Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The crew arrives home Wednesday!

Yeah! And spaghetti is on the menu. Labor of love...pull from the freezer, defrost over night, plunk in crockpot... cook on low...cook noodles, ..heat up garlic bread. They've been at the camp and I'm sure they will be starving as soon as they hit the door. I sure miss them. But I managed to get a good bit of cleaning done.

My sis called to give me her first meal report. She said it was soo hard. She had errands to run after work and was late getting home.. and had supper on the table in no time with no stress from running late.. and...the horror of it all....she had to wash ONE pot!

Yup, I think she's sold!

A very young friend of mine is expecting a baby, soon. She took some castor oil around 9:30 and we chatting online about it. It was around 10:30pm.

ME: Are you gonna take 2 more tablespoons before going to bed?
P: Probably. It says you can take up to 4 tablespoons in a day and it's still today. I checked the time.

Oh to be young again! LOL


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