Friday, April 30, 2004


Okaaaay.. After visiting Derbs' blog, I discovered you can now have a title bar! Learn something new daily. I'm easily pleased!

The kids and I went out for dessert. We had a wonderful supper here at home and no dessert. I had to pick up Jessica from the movies with friends and decided we'd go out for dessert after that.

The kids insisted that we could not go into a restaurant and just order dessert. HAHAHA

We ended up going to Starbucks. Must be THE thing to do - hang out and drink coffee. I admit, I LOVE coffee. All kinds, all flavors. I can drink it anytime of the day. But these people are using coffee as some sort of excuse to hang out and be seen. Move over and gimme my coffee, please.

So after the kids had hot cocoa, J had some frozen coffee (ick) and I had a vanilla latte and we all had a bit of each others dessert... we were stuffed.

Sometimes ya just gotta go out for dessert!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004


Thank you so much for all your prayers. The nurse called today and said that Daniel's report came back all normal! His "spot" where the mole was is healing nicely and doesn't hurt.

When I told him that the nurse called, he dropped to his knees with hands in the air and said "Thank you!" Then I told him about all the wonderful people who had been praying for him. He was smiling and said,"I was praying too." My eyes got all watery on that one.

Thank you again. I know those prayers help me to remain calm during the past week and not be consumed with worry.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Already? Time flies when you are having fun!

I had bonko tonight. I'm pooped! We had a blast. My sides hurt from laughing. The bed is calling

If ya wanna see how much color says about you, you need to check out this site Pretty much nailed me.

Yes dear, I'm on my way. Gnite!

Sunday, April 25, 2004


It's church and then tidy up the house. I've heard that the bigger your house is the easier it is to keep tidy because you aren't crammed into space. I just think we need to get rid of some STUFF! You can't have 16 yrs of married stuff and kids with their own stuff without purging now and again. I shouldn't complain. We've been really busy over the last few weekends and that's normally when I do some serious cleaning. Who wants to clean when there if life to live???

Can you tell I'm feeling better since I started taking iron? Feels great. The weather has been beautiful and that pulls me in the yard after work and weekends. I'll tidy up when it's just too hot to go outside anymore. I think we have 3-4 solids months of that.

I go back to the doctor sometime next week. I'll have to have more bloodwork done and then make an appt. Hopefully the iron levels will have come up. I've got a few questions about the NSAID I'm taking too. We've seen the doc more these past 4 months than all the other times combined. Hopefully we will all get good news.

My best friend, Robin, has put Daniel's name on a prayer list at her church. Over 100 people. Awesome. They must be saying prayers for ME too. I'm a natural born worrier and I've been really calm thusfar. Prayer works.

Speaking off... I"m off to church. I'll say a Rosary for all of ya. Some of ya need it more than others. (chuckle)

Saturday, April 24, 2004

It's been two weeks....

since I did pilates. I'm really feeling it. Katie always gives me inspiration to exercise. Hope she feels better soon! I may have to send popcorn and MMs through the computer! So today I gotta go my pilates.

I haven't done them because I'm feeling so much better that I'm busy doing other things. Out in the yard, with the kids, friends. It's nice!

Last night Ms. Sheri, her two of her rugrats, Me and two of my rugrats went to dinner then the mall. It's nice to get out with others. After the mall I drove around the seawall (I don't know why they call it the seawall, far from the SEA) It's actually a man-made lake. There is a wooden boardwalk onto the water with piers. It's really nice. It was really breezy but felt soo good. No mosquitoes!!! It's all lit up so I felt really safe with just me and my kids. Some people were night fishing.. some teens were walking and holding hands. There is an interactive fountain that sprays water for kids to play in and a small playground. We had the fountain to ourselves and the park. Granted, it was 10pm, do you know where your mother is? Yup, she was at the park with her kids. Kinda neat to do those crazy things that you'd usually never do otherwise. I know the kids thought I was THE best mom ever. Memories! I'll learn to bring my camera along one day. Speaking of, I've got to get some photos printed.

