Friday, March 26, 2004

I confess

Yes, it's true. I read a few more blogs than I have listed on the side. I really need to update. But there are just some I like to keep to myself. They really are no big deal. Just blogs I've stumbled upon while blog hopping. Mostly about new moms or moms of teens. Good reading.

Yes. I also blog hop. There are some very creative people out there. They have such a way with words it just draws you back again and again. Can you imagine in 25 yrs what blogs will have evolved into? Crazy!

I slept so hard last night. But I felt really good when I woke up. Nutting better than a good nite's sleep.

Dropped Daniel off at a meeting for Church and finally found a store that had my ink in stock. This time I bought one of every color! I'll keep my OWN shelves stocked at home. You'd think they would order some when the stock is low?? Nope. "We get a truck once a week and we don't know what's on it." How can you NOT know? Somebody has to order it and to order you have to know what is low. Geeze.

Got the ink. Now I'm ready to go!

Tomorrow is a lil house duty, load of laundry and then some shopping.

::::: drumroll:::: Then it's crawfish at my sister's! MMMMMM Can't wait.

The kids will be eating pizza. I'm sure they'll moan and groan at the heavenly smell of boiled crawfish, corn and potatoes. MMM

Lemme get to bed so tomorrow will get here sooner :)


Thursday, March 25, 2004

Who? What? HUH?

I was totally confused today when Rich kissed me before he left for work. I felt horrible today and had to take a nap. At 3pm I hit the pillow and never looked back. I musta looked pretty dopey when Rich kissed me. He was just a grinning at me LOL I was in a fog pretty much after that until 8pm. Now I'm ready to go back to bed.

I must be running a low-grade temperature. I felt all achy, my eyes were burning and felt extra watery, I drank water all day and kept running to the potty. My eyes were so tired. Ever had your head bob when you are in the car? I was doing that at my desk today! Hope tomorrow is better.

Rich brought me back a Frosty from Wendy's at lunch. Awww. Wonder if I can convince him tomorrow that chocolate would make me feel better. LOL

My plum tree is in full bloom and smells sinfully sweet! It looks covered in snow. I need to try and get a pic of it tomorrow.

Leftover stew is THE best. So my kids say. I have no appetite. I KNOW I'm sick now!


Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Haircuts all around!

Whoo hooo. We feel so much lighter! :) And look soo much better LOL

We had a lil cool snap come rolling in so I've been outside when I can to enjoy the weather. Tuesday night Rich set up the 2-burner butane cooker for me to make meatball stew (aka big bump stew as my cousin Randy called it) The kids said the whole neighborhood was smelling like roux hahahah Food always tastes better when it's cooked outside.

I cooked and Rich changed out the hot water heater. Not that it needed it - but soon it would have. He was in repairman mood. Whoo hoo!

My ceiling fan is hung, rewiring is complete, house is washed, fruit trees are trimmed, garden plot has been tilled twice already, lawn cut, weeds wacked. We are set for awhile now :::crossing fingers::::

Can't wait to get the garden started. Nutting better than growing your own stuff. The kids think it is neat to SEE how stuff grows. Vines for cukes and cantelope, bushes for tomatoes and peppers, etc. Their lil minds are just expanding with each garden season.

I hope they grow up and carry on with some of this stuff. Sometimes I think we have to come full circle with things. I never dreamed I'd be this way. Well, maybe. I wasn't a frilly girlie-girl and I liked simple things. Glad I found someone who feels the same way I do.

We make a good team. And that took time to evolve. It took many ups and downs. Ya gotta have the downs to really appreciate the ups. The downs either break ya or make ya stronger.

This Saturday we are going to my sister's house. Mom, dad, Linda and I will feast on boiled crawfish. MMMMMMM

It's good to be in the South! Gnite!

Monday, March 22, 2004

I have been in a foul mood!

Lack of sleep? PMS? Who knows. Who cares. Sometimes a mom has gotta set them straight!

Get those clothes picked up. Put this away. WHY is the cat in the house??

They just stand there and look at my like I've got snakes coming from my head.

Maybe I should? I bet they'd move faster!

Yesterday was so pretty! I wanted to do SOMETHING outside. Coupled with the fact that Rich has been working on the wiring in the house - that means no electricity - it's best to be outside.

What's a gal to do? The kids mowed. I weedeater. Until the darn thing ran out of string GRR.. so then I weeded the flower bed. Sarah and I vacuumed the 'burban and then washed it. We even sprayed some smelling good in it! Whoo hooo.

