Sunday, April 25, 2004


It's church and then tidy up the house. I've heard that the bigger your house is the easier it is to keep tidy because you aren't crammed into space. I just think we need to get rid of some STUFF! You can't have 16 yrs of married stuff and kids with their own stuff without purging now and again. I shouldn't complain. We've been really busy over the last few weekends and that's normally when I do some serious cleaning. Who wants to clean when there if life to live???

Can you tell I'm feeling better since I started taking iron? Feels great. The weather has been beautiful and that pulls me in the yard after work and weekends. I'll tidy up when it's just too hot to go outside anymore. I think we have 3-4 solids months of that.

I go back to the doctor sometime next week. I'll have to have more bloodwork done and then make an appt. Hopefully the iron levels will have come up. I've got a few questions about the NSAID I'm taking too. We've seen the doc more these past 4 months than all the other times combined. Hopefully we will all get good news.

My best friend, Robin, has put Daniel's name on a prayer list at her church. Over 100 people. Awesome. They must be saying prayers for ME too. I'm a natural born worrier and I've been really calm thusfar. Prayer works.

Speaking off... I"m off to church. I'll say a Rosary for all of ya. Some of ya need it more than others. (chuckle)

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