Sunday, February 29, 2004

What are you doing?

Daniel and I are watching the Oscar's. I've never been big on this kinda stuff, but because LOTR has anything to do with it he's glued! I've printed off the nominee's list and we are marking off who wins. Do I really need to say that up to this point LOTR has won everything they have been nominated for? :)

I'm tired! Hope this doesn't drag on too long. I have a sneaky feeling LOTR is gonna make a clean sweep!

Gnite folks!

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Games people play

The kids and I play a few games in the car. Our latest is borrowed from another friend. It helps with math and everyone really enjoys playing - even Richard!

You set points for things you find:
Yellow car = 5 points
Cop car = 10 points
Ambulance = 10 points
Beetle (punch bug) = 2 points

Get the picture? If your kids have no clue of math, just pick one item for all to spot and keep a running total of how many you found. Once you leave the vehicle tho, the points stop and you start all over again once you get back in.

The other day Daniel and I were on our way to the doctor for Daniel to get some blood work. We were talking about how many people talk on the cell phone while driving. I do it, but it annoys me to have the person in front of me poking along while yacking. People. If your convo is THAT exciting that you cannot drive AND talk, pull over! Or, do like me, use speaker phone so you can more your hands while talking. Especially fun when you are the only one in the truck and you are just a yaking away while the phone is hung from the vision out of the vision of all who see you. LOL

So I'm telling Jessica this story:

Mom, "Jessica, you know how we play the point game in the truck?"

J. "Yeah."

Mom, "We changed it up a bit. Today Daniel and I counted 19 people on their phones on the way to the doctor."

J, "Uhm, how did you know they were on the way to the doctor?"

At this point I am about to bust a gut and I say, "Oh, I called them and asked them."

J, "Oh." twisted face in confusion "Uhm, how did you get their numbers to all them?"

OMG, I was rolling. It finally clicked and she just roared with laughter.

Kinda nice when you can laugh at yourself :)

So now, our most-used phase is "look, they must be on the way to the doctor! They are on the cell phone while driving!"


Sorry, I cannot explain in typing the fun we had in Walmart with this lil feathered chick and blowing on his feathers and nearlying wetting our pants. And the opera singing... even another shopper got a kick out of us.

Really nice when your kids enjoy being around mom!

My sides hurt by the time we left and i had to "go" really bad!

Whoa, slow down!

Seems a week has nearly flown by and I haven't blogged. Shame on me!

Mardi Gras will throw a wrench in the plans every time. Lots of parades. Lots of things to go do. Places to go. Things to see. Lots of beads caught. Yes, a good time was had by all! But I"m glad it's all over with. UGH!

Spring? Can we have spring??? I love winter. I really do. What I don't like is the gloomy days. One after another. The sun never really coming out at all. Never warming up the porch or shining thru a window. I don't know how you people up north do it if your days are this gloomy. Depression would take over. If I do happen to find a window where the sun is coming thru, I go sit in it. I need my Vitamin whatever-the-sun-gives and I like to feel it on my face :) Hurry up Spring. I said Spring, NOT summer. That is more like Sauna.

Monday night I had Bonko. It's a dice game with 8 women. Yeah, I thought the same thing - how can rolling dice be fun?? It's a blast! It also helps to have some good people to play with. Most of everyone in our group either lives nearby and I use to see them often before I worked, or they are kin to each other. We have three sisters that play. You'd really never know they were sisters they are so different. We range in age from late 20s to retired. It's really a good mix.

Rich cooked hambugers wrapped in bacon in a gravy and rice. Yes, HE cooked. He's a very good cook. He also was off and had more time than me. Sucks to work sometimes. We have a standard list that rotates: one brings fritoe chips, one brings potatoe chips, one brings dip, one brings coke, one brings another drink (dr. pepper, root beer,etc.) one brings veggies, and one bring dessert. The hostess cooks the main dish. This way you pretty much know what's gonna be there each time and it helps cut the cost and chaos for the hostess.