Off to do some pilates and then some laundry.

Wonder what our next adventure will be....

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I survived day two.

My husband's jeep is painted and looks nice. It's a CJ 5 - sorry, you'll have to search for the pic yourself on the web. I couldn't find what I wanted and gave up. It's '66 if that helps ya.

Spencer was not joking about Mercury in retrograde! My word! Knowing the how's and why's of what's going on helps. Crazy, I tell ya, just crazy. I'll be so glad when 4/30 rolls off the calendar.

Katie isn't feeling well. I don't know all the details, but apparently it is really got the best of her. Well wishes to you Ms. Katie! Let us know what you have - I've got lots of home remedies. I'm sure Denny does too. (grin)

I stumbled across Katie's blog through another blog (Spencer's) and well, like Derbs says, reading Blogs can get addictive! One link leads to another.. and another. Then you find yourself saving their blog to favs. Pretty soon you are checking in on blogs daily to see what's going on in other people's lives. Email? Who has time for THAT? I've got blogs to read on my lunch hour and 30 minutes goes by reaaaaaally fast. Some folks have some pretty interesting lives going on.

Speaking of Derbs.... it's her neice's bday today. Happy Day to Emma-Doodle! She's a ripe ole 6 today. I can remember when she was born. She had a web page and I'd look at it just about daily and say a prayer for her. She was soo tiny but full of spunk, which she still carries with her to this day. She is a miracle and I know how much she is loved. That's a good thing to have - LOVE. {{{EMMA}}} maaaaany mooooooore!

That means I have known Derbs ... for.... over 6 years! Time flies.

Then that whole Mercury thing slinks up again.

Daniel has a mole on his chest. It's kinda like a mole/wart; black in color like a mole, but kinda rough like a wart. I noticed the other day it was more bumpy, like really bumpy, and it was wanting to lift up around the edges like you could peel it off. OUCH! Naturally the web had horrible things to say about moles changing color or appearance so an appointment was made. The doctor cut it off and sent it in for tests. We'll know in 5-7 days. While one part of me says the odds are too slim for anything to be wrong.. the other half is saying all kinda icky stuff. Ya know, worse case scenarios. Not good for a person who is a natural born worrier. I'll keep you posted.

On the good end.. my iron levels must be coming up - I have more engery, don't feel as drained, no racing pulse, no shortness of breath!

Gnite from down south.

Monday, April 19, 2004


What is it with people these days. Particularly dumb people. Oh yeah. They are dumb. I wonder how these people make it thru everyday life.

There are a few rules. Ya know, I just thought everyone knew these rules. They apparently do not.


1. Just because my husband and your boyrfriend are friends does not mean that we have to be friends. Understand?

2. On the above note, if you insist on going with your boyfriend to his friends house while they work on the friends truck, call ahead and see what the wife will be doing that day. Do not just barge on over. She may have better things to do than entertain you.

3. On the above note, do not bring your childen along just assuming that this would be a good time for all them to play. My kids have school during the week. I am not here to entertain nor see about your boyfriends child. Just because he was out of school today does not mean mine are too. Again, call ahead!

4. On THAT note - please feed your children!!! I do not mind of your child gets hungry. I do not mind if they ask for a snack. Please do not let your children rumage thru my cabinets and help himself to food. Children are children.... and they have to be taught. By adults. Are you not the adult?? It is a reflection on you. I feel very happy to know that someone is at so much ease to make themselves at "home" in my home. But when this is basically the first time you have really visited my home, please, don't get too loose. It annoys me. Really bad. What annoyed me most of all was that they left the house this morning and apparently did not feed this child. Nor did they pick him up anything for breakfast. Nor did they pick him up anything to snack on. Sorry. Guess I"m an anal mom. I usually went prepared with foods for my kids or I bought them something at the store - beef jerky, peanut butter crackers, peanuts, etc. ACK! Oh yah, then girlfriend comes in and whispers, "ya got something to drink??" like today was supposed to be a party?

