! But! I do love to watch 30-minute meals with Rachael Ray. She's cute, down to earth and makes easy, quick meals that people would enjoy eating and making. Most of her recipes use commone everyday items too. A big plus for me.

I took one of her recipes and converted it:

5-6 cups of baby spinach, raw
Red onion, sliced
1 can of mandarin oranges, drained
1 tablespoon orange marmalade - I found one that was 35% less sugar
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
1 packet splenda
1/3 cup EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
Salt and pepper

Arrange spinach on platter, scatter oranges and red onion over spinach. Wisk orange marmalade, red wine vinegar, splenda and EVOO in bowl. ( I added my salt and pepper here) Drizzle over salad. Season with salt and pepper and serve. Servings 5-6

Can you say delish? Heaven! And so easy! And so yummy visually. You can cut the carbs by using a lower sugar marmalade, adding a packet of splenda and omiting/using fewer mandarin oranges.

In one episode she made low-carb chili burgers. They looked really good. Can't wait to try them.

Now I'm eating my flaxmeal (faux oatmeal). The benefits of flax are unbelievable. Great way to keep things moving AND it greatly helps lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol.

1/3 cup flaxmeal - which is ground flax seeds
1/3 cup low carb milk (I use to use 1/2 water and 1/2 heavy whipping cream-total of 1/3 cup- but cut the carbs by using the milk)
1 packet splenda
1 splash of sugar-free syrup (vanilla)
1 dash of cinnamin

Stir the above in a bowl and nuke for 45 seconds. MMMMM

Flaxmeal has a kinda nutty flavor. I hear it is really good sprinkled on salads or mixed in with groundmeat for meatballs. Try it, ya might like it.

It's cold here. No, not as cold as some of you (mainly my aunt in the Yukon where it is -37 with 3 feet of snow out) but even still it is cold down here in the south for us sun-worshiping folks. The temperature was 34 when I got up at 6 and the wind was howling. That darn wind is the pits. Top that off with my house being off the ground, which keeps the floors cold and the heat disapates rather quickly, I also live in the county. So when they say winds are 20-25 mph you better believe you are gonna feel it. It's open land for planting sugarcane or grazing cattle, so there is nothing to stop the wind. BRRRR Hurry lunch, I want to heat up some gumbo!

Monday, January 05, 2004


Wish you all could smell my wonderful gumbo cooking. I'm off to the store to get some sausage to toss in it and odds and ends. Don't think I've been to the store since Cmas! Egads! No wonder the kids say there is nothing in the house to eat.

I had a nice day of quiet with the kids going back to school and an evenly paced work day. Life is good. Will be better with gumbo :)

Cmon ova and get chew sum! I'll leave the light on for ya.

I'm not a football nut by any means, but I do enjoy watching a good game that has ties to my home state of Louisiana! I was drifting in and and out of sleep last night but as the announcement came out that LSU has won, I know a smile swept my face. Heck, even my husband, who knows nothing about football, was happy for them. Whoo hooo! Bout time La gets some good news plastered about them.

Two cups of coffee down. I'm itching and twitching to DO SOMETHING. No work. Dayam, we must be really good transcriptionists. Someone let our boss know. Evaluation is in March. Hopefully she will remember an pay accordingly.

I don't want to take the tree down. Yes. It's still up. YES. It's artificial. Maybe later. I'm not itching to do THAT kinda work.

Ever royally mess up your checkbook? Like, say... write a check number down twice?? I supposedly paid the gas bill and wrote a check for my nieces' bday with the same check. Ya'd think that gas company would let that slide!

So apparently the gas bill was not paid last month. YIKES! Since I've returned to work about 3 years ago this has happened a few times. I use to take great pride in paying bills (had a whole system that just does not seem to work since *I* work) and reconciling my bank statement. Last month I reconciled three months' worth. not good. Oh, I have $, but I just want all my stuff to come out RIGHT! Maybe next month.

It's cold again here. We went to bed with the A/C, now I'll have to go put on some flannel pants to keep the chill off.

The tip of my nose is cold. Wonder if anyone has ever designed a nose muffler? You could call it THE HONKER WARMER. Oh gawd.. I need more coffee and need to find SOMEthing else to do hahaha

Have a blogful day!

Sunday, January 04, 2004

I'm feeling really old!