My grandmother played in a pokeno group where the hostess had to fix the entire meal for 12 people. Main dish, sides, snacks and dessert. Hey! My grandmother is not a young chick and it was a lot for her to fix. Then you get the people who fix hotdogs vs the ones who go all out with roasts, etc. Not that I mind hotdogs.. but cmon! Roast with the trimmings vs a hotdog and some chips??

The kids and I discussed the reason for Mardi Gras, the meaning of Lent and sacrifices. As Catholics, we make our own personal sacrifices during Lent. This can be giving up something you really like or doing something extra on your part. The kids shared what they were doing or giving up. I really have some DEEP kids :) They really are starting to understand the meanings behind things. They were really excited to go to church and receive their ashes. They loved the story of what we use to make ashes and how we get them. Each year a little more sinks in :) They make me so proud.

Rich has been remodeling. WOW! He got a wild hair the other day to pull the old paneling off in our bedroom. Then he decided he was gonna hang new one up. IN THE SAME DAY. Not that paneling is hard. The walls in our room either have a window or a door on it, so the paneling usually butts up over them. Other than that, it's pretty much a solid piece of panel that you tack on the wall. It went really fast. The best part? We turned the paneling sideways so it looks like a log cabin. It's really neat. He's about 1/3 finished with the new ceiling tile. Then he had to go back to work. Blah! The whole time he is working on the walls he is saying, "Ya know, it was really time we did this. It really needed it. I can't believe we waited this long." Oh??? Ya don't say??? I wanted to kick him in the shins. I know he was picking on me because I have long been ragging on him to DO something. Just about every room in our house is a project mid way thru. Yup. We have good intentions. Then it gets to that point where you can't stand to look at it anymore. Or you have run into a snag and aren't sure how to resolve it. But leaving it along aint' gonna magically fix it! Anyway, he's in the mood once more to work on the house and I'm not complaining. I think him gettingin on the deer lease excited him and he knows it won't be long before hunting season is here and if he hasn't made any progress on the house that I"ll put my foot down, hard! :) Believe it or not, I CAN be a witch LOLOL

So now it's Saturday. I've got a load or two of laundry, some dishes and then to vacuum. WEEEE. LOTR is at the dollar theater and Daniel wants to see it again. I don't know if I can sit that long in those horrible seats. It really was a good movie and I'm sure I'll see stuff I missed the first time. Decisions, decisions. I'll do the laundry and see what comes up later.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Give it a rest, will ya??

Geeze. My kids!

Know a funny that always gets a laugh no matter how many times you've heard it? Yup. A fart! Sarah is 9. That means a few gazillion farts by now, right? But they still crack her up!

Daniel and Sarah are sleeping on the couch bed. No school tomorrow due to Mardi Gras so they are camping out! We are due for some rain or they would be in the yard in a tent.

Sarah is winning in the most farts and stinkiest races. LOL Geeze. I swear, they can fart on command!

Oh to be kids. What am I talking about?? Farts are funny no matter how old you are!

Family Reunion

You know it's a good family reunion when you didn't have time to the "fillers" (games, etc) that were planned. We had a great time. I was finally able to put names with faces of who's kids go with whom. ACK! There were 7 brothers and sisters in my grandmother's family. Some live out of state and rarely attend the family reunion. I hear the names, but haven't a clue as to who they are. I could pass them on the street and never know they were a cousin. And the cousin line is growing by leaps and bounds. My kids have a hard time understanding how all these people can be cousins. Afterall, they aren't my brother's or my sister's kids. LOL

So I did a lot of mingling, laughing, finding out birth order, etc. It was really nice. Brought my camera and snapped a few pics. Now I can have mom explain who goes with who in the marriage dept. Too much information for me to absorb all at once.

Next year it's my grandmother's turn to "host." What joy! That means my mom and I will do most. My sister lives all the way in the neighboring town and my brother lives over in Georgia. (sigh) Oh well...

It was a small gathering.. but those who wanted to attend did. Those who would have made it miserable stayed home. I'm glad.

Nous sûrs avons passé un bon temps!

Now it's time to shower and scoot to church. Then do some grocery shopping and cleaning. I have Bonko tomorow night here at the house. Whoo hoo!

Friday, February 20, 2004

I'm am so tired and I have to get up early and start all over again.

