Thursday, July 22, 2004

Birthday Day

I had a wonderful day.  My family was super nice and did all kinds of stuff for me.. I am loved.

Now to the good stuff.....

I finally got cable internet.  Now, to most of you this is an eyeroll moment.  I don't do well with change.  Even if it is for the better.  But I was tired of waiting.  Watching that little blue bar load and load and load.  And sending pics, downloading stuff.  Forget it! 

I got more RAM - will be in tomorrow - and got cable internet.   I'm in heaven.  I have always been addicted to cams..but this?  This just blows my mind!  Zip, zoom, varoooom! 

I'm so glad I am off this weekend.  I will be pulling a weekend marathon of being online!  Maybe I'll finally get some stuff done!

Oh yah..the best part is I can be online while I work now!  I will be able to look stuff up on on the web in an instant instead of signing off work, dialing up, finding what I needed and then doing it all again in reverse.  Heaven! 

Wonder how much work I will get done now?? I'm SOO glad I work from home.  OH?  Email?  Lemme see who it is.  OH!  Looky who is online!  I"ll have to restrain myself.   It will be hard..but I must.  I gotta have a paycheck to pay for my new additions.


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