Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I ain't skeered!

Rich is at the camp. I'm home alone. No biggie. I've been doing shift work for over 11 yrs now... and had babies back then! Just the other night my sister asked if I was ever scared staying home alone at night. Nope. I have a BIG dog and really good neighbors. I know how to shoot a gun and you'd better hope my aiming is good or else you'll be left severely maimed.

Rich called last night and I said that dern dawg barked all night! From 12 to 4 she kept me tossing and turning. She's not much of a barker, and she really only seems to bark when he is not here! ARGH! I tell Rich that if she barks tonight I'm chaining her up. She becomes depressed and doesn't bark. But then, I'm alone. All alone. And it's dark.

Yup, she's a barking. And growling. And walking all over the yard just a barking.. and growling and not just "passing messages along" like they did in 101 Dalmation's either. After an hour I can't take it anymore. She's GOT to be barking for a reason. I go outside. She's jumping all around the back yard and barking toward the underneath of the house as if something is under it. And she's not happy about this something being there. It shows. She won't come to me. Another sign she is 'fixed' on her prey. She's a hunting dawg. If you think kids can tune you out... you ain't seen Zoe! She eats, sleeps and breaths hunting. It's in her blood. Can't turn that off. Great.

I figured it was a cat underneath the house and she had it cornered. I walk from the backyard to the fence that runs from the corner of your house out to butt up against the fence that runs along the side of the property. HOLY SMOKE. The frigging grass is swaying and something is trying to burrow. Zoe is barking and standing between me and the something. She jumps back, bares her teeth and stands her ground not budging any further. I can see the back of whatever this something is. If it's a skunk, I'mma die! No, I don't smell anything so it's not a skunk. Hmmm....

I run back thru the house and grabbed the flashlight as I'm headed for the front porch. That corner of the house is dark and as I'm standing on the edge of the porch trying to light up the area with no luck. Our house is off the ground and I have a flower bed that runs down the length of porch. Something is moving on the ground between the edge of the porch and the flower bed. Something big. And I can FOLLOW THE SOUND AS IT MOVES AND I CAN SEE THE LONG LEAVES OF THE IRIS'S MOVING AS IT MAKES IT WAY ACROSS THE FLOWER BED OMGOSH!!! The cat is hauling butt and there I stand. Frozen. I'm thinking this must be a coon. A big as a small pig kinda coon! What if this COON jumps on the porch wanting to eat the catfood. EEEEEEEK! The cat jumps across the porch. I screamed! Darn cat! Here comes the sound again! I'm backing up to the door just in case. The something must be scared too because it is hauling tail back to the safety of the darkened corner of the house. Then the light hits it...


Dangit! Go home, Armadillo! I wanna go to bed. Once Zoe could SEE it she really started freaking out. I swear that dawg is foaming at the mouth to catch that critter who scared her mamma. She wants to show Mr. Armadillo that you don't mess with her family when Daddy ain't home! Now she will spend all night running up and down the fences in earnest to find this trespasser and give him his due.

Gotta love living in the South!

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