You'd have to know the long, drawn out details of the past history we have with these people to understand. They typically showed up at mealtimes with hungry kids. Oh, they just happened to stop by. Whatcha got cooking there, Ms Rachel??

As you can tell, I had unwanted company today. The girlfriend cannot be out of earshot or eyeshot of her man. I am soo glad Rich and I are beyond that point. I know my man loves me and vice versa. We don't have to act all mushy in front of others - it's an act. I don't have to follow so close behind him that I can sniff his fart before even he does. Get a life and let your boyfriend have one too. Sometimes he just wants to be with the guys.. and do guy things.. and talk about guy things. And the other guys don't want you hearing what they have to say!

They are due back tomorrow. Can you tell i'm just about to jump out of my skin with excitement? Whatever.

Sunday, April 18, 2004


This should really be called Moody Parents.

Rich and I decided that we have been all really working hard and needed a break. A weekend get-a-way would be pefect. After finally settling on Moody Gardens we informed the kids. They were thrilled.

The drive there was great. Good timing on the Ferry and everything! We noticed the "main drag" had barricades on the cut throughs and the cops were all sitting outside under tents with chairs and icechests, but didn't pay much mind to it. We should have asked. Traffic was light and the beach was blocked off so that you could only go one way. This, along with the barricades, made you go in one huge loop from the beach, up a road until the main drag, down the main drag until you hit another side road and then you were at the beach again. Okay, whatever.

Moody Gardens was a blast. We opted for a per person day pass. This enabled us to see all the exhibits, ride the paddle boat and watch a 3-D IMaxx movie. Whoopie! We could have spent the entire day at one exhibit! So much learning! The kids and I loved it. Rich was okay with it. Guess he didn't grow up having vacations like this. I did - it was every-chance-you-got learning! FUN!

It was the off season so things were not packed and you had plenty of time to see each exhibit. We toured the Aquarium and the Rain Forest, watched the 3-D movie and went on the Paddle Boat around the bay.

Before we knew it 6pm here and we were starving. We opted to forego eating at Moody Gardens and go to a nice restaurant instead.

The one-way driving should have clued us in. This weekend was Beach Party Weekend. Imagine 150,000 college spring breakers. OMG. I have never been so disgusted in so long.

Let me just say this:

1. Drive. This means keep the traffic moving. Do not park your car in the street and leave it while you are hugging and groping on the "girls gone wild in Galveston" as they girate and grind. It was so slow that people would actually get out of their vehicles, go to the port-a-potty and come back to the car and it had not moved!!! One truck had BBQ pit in the back and were able to cook this way because the traffic moved so slow. It took us 4 hours to go 22 miles or less. This was with 4 lanes of traffic.

2. Do not drive like an idiot. This means drive straight. Do not cut your wheels as though you are going to enter the lane of traffic on the side of us only to cut your wheels back the other way and to the same to the opposite lane of traffic. They did this over and over again. So every car was zig-zagged down the road. Annoying! If someone lets you go head of them into their lane of traffic, please do not stop and let 5 of your buddies go ahead of you now so that you will all be in the same lane. You WILL see them again I promise, and even have time to get out and check out each others' rides!

3. Girls. Control yourselves. Do not girate and grind in a guys face while bending over and then stand straight and pull your bathing suit or shorts out of the crack of your ass. That suddenly matters now? Do not allow boy after boy to film you or take your digi pic as you hump the air and your best friend hikes up your skirt so we all know what color undies or thong you have on. Thongs. They are okay if you have the body. If you are riding as a passenger on your man's motorcycle and your dainty lil feet are propped ever so nicely on the foot pedals so that your behind is now heart shaped and your bossom is nestled deep into his back.. please make sure your skirt is long enough for you to sit on it to hold it down. We do not want to see your thong and your butt cheeks totally exposed. If you want to be so brazen as to not even wear a thong with your skirt, as it sits flopped up on your hips due to the breeze, please be sure your aforementioned cheeks are not full of scars!! I couldn't help but wonder what kinda man wants his girlfriend riding on the back his bike while all the other men get a good eye shot of what he's getting in private. If their mamm's only saw them!

