Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I survived day two.

My husband's jeep is painted and looks nice. It's a CJ 5 - sorry, you'll have to search for the pic yourself on the web. I couldn't find what I wanted and gave up. It's '66 if that helps ya.

Spencer was not joking about Mercury in retrograde! My word! Knowing the how's and why's of what's going on helps. Crazy, I tell ya, just crazy. I'll be so glad when 4/30 rolls off the calendar.

Katie isn't feeling well. I don't know all the details, but apparently it is really got the best of her. Well wishes to you Ms. Katie! Let us know what you have - I've got lots of home remedies. I'm sure Denny does too. (grin)

I stumbled across Katie's blog through another blog (Spencer's) and well, like Derbs says, reading Blogs can get addictive! One link leads to another.. and another. Then you find yourself saving their blog to favs. Pretty soon you are checking in on blogs daily to see what's going on in other people's lives. Email? Who has time for THAT? I've got blogs to read on my lunch hour and 30 minutes goes by reaaaaaally fast. Some folks have some pretty interesting lives going on.

Speaking of Derbs.... it's her neice's bday today. Happy Day to Emma-Doodle! She's a ripe ole 6 today. I can remember when she was born. She had a web page and I'd look at it just about daily and say a prayer for her. She was soo tiny but full of spunk, which she still carries with her to this day. She is a miracle and I know how much she is loved. That's a good thing to have - LOVE. {{{EMMA}}} maaaaany mooooooore!

That means I have known Derbs ... for.... over 6 years! Time flies.

Then that whole Mercury thing slinks up again.

Daniel has a mole on his chest. It's kinda like a mole/wart; black in color like a mole, but kinda rough like a wart. I noticed the other day it was more bumpy, like really bumpy, and it was wanting to lift up around the edges like you could peel it off. OUCH! Naturally the web had horrible things to say about moles changing color or appearance so an appointment was made. The doctor cut it off and sent it in for tests. We'll know in 5-7 days. While one part of me says the odds are too slim for anything to be wrong.. the other half is saying all kinda icky stuff. Ya know, worse case scenarios. Not good for a person who is a natural born worrier. I'll keep you posted.

On the good end.. my iron levels must be coming up - I have more engery, don't feel as drained, no racing pulse, no shortness of breath!

Gnite from down south.

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