Saturday, July 31, 2004

One big blur

This week has been a big blur. Work has been hectic and I work this weekend to boot. Hopefully it's not a full moon and the "freaks" won't show up in the Emergency Room LOL.

I've been back and forth to the computer store for more RAM. The first one didn't work...and I got home too late to try the one I picked up today. At least the computer guy is nice and helpful. He even waited for Rich to swing by after work and pick up my RAM last week.

Tomorrow I get Chris for the day. It's my sister's Anniversary. 10 years! They are going out to eat and to a movie. Then I guess back to house for some hanky-panky. She's not sure yet if they are bringing him in the morning or afternoon - depends on how she has to work. I'll know in the morning, which is in a few hours. I'm having trouble sleeping again. I average about 5 hours a night. Funny thing is I'm not tired from lack of sleep. I'll pop me some lil blue pills next week. I've got too many things to do between now and then.

Rich has been off the past week. He's been remodeling. Whoo hooo! I have a new dishwasher due to a power surge that zapped the dishwasher and D's TV. My new dishwasher is nice and quiet with lots of different cycles to pick from. So many cycles that this cajun has become confused - all the cycles start to sound the same. I just pushed and guessed. Works beautifully! And soo quiet.

My baywindow is gone and I have double pane windows now. Really nice. The new ceiling tile looks so good. The paneling is up in the hallway. Next week I think Rich is getting the patio framed up and ready to pour. Lots going on. But it sure feels good to get things moving.



Tuesday, July 27, 2004


I ventured to the DMV today to get a new license.  The last time I renewed through the mail, which was nice. 

The new place is open and fresh.  Though I felt as if I was at the bus station with all the seats and the number flashing of who they were helping and at which counter.  I didn't take long at all.  I've only been trying to go for a week now.  Every day that I was free to go, I worked over.  Being that they close at 4pm, I never seemed to make it on time.  I opted to go at 10 am.  Worked like a charm.  Once the secret is out everyone will be taking off and going during the day. 

The kids are totally enjoying their hampsters.  Now we have hampster balls for them to run around inside.  Really funny to see them make a madd dash to escape under the couch only to bump into the couch.  Poor things.  They are just the cutest!

Rich is off this week and he is taking time to work on the house.   He's been putting ceiling tile up in the hallway and the foyer.  What a difference it makes.  The paneling is up in the hallway and it looks so nice that I don't want to put the bookshelf back in there.  OH well...  Now he's going check out windows.  He wants double pane windows for where my computer is.  There is a bay window there now that a so-called carpenter friend put in.  Yah, *I* could have installed it better than that!  But it was free I didn't complain too much.  Now we've decided to just put in a regular window.  There are no a/c vents in the foyer because of the pitch of the roof, so those double pane windows will be nice to block off the heat.  It gets a bit stuffy when the sun heats things up.  The ceiling fan just whirls the same ole hot air around.  Can't wait! 

He had Daniel's bedroom door to stain and hang and some trim to do.  Looking good!  Hopefully he will be able to make a good dent in the house this week.  So far he's way ahead of schedule. 

The kids are enjoying vacation bible school this week.  Just a few more odd and ends to pick up and they will be all set.  I dunno who is more excited - me or them!

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Busy week!

It has been a busy week for me.  Tomorrow we are doing some shopping to get ready for school.   Should cut down on stress closer to the big day. 

I love B&W pics of people.  I snapped this one the other day.  I may have to get it developed. 

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Birthday Day

I had a wonderful day.  My family was super nice and did all kinds of stuff for me.. I am loved.

Now to the good stuff.....

I finally got cable internet.  Now, to most of you this is an eyeroll moment.  I don't do well with change.  Even if it is for the better.  But I was tired of waiting.  Watching that little blue bar load and load and load.  And sending pics, downloading stuff.  Forget it! 

I got more RAM - will be in tomorrow - and got cable internet.   I'm in heaven.  I have always been addicted to cams..but this?  This just blows my mind!  Zip, zoom, varoooom! 

I'm so glad I am off this weekend.  I will be pulling a weekend marathon of being online!  Maybe I'll finally get some stuff done!

Oh yah..the best part is I can be online while I work now!  I will be able to look stuff up on on the web in an instant instead of signing off work, dialing up, finding what I needed and then doing it all again in reverse.  Heaven! 

