Friday, April 30, 2004


Okaaaay.. After visiting Derbs' blog, I discovered you can now have a title bar! Learn something new daily. I'm easily pleased!

The kids and I went out for dessert. We had a wonderful supper here at home and no dessert. I had to pick up Jessica from the movies with friends and decided we'd go out for dessert after that.

The kids insisted that we could not go into a restaurant and just order dessert. HAHAHA

We ended up going to Starbucks. Must be THE thing to do - hang out and drink coffee. I admit, I LOVE coffee. All kinds, all flavors. I can drink it anytime of the day. But these people are using coffee as some sort of excuse to hang out and be seen. Move over and gimme my coffee, please.

So after the kids had hot cocoa, J had some frozen coffee (ick) and I had a vanilla latte and we all had a bit of each others dessert... we were stuffed.

Sometimes ya just gotta go out for dessert!

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