Thursday, April 15, 2004

I've been MIA

But I've been found! I dunno if that is a good thing yet.

We have been very busy since Easter. The kids are on spring break and are having a ball. They even include Sarah in with them. It's tuff being the only girl on the block. The 4-year-old across the street goes to day care so she's not home. Sarah likes playing with the boys, but I think guns and kicking and zombies gets old fast. Yesterday after work I sat outside in the sun and watched her swing and we watered the garden and played with the dog. She was happy.

Jessica has been babysitting a lot here lately. She is saving up for her car. She wants a convertible. Actually, she wants ANYTHING. She'll have to take driver's ed next year. Oh the joy and gray hairs!

Sarah got a net from the Easter Bunny. Before you go gawking saying "What kinda Easter is that?" You first must understand that we give a bunny, beef jerky, a candy bar or two and a prize in their baskets. They don't need the sugar and they really prefer candy bars to easter candies, and they LOVE jerky! The bunny is tradition, and well, the prize is an excuse for me and Rich to give them a lil sumptin.

Last Easter Sarah got a net too and it just recently broke. Rich decided to go for a bit better net this year and thank goodness! That child has caught 4 turtles and a bullfrog. She was shaking and could hardly talk when she ran home to show me the frog. Too cute! She is gonna love scrapping those pics.

Daniel would inform me each week that a LOTR critter was on sale LOL Needless to say, he too is on hog heaven with his lil sumptin.

Jessica was tickled peep pink with her card for more minutes on her cell phone :)

The weather has turned cool again. It's so nice to have the windows open while I work. Now I must put away some laundry and check in with work.

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