Tomorrow is the family reunion - that's an all day thing! I wanna sleep late for once! But when I do, it's usually until 7 or 7:30 whoo hooo.

Went to a Mardi Gras parade tonight. It was okay. It wasn't the big one we were use to, but the kids had fun and it's always fun watching the kids have fun.

Jessica went out with her "group" to the movies. She was so excited to do something with her friends. Four girls, 2 guys.. they had fun going as a group. Hopefully they will do more stuff together. Did i just say that???

Tonight she is at a slumber party..

My bed is calling. I'm carrying my pilates arse to BED. My slightly trimmer arse!

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Is it Friday yet?

Sarah had a U/A done (urinalysis) Another urinary tract infection in 3 months... not good. either we didn't get all the icky bacteria the first round.. or ... something!

My doctor makes house calls. LOL Not really, he just called my house. He's so funny. When he dictates, he usually tells me hi or happy whatever holiday it is. His voice is so crystal clear and soothing.. the first time he said HI Rachel! I nearly jumped out of my skin. It sounded as if he was right behind me.

Tomorrow Rich takes Daniel to this doctor for a look-see of his heel. It's been hurting for a good while now and not getting better. I'm sure x-rays will be snapped of the footsie. Early in the year, the deductible is not met, that's for sure. Oh well.. better safe than sorry. I'm hoping it's not a heel spur or anything requiring surgery. Dunno how I'd handle that.

Ever meet someone on line and they drain you? This one person recently pulled religion into an email over a poem that she received in our lil loop. It was not a religious poem. Seems she tries to pull religion out of her hat on an as-needed basis. She's busy pointing at us (for not finding this poem offensive) but she needs to see that the other fingers are all pointing at her! She's tooting this religion horn.. yet all the while she is gossiping about another gal who use to be in our loop and has since left. Last I heard, gossiping weren't too nice.

Nothing makes me madder than tossing religion to your rescue. I take my religion seriously and very personal. I don't need to shout from the rooftops what the Bible tells me to do (or tell others what they should be doing based on the Bible) I try to live my life accordingly and hopefully others can SEE it in me. Afterall, I have to answer for my own life, not what I told other people to do. I don't like to get all preachy. I'm human. I falter. I am not perfect. But I try. I ask for forgiveness. I try to treat others as I'd like to be treated. (sometimes I have a hard time with boundaries)

Okay, are you totally lost? LOL Sorry, I forget you don't know all the details. Let's just say I'm rethinking my friendship with this woman. People who point all the time and don't look at themselves first... makes me edgy. you know.. let he who is without sin cast the first stone... kinda thing. This is not the first time this gal has done this. Each time my eyes get a lil wider. I use to think I could learn from this woman, and I have, but her religion to the rescue has me thinking really hard.

Enough! I dont like to cloud my brain with those kinda thoughts. I seems to breed doom and in this world we already have enough.

My convo with Sarah:

Sarah - I want to adopt kids
Mom- That would be nice. Like Mya (my niece)
S - yah, because, getting a baby OUT, that's gotta hurt! And it's icky. I'd rather not.
M - well, can't be too bad. I had THREE lil ickies!
S - I know these things mom. They open you up and take out the baby. I'll stick with adoption.

I was soo praying the question of "How do they get IN there to begin with?" Didn't come up! ACK!

Sarah is a handful. Has been since day one. My lil baby ickie! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

My kids tell me everything...


Sarah and I were walking in WM the other day and she says, out of the blue, "Mom? Do you remember when you called us all in the kitchen that time and made us look at the buttons in the icebox, (the water/ice buttons) and you said WHOEVER is using their fingernails to push the buttons is making cuts in the buttons, and that the icebox wouldn't stay nice looking if we didn't stop?"

Looking down on my child's sweet face, I knew she was about to let a bomb blow. Without showing too much eagerness on my face, I answered, "yah, why?"

Sarah replies, "That WHOEVER is me."

I stopped in my tracks to take a close look at her. This was my child telling me she had done something she knew I was not too happy about. She was smiling at me with that "I'm so happy I finally told you" look on her face. That "The burdon is lifted and my secret is out" look.

