Friday, May 07, 2004


We have been swamped at work! Really swamped. Gonna be a good paycheck. I'm supposed to be off this weekend, but there is enough work that I can even get some work done this weekend if i wanted. It will be so good to start Monday off with a clean state. I so love that feeling.

Tomorrow is my only day to sleep in. One kid has to babysit early, husband is going fishing early. Wonder how long I'll get to actually sleep in? OH well.. such is life.

We got the acre mowed today. Too much rain last week and we had to let it dry up some. I love when the yard is freshly mowed. Looks so crisp and clean. I think i'll crisp and clean the living room tomorrow. All this clutter is wearing me down. I want it to be open and airy like the yard. I've got a full day ahead. With hubby and oldest child out of the house I should be able to get lots done. that really reads "I should be able to toss out lots!"

I need to take inventory of the freezers and start using up stuff. The garden is blooming and I can't wait. The squash are mass producing! MMMM I saw tiny bell peppers too. The oranges are easier to find on the tree too. Can't wait! I'll be canning and freezing stuff to eat all winter. Nuttin better than home-grown food.

It's late and I've still got a few things to finish up. A mom's work is never done.

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