I should have known not to weedeat. OMG.. my SINUSES! My head is so congested. Not my nose. I can breathe.. but my sinuses are so congested. The pressure! The pollen count has been really high lately too - I see all the yellow dust on my truck hood.

I have sneezed so much. So much that I get dizzy and nearly wet my pants! Oh the joys of getting older. Blah!

Least the yard looks good. Well, the back yard. I ran of string. Rich bought me more today. Guess what i'll be doing tomorrow? I'll be wearing my mask. you can count on that.

Torture? Prolly. I do like to work outside tho. Especially when the weather is this cool and you don't drip in sweat.

On a good note... my new ceiling fan is up in my room and looks wonderful! I'm still on the hunt for an iron headboad (old fashioned kind). We have new wiring for the bedroom and kitchen now. I'll sleep much better now! :)

Oh, I had bonko tonight. My chest hurts from laughing.. so much that I almost wet my pants! We sure passed a good time tonight, yeah. :)

Friday, March 19, 2004


First job: Babysitter!
First screen name: :)
First self purchased CD: Heck, I dunno!
First piercing/tattoo: Ears - 7 yrs old.
First true love: I thought it was love.. but it wasn't. I know what love is NOW!
First enemy: ??


Last big car ride: We did drive over to Wal-Mart earlier LOL
Last kiss: When Rich came home from work.
Last library book checked out: Soapmaking
Last movie seen: We just watched "The Missing"
Last food consumed: Popeye's Shrimp.
Last phone call: Ms. Sheri :)
CD played: Jessica Simpson
Last annoyance: My neighbor's loud music - RAP!
Last pop drank: Diet coke with lime
Last ice cream eaten: Banana split by Blue Bell
Last time scolded: ?
Last shirt worn: Green tshirt


I AM: A very private person.
I WANT: for nothing!
I HAVE: A great family.
I WISH: I was more easy going.
I HATE: going somewhere for the first time.
I FEAR: Tornadoes.
I HEAR: the keyboard clicking as I type.. and the sounds of night :)
I SEARCH: for lots of things... mostly to become a better person.
I WONDER: what life will be like in 20 yrs.
I REGRET: Not sending Marilyn's bear to her before she passed.
I LOVE: the sound of rain on the tin roof, the smell of fresh cut grass, the top of a baby's head, and how my husband touches me :)
I ALWAYS: try to do my best.
I AM NOT: always as organized as I'd like to be.
I DANCE: whenever a good song comes on! Ask my kids.
I SING: In church, the car, with the radio...
I CRY: not because i"m hurt or sad.. but because things touch me differently now.

YES or NO:


DO YOU...?

HAVE A CRUSH: Only on Sam Elliot's voice!
THINK YOURE A HEALTH FREAK: No, but i like to try!
CURRENT HAIR COLOR: Getting grayer!


COLOR: green
MONTH: November
SONG(S): 80s, 90s... and current stuff
SEASON: fall
DRINK: diet rite!


CUDDLE OR MAKE OUT: Cuddle.. which usually leds to making out, which leads to...


GONE TO THE MOVIES? No, the movies came to us (we rented movies)
SAID 'i love you'?: Yes
WRITTEN IN A JOURNAL?: uhm... blogging now

Thursday, March 18, 2004

We are so ... country

As I type this, I can see Ellie Mae's (Sarah's) reflection in the computer monitor. She is bouncing up and down on the mattresses that are awaiting trash pickup on the side of the road. The tree across the ditch (yes, we have ditches) is shading the mattresses. Ellie Mae will soon have all her turtle babies and kitties bouncing along side of her LOL

Today is Jessica's Bday. My oldest is 15. We did the normal run thru the events of the day she was born and how excited everyone was as she was the first grandbaby on both sides. Then she asked what time she was born. HMMMMM.

So, this morning at 5:52 I jumped in her bed and said, "OMGOSH! IT'S A GIRL! AND SHE WEIGHS 9 LB 1 OZ!" She had a huge sappy grin on her face and was giggling. Then I sang "happy bday" in my not-so-good voice.

This woke Sarah up, who I found sitting on the couch with half-open eyes when I returned to the living room to finish my Pilates. YES! I woke up at 5:30 to make sure I'd have time to do them today! Felt good! And I've been having trouble sleeping again.. ugh.. i really need to go to the doctor for that.

