Friday, March 26, 2004

I confess

Yes, it's true. I read a few more blogs than I have listed on the side. I really need to update. But there are just some I like to keep to myself. They really are no big deal. Just blogs I've stumbled upon while blog hopping. Mostly about new moms or moms of teens. Good reading.

Yes. I also blog hop. There are some very creative people out there. They have such a way with words it just draws you back again and again. Can you imagine in 25 yrs what blogs will have evolved into? Crazy!

I slept so hard last night. But I felt really good when I woke up. Nutting better than a good nite's sleep.

Dropped Daniel off at a meeting for Church and finally found a store that had my ink in stock. This time I bought one of every color! I'll keep my OWN shelves stocked at home. You'd think they would order some when the stock is low?? Nope. "We get a truck once a week and we don't know what's on it." How can you NOT know? Somebody has to order it and to order you have to know what is low. Geeze.

Got the ink. Now I'm ready to go!

Tomorrow is a lil house duty, load of laundry and then some shopping.

::::: drumroll:::: Then it's crawfish at my sister's! MMMMMM Can't wait.

The kids will be eating pizza. I'm sure they'll moan and groan at the heavenly smell of boiled crawfish, corn and potatoes. MMM

Lemme get to bed so tomorrow will get here sooner :)


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