Wonder how much work I will get done now?? I'm SOO glad I work from home.  OH?  Email?  Lemme see who it is.  OH!  Looky who is online!  I"ll have to restrain myself.   It will be hard..but I must.  I gotta have a paycheck to pay for my new additions.


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

What does 37 look like?

This is what it looks like to me! I wouldn't change a thing.


Sunday, July 18, 2004

Pure Bliss

Whodda thunk a lil ole baby critter could bring such joy. I should have known! Sarah has such a charm with animals. They all love her.


We were going shopping yesterday - jumpstarting on getting school supplies. Jessica did not want to go. I figured she wanted to yack on the phone. No problem. Fold the clothes on the couch and the load IN the dryer. Off we go.

I checked the dryer when we got home - yes, she was ON THE PHONE. The dryer was full of clothes. ARGH!

Then she tells me she washed another load two loads and that was on of those loads in the dryer. WHOA! Proud moment!


I get a washrag out of the dryer this morning. As I'm washing my face, the rag smells funny. I go back into the laundry room and ask her WHICH detergent she used. I make our detergent and it is in a huge plastic mayo jar.

Mom - did you use de ter gent in the washer?

J - Yes mom, I"m not STUPID.

Mom - okay, WHICH de ter gent did you use? (I begin pointing at the one she was supposed to use, the Borax, the washing soda, baking soda)

J - No, no, no and no. That one on the end.

Mom - Well, THAT one is fabric softener.

J - Opps! Sorry! (giggling)

ACK! Now I have to REWASH 2 huge loads of clothes.

On a positive note, she DID take the initiative and wash clothes!!!!!!

Hey,the wind is blowing. I hope it lasts.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

List of things to do...

After reading Jenns blog about crossing of some things to do in this lifetime I figured I'd blog about one particular time for me.

I'm sure most of you have thought about things you want to do in your lifetime. I sure have. Granted, I never thought I'd get married and have kids... but I'm so glad I did! Some things on the list have been crossed off. Typical things likes seeing someone in concert and going particular places.

There was one thing I always wanted to do. Make a snow angel. In REAL snow! Being from the deep South, it's kinda hard to find ANY snow. I had a book when I was little and the story was about a child getting all dressed up to go out in the snow and make a snow angel. Making that snow angel just stuck in my head.

In 2003 my sis and I went to Colorado. It had been snowing before we arrived and completely STOPPED by the time we got there. Snow was predicted, but each day it was pushed off. The day before we left still no snow!!!!! ARGH! Oh well, maybe another trip. The night before we were to leave it began to snow. And snow and snow! My aunt picked us up at the hotel and brought us to get some last min. things. In her neighborhood there was a house for sale. The driveway was huge and the snow had already covered it. We stopped...I jumped out and made TWO snow angels. My sis snapped a few photos and I was in heaven. I was so happy.

Now to most of you northerners snow is not that big of a deal. But to a lil gal in southern Louisiana who has dreamed of snow her entire WAS a big deal.

When I told me aunt that I could now cross that off my list of things to do before I died I think she got all teary-eyed!!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

So many changes!

Wow,  log on and looky the changes!  Nice!  
Guess who was asked to be the historian photographer for church?  Yup!  Yah, my pics on the blog are really fuzzy, but I'm using jpe's due to uploading time.  I dug out the manual for my camera and have been sitting here reading, snapping photos and learning a lot.  My camera does soo much.  I really gotta practice..i hate to use Auto..I like to get a lil creative with my pics.  I discovered how to resize images after you take them, all about the telephoto lens (who knew?) and all that funky jazz you tend to just push the buttons in some order and pray a good picture developes.  So, keep your eyes peeled for more photos!

What's on your desk? 

Who knew?

Patty is a new mamma of a bouncing baby boy!  They predicted midnight for a baby.  HA!  He fooled them.  He showed up at 6pm.  Surprise!! Happy Birthday Micah!!


Busy as a ..... rodent?

This is the new addition to the household. I questioned whether I could share my home with the beast, or perhaps suck him up with the vacuum when nobody was looking. Too late. He's stolen my heart. Lil fuzzy ball!

No name yet, but he is a dwarf hampster. Really cute!

And YES! This is correct. One minute after I took this photo the temp. jumped to 101. ACK!