How do I handle this???

So I say, "Well, ya know, if you don't stop doing that, our icebox is gonna look really old before its time. And I knew SOMEONE was doing it, and I'm glad you told me."

She was grinning like the cat who ate the canary! That child never ceases to amaze me.

I hope I have shown her that she can come to me with anything - even when she knows it's something that really doesn't sit well with me.

No matter how hard it is to tell, it's so much harder to keep it inside. Even my child knows this now. :)

Proud Mamma
There is justice in this world!

Okay, so my justice is not really all that great, but I'm so happy after having a really rotten evening yesterday.

The lunch lady called this morning. Seems she sent a note home to all parents to let them know what they owed for the remainder of the month. She apologized saying she would not be taking the OTHER lunch lady's place, and that she had many calls from parents so her note must have been confusing. She told me Sarah is up to date and will only send notes home with there are charges due.

I think she caught on to what I was implying when I told her ever since the first lunch lady sent a note home every year asking for payment on charges I started keeping very close track of things. This one seems to have her stuff together, unlike the other woman!

I know you are just on pins and needles wanting to know what happened last night in my normally blissful home. Sorry. Airing dirty laundry is not nice. Let's just say moodiness oozed from one person to the other and by the end of the night we were all crabby and went to bed hoping today would be different.

It's worked for me so far. Well.. all except my muscles are so freaking sore from Pilates! OMG. It's a good thing to be able to do MORE sets of an exercise and do MORE exercises, right??? My shoulder blades hurt! And my upper abs hurt. I'm expecting at any moment now to pop out of my clothes like the Hulk. Hey, green IS my fav color! LOL Pretty bad when you have to undo your bra because it's too darn tight on your sore muscles. Next potty break I'm gonna take some Aleve. I need a professional massage.

Work is slow, maybe I'll get to do Pilates on a break? That would free up my evening a lil bit.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Almost forgot!

I've had lots of positive email about my post "BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CHILDREN!"

These were from folks who know my email address. If you don't have it, I'm about to give it to you:

Feel free to write anytime, but please put LIFE IN THE SOUTH or YOUR BLOG in the subject line so I don't send your email to the spam folder. I'm really interested in what you have to say, honestly :)
Crazy people

I may not be a stickler of a housekeeper (that was until I hooked up with flylady), but when it comes to bills... I know my stuff!

Sarah's lunch lady sent home notes recently. Seems she is trying to straighten out her books before the end of the year. That would be fine, except, I DON'T OWE ANYTHING!

Each year this lady sends out slips. I'm on my third kid at this school with this same lady and yet, she still insists on sending me nasty notes. I really shouldn't say nasty, it just miffs me that she has the nerve to send me something like this after she and I have been round-and-round over this topic each year. You'd think she'd have a star my kid's names to remind her = "don't mess with this mamma, she has her stuff together!"

The first 2 years I paid the so-called charges. After that I got smart. I started paying each child by the week and week only, that way if they were absent it was easier to do a carry-over with paid lunches.

This year I only have Sarah at that school. Since becoming organized, I have started getting lunch money ready on Sunday nights, writing the child's name, grade, teacher's name, purpose for the money, amount in the evelope and even writing the dates for which the money was intended to pay. Now, you tell me. Do ya think I owe any money?? NO!

To make matters worse, this lunch lady has on the note that Sarah has seven charges. HELLO? That would mean I have missed over a week of lunch money. I find that very hard to believe. Especially when I have VERY nervous children who constantly remind me that they need this or that by a certain day. Yes, they learned from their very nervous mother LOL

Now for the kicker.... I spoke to a few other parents a few years back and they ALL got lil charge notes requesting money. Hmm. One even told me the lunch lady sends out these charge slips hoping to recoup funds from anywhere to pay for those charges that will never get paid. HUH? Seems lil ms lunch lady has a good thing going! That was the reason for the having all Sarah's information on the outside of the envelope- to help her keep track that I do not owe.

Still seems as though she cannot keep records.. and I totally understand she has lots of lil kiddos to oversee and keeping track can get confusing - yet another reason for the information on the envelope!