4. Buy clothes that fit. If you have to hike up your pants every three steps you take, they are too big. What's so attractive about our shorts riding low on your hips and seeing your underwear? Okay, so we can see that you can afford to buy JoeBoxers. Geeze. Get a life. Keep your clothes ON your body and let the women use a lil imagination! We don't want a peep show in public. If you have to walk and hold your shorts/pants up the entire time, they again are too big. One guy had a rodeo belt buckle on and the thing was so heavy he had to walk the entire time holding onto the buckle so his pants would stay on. What's the point?

5. CHILDREN SHOULD NOT PERMITTED TO BE THERE. Our children were with us. We did not want to be there. These people had children (either their own or lil siblings) I watched the van in front of us for hours as these two girls, ages 8 or so and 11, jumped out and humped the air, tootsie rolled and shook their tail ends for all to see each time the traffic came to a stop. The 8-year-old was constantly looking around to see if anyone was watching her. She took lots of pics with a digi camera of all kinds of guys and girls. While these children thought it was FUN to be a part of this adult party, I could only image what their views would become on casual sex and giving oral under the table in the library in high school later on in life.

6. Pot/drinking. We saw and smelled so much that I'm amazed we were not high ourselves. I guess the exhaust fumes counteracted it.

7. Music. The truck behind us played the music so loud that it was pointless to turn our radio on. Our empty stomachs vibrated for 4 hours as this asshole played the same song over and over. Baaaarump. Bump. Buuuuuuuuuuuummp. Baaaaarummpity-bump. Ugh! At one point Jessica screamed into her pillow and said 'WILL YOU JUST STOP ALREADY!?"

If we would have been 18-21, this would have been THE perfect weekend. Everyone was all about meeting others, having a good time and showing off their pimped rides. I saw so many tvs in cars and stereo systems that were worth more than my house and cars combined! There was no violence (though a few times we started getting worried) and everyone was generally nice.

I may sound really old, but I'm okay with that!! I did party hard when I was younger, but I always had morals! You can have a good time and not let everyone see ya bidniss!

We left Moody Gardens at 6pm. Boarded the ferry at 10:07 and ate supper at midnight. We drove all they way home and arrived at 2pm. I was so tired. We decided our next trip would consist of Rich and Daniel going on a 1/2 day fishing trip in the Gulf and the girls and I would shop the Strand and we'd all play on the beach the next day. We'll go back and visit the remainder of Moody Gardens too. I'll also check the calender of events a bit closer next time and have a map of Galveston handy!

Talk about a whirlwind weekend!

Thursday, April 15, 2004

I've been MIA

But I've been found! I dunno if that is a good thing yet.

We have been very busy since Easter. The kids are on spring break and are having a ball. They even include Sarah in with them. It's tuff being the only girl on the block. The 4-year-old across the street goes to day care so she's not home. Sarah likes playing with the boys, but I think guns and kicking and zombies gets old fast. Yesterday after work I sat outside in the sun and watched her swing and we watered the garden and played with the dog. She was happy.

Jessica has been babysitting a lot here lately. She is saving up for her car. She wants a convertible. Actually, she wants ANYTHING. She'll have to take driver's ed next year. Oh the joy and gray hairs!

Sarah got a net from the Easter Bunny. Before you go gawking saying "What kinda Easter is that?" You first must understand that we give a bunny, beef jerky, a candy bar or two and a prize in their baskets. They don't need the sugar and they really prefer candy bars to easter candies, and they LOVE jerky! The bunny is tradition, and well, the prize is an excuse for me and Rich to give them a lil sumptin.