Hopefully I will catch up later.... a friend is due to have her baby today so I'm on my way to the hospital!

Friday, July 09, 2004


Last night I took my lil blue love pills (Tylenol PM) and slept soo good! My shoulder has been hurting with all the typing I've been doing lately and I haven't been able to sleep well. I made up for it last night. Today I woke up to a full day of typing. At least I could handle it.

Afte work we ran a few errands. Bank, truck note, cell phone place, etc. When I got Jessica's cell phone I was floored because they claim unlimited nights and weekends. But that's not true. You get 4000 weekend/night mins. After that it costs you. They were all pissy because they said there was NO way Jessica was gonna use ALL 4000 mins. Guess they don't sign up too many teens. She used all her 4000 and over 2700 of her free incoming. I asked if she got a prize and the guy got a dumbfounded look. Dork. Thank goodness for her free incoming. That gal loves her phone. I love not having to answer the darn ringing box, ever! I can call whenever i need her wherever she is and get an as long as I want and never worry I'll leave her in a bind. Forward the house phone to her cell or mine when we go out and never miss a call. Technology is wonderful.

Then we went to Logan's to eat. OMGosh. It was 2/1 drinks..margarita's here I come! The kids were freaking out thinking they would have to call their dad to come get us LOL Ohoo, was soo nice. Been a long time. MMM. They didn't bring our salads and forget some side items. At the end of the meal I asked to get our salads to go and she was so apologetic. When I asked to get a few rolls, she tossed in 1/2 dozen at no charge :) Whoo hoo! Lunch tomorrow! Gotta love it.

Tomorrow is garage saling with friends...and a day off! Heaven on the horizon.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Emery who?

Okay, so it's Richard and not Emery. You know how when your kids act up and you say, "Alright X (insert mean kids name), that's enough of that."? You do that, right? Well, Rich and I say things like that to each other.

Now scratch your head some more and try to figure out the Emery connection. I'm not telling. It's personal!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Emery on the Tractor!

When the camera comes out, so do the smiles!



WHAT did she just say???

People, people. Please remember to set the example for your children. Who do you think they will learn things from?? Yes, YOU. Remember, the ADULT? Some people should not be allowed to have children. Ever.

"Get your ass over there and watch them. What's wrong with your head??" Just what every mother wants to hear screamed across the food court at the skating rink while I Can Only Imagine (christian song) plays in the background. Oh yeah. Mom was in her 40s, on crutches, with 4 kids ranging in age from crawler to teen. She had that look of having had a hard life and bleached blonde hair once too many times. I dunno who was who with the kids..but someone needed to crutch-slap that woman. If you want to act/talk like that in the privacy of your home, fine. But spare the rest of us your inability to parent or lack of respect for yourself. I'm sure she must talk like that all the time too. It didn't just slip out all of a sudden. She said it with such ease. Sad.

Another thing... before you have kids, or after you know you will be having one... READ UP ON THEM! No, there may not be a "manual" out there, but there are plenty of books to teach you what to expect/not expect from children of just about every age. You get a new computer and will spend hours pushing buttons and reading up on new programs. Won't you do the same for your own children?? If not, then don't have kids.

I was floored when the little girl across the street, who is all of four years old, informed me that she didn't get any time outs yesterday and NO checks! Hello?? The girl is 4. What on earth could she possibly be doing at age FOUR to get a check?? Rob a bank? And a check is not a good thing anymore.

Adults expect too much from children nowadays. Let them be kids. At age four you cannot expect a child to share. It is not that they will never learn, it's that their minds do not have that mentality yet. Would you expect your two-day-old infant to roll over or put things in her mouth? Would you expect that same baby to sit up or start walking at 4 months of age? Of course not! There are specific things that children of specific ages will do. You know how when your baby realizes that if he tosses his toy out of the crib is IS still there... just ...down there... unseen, but still there. THAT realization/understanding comes as the child learns! Granted, some children are exceptional and do things long before others. Sometimes children are s-l-o-w-e-r and will not do things until after children their age. Nothing wrong with that. Children reach milestones in their own time. Don't push too hard. Loosen up!