I wrote her a lovely lil note back to which I'm sure she will say she made a mistake and to forget the note altogether.

Ya think this year she will put a lil star by my childs name?? Starting next week I think I'll pay each Monday with a check. I sent this weeks money already! That should really help keep her inline!

I can dream!

Sunday, February 15, 2004


I don't like to rant, so I'll call this a plea to all parents. It is your job as a parent to be responsible for your child. Please do so.

During mass we have Children's Church (Sunday school if you will). Once the kids were dismissed, those standing were welcomed to have a seat. Now, this means that once the kids return you are to give up your seat to them. My children did not give you their seat so that they could stand in the back alone. I attend Church with my family and want to sit with them and pray as a family, together. Thank you.

My kids left for Children's Church. They volunteer to help when the attendance is high. A man, woman and a boy sat in their spot. I will not guess that they are married and this is their child, because if it is, they are sorely lacking in the discipline area. This child was at least, the very least 7? He is old enough to pay attention in mass. If not for himself, for those sitting around him. He constantly moved this way and that - actually bumping me several times - tapped and wiggled his feet, put the hood to his coat on his head, took it off, put it on and tied the strings so tight all you could see were his eyes, etc.. This continued through the entire service. His "parents" never once tapped his leg, nodded their heads in disapprovement or anything.

Children's Church let out and my children attempted to return to the pew. These people never moved closer together to give us more room like we had done for them. My nine-year-old sat on my lap for the rest of the service. This meant I had to sit the for the remainder of the service. The boy next to me decided he would too. His parents never made him stand and pray. When the "Our Father" was recited, they held hands and let him just sit there. When it was time for Communion they walked in front of him down the isle. They received Communion and walked off. The child had no clue what to do so he followed them. If he has not made his First Communion, they should have seen to it that he received a blessing from the priest! They went back to the pew and then left before mass was over.

They could have cared less about their childs spiritual well being. Even if it is not their child, they thought enough of him to bring him, why not ask if he is able to receive Communion? I felt so bad for this child. He will never learn if they do not take control and teach him, guide him, lead him! You are his parent! They sure were fed spiritually, yet they didn't make sure their child was. Amazes me. Floors me. Rips my heart out. When we went to shake hands during the "Peace be with you" part, he looked at me as if I was interrupting his playtime with his coat hat!

It made me wonder if these were his parents. If they are, they need to really wise up. They have a child to raise. Then I thought perhaps she was the mother (she sat next to him) and that was the boyfriend.

Many times I've heard "if you want to see how a man will treat you after marriage, look at how he treats his mother." This can also be said for parents.

Take note! If you are dating/seeing/living with, etc. a parent of a child and this parent is not stepping up and taking responsibility for their child, what makes you think they will take anything in the relationship with you seriously? Would you want to have more kids with this person who cannot take care of their own child? I do not understand how people can get together with another person and think this man/woman (because, yes, they come in both male and female form) is so wonderful when their child or children are suffering. Take a good look at that child and the parent's relationship. It will speak volumes. And I don't wanna hear "but the kid's mom or dad won't ...." Bullshit. YOU have a responsibility to that child. Do it.

Being responsible for a child comes in many forms, not just spiritually. Emotionally, physically, monetarily, etc.

Most people say "I'd walk through FIRE to help my child." Would you? Are you?

Being a divorced parent does NOT get you off the hook. Living a great distance from your child does NOT get you off the hook. Weren't you the parent who just said you would walk through fire for your child? Why should your child sacrifice? Who is the responsible adult here? What are you teaching your child in the long run? I cared enough to make you, but I don't want the responsibility of raising you? That YOUR needs come first? That YOU deserve a life too.

Did I touch a nerve? Spark a flame? Then perhaps this post was written for you in order to wake you up and ...


Please pray for these lost children. They did not ask for this life, you brought them here.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Flylady can't get to the living room zone fast enough

I just discovered where Sarah wrote I (heart) U in dust on the pullout keyboard drawer of the computer desk LOLOLOL
Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Yes. My baby is officially 9!

Oh ya, it's Valentine's Day too. Daniel loved his LOTR Two Towers and Sarah loves her bracelets. Jessica is at a friend's house, but she will love her minutes for her cell phone.

