Saturday, August 21, 2004

30 yrs

Last night was a party for friends who have been married for 30 yrs. In 30 yrs I'm sure they have been thru a lot together. Some they'd like to forget, and some they will remember always.

Rich met me there on his way home from work. He had to work the next day, so he wasn't able to stay too late. We had fun catching up with friends we haven't seen in a good while. It was nice.

The night progressed and those with younger kids left and that dwindled down the crowd some. The "adult" music - cajun, country and the occasional oldie - were enjoyed by all. Man, can we get crazy! Wine and beer was flowing... couples were swapping dancing partners. It's really nice to be able to dance with many people and know they aren't trying to take you home! :) Friends danced with friends (the girls) and the men did the occasional obscene gestures to each other and whooped and hollered when the women got frisky on the dance floor.

The last song of the evening was a slow song and everyone ended up dancing with their partners. Of course, Rich wasn't there, but the peace and love in that room as the couples danced.... I watched each couple as they danced. Newly weds, parents-to-be, couples who have been married 25+ yrs, tall and short mixed with fluffy and thin, couple of all kinds. Some danced holding each other tight as they danced in their own familiar steps that only they knew, some were silly, some were serious. But in each couple you could see the same thing - Their love for each other. The bond that time, problems and triumphs have a way bring couples together.

As they danced I thought of Rich and our last 16 yrs... one day we will celebrate our own 30th Anniversary. And I cannot wait!

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