Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I'm pooped!

The other gal at work is on vacation. I get to type everything! Oh joy! My shoulders hurt. My fingers hurt. But, I'm not doing to shabby for ONE person doing all the typing!

My house is a wreck - we dug potatoes last night because the plants were dead due to all the rain we had been having lately. We ended up with a nice mess of potatoes though. Gonna be good eatin! I've already given about 6 squash and some banana peppers. Love my garden.

The house is a wreck because instead of being inside tidying up, I was outside in the garden. I didn't realize how much time I do spend in the house cleaning up. It shows today! I'm swamped at work so no quick runs around the living room to tidy.

Well, guess WHO stopped by? Yup, inlaws LOL Their house is spotless all the time... ALL the time. But, nobody ever goes. Sad, really. It use to bother me. Now I could care less. This is our house and if the mess is good enough for US, well, it should be good enough for YOU! LOL


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