Yesterday Ms. Sheri came over for a visit. She got me all riled up into making pillows for the girls' beds. We headed off the store and bought what we needed to get started.

I sewed, she stuffed. Ya know, you can really get creative with barely any sewing.

We made them each two big orange pillows- one is plain and the other I need to get some iron-on flowers to kinda dress it up and I'd like to put their initial on their pillow. Initials are really big now. Then they have a pillow that is turquoise on one side and flowery print on the other. And my fav is the lil "tootsie roll" pillow, as Daniel calls them. I think we did a great job. The girls love them, they match their rooms and we had fun doing it.

Rich was kind enough to pick us up some frozen drinks on his trip for more stuffing (grin). MMMM malibu and pineapple!

Then Ms. Sheri had this crazy idea that we should go out. We've been out lots of times before. Girls night out. Rich stays home with the kids and Ms. Sheri's kids are with their daddy and we go out. Usually I hold the drink while Sheri dances and I stand around and talk to people we meet, or sometimes I run into old friends and we catch up. Sometimes we just sit and drink, talk and people watch. Even with the music blaring and dim lights you can tell what's happening. Same scenarios we did long ago haha.

We had a good time; it was nice and relaxing. Five straight malibu's will tend to make you sleepy. Really. They do. Ask my head about it this morning! Ugh. No hangover, but not real clear thinking either.

We watched youngin's hook up, flirt, dance - body language says a lot! Times haven't changed that much from when me and Ms. Sheri were young and single. Not that we are old. Far from it. Just seems odd to see others acting like we use to.

What really makes you feel old is when you see your friends 20-year-old going, 'MS RACHEL?? IS THAT YOU?? I thought that was you, OMG, it IS you!" Then she runs off to go party all night and you look at your watch and think it's very late and that you could be home sleeping.

Friday, January 02, 2004

How ya feeling tonight?

Ever do something really good for another person and it makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy? That's how I'm feeling. My neighbor and good friend, Debbie, used my cell phone tonight to call her daughter in Colorado. The daughter/husband/new baby girl moved there the day after Tgiving. Long distance ain't cheap and well... they miss each other. I have free nights and weekends so it ain't costing me nuttin. Ahh, life is good.

Debbie is a treater. Meaning, she says prayers for healing. She treats for burns - sunburns, heatstroke, burns from heat/fire or scalds. She's treated my family for years without a second thought. You are not supposed to say thank you to a treater. Instead, you are to leave gifts for them. She's been trying out new prayers for various things. She's treated her grandson for ear infections and he never had any more. She treated one of her daughter's warts. They went away after about 6 weeks. The power of prayer is an awesome thing I tell ya!

Today we did some shopping. I enjoyed today - minus the kids argueing and giggling so much it got on my nerves. But Jessica and Sarah's room is coming along nicely. We spend most of the evening window shopping. Eyeing every store for the things we needed. I sometimes wish I'd take my digital camera and snap some pics so I can mix and match at home. I forget colors and details after look at so much stuff. I like to check all the places out and then decide. I've been disappointed all too often buying on a splurge.

Here's the low down:
Clock - shaped like a flower and matches their comforters
Black Chair
I want to go back and get this lamp
I want these sheers, but am having a hard time finding panels that will match and coordinate in their room.
Want to mount the TV on those stud hangers. Forget what you call them.

Their walls are purple..and I want a pink valance, bright yellow panels and then the shears.

Oh, she also got a full length mirror that mounts on the wall or door. I can't find a link for their comforters though...rats. They are pink background, flowers and butterflies.. colors are yellow, white, blue and a kinda tourquise.

Hopefully this will help them keep their room clean. I can dream!!

Tomorrow I am sleeping late! I was kinda miffed at the ole boss. Everyone in the office left at 2 and nobody told me anything. Oh well.. work was really slow and I got a good bit done around here. Had I gotten off work earlier I would have not done any housework. It's all in how you look at things I guess.

Oranges anyone?

Our orange tree is loaded with huge, sweet oranges! MMMM. The entire house smells of oranges. Nothing better than fresh fruit picked from your own tree; no pesticides, no preservatives! The satsumas are almost all gone so it was perfect timing for the orange tree to be ready. I gave away lots of satsumas and we ate them until we were just about sick of them. And to think, Rich got another orange and satsuma tree for Cmas! We had been talking about getting more and voila! Gotta love it! The gift that keeps on giving.

