Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Lots to share!

Where to start??

Mamma cat has not been seen. Her babies were taken this morning to the animal hospital by a neighbor who works there. I would have LOVED to keep one of her babies..but I can't. The porch seems so empty. No lil babies crying, playing, biting, climbing. Hope they find good, loving homes.

I made some yummy brownies from scratch and some chicken tetrazinni.. MMMM Good eating. Even the kids can't wait to dive in.

Yesterday on our outing to get kitty bottles and milk, we discovered the basket next to our truck has a case of walmart diet cokes in the bottom. I was in the parking lot waiting for the kiddos to return with the kitty stuff and Daniel noticed it. We waited for a bit. Nobody returned to claim them. Hope we were not on hidden cameras LOL We picked em up. Hey, can't let them go to waste now, can we?

I'M GOING TO MINNESOTA! Yeah! I'll be spending time with friends I met online many years ago through a parents email loop I started. We became good friends and decided to meet due to another gal in our loop having cancer. We planned a surprise visit to see her and would all meet each other. She passed as we were all in route to see her. Being there together when we got the news of her passing was very comforting. We decided to keep the visits going and every couple of years it works out that we get our schedules on the same page and meet. This year we are headed for Minn! Whoo hoo! I'm gonna drive my family crazy until I leave.

We all have anal neighbors, or neighbors who are a bit too nosey for their own good. Read aboutEmily's wonderful neighbors and see if you can help her out there.

We have a Mrs. Re-Tard (Richard- pronounced Ree-shard for all you non southerns). This woman hates animals. Every Monday morning there would be messages at the pound waiting for the first lucky soul to arrive for work. They'd all stand around listening and picking straws to see who was the lucky one to go get another vicious animal out of her yard. I know these things because I have connections. They'd usually arrive to find the vicious creature had transformed into a cutzie lil dawg who unfortunately got caught up Mrs. Re-Tard's busy-bodiness.

I should say she USE to hate animals. That was until her son dumped his dalmation in her lap. Now she LOVES this dog! I have a feeling he don't like her too much. Why? Because she walks this dog at 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, and again at 6pm. If you have a supper going on or some other function at your house, she's been known to walk Oreo again at 8pm. No doubt to see what's up in the "hood." If she sees something of interest she will walk her dog 2 laps up and down the road. Or better, she gets her husband to walk with her on her second lap around the hood. When they have company they take the car. Yes, they parade their company up and down the road while pointing at each house and giving updates of things. She called one of the neighbors to inform them that she KNEW their kids were home alone after school. Uhm, yah, and?? She called another neighbor to ask them when the fence was going up. They had no clue what she was talking about and she ARGUED with them about some fence. The wife finally understood what Mrs. Re-Tard was talking about and had to laugh. Their neighbors were putting up a fence and had asked her husband if they could store the rolls of fencing on the property line. the husband hadn't even had a chance to tell his wife before Re-Tard was calling! She spread around once that a neighbor had her arm broken by her husband when infact the woman had fallen at a church while garage saling. I don't think Mrs. Re-Tard was too happy when Ms. Laurie met her on the street and told her to stop spreading rumors that were not true or she'd show her a thing or two.

Mrs. Re-Tard told Rich (she don't speak to me after I told her to stop letting her dog POOP at my mailbox. I have acre, go all over there, please skip the four feet I have to walk to get my mail!) she told Rich she was scared of our kids. They were 7 and 10 at the time. She was scared because when she walked her dog they road their bike close to her and skated close to her. Rich suggested she not be so mean to them and she wouldn't have anything to worry about. She snubbed her nose on that one. Then he suggested she walk on HER END Of the road. She claimed she had to walk her dog down here because he wouldn't shit in her yard and won't "go" unless she exercised him. HELLO? My dog is on an acre too and very much poops all by herself. I think she caught on that I was timing to checking my mail each time she walked her dog. hahaha

One of the other neighbors told her the same thing about their mailbox. She started carrying a tuna can nailed on the end of a stick to scoop it up. We were all outside on the neighbors porch drinking coffee one morning and yup, Mrs. Re-Tard came strolling by. When Vickie hollered "please don't let your dog shit at my mail box," Mrs. Re-Tard promptly pulled out her stick and flicked poo into the ditch. With her hand on her hip she screeched back, "Are you happy now??" Vickie retorted with "Oh great, just what we wanted. Shit flying when we weedeat the ditches now!" hahaha omg, I think we all spit our coffee out on that one.

Who'd your neighborhood busibody? What's the worse thing they ever did? But more importantly, how did you get even? We really wanna know!

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