Saturday, May 29, 2004


Some people should not be allowed to procreate!

When you have sex you stand the chance of becoming pregnant. I don't care if you are on the pill, etc., there is ALWAYS a chance. So for those of you who suck as parents - stop having sex!

Sarah went to a slumber party. All the lil girls are friends. WEll..... one lil girl had lice. And not just the "What's that.... in your hair?" kind either. We are talking the other KIDS saw it first.

The hostess of the party was soo mad. She did not discover this child had lice until it was time for all the girls to be picked up. And guess what? Mother of the child with lice was a no-show. Heck, she didn't even get out the car when she dropped her off! So the hostess had to bring her home. When she informed the girl's mother of the lice, the mother casually said "oh, I'll handle that, girl." Handle it? It's so bad now the lice are crawling on top of each other!! OMGosh!

So, the hostess had to call all the mother's and tell them one lil girl was at the party with a head full of lice. All the girls have long hair too. All the mom's were pissed. And rightly so. It is not the child's fault. The so-called mother should be seeing about her child!

The question asked most was, "Why would a mother send their child knowing they had lice?" Easy to answer - Free night without the child!

Your children should come first. I'm not talking about material things and bringing them places and doing things for them. I'm talking about the simple things - food, shelter and clothing! Making sure they are taken care of! If you can't do the simple things... DON'T PROCREATE!!

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I'm pooped!

The other gal at work is on vacation. I get to type everything! Oh joy! My shoulders hurt. My fingers hurt. But, I'm not doing to shabby for ONE person doing all the typing!

My house is a wreck - we dug potatoes last night because the plants were dead due to all the rain we had been having lately. We ended up with a nice mess of potatoes though. Gonna be good eatin! I've already given about 6 squash and some banana peppers. Love my garden.

The house is a wreck because instead of being inside tidying up, I was outside in the garden. I didn't realize how much time I do spend in the house cleaning up. It shows today! I'm swamped at work so no quick runs around the living room to tidy.

Well, guess WHO stopped by? Yup, inlaws LOL Their house is spotless all the time... ALL the time. But, nobody ever goes. Sad, really. It use to bother me. Now I could care less. This is our house and if the mess is good enough for US, well, it should be good enough for YOU! LOL


Friday, May 21, 2004

16 years

Today, May 21, Rich and I have been married 16 years. Awesome! He's my best friend, my everything.

So what do get for a 16th Anniversary?? Jonny Quest Series 1 on DVD of course! Jonny Q. was our fav cartoon when we were young. I could hardly believe my luck when I found it in the store! SOLD!

Naturally I gave it to him early. Sometimes shiftwork sucks, especially when you have to work the night of your anniversary and your wife is wanting to watch the Jonny Q. DVD LOL Needless to say, we have all enjoyed watching a few episodes each evening. With over 11 hours of cartoons... we could be here awhile. I love it when a gift really hits the spot!

Speaking of... last night a neighbor came home from Colorado. She was visiting her daughter and family there. My neighbor calls me over to go visit, saying she wanted to show me something. Hmm.... I get there and we all sit on the back patio drinking wine and having a grand ole time listening to stories of her trip. My neighbor has 4 daughters. They range from 21 to 30 and are a blast to be with. We laughed so much. My neighbors oldest daughter lives in it was like country gone to town when her mamma went for a visit.

So back to the gift hitting the spot... When my neighbors daughter first moved to Colorado their phone bill was.. well, a lil high? I offered her my cell phone to use because I get free nights and weekends. She thanked me and that was that. After 2 days I finally called and put them together on the phone. They loved it! They talked just about every other night for a week. Then my neighbor got unlimited long distance on her house phone. Mom and daughter have burned up a lot of time yacking away :) So while my neighbor was in Colorado she bought me a frog wearing a red satin tu-tu, ballerina shoes and a bow on her head. She is precious! I collect frogs in case you are wondering. I was so touched that she remembered me while she was in Colorado. She said, "I'll never forget what you did; letting us use your phone to talk. That's what real friends do." Just feels so good to do something good for someone with no strings and then they show you they appreciate it!

So remember...even the smallest things people do for you, a thank you is greatly appreciated. I've got 16 years worth to prove it.

Thursday, May 20, 2004


No, blogger didn't swallow me LOL I've been busy! Doing what? I don't know, because it has been raining like, forever. Or so it seems.

Work has me busy. The kids are running here and there. The garden, my grandmother, my sister, friends, etc... I'm pulled in many directions!

Meal planning is the best! The kids pipe in with their ideas and they are pretty crafty. They sure seem to eat better when it's a meal they had say-so in making. I've cleaned out the freezer (inside the house) and we are using that up. I didn't realize just how much stuff we had! I've still got the freezer outside, but that's for another day. One freezer at a time! :)

The meal planning has cut way down on wasted food. My fridge stays a lil cleaner and the $ saved is the best! With gas prices soaring and not likely to come down anytime soon, this is a good thing. Monday through Friday we usually stay home. The weekends are our running around time. I didn't realize how quickly all those quick trips to the store add up! We've never been frivolous spenders. Never. We have credit out the wazoo with no balance on any of the cards. We owe basic utilities and... a truck note. Yeah US! We've worked hard to save and buy what we need. Besides, I'd rather all that extra $ go into savings or retirement. Trust me, we are not starving or going without. We've just become more conscious of where our money is going. This month has been a real eye-opener for me. Maybe this gas and milk hike was a good thing?

And heck, I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER that I want to cook and go outside and play basketball with the kids and tend to the garden, etc. I feel alive again! I didn't realize how bad things had become with my health. The doctor says to expect more energy. I dunno if I can stand myself!!