Anyway. Sarah says, "Mom?? You are doing Pilates it the middle of the night?" LOL It was still dark outside and she's thinking I"m doing this stuff in the middle of the night?

All the kids were up and moving and chattering.. was good to get up a few mins early. We may have to do that more often. I hate running around late in the mornings.. or just rushing in general.

The laundry is calling and hopefully I can get a soak in the whirlpool before it's too late so I can sleep. OHoo.. maybe I'll take me some Tylenol PM!? Thas some gud stuff!


Tuesday, March 16, 2004

crazy thoughts..

Okay, yes, I'm strange. I often have crazy thoughts. Like, which side of the bread to put my peanut butter on and which side to put the jelly. It really does matter you know.

Same goes with butter on toast. One side of the bread just screams louder, "BUTTER ME!" Crazy I tell ya.

Today I worked hard. Not really pushing myself, but it seemed as if my fingers flew on the keyboard. I pumped out a pretty hefty amount of lines today. Should make for an easier rest of the week.

The kids are testing this week in school. Why is it when the TEACHER says something my kids think it is written in stone? Due to testing, the school sent home a paper with suggestions for "brain foods" to have for breakfast. Sarah insists we buy these things so she can eat them LOL

Crazy thoughts. Runs in the family.

The weather here is beautiful. I open the front door, have the attic fan on and enjoy the breeze and the birds! I think it got up to 73/74 today? Hopefully tomorrow will be just as nice. Maybe I"ll fix a sandwhich and sit on the porch and eat it? I could use some sun.

Sarah has such a way with animals. She will either work with animals or have a FARM full of them. We have one cat who is not so tame. We all have tried to pet it or at least talk to it in hopes of making it a little tamer. Daniel finally was able to pet it the other day. Today? Sarah is holding it, walking around on the porch while I read the newspaper. I look up and the cat is hanging all limp in her arms.. legs dangling.. and just a purring! I even was able to pet him. That's Sarah for ya. She just has a way with critters.

My bed is calling and my husband is actually ready for bed at a decent hour. I don't know how he does it. Most nights he gets about 6 hrs sleep.


Sunday, March 14, 2004

It's been a zippy few days!

We've been really busy round the homestead. We bought a new pressure washer and have been some washing fools. The house looks like it received a fresh coat of paint. Amazing what some bleach and some high-pressured water can do for a house.

Next, we bought another mower. We've been married for almost 16 years and have never had to buy a mower. That's right. Never. We've had them given to us in trade for work done, given to us for parts and then Rich put them together and made one working one, or he's found parts here and there and put them together. The same can be said for weedeaters. Oh wait. We have bought one. Just one.

So Rich got himself a used mower. An automatic one. The more you push the gas, the faster you go. Like a car. Good thing we mowed when we did. The rain came today. It rained so much so quickly that our ditches in the front yard were spilling into our yard. I've never seen that. Normally they drain quick enough not to spill over. It rained all day. A hard rain too.

Next, we bought new mattresses. In my newly remodeled room they feel so good. Rich's back a was hurting so we decided 11 years was long enough to have the funky lil mattress we had. Our bed is so high I have to tippy-toe and push myself into the bed. When I sit on the side and let my legs hang, my feet don't touch the floor. They don't even come close.

We slept soo good last night and I"m sure tonight will be even better. I even bought new sheets with extra deep pockets for the new mattresses. Whoohoo.

The next thing I bought was more of a gag but it turned out to be pretty neat. Mom and I were talking about the natural bra we had seen on TV. Of course I'm not gonna order if off TV, but if I were to see it in town while shopping.... hmmmmm. YUP. Couldn't pass up the splurge.

I couldn't wait to get home and try those puppies out! After half-a-dozen stick on and peel offs.. rewetting and getting one side higher than the other I gave up.

This morning I tried again. After a few maneuvers and laying on my back in the bed (making them lay just so) I finally managed to get one side looking okay. Who would have thought you could get out of breath trying to get a silicone boobie to fit properly???

FINALLY! I got it. And... it worked! It really does work. It looked like I had a bra on with no straps digging into my shoulders, no cutting under the arms across my sides and no tight strap in the back. I could shimmy, I could shake, heck! I could even just about jump around and you couldn't tell I didn't have a bra on! It was total freedom from a bra but with the support and look of a bra.

