Saturday, May 29, 2004


Some people should not be allowed to procreate!

When you have sex you stand the chance of becoming pregnant. I don't care if you are on the pill, etc., there is ALWAYS a chance. So for those of you who suck as parents - stop having sex!

Sarah went to a slumber party. All the lil girls are friends. WEll..... one lil girl had lice. And not just the "What's that.... in your hair?" kind either. We are talking the other KIDS saw it first.

The hostess of the party was soo mad. She did not discover this child had lice until it was time for all the girls to be picked up. And guess what? Mother of the child with lice was a no-show. Heck, she didn't even get out the car when she dropped her off! So the hostess had to bring her home. When she informed the girl's mother of the lice, the mother casually said "oh, I'll handle that, girl." Handle it? It's so bad now the lice are crawling on top of each other!! OMGosh!

So, the hostess had to call all the mother's and tell them one lil girl was at the party with a head full of lice. All the girls have long hair too. All the mom's were pissed. And rightly so. It is not the child's fault. The so-called mother should be seeing about her child!

The question asked most was, "Why would a mother send their child knowing they had lice?" Easy to answer - Free night without the child!

Your children should come first. I'm not talking about material things and bringing them places and doing things for them. I'm talking about the simple things - food, shelter and clothing! Making sure they are taken care of! If you can't do the simple things... DON'T PROCREATE!!

Have a nice day!

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