Last Easter Sarah got a net too and it just recently broke. Rich decided to go for a bit better net this year and thank goodness! That child has caught 4 turtles and a bullfrog. She was shaking and could hardly talk when she ran home to show me the frog. Too cute! She is gonna love scrapping those pics.

Daniel would inform me each week that a LOTR critter was on sale LOL Needless to say, he too is on hog heaven with his lil sumptin.

Jessica was tickled peep pink with her card for more minutes on her cell phone :)

The weather has turned cool again. It's so nice to have the windows open while I work. Now I must put away some laundry and check in with work.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Good Friday

I'm OFF! Amazing huh? Only because I have to work the weekend, but who cares, I'm OFF. And it feels good.

Today we are going to my parent's house to dye eggs. My sis and her kids will be there too. Should be fun. We take boiled eggs, color on them with regular ole colors and then dye them. I think today I'm gonna draw something, dye it, then wipe off the crayon. I need to bring my mineral spirits. Wonder if that will take the dye off?! We shall see!

Daddy ordered us crawfish. YUMMY. The kids are having cheeze pizza. Stand back from my crawfish, people. I don't take chances with my crawfish LOL

Then we'll hide some plastic eggs for the kids to find, sit around and drink some of daddy's homemade wine.. and just retell stories we've heard a dozen or more times from past Easters. Twill be fun.

Jessica babysat last night for a friend of mine. My friend has two LITTLE kids; ages almost 2 and almost 4? I'm so glad it's her and not me! My friend, S, went shopping in Houston yesterday. She bought wholesale for her shop. I haven't seen the loot, but she dropped a couple of thousand easily by the way she said the back of the truck was filled and they filled the back seat of the double cab AND they had stuff in the front with them LOL Poor gal. She loves to shop. Jessica made some pret-ty good money. She usually does when it comes to babysitting for S. Then S tells me that she has a gold mine of a sitter in Jessica and has learned to not tell ANYONE about her good sitter LOLOL Reminds me of an "Everybody Loves Raymond" episode. Makes a mamma proud.

I love a good deal. I called to get AT&T OFF my phone .. they want $5.00 minimum usage fees. Sorry. I don't use, I ain't paying! SSB hooked me up with a package plan (because I have two phone lines - needed for work) and I get the entire package of features for BOTH lines for LESS than I was paying for a stripped line and the other line had caller id and call waiting/id. Does that make any sense?? I'm happy.

Call forwarding is such a wonderful feature. I forwarded the house phone to my cell phone last night while we were at my moms and out and about running errands. I never missed a call and nobody had to call the house, no answer, call the cell phone routine. Twas great.

I'm sure I'm behind the times on this LOL, but I just love to get a good deal. I'm a happy camper because now my husband can sleep while we are gone due to the phone being forwarded. Most weekends we are out and about doing things and miss some calls. Not everyone had my cell number, and now they don't have to have it. They can call the house and still reach me without ever knowing they called the cell phone.

I freaked Jessica out last night when she called me while she was babysitting. I told her I was at Granny's house and my mom yelled, "Hey, Jessica!". Jessica swore Granny was at our house. Then my grandmother said, "Hey, Jessica." and then Jessica knew something was up! She was freaking out and could not figure out how I did it. LOL You shoulda seen her face when she realized the WHOLE package deal included three-way calling. Priceless.

Let's not discusss 3-way calling with teens in the house.

Enjoy your Good Friday, however you celebrate. I'm gone get ready for my crawfish!

Thursday, April 08, 2004


Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says.
Simply put, things can't get put away if there is no place to put them. - Organizing from the Inside Out

Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first?
My reference books for work.

What is the last thing you watched on TV?
Made - MTV

With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
MTV howling something on tv.

When did you last step outside?
6:30 a.m. to get Rich's wallet out the truck so the kids could have lunch money.

Before you came to this website, what did you look at?

