Friday, July 02, 2004

Seeds from Heaven

Just about every year we have a garden. Each year it gets bigger and bigger as we try to grow new things.

One year my grandmother suggested okra. MMM She had a jar of seeds in the freezer. They were from when my grandfather was alive and he had saved them. At that time he had been gone for 15+ years.

Would they work? They sure did! My plants were huge and I got lots of okra. I also dried some and put the seeds in the jar in my freezer for use later on. I told my grandmother that my grandfather was looking down on me from heaven and helping my garden. I later found out she told just about everyone she spoke to about my plants and what I had said.

The following year I didn't get around to planting my okra. Things were just too busy. Maybe next year.

Rich and I were walking in the garden the other day. What did we see? I have FIVE okra plants that came up in the garden!! We use the same area year after year and on the off season we use it as a compost pile and then start working the soil with tilling a few weeks before we plant the garden.

Now, okra is a temperamental plant and cannot be planted too deep or it won't grow. It has to be hot enough or they won't grow. I guess everything was right on the money because the okra is growing strong.

Rich and I just stood there and stared at the okra. I've always wondered what my grandfather would have thought of Richard. They never met as my grandfather died while I was in high school. My grandmother says he would have loved Richard and would be very happy for me.

I think he is..and he's telling me with lil seeds from heaven.

Thank you Paw-Paw! I love and miss you too.

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