Friday, July 09, 2004


Last night I took my lil blue love pills (Tylenol PM) and slept soo good! My shoulder has been hurting with all the typing I've been doing lately and I haven't been able to sleep well. I made up for it last night. Today I woke up to a full day of typing. At least I could handle it.

Afte work we ran a few errands. Bank, truck note, cell phone place, etc. When I got Jessica's cell phone I was floored because they claim unlimited nights and weekends. But that's not true. You get 4000 weekend/night mins. After that it costs you. They were all pissy because they said there was NO way Jessica was gonna use ALL 4000 mins. Guess they don't sign up too many teens. She used all her 4000 and over 2700 of her free incoming. I asked if she got a prize and the guy got a dumbfounded look. Dork. Thank goodness for her free incoming. That gal loves her phone. I love not having to answer the darn ringing box, ever! I can call whenever i need her wherever she is and get an as long as I want and never worry I'll leave her in a bind. Forward the house phone to her cell or mine when we go out and never miss a call. Technology is wonderful.

Then we went to Logan's to eat. OMGosh. It was 2/1 drinks..margarita's here I come! The kids were freaking out thinking they would have to call their dad to come get us LOL Ohoo, was soo nice. Been a long time. MMM. They didn't bring our salads and forget some side items. At the end of the meal I asked to get our salads to go and she was so apologetic. When I asked to get a few rolls, she tossed in 1/2 dozen at no charge :) Whoo hoo! Lunch tomorrow! Gotta love it.

Tomorrow is garage saling with friends...and a day off! Heaven on the horizon.

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