Today the kids did Pilates with me. They were surprised to find they have not been excercising the correct way in gym. You should FEEL those muscles guys! Not just a windmill swing.. but really FEEL it on your sides. Control. All about control. And breathing! I think the kids learned a lot today.

We did the entire DVD. Sarah konked out about 1/2 way through, but that's okay. Daniel and I finished the entire thing. He really liked it, and he wants to do it with me again. With the all this rain and not being able to get out, we figured exercise was a good way to pass the day and feel better.

Both of the kids said they felt thinner when we were finished. (grin) Yup, I'd say they had a good workout.

Each year before our Son*ier Family Reunion we have what we call Cousin's Night and last night was it. I didn't get home until 2 am. There were 10 of us women total. We played a new card game and Taboo. OMG, I think we need to wear depends when we play that. We laughed until we cried.

Best part was being with family. I can't tell you how much family means to me. To all sit around, laughing, having a good time... it was priceless. We are usually too busy during the family reunion to visit in depth, so cousin's night gives us that chance. And the food. OMG, you cannot have any function with Cajuns and not have tons of food. We all brought things to make sub sandwhiches MMMMM

My aunt made a new cookie - popsicle cookies~! Take a minature candy bar (she used snickers) put a popsicle stick into the candy bar, took cookie dough (she used peanut butter) and wrapped around the cookie. Bake. Cookies on a stick with a yummy surprise in the middle! They were de-lish-us!

Time to rustle up something for lunch. I'm hungry after that workout!

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Happy Valentine's Day to ME!

Rich never knows what to get me. I always have to have a reason for a purchase. So? Yup. I bought a Pilates DVD. It's by CRUNCH. I have a Yogo tape of theirs and really enjoy doing it. The kids like it too. I hope they like the Pilates one as much.

Rich and I tried it out tonight. All that inhaling and exhaling on the right parts.. ack! But we did it. With a lot of laughs I might add. Here I am huffing and puffing and trying to lift my fat hiney off the floor and he's got his knees at his ears already! And then doing it with little effort no less! MEN!

I'm sure tomorrow I won't be able to move. Pilates is a lot like yoga, just constant movement. Yoga is more posing and holding.

Because I did so well, Rich as promised me a back rub. I'm sure he wants to see that frog-leg move up close and personal LOLOL

Gnite! Never hurts to celebrate a bit early! (wink)

Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Raining still. We are gonna float away.

Busy, busy. Stuff you really don't care to hear about - hauling kids here and there, errands, etc.

BUT... I will share with you a bit of info I've received...

Jessica informed me tonight that she has a boyfriend. GULP! I am soo not ready for this. She's in highschool now. That means opportunity for dances and such. Movies? Hanging out together?

It's great that he goes to a different school. Not too much time together, so they will really enjoy the time they do have. Teen love.

She let me hear his voice mail. He's so country. Accent and all. She's the total opposite of him. Kinda sounds like Rich and myself. Scarey.

I'm wheeling with excitement for her. A boyfriend. Isn't that what everyone wants? Someone who thinks they are special, and is special to them? Old or young, we all just wanna be accepted. Having a boyfriends tells others that at least THIS person accepts you and wants to have a relationship with you. Makes you feel so special.

On the other hand.. my stomach is in knots. Momma is losing control. Not control as in CONTROL... but my baby is growing up. One day I will not know where she is and what she is doing. I just hope and pray I've instilled good morals and values in her.

I have a feeling my Rosary is gonna be used often.

She's my oldest. I've never done this before. Do I invite him over to meet him? Will he think I'm trying to meet the future son in law if I do this? Should I meet his parents? I'm sure I will if she is going to go over there ..but still...

"Hello? This is Jessica's mother. I'd like to meet the parents of the boy who will be dating our daughter."

Geeze..this is worse than I thought!

I think I'll let Rich handle it all. Poor boy. He has to meet the daddy.

Gnite.. sweet dreams.... I know my daughter is sleeping soundly with a smile on her lips :)

It's a quarter after two and it's still raining. No. Make that still pouring down rain. My house is dark. I need lights on to see things. This makes for very sleepy eyes.

