Sunday, July 18, 2004


We were going shopping yesterday - jumpstarting on getting school supplies. Jessica did not want to go. I figured she wanted to yack on the phone. No problem. Fold the clothes on the couch and the load IN the dryer. Off we go.

I checked the dryer when we got home - yes, she was ON THE PHONE. The dryer was full of clothes. ARGH!

Then she tells me she washed another load two loads and that was on of those loads in the dryer. WHOA! Proud moment!


I get a washrag out of the dryer this morning. As I'm washing my face, the rag smells funny. I go back into the laundry room and ask her WHICH detergent she used. I make our detergent and it is in a huge plastic mayo jar.

Mom - did you use de ter gent in the washer?

J - Yes mom, I"m not STUPID.

Mom - okay, WHICH de ter gent did you use? (I begin pointing at the one she was supposed to use, the Borax, the washing soda, baking soda)

J - No, no, no and no. That one on the end.

Mom - Well, THAT one is fabric softener.

J - Opps! Sorry! (giggling)

ACK! Now I have to REWASH 2 huge loads of clothes.

On a positive note, she DID take the initiative and wash clothes!!!!!!

Hey,the wind is blowing. I hope it lasts.

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