Saturday, April 24, 2004

It's been two weeks....

since I did pilates. I'm really feeling it. Katie always gives me inspiration to exercise. Hope she feels better soon! I may have to send popcorn and MMs through the computer! So today I gotta go my pilates.

I haven't done them because I'm feeling so much better that I'm busy doing other things. Out in the yard, with the kids, friends. It's nice!

Last night Ms. Sheri, her two of her rugrats, Me and two of my rugrats went to dinner then the mall. It's nice to get out with others. After the mall I drove around the seawall (I don't know why they call it the seawall, far from the SEA) It's actually a man-made lake. There is a wooden boardwalk onto the water with piers. It's really nice. It was really breezy but felt soo good. No mosquitoes!!! It's all lit up so I felt really safe with just me and my kids. Some people were night fishing.. some teens were walking and holding hands. There is an interactive fountain that sprays water for kids to play in and a small playground. We had the fountain to ourselves and the park. Granted, it was 10pm, do you know where your mother is? Yup, she was at the park with her kids. Kinda neat to do those crazy things that you'd usually never do otherwise. I know the kids thought I was THE best mom ever. Memories! I'll learn to bring my camera along one day. Speaking of, I've got to get some photos printed.

Off to do some pilates and then some laundry.

Wonder what our next adventure will be....

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