Saturday, May 08, 2004

southern charm!

Oh yes, I still have it! LOL Derbs knows what I"m talking about. That sweet voice that makes men do whatever you want and become putty in your hands.

My aunt and I were talking about it once and she said men would just give her things, and many people thought it was because she was doing sumptin she wasn't supposed to be doing. That wasn't the case at all. She lived in Boston and was from the south. Men just buzzed around her all the time. They just wanted to be around her. They were mesmerized.

I had to laugh because it's been that way for me too. I learned early on not to take advantage of this "gift" if you would. And it has nothing to do with looks. Some women try to lure men with boobs or hair or clothes. This is charm. Pure Southern Charm. You either have ir or you don't. We all know you can get by on charm or even good looks for awhile, but soon enough you will have to have smarts too. Some people don't understand that. Boobs will get the mans attention. The smarts will keep the man around.

I called the pizza place last night and asked about specials. Sure they had them. Three toppings per pizza and picking it up was cheaper, which was what I was gonna do anyway since they don't deliver to the boonies! After asking the guy politely if extra cheese could count as my topping and if I could get double toppings instead of different toppings.. and then.. I got one pizza halved with pineapple and canadian bacon... then asked if the other side had to be one toppping to make my three. He told me to order it how I wanted so I got three toppings on the other half. So technically 5 toppings. Well, he came back and gave them all to me at less than the lower price they should have been! I saved about 10.00!

It always pays to be nice to people, and it never hurts to throw in some southern charm!

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