Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Wow, a blogger update!

Might be time for some new skin with the new update. Maybe I can find something with frogs? Another day.

Some areas down south got up to 6 inches of rain! We don't mention the lightening! Felt like a movie star with all that flashing going on. The garden and flowers are sure gonna love all that rain! The squash is really taking off. Yesterday I noticed flowers on the tomatoes and cantelope. Baby bell peppers and banana peppers are sprouting also. MMMM, gonna be good eating.


My wonderful doctor called yesterday. He said I have 10% more blood in my body now. Even though I'm not up to "normal" I should be feeling better. I am! I have so much more energy. I didn't realize how bad I was feeling until I started feeling better. I have to continue my iron pills and do more blood work in 2 months. Hopefully by then my iron stores will have been replaced. Amazing how the body works.

If you are finding yourself eating ice constantly - and not just as a habit - you could have iron deficiency anemia. If you find yourself eating dirt - yes, some people do eat dirt - that is a B12 deficiency. The body is amazing.

The kids are really enjoying the weekly menu posted on the icebox. Last night they kept asking what was for dessert. Gosh, can't I get a break? LOL We don't have to have dessert every night, do we? According to them, yes we do. They had applesauce for dessert. LOL I think they just like knowing SOMETHING is for dessert.

Time to look at the ads for the grocery store and check in with work. Yall have a good one!

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