Reinforcing sharing is always a good thing, but you should not be punishing a child for something they cannot fully understand yet! Sharing will come in time. Cut her some slack in the meantime. You'd think those in the childcare industry would know these things. Reinforce some independent play and let the kids be kids. Prepare for a squabble. It's to be expected. That's what kids do. They are learning. Everyone is too much in a rush to make kids behave as adults. I'll refrain from expecting kids to sit still and/or behave like puppets. Too much of that going on too.

And we wonder why society is so inept these days?? Today's kids don't take responsibility for their actions. Who taught them that? They had to learn somewhere and from someone. Sometimes leading by example is much better than screaming obscene things to your kids. Unless that's how you were raised. If you were, now you know better. Don't you?

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

LIQUID CRACK and all that other jazz

These were my thoughts of the day:

I made a 2 quart pitcher of tea yesterday. It's been gone since early this morning. I'm the only one drinking it.

Sarah wants to buy her school supplies. Six weeks left until school starts.

We have a chance of rain today and tomorrow, again! Update - rained really bad at Rich's work. So bad that they lost power. Rare for them.

All this rain is squeezing the life out of our garden. I've talked to many others who say the same.

All this water is a wonderful breeding ground for mosquitoes. Don't ask how we know.

The grass needs to be cut again, already.

My back hurts and I have generic sticky heating pad thingy stuck on it. Works pretty good! Actually, I wore it on my shoulder this morning until all my movement with typing loosened it and it wouldn't stay. Now it's on my back. Much better than icy hot! Anyone every try that Emu stuff?

I need to find more chicken recipes. Do you know of any? Email me at My family will thank you! My freezer is packed with leg quarters, chicken breasts and wings. I got the wings covered... but I gotta use up some of that chicken!


Sunday, July 04, 2004

Web hosting, templates, pictures, TA-DA!

Everyone gathered for Daniel's party. Smiling faces come out when they see the camera! CHEESE.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Seeds from Heaven

Just about every year we have a garden. Each year it gets bigger and bigger as we try to grow new things.

One year my grandmother suggested okra. MMM She had a jar of seeds in the freezer. They were from when my grandfather was alive and he had saved them. At that time he had been gone for 15+ years.

Would they work? They sure did! My plants were huge and I got lots of okra. I also dried some and put the seeds in the jar in my freezer for use later on. I told my grandmother that my grandfather was looking down on me from heaven and helping my garden. I later found out she told just about everyone she spoke to about my plants and what I had said.

The following year I didn't get around to planting my okra. Things were just too busy. Maybe next year.

Rich and I were walking in the garden the other day. What did we see? I have FIVE okra plants that came up in the garden!! We use the same area year after year and on the off season we use it as a compost pile and then start working the soil with tilling a few weeks before we plant the garden.

Now, okra is a temperamental plant and cannot be planted too deep or it won't grow. It has to be hot enough or they won't grow. I guess everything was right on the money because the okra is growing strong.

Rich and I just stood there and stared at the okra. I've always wondered what my grandfather would have thought of Richard. They never met as my grandfather died while I was in high school. My grandmother says he would have loved Richard and would be very happy for me.

I think he is..and he's telling me with lil seeds from heaven.

Thank you Paw-Paw! I love and miss you too.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Hot date!

Remember that feeling of going out with someone for the very first time? All fidgity. Trying to think of something to say at the right moment. Wondering why you are getting all worked up about nothing.

Tonight I had a hot date.

A lil history:
I play bonko once a month with "the girls." Most of us are neighbors. Three of the women are sisters. Two women are cousins. One woman is the niece of one of the sisters by marriage. And some are simply long-time friends. We all get along great and look forward to bonko night each month.

Last Monday at bonko one of the women said she wanted to see Hot Chicks. I know Rich isn't gonna go see it with me so I jumped at the chance to make a date.

Before I started working, the women in the neighborhood would get together each morning and drink coffee. Can we put some coffee away! EGADS! We rotate houses and gather for a gab fest and womenly talk - and to let the kids play when they were younger. I really miss doing that. Most of us have either returned to work or our lives are really busy and they don't get together that often. We'll have to start shooting for afternoon coffee on the weekends I guess. hot date and I are good friends. We've talked about many things and pretty much agree on most things. Usually the coffee group would shop, go for lunch, or just hang out together as a group. It felt odd at first to be out alone. Just the two of us. Not as a group. But good odd. We had a wonderful time and laughed our butts off!

Sometimes it's kinda nice to break away and do things with friends, alone.