Work is very slow. Guess everyone had their surgeries before the end of the year to get it all in on the insurance? Oh well. I'm enjoying the slow day. I get off work at 3 and we are headed to town for some shopping. Hopefully I won't go crazy and fill the kids rooms up all over again.

It's humid and warm here. Shorts today. Maybe even turning on the A/C if it doesn't get cool anytime soon. And we wonder why we are sick - hot, cold, hot, cold.



The kids cleaned their rooms. I mean. CLEANED! The living room was filled with garbage bags of stuff. I promised the girls a small entertainment center and a chair for their room if they cleaned! Daniel just enjoys organized stuff. So today after work I'll have to take them shopping. Should be fun. Daniel needs a new bed set (comfortor, dust ruffle, pillow cases). I'm leaning towards denim. I thought the kids would love it, but for some odd reason they associate the denim with a shirt a certain teacher wore and roll on the floor in a fit of giggles when they see his denim curtains. Who knows!?

Yesterday I was prepared to work. Yes, I worked on New Year's Day. But next year I'll have off and Rich should be off too. Yeah! I called the hospital because no work was coming through. Figured the doctor forgot to hang up the dictation station. Radiology told me the doctor was tied up at another hospital - not a good sign. Means he will be coming to our hospital late - which means working late. UGH.

So I took a nap. Just 1 1/2 hours. But I had fog head the rest of the day. I hate that. Rich and I were really snippy with each other - reminded me of years ago when our marriage was not where it should have been. I hated that feeling and yesterday reminded me of that, which only made it worse. I was so glad to go to bed and end the day.

Hope everyone ate their blackeyes (luck) and cabbage (money), and lots of it!! The kids like to hear traditions and learning about them. We had blackeyes, cornbread, cabbage and ham. Jessica made canned cheese on Ritz crackers. Haven't had canned cheese in a long time. I'm either old or it is very salty. Nice treat and the kids thought it was so cool - easily amused. The insisted that the cornbread must have a tradition linked to it like the beans and cabbage. I couldn't think of anything so I asked them and they said it was for GOOD because the beans were GOOD LUCK. Kids! The faces they made while eating cabbage. I really should have snapped some pics...but alas my batteries are dead and I haven't had time to charge them.

After the kids cleaned their room we ate and lounged. Then I suggested we go for icecream as a treat for all their hard work. McDs and Sonic are next to each other so we stopped both places. MMMM. The kiddos were happy, I was sleepy and Rich was wide awake - the joys of shiftwork and sleeping 1/2 the day.

Work is slow again today. Maybe I'll get that darn tree back in the attic. Yeah, no shopping until Cmas stuff is put away. Works for me!

Thursday, January 01, 2004


We had two invites for home parties. We didn't budge. When Rich is not here I'd rather just stay home with the kids.

Around 10:00 p.m. we went out and popped fireworks. I love to just sit and watch. Seems most of our neighbors had bon fires and stayed home too. The fireworks have been popping every evening for a few days now. Everyone was getting warmed up.

At 11:30 we grabbed the cell phone, bottle of sparkling cider and glasses, fireworks, flashlight and blanket, and headed outdoors. The kids popped here and there and we watched some of the neighbors. Our neighbor across the street tossed some fireworks into the fire - wowzers! There are some really beautiful ones. It was so pretty to watch them.

At 11:58 Rich called from work. The men had cooked a gumbo and were sitting around to ring in the new year. Gotta love working the nightshift and this crew. They are THE funnest. The countdown was on!

12:00 - the sky lit up and I could barely hear the kids hollering or Rich talking with all the fireworks. It really got you all excited and whooping and hollering! The entire street was filled with smoke. The kids were screaming and jumping and lighting huge packs of fire crackers. It was awesome! I'm so glad we stayed home.

We toasted and they all talked to Rich. He's such a good daddy.

We had planned on taking a group picture with the timer on the camera for our first pic of the new year. Wouldn't ya know it the darn battery went out. HHAHA Typical! Hopefully tomorrow we can take a family one and the kids will each get a copy to put in their scrapbooks. They are loving doing those. As soon as I come home with pics they are eagerly waiting to slap them in the book and write something.

Life is good in the M*L**R Household so far in 2004!