What are you wearing?
Flip-flops, navy short, navy shirt. It's a navy kinda day.

Did you dream last night?

When did you last laugh?
When I read Spencer's blog about my blog LOL

What is on the walls of the room you are in?
Paint! I seriously need to decorate.

Seen anything weird lately?
Oh yeah! Yesterday afternoon after the rain, everything was orange. I figured we were in the orange part of the rainbow :)

What do you think of this quiz?
Just answering the questions...

What is the last movie you saw?
Movies? LOTR Rented? I forget the name - some cowboy show Rich rented.

If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?
LAND! Lots of it. In the country.

Tell me something about you that I don't know:
I have really soft skin.

If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
Health, food, shelter, peace. I think peace for all. Then everything else would kinda fall into place.

Do you like to dance?

George Bush:
Is the President.

Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?
She is a girl. Her name is Jessica.

Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?
My second is a boy. His name is Daniel.

Would you ever consider living abroad?

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Crazy me.

My kids and hubby like when I make critters talk. Basically, I become the critter. I had a Siamese cat. She was called Souris (french for Mouse, but nobody could say it, so SuLee it was) And Rich loved to hear SuLee talk LOL She loved Rah-zon-yah! (lasagna) To this day we still call it rah-zon-yah. Crazy I tell ya.

The kids like to crank up the radio in the truck and imagine things around us are happening in a video. Crazy. But fun! Try it. They also like when I talk for other people. Like when you are at the red light and the guy beside you is on the cell phone. You just make up stuff you think he may be saying. Just my creative juices flowing. Never totally put away your imagination folks!

People watching can be so much fun.

Time to go put the rah-zon-yah in the fridge. MMMM, twas good!

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


I'm feeling better today. It's kinda like getting over the flu. You have a burst of energy and then all your energy is zapped.

I folded clothes, washed clothes, cleaned the never-ending dishes, loaded the dishwasher and soaked in the tub. I cannot wait to crawl in bed tonight. Last night I slept so hard. It felt wonderful. Hopefully tonight I can have a repeat.
Rich is working nights, so I get the entire bed. Ahhh. Bliss.

Work was slow today. I was able to piddle around and visit with Rich once he woke up. We got hammered with rain today. So glad we didn't get that hail like they were predicting. My garden is freshly planted and good ole rain water will do it good. MMMM.

My thoughts are everywhere tonight. I think I'll just take myself to bed. Early!

Monday, April 05, 2004

And the winner is??

Well, I dunno yet. But soon as I do, I'll let you know.

The doc called me with the results to my blood work. Seems I'm severely anemic due to dysmenorrhea, and he wanted me to start on iron pills. I go back in three weeks for a repeat check of my iron levels. My hormone levels won't be in until next week. He'll call with those results but didn't want to wait that long before starting me on iron. Two a day. No wonder I've been so tired. I'm waiting on the thyroid test. I've got so many symptoms of that too. I'm 36 and I'm falling apart LOL

Rich kept asking me all day how I felt. One pill ain't gonna make me better.. but a gold brick egg may... hehehe. I do feel better than I was feeling. I don't feel my pulse so hard and my shortness of breath isn't happening as often.

Rich fixed the fan in the bedroom. Now, if ya just could SEE how pissed I get at things like this, you'd be laughing too. Rich roared. The light fixture would wiggle and go tick, tick, tick. Then stop. Then tick, tick, TICK, TICK, TICK, stop. Over and over. Just as I would drift to zzzz (which isn't coming easy these days due to hot flashes!) the TICKING would begin. So I twisted the light fixture and it stopped! AHHH. JUST as I'm drifting again.. TICK, TICK, TICK!! I twisted again. Potty. Stand in doorway. Silence. Ahh. Snuggle in bed with Rich... TICK, TICK, TICK. OMG. I was so pissed. I swear. I could have pulled that damned fan out of the ceiling and never think anything about it! Finally, after staring out of the window for almost an hour exhaustion took over and I was too tired to hear the ticking.

