Thursday, July 01, 2004

Hot date!

Remember that feeling of going out with someone for the very first time? All fidgity. Trying to think of something to say at the right moment. Wondering why you are getting all worked up about nothing.

Tonight I had a hot date.

A lil history:
I play bonko once a month with "the girls." Most of us are neighbors. Three of the women are sisters. Two women are cousins. One woman is the niece of one of the sisters by marriage. And some are simply long-time friends. We all get along great and look forward to bonko night each month.

Last Monday at bonko one of the women said she wanted to see Hot Chicks. I know Rich isn't gonna go see it with me so I jumped at the chance to make a date.

Before I started working, the women in the neighborhood would get together each morning and drink coffee. Can we put some coffee away! EGADS! We rotate houses and gather for a gab fest and womenly talk - and to let the kids play when they were younger. I really miss doing that. Most of us have either returned to work or our lives are really busy and they don't get together that often. We'll have to start shooting for afternoon coffee on the weekends I guess. hot date and I are good friends. We've talked about many things and pretty much agree on most things. Usually the coffee group would shop, go for lunch, or just hang out together as a group. It felt odd at first to be out alone. Just the two of us. Not as a group. But good odd. We had a wonderful time and laughed our butts off!

Sometimes it's kinda nice to break away and do things with friends, alone.

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