Jessica was freaking out that I was going to wear this to church. She had visions of me going to receive Communion and it landing with a plop on the floor. LOL Never happened. Everything stayed in place. I did worry about half way through that people would not see a bra line and think, "oh my, that woman did not even bother to wear a bra to church!" OH well.. I was well covered and well contained. I'm telling ya.. these lil things work great once you figure out how to put them on.

I was tempted to draw a "guide line" with an ink pen until I figured with my luck I"ll get in a wreck and the paramedic will rip my shirt open to zap my heart back in rhythm only to die laughing from the pen lines etched on my skin and she will just KNOW what it's from because she is wearing one too!

I've opted to wear it around the house for a few days to get use to it. Rich thought you wore it UNDER your bra. HUH? He couldn't figure out why I would want to wear two bras when I hated wearing the one. Men.

He arrived home from work tonight to find me doing pilates wearing my natural bra :) Now "the girls" are drying in their plastic keeper awaiting for tomorrow.
Wonder how many people really wear these things????

Gnite.. my bed is calling and I need to answer it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Where to begin...

I've got so much to blog about.

Let's see...

bought a new pressure washer and cleaned the front porch, house and rafters of the porch... it needed it! The porch is a few shades lighter and looks new again. We cleaned off all the junk laying around and added some chairs, bench, moved things around, etc.. ya know, make it look spruced up.

Went in for my evaluation today. Nuttin makes ya walk a lil taller than when the boss acknowledges all you have done. Evaluation went extremely well. I tend to put a large amount of pressure on myself - even my boss said to cut myself some slack - but she's the same way so can totally relate. It was good to go in and see everyone too :)

Pilates - still going good! I actually look forward to doing them! Yesterday, Daniel and I did the arm workout on another pilates DVD. Whoa, Nellie! My arms are in need! They are a lil tender today but nothing major.

I'll tell ya.. if i I have to stand too long.. the backs of my legs HURT! And my rearend hurts too. It's like they are really tight and standing too long hurts. Maybe I'm locking my knees? I had to ask Rich if he could SEE my bubble butt today. That's what it feels like, like my rear is riding high! Freaky feeling. Not that I have this wonder-butt, but I can definitely tell something is happening back there. And my upper legs feel solid and strong. Not all muscle protruding but just solid and really strong. Gotta work on that upper body now!

Right now I need my sleep! Maybe tomorrow I can nap? In the sun on the clean porch with the cats...... heaven.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Cell phones...

are wonderful things to have. IF you know how to use them! People, people, take your private convo outside. Not all of us waiting in line at the pathology lab want to hear about TammyLynn and her wild weekend! And, no, the gal you know working at the pathology lab does not need to be handed your cellphone so she can talk to TammyLynn personally. She is at work and we are all waiting in line to get lab work done! And the folks behind me aren't looking too happy while you chat on the phone and your kids are laying on the floor reading a book in the doorway. And your youngest child is rude. Perhaps you should watch him. REALLY close. Is he sucking on a nickel! HELLO????

Can you feel my frustration??? I'd always want to say something but I never do. I can't word things the right way and it ends up all uglee. So I'm better off not saying anything. I figure what goes around come around.... we are at a lab ya know

This has not been a good week for me and it's just Monday. The other gal has tomorrow off. She's having some tests done. That means I get to do her work and then mine. We have good doctors lined up for tomorrow so it shouldn't be too bad. I'll have to work a longer-than-normal day, but hey, the $ will be good and I have Friday off so I need to make up the difference.

My week being not good is not because the other gal has's this dayam monthly thing! Good grief... how many pads can a person go through in a day??? I've got to talk to my doctor when I see him.. like.. sometimes this month or he won't give me more refills on my medications. Then it's yearly checkup time too. OH joy. I see my regular M.D. for that because I'm done having babies and don't have major problems in that department. Except for every other month I have horrid periods and cramps. Oh, and pms... did I mention PMS?

I cried on and off all day yesterday. For no reason. Well, PMS is the reason. I just felt totally drained. I wanted to get up and spend the day outside with the family doing stuff in the yard. The day was beautiful. But my body did not want to. I had no motivation. No umph. No drive... nothing, ziltch. Just tears. Then I'm telling this stuff to Rich and he's rubbing my back going "Awww, I"m sorry your feel bad hurts." That just made me cry more. I was so wimpy. Then we are laughing at my wimpyness and I'm crying more. He asked if I had taken Cramprin (pamprin) and that sent the giggles and the tears yet again. Once I cried I felt better. Strange how that works.

