Monday, April 05, 2004

And the winner is??

Well, I dunno yet. But soon as I do, I'll let you know.

The doc called me with the results to my blood work. Seems I'm severely anemic due to dysmenorrhea, and he wanted me to start on iron pills. I go back in three weeks for a repeat check of my iron levels. My hormone levels won't be in until next week. He'll call with those results but didn't want to wait that long before starting me on iron. Two a day. No wonder I've been so tired. I'm waiting on the thyroid test. I've got so many symptoms of that too. I'm 36 and I'm falling apart LOL

Rich kept asking me all day how I felt. One pill ain't gonna make me better.. but a gold brick egg may... hehehe. I do feel better than I was feeling. I don't feel my pulse so hard and my shortness of breath isn't happening as often.

Rich fixed the fan in the bedroom. Now, if ya just could SEE how pissed I get at things like this, you'd be laughing too. Rich roared. The light fixture would wiggle and go tick, tick, tick. Then stop. Then tick, tick, TICK, TICK, TICK, stop. Over and over. Just as I would drift to zzzz (which isn't coming easy these days due to hot flashes!) the TICKING would begin. So I twisted the light fixture and it stopped! AHHH. JUST as I'm drifting again.. TICK, TICK, TICK!! I twisted again. Potty. Stand in doorway. Silence. Ahh. Snuggle in bed with Rich... TICK, TICK, TICK. OMG. I was so pissed. I swear. I could have pulled that damned fan out of the ceiling and never think anything about it! Finally, after staring out of the window for almost an hour exhaustion took over and I was too tired to hear the ticking.

Rich fixed it. Now I can SLEEP. maybe.

Moody mamma. Tha's me. In a 10-min phone call from Rich my emotions were everywhere. Egads. I sounded like a winey baby there for a bit "I don't like this. I don't wanna be a woman. Why can't YOU be the woman??" ICK!

I'm taking my lil green iron pill and going to bed, where there is silence and nobody to play havok on my emotions.

Gnite. Hope tomorrow is better!

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