Thursday, August 05, 2004

Dog Coffin???

I now know where I get my sense of humor. My mother!

Let me set this up for you. Dad wanted a new BBQ pit. He needed a truck. I drove him to get the pit and we were in the process of unloading it when the neighbor's nephew stopped on his bike. It's around 8:30 p.m. and there is a street light, but still hard to see. Below is the conversation:

Boy: Oh! What is that?

Mom: A coffin. Our dog died.

Me: A coffin. (did mom just say a coffin too??)

Mom and dad wheel the pit to the back yard and I"m waiting for them to come back and get the wood in the back of the truck.

Boy: Awww, the dog died. It wasn't that fluffy one was it? (neighbor's dog)

Me: No, don't think so.

Boy: Dog coffin? How much do they cost?

Me: Oh, I don't know. I didn't pay for it.

Boy: I don't think I've ever seen a dog coffin before. Where do you GET a dog coffin??

Me: MMMmm.. PetSmart.

Boy: Oh. Is that wood?

Me: Yes. We have to cremate him.

Boy: In the coffin?

Me: Well, ....yeah.

Boy: oh man. I wonder if there is gonna be some popping noises?

Me: I'm sure there will be.

Boy: Are yall gonna do it tonight?

Me: On no. It's too late tonight.

Boy: You think it's gonna stink??

Me: Oh, I'm sure you will be able to smell it.

(mom and dad are coming up the side of the house)

Me: Hey, don't forget yall have this wood back here.

Mom: Oh yes, we need it to cremate the dog.

Me: (did she just say CREMATE!?)

I'm sure that lil boy will be just WAITING for them to cremate the dog today. Now, dontcha know when dad fires up that pit and that meat starts smelling good.. and then they EAT it! Oh gosh. My sides hurt from laughing so hard when I told mom and dad the conversation they missed!

I bet that kid didn't sleep a wink!

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