Today is better. Hopefully by Friday I'll be feeling like my old self again. Hurry Friday.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Stolen from Derbs........

Ten movies you'd watch over and over:
Gone with the Wind
Urban Cowboy
Practical Magic

Nine people you enjoy the company of:

Eight things you're wearing:
Night shirt
A smile
Face cream

Seven things on your mind:
Getting everyone moving and dressed for Church
Bagging meat and putting in freezer
Putting some sunless tan on my poor legs
Taking something for my cramps
Gotta take my other meds
Getting some coffee!

Six objects you touch every day:

Five things you do everyday:
Brush my teeth
Take meds
Kiss my husband

Four bands or musical artists that you couldn't live

Rebecca St. James
Eric Clapton
Crystal Lewis
Tim McGraw

Three of your favorite songs of the moment:
"Hey Ya" Outkast
"I like the way you move" Outkast
"White Flag" Dido

Two people have influenced your life the most:
My mom

One person who has been nice to you today:

Friday, March 05, 2004

No news is good news... right?

Nothing really to report on the homefront. Work is slow and I have now hand-wiped (yes, you heard that correctly) the bathroom. This includes the baseboards, walls and floor. I must be insane. It also helps that the bathroom was recently remodeled and there is nothing more gratifying that standing back after cleaning and seeing it sparkle.

Oh, knowing it will stay that way for a few hours (kids are in school) also adds to my cheap thrill LOL

My heart goes out to Derbs. Having been there myself... it hurts. And it really hurts to see those in your family hurting and you cannot really do or say anything to alleviate the pain. It's just a part of life and something they must endure on their own. I've heard many a stories of Shelby and know she is a great addition to their family.

If you don't blog hop (what? you don't???) At the very least, you much go to Laura's page and check out the cards she makes. Amazing! Simple, direct and FRESH! She's so crafty!! Oh heck, check out her entire web site!

Lemme get back to work. It's FRIDAY!

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I'm exhausted!

EEG, paid the truck note, picked up lunch, home, ate, typed... I'm pooped!

EEG is over and we are back home. I've run out of work, so I figured I'd catch everyone up.

Photic stimulation did not induce a seizure YEAH. That is good news. I'll know more next Friday. I don't see Daniel getting off his medications soon though. Rats.

Last night I didn't get much sleep. Rich took down the ceiling fan to put the ceiling tiles up and I haven't picked another one out. He still has some rewiring to do... he WILL turn off all electricity to put new fan up. Then it's trim around window, one door and molding top and bottom. Oh, and the floor. The floor is original oak floors. They are ugly now.. but ooowwweee when they will be sanded and sealed. My, my. I'm gonna have me a nice floor there.

Three o'clock can't get here fast enough. I have the covers turned down, I'm ready to GO!

GRrrrr, boss just called. Gotta work until 3 for sure... here I thought maybe I'd get off early. Oh well. easy cheezy stuff :)

Lemme scoot.

I'm exhausted!

EEG is over and we are back home. I've run out of work, so I figured I'd catch everyone up.

Photic stimulation did not induce a seizure YEAH
I'm a mom...

and I can only take so much. It's days like these that I really do my best to hold it together. By this evening I will have pushed the limit and finally break.

Daniel has what is called partial-complex seizures - a form of epilepsy. It's is controlled by medications and you'd never know anything was wrong. But I do. My child is not perfect. Not that my other two are , but you know what I mean.

Today he goes to the neurologist for another EEG to see where we stand. Last year's exam was better. The doctor seems to think Daniel will outgrow this. I hope so.

I'm fine on a daily basis. When we have an appointment I get really angry. Why my child? Why HIM??? He is so sweet, so cuddly. It's just not fair.

I try to remember that God only gives us what we can handle. I don't WANT to handle this. I don't want doctors and seizures and medications and checking to be sure he's taking them and follow up appointments and EEGs and worrying about his future.

Will this last forever? Will he be on medications forever?? What things happen to those on long-term medications? Will he have trouble as a teen and driving, finding a job.. a girlfriend? Will his children be affected by this??

It just angers me. And it scares me.

But I will continue to count my blessings.. because he IS a sweet and cuddly lil man who I'm very proud of. Who does not look at himself as "different" from anybody else. This epilepsy does not control or consume his life. It's something he's dealt with for so long it's the norm for him. He accepts it and carries his burdon in silence.

So, kiss your kids and say a prayer that you are blessed with them.. they didn't have to pick you as parents ya know.