Rich fixed it. Now I can SLEEP. maybe.

Moody mamma. Tha's me. In a 10-min phone call from Rich my emotions were everywhere. Egads. I sounded like a winey baby there for a bit "I don't like this. I don't wanna be a woman. Why can't YOU be the woman??" ICK!

I'm taking my lil green iron pill and going to bed, where there is silence and nobody to play havok on my emotions.

Gnite. Hope tomorrow is better!

Friday, April 02, 2004

I love my husband...

And I'll tell you why. This is a deep love. A love with special secrets only people who have been together for a good number of years develop. Those... unspoken words. On this day, my husband spoke those words.

Goldbrick. If a store near you has some Goldbrick eggs on sale for Easter, you had better buy all you can. We call it GOLD around here. It's The best chocolate. THE best. Get some. Try it. Then you will understand.

For those of you who know all to well the hypnotic state Goldbrick can put you in, you will appreciate this story.

I have to hide the Goldbrick in this house. Because...

I bought 2 boxes of GB at Sam's. (24 eggs each box) One to mail to my aunt in Colorado and one for us to eat. We melt it and pour it on icecream. Magic Shell is crap compared to GB. Trust me on this. We ate an egg a night. Now, with 4 of us doing this it doesn't take long before the GB is gone. The other box just sat. Remember, I'm supposed to mail this to my aunt.

I'm having PMS and searching the cabinets for CHOCOLATE! Rich is watching all grinning and I'm saying, "We don't have chocolate? How can we NOT have chocolate? You'll have to go to the store for chocolate, dear." I spy the unopened GB box waiting for my aunt. I jokingly say, "Darn good thing that box ain't open. I could eat the entire box!" Rich is giggling at this point. With the giggling I know something is UP! I remove the baseball cap from the top of the box and find the cellophae is cut! At this point Rich is really laughing. See, he's been sneaking GB eggs all this time and not telling anyone! So I grab one, devour it and I'm a happy camper. Rich confesses he just HAD to have one. Uh-huh.

Few days later I find Jessica eating icecream. She's been very secretive about her dish. She comes back with, "Yall think I"m stupid! I know yall have been eating those GB eggs. That paper is cut." Rich and I are just having a fit over this humor. Jessica tells us she will keep our secret.

A few days later Daniel comes to me and says, "Mom, how come yall have been acting like the box of GB is for Nanny D and yall have really been eating it? Yall think I don't know. I got news for yall. I been eating them too!"

Poor Sarah hasn't figured it out yet. Poor darling.

I bought more eggs to mail to Nanny D. The first box (6 in a box this time) was devoured by the kids as soon as we got home. MMMM. I hid the other two boxes. Cept, I didn't hide them well enough from MYSELF! And I think someone knows..... because....

I go to the doctor yesterday. I'm okay, just gotta get some blood checked out. Hormones. And I finally got medications for CRAMPS! Doctor seems to think I may be in premenopause. Oh joy.

Anyways... I'm talking to Rich over the cell phone (I'm sure whoever heard this convo was enjoying it) It goes like this:

Me : Well, I did tell the doctor I was having trouble sleeping. And he said when it gets to be a problem he will look into it. For now, since I'm only taking Tylenol P.M. now and again, he thinks it's okay.

Rich: Don't wait so long to call him when it happens.

Me: I told him how I do a nighttime routine of bath, low lighting, calming stuff, reading, etc.. and he said that was good. He did say that caffeine could play a part in it.. but my cokes are sodium free AND caffeine free. That's why I drink them.

Rich: Coffee, Rachel.

Me: Rich, I'm just like you. I can drink coffee and go straight to bed. No problem.

Rich: Chocolate. It has caffeine?

Me: Well, yeah.

Rich: Eggs?....... Chocolate eggs?

Me: :::silence::: uhm, yeah.

Then we starting giggling.

I love my man. :)