Rich worked last night and is still sleeping. He is normally up by 1 on his first night back to work. The darkness and cool house makes for good sleeping weather.

All that rain makes me have to pee even more often. Blah!

And I have to get out in this weather tonight. The kids are watching a film at CCD about abuse and parents have to attend. Great. We'll all be soaked to the bone and looking like wet rats.

This weather makes my hair frizzy. Guess I'll be a frizzy rat.

Time to .... do something constructive.
It's still raining...

and will continue for a while now. Then we'll get a break for a day or two. Then it will start up again. My aunt sent me pics of snow from Whitehorse. They get a lot of snow. I bet we get just as much, in the form of rain!

Now it's pouring down rain. I may have to get out my boat. (snicker) That's what everyone thinks we do here on a daily basis anyway. People have some funny misconceptions about us folks down here in the bayous. Guess mine are just as silly about folks living in snow country.

It hasn't let up long enough for me to go check the rain guage. You will have to wait for an update after I watch the news. I can't seem to find it online...grrrr. Gimme a link that says "hey, wanna know your rainfall total for the last 24 hours? click here!" I dunno who designed our local tv stations web page. Lots of clickin and I haven't found what I am looking for.

Okay, time to get back to work. I've done most of my daily chores, my 15 minutes of zone cleaning and my one load of laundry for the day is folded and waiting to be put up. Gotta do something from my weekly list and I'm done.

Gonna check for work and maybe I'll be able to get some yoga in if there is none. Wish me luck! I gotta do SOMETHING before I go bonkers.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

you look beautiful...

That's what my husband told me today as I sat at my desk in sweats, tshirt, no makeup, hair pulled back like a hair band with one of those sweatbands.

He always tells me things like that when I'd least expect to be told. On Sundays when I'm dressed and dolled up I rarely get a comment, but when I'm plain Jane he can't tell me enough. Men are so silly.

I think I shocked him when he asked, "Why are you so beautiful today?"

My reply was "Because I'm in love."

Even his eyes smiled with that response.

Yup, he's a keeper.

Monday, February 09, 2004

The quickie version

My mom says I'm the only one she knows who can turn a short story into a novel. I'll do my best to give you the short version:

Saturday - Party for Sarah. Success! She had friends from school come and lots of family. She had a great time and I was so happy for her. As much as she doesn't like being the center of attention, she does like SOME attention.

D and I went to see LOTR. Whoa! Great movie. The time flew by. At the end D says, "That was so sad at the end. I cried." AWWWWWWW We had a great time.

Sunday - Church and Rich and I did some serious grocery shopping at Sam's and Market Basket. Don't grocery store chain names sound funny when you aren't from there? HAHA

I went to bed at 8:05, slept all night and at 6:00 did not want to wake up.

Could be my lack of iron due to severe blood loss. Don't ask! Be glad when that is over with! Should be a wonderful Valentines Days (grin) Sad that women have to plan their lives around their periods! Grrr..

Monday - worked, ate leftover soup MMM Relaxed. Now I'm gone to bed!

If I can make it thru this month.. well, then March will start and we do it all over again!

Gnite, Gracie!

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Where is my site counter? Who took it???

Oh... uhm... grrrr. If I try to do any work in the "templates" section, it usually messes up the tag board and/or the counter. Yup. Did it again. I'll have to look up the "code" and put it back on. Grrr. I know it's free... but still.. GRRR.

Today is Sarah's party. She'll be 9 next week, Feb 14th ;) Okay, okay, I won't go into the whole story of how she was conceived on our Anniversary and born ON her due date, and how she was the only girl born that day.. and how I was the First mom to go in the hospital on Vday and the LAST one to give birth. Nope, not gonna do it. Opps.

So normally about 3 days prior to any event taking place at the house I go thru a cleaning spree. More like I go bonkers. Not this time. I've got it all under control, and help from the family. They really pull thru when it's time.