Gotta go! Dishes are calling :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Wow, a blogger update!

Might be time for some new skin with the new update. Maybe I can find something with frogs? Another day.

Some areas down south got up to 6 inches of rain! We don't mention the lightening! Felt like a movie star with all that flashing going on. The garden and flowers are sure gonna love all that rain! The squash is really taking off. Yesterday I noticed flowers on the tomatoes and cantelope. Baby bell peppers and banana peppers are sprouting also. MMMM, gonna be good eating.


My wonderful doctor called yesterday. He said I have 10% more blood in my body now. Even though I'm not up to "normal" I should be feeling better. I am! I have so much more energy. I didn't realize how bad I was feeling until I started feeling better. I have to continue my iron pills and do more blood work in 2 months. Hopefully by then my iron stores will have been replaced. Amazing how the body works.

If you are finding yourself eating ice constantly - and not just as a habit - you could have iron deficiency anemia. If you find yourself eating dirt - yes, some people do eat dirt - that is a B12 deficiency. The body is amazing.

The kids are really enjoying the weekly menu posted on the icebox. Last night they kept asking what was for dessert. Gosh, can't I get a break? LOL We don't have to have dessert every night, do we? According to them, yes we do. They had applesauce for dessert. LOL I think they just like knowing SOMETHING is for dessert.

Time to look at the ads for the grocery store and check in with work. Yall have a good one!

Saturday, May 08, 2004

southern charm!

Oh yes, I still have it! LOL Derbs knows what I"m talking about. That sweet voice that makes men do whatever you want and become putty in your hands.

My aunt and I were talking about it once and she said men would just give her things, and many people thought it was because she was doing sumptin she wasn't supposed to be doing. That wasn't the case at all. She lived in Boston and was from the south. Men just buzzed around her all the time. They just wanted to be around her. They were mesmerized.

I had to laugh because it's been that way for me too. I learned early on not to take advantage of this "gift" if you would. And it has nothing to do with looks. Some women try to lure men with boobs or hair or clothes. This is charm. Pure Southern Charm. You either have ir or you don't. We all know you can get by on charm or even good looks for awhile, but soon enough you will have to have smarts too. Some people don't understand that. Boobs will get the mans attention. The smarts will keep the man around.

I called the pizza place last night and asked about specials. Sure they had them. Three toppings per pizza and picking it up was cheaper, which was what I was gonna do anyway since they don't deliver to the boonies! After asking the guy politely if extra cheese could count as my topping and if I could get double toppings instead of different toppings.. and then.. I got one pizza halved with pineapple and canadian bacon... then asked if the other side had to be one toppping to make my three. He told me to order it how I wanted so I got three toppings on the other half. So technically 5 toppings. Well, he came back and gave them all to me at less than the lower price they should have been! I saved about 10.00!

It always pays to be nice to people, and it never hurts to throw in some southern charm!

Friday, May 07, 2004


We have been swamped at work! Really swamped. Gonna be a good paycheck. I'm supposed to be off this weekend, but there is enough work that I can even get some work done this weekend if i wanted. It will be so good to start Monday off with a clean state. I so love that feeling.

Tomorrow is my only day to sleep in. One kid has to babysit early, husband is going fishing early. Wonder how long I'll get to actually sleep in? OH well.. such is life.

We got the acre mowed today. Too much rain last week and we had to let it dry up some. I love when the yard is freshly mowed. Looks so crisp and clean. I think i'll crisp and clean the living room tomorrow. All this clutter is wearing me down. I want it to be open and airy like the yard. I've got a full day ahead. With hubby and oldest child out of the house I should be able to get lots done. that really reads "I should be able to toss out lots!"

I need to take inventory of the freezers and start using up stuff. The garden is blooming and I can't wait. The squash are mass producing! MMMM I saw tiny bell peppers too. The oranges are easier to find on the tree too. Can't wait! I'll be canning and freezing stuff to eat all winter. Nuttin better than home-grown food.

It's late and I've still got a few things to finish up. A mom's work is never done.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Late Tuesday

Gosh I hope the rush stops soon. This is no fun. Good news is I feel so much better. That's always a plus. The laundry will soon be under control once more.. wait... no.. sorry, dunno where THAT came from. The laundry will never be under control in this house LOL

I've been planning weekly menus again. So nice to know ahead of time what is for dinner and just make it! I've enlisted the kid's input on what they are hungry for when I make out the menu. They like that. Sarah said it was neat to look at the list of meals on the icebox and know what to get hungry for LOL

No more poking around and seeing what ingredients are on hand and making something. Next month I may have to plan a 2-week menu and see how that goes. If all goes well then a months' worth would be really nice!! Once a month shopping for staples and then a mid month jaunt to the store for milk, bread, fruits and veggies.

I must say we've been eating really nice. I've been trying recipes off of a copy cat recipe site... MMMM The other night we had burgers, fries and chocolate shakes for supper. All without having to leave our house and spending gobs of money for fast food. I'm proud to say in 2 weeks' time we have eaten out once! A BIG change for this mamma on the go.

The garden is looking oh-so-good too. Maybe I won't need to buy as much veggies as I think :) I love gardens. We have tomatoes, bell peppers, banana peppers, squash, potatoes, onions..and are still looking for cukes to plant.

I need a bigger freezer. Each year our garden gets bigger and we freeze and can more and more. Not to mention all of Rich's meat from hunting is in the freezer. I need to get an inventory of what's in the big freezer so we can use up anything leftover from last year.

Don't forget tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo