Thursday, May 20, 2004


No, blogger didn't swallow me LOL I've been busy! Doing what? I don't know, because it has been raining like, forever. Or so it seems.

Work has me busy. The kids are running here and there. The garden, my grandmother, my sister, friends, etc... I'm pulled in many directions!

Meal planning is the best! The kids pipe in with their ideas and they are pretty crafty. They sure seem to eat better when it's a meal they had say-so in making. I've cleaned out the freezer (inside the house) and we are using that up. I didn't realize just how much stuff we had! I've still got the freezer outside, but that's for another day. One freezer at a time! :)

The meal planning has cut way down on wasted food. My fridge stays a lil cleaner and the $ saved is the best! With gas prices soaring and not likely to come down anytime soon, this is a good thing. Monday through Friday we usually stay home. The weekends are our running around time. I didn't realize how quickly all those quick trips to the store add up! We've never been frivolous spenders. Never. We have credit out the wazoo with no balance on any of the cards. We owe basic utilities and... a truck note. Yeah US! We've worked hard to save and buy what we need. Besides, I'd rather all that extra $ go into savings or retirement. Trust me, we are not starving or going without. We've just become more conscious of where our money is going. This month has been a real eye-opener for me. Maybe this gas and milk hike was a good thing?

And heck, I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER that I want to cook and go outside and play basketball with the kids and tend to the garden, etc. I feel alive again! I didn't realize how bad things had become with my health. The doctor says to expect more energy. I dunno if I can stand myself!!

Gotta go! Dishes are calling :)

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