Last night Daniel went to a skateboard park. It's not really a park. It's indoors with lots of ramps and stuff. Kids his age go there and it's really nice. He had a great time. Here in the neighborhood he is "king" of skateboard. I think he learned last night that you have to actually know how to ride it well, not just carry around a cool board and have some 'tude to go with it HAHA They are so cute to watch. There are some really small ones and man are they good. My stomach was flipping just watching them come down off the ramps. Glad my boy found a niche all for himself. I'm sure next week he'll be hitting me up to go back :)

The house is clean. Party goodies are set. My grandmother makes the cake every year. That's her contribution. It's a huge help. Mom is bringing cookies. I've got icecream and a pinata. Whoohooo!

It's to cold and wet outside, so party will be all indoors. Should be fun. Lots of screaming 8-9 yr old girls. Is it 4pm yet?

OHOHOH! This is to Dy, Laura and Denny - Daniel and I are going to see LOTR tonight! We hurried last week but were too late - sold out. Poor Daniel was so excited when we drove up at the theater. He had to take a minute to settle down he was so nervous. Too cute! He will be tickled pink to go see it tonight. Can't wait to tell him!! I'm so ready to see it. I've been prepped on I and II, and even caught some of it the other night on TV, so now i"m really understanding the whole saga. Should be really nice to snuggle up with D and popcorn and cokes for a few hours and get lost into a new world. I'll be getting home around 11... but well worth it.

Time for lunch! Gotta have my strength to get thru the par-tah! Toodles!

Thursday, February 05, 2004

I feel better now...

Thanks for asking :)

That's how I feel today. Icky. Yucky. Gross. Yes, it's THAT time, and it's hitting full force. Seems every other month it's bad. The icky weather doesn't help my mood either. I really thought I was gonna go postal this morning. I don't see how people in chronic pain deal on a daily basis. I can see where they'd want DRUGS! I need to go dig in my cabinet for some pain killers - even if they ARE 9 years old LOL. Midol/Pamprin ain't even touching this.

Enough of that... anyone watch Jessica and Nick?... too cute! I just think she is so innocent and adorable. No comments on how "blonde" she can be.. she's cute! They are so opposite in some things it kinda makes ya wonder how they fell in love and stayed. Sometimes it looks like he is raising her. Just think how you would been at say 18 with all that money? She'll learn life lessons. But in the meantime.. it's so darn funny. She is a little bit of each of us. We didn't know EVERYTHING when we were younger. Cept when we were teens. We knew it all.

Time to fold the laundry! toodles!

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I'm a mom on the go...

and I really should be soaking my head (aka washing my hair) in order to bring my youngest to the dentist. And I wonder why I'm always in a rush? Oh well..

Please remember that even with all prayer requests....we must go back and give thanks for the things we have received. Even if we didn't ask for them.
We cannot fully know God's greatness,
Wisdom, power, and care;
But it's enough to know that He
Is with us everywhere. —Hess

Eyes of faith can see God at work.

Yesterday was a bomb threat at my daughter's school. This was the third one in town in 24 hours. She was in PE at the time and called me on a friends cell phone to go get her as she was sitting in the stadium (like the bomb ain't gonna take out the stadium right next door folks!) freezing her hiney off. Today she is all congested and looks like she is dragging behind. I was more freaked than she was. I realized at that point we (our small town) are not immune to crazy people and the things they do. It could have very easily been a shooting. I was a wreck until she got home. To hug that child was the best thing I did that day. I was worn out last night from worrying.

I want to thanks to God for keeping my daughter safe. May He watch over my children every day. That is the only way I don't go crazy when they stop out the door each day. Who is there to protect them? Who is there to guide them? I can only teach them so much. The rest is up to them and His watching over them.

My youngest is soon to turn 9. NINE? Eight was such a great age for her. It fit her. Now she will be 9. That means in a few months all the kids will move up in ages; from 11 to 12 and from 14 to 15. It takes mom a little getting use to it. They are making me OLD!

We are expecting some really bad weather tonight. If ya don't know, wind freaks me out. Bad. We are expecting 1-3 inches of rain on our already soaked ground. We are at floodstages now and don't know if we can handle much more rain. We are also expecting strong winds and possible tornadoes, which are my biggest fear.

Please keep us in your prayers. I promise to do the same for you.

Take Care!