Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Crazy me.

My kids and hubby like when I make critters talk. Basically, I become the critter. I had a Siamese cat. She was called Souris (french for Mouse, but nobody could say it, so SuLee it was) And Rich loved to hear SuLee talk LOL She loved Rah-zon-yah! (lasagna) To this day we still call it rah-zon-yah. Crazy I tell ya.

The kids like to crank up the radio in the truck and imagine things around us are happening in a video. Crazy. But fun! Try it. They also like when I talk for other people. Like when you are at the red light and the guy beside you is on the cell phone. You just make up stuff you think he may be saying. Just my creative juices flowing. Never totally put away your imagination folks!

People watching can be so much fun.

Time to go put the rah-zon-yah in the fridge. MMMM, twas good!

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