Sunday, August 08, 2004

One of those weeks...

It's been one of those weeks, or two, that makes my love for my husband even stronger. Every family goes thru struggles. "We will get thru this," to quote my husband. I don't know what I'd do without him. When all my strength is gone, when there isn't even a speck of light at the end of the tunnel, when life just seems too hard, when I can't even think of putting one foot in front of the other, he's there. A hug, a wink, a half-hearted smile, he knows just what I need at that moment. Then the roles reversed. He was down, way down. I picked him up and carried him. *I* made things better. And he let me. Amazing how our lives unfold.

Besides all THAT, we are busier than ever. Yes, inspite of the drama, life does go on. Things still need to be done and people taken places and phone calls made and smiles are soon on our faces when old friends stop by for a visit, oblivious to what is happening in our lives. For a few hours we were able to push all THAT to the side and enjoy company.

We are private people and prefer to maintain our closeknit-tightness and not air our dirty laundry. It just works for us.

We will get thru this.


Rich took the kids up to the camp for the weekend. Save my sanity! I thought of all the things I could be doing! Wow. NO interruptions. Blah! This is my time to rest. To clear my head. To find myself again. Reconnect. Ahhh, bliss!

I stopped at the library, ran into my BIL, and also found the book I have been looking for. Score! I've spent all last night, reading, playing backgammon on the computer, reading, tv, reading, talking on the phone and yes, reading!

Meals? Omgosh. I'd be thin if I was single LOL I say that as the cookie dough is defrosting on the cabinet. MMMM, can't wait. I thought I'd go out and get something. Nah, I don't want to have to get dressed. Knock-about shorts and tshirt, messy hair and my unwashed face. Bliss I tell ya. Pure bliss. I draw the line at going with unbrushed teeth. Sorry.

I thought about going to the movies. Notebook, to be exact. But I don't think the people beside me would appreciate my sobbing. From what I hear, it's that kind of movie. I'd prefer to blow my nose and shudder-cry in the privacy of my own home. On that note, maybe I'll pop in Titanic or even Gone With The Wind tonight. The option is totally mine.

My neighbor graciouslly picked up one of my mamma cats to have her spayed at her office. One mamma cat just had 6, YES SIX, babies. ACK! Soon as these are weaned, snip, snip! No more babies! My neighbor feels she can adopt them out after they've been fixed. She's a strong advocate of spaying/neutering. Yeah! No more babies. IT's a pain to go let mamma cat in/out of her box, but it sure beats her toting her babies off to undisclosed locations only to have the neighbor knock on my door in her robe telling me the babies were under her house, under her tub, and she was afraid she would scald them when she ran her bath water. Bless her heart. And the heart of her grandson as he climbed under there to retrieve them for us. Say it with me, no more babies! Soon! Want a baby? I'll have it "fixed" for you!

Now for the gross part. You didn't think my weekend would be totally uneventful, did you?? I was blog reading. Actually, blog hopping. One leads to another and another... I stumbled across this Maintaining One's Shit What joy to find someone else has a near out-of-body experience having seen one of these foul creatures. :::shudder::: I'm lying across my bed, happily reading one of my books, Newlyweds is playing on the tv and I'm totally lost in my book. Suddenly. Plop. A brown blob falls from out of the sky onto my bed. Wha? HUH? OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS. YES. A huge cockroach. The "landing" must have startled him as much as it did me. We were both frozen for a fleeting second. I jumped up, after screaming like a fool, and found the nearest shoe. All the anger from reading the previous blog welled up. You damned bug SMACK! SMASH! Smoosh. Ugh. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight. I'm luck I didn't loose my lunch. Supper is out of the question. Rich won't be home until Monday or Tuesday. I can't, just can't pick it up! GROSS. Maybe I'll sweep it later. I'm too nauseated right now. Bugs are just plain gross. Really gross. All the recent rain doesn't help matters. I'm just really thankful he landed on the bed and NOT in my messy hair. I'm telling ya, I would have been bald in 7.2 seconds.

Oh, I submitted my dog coffin post to a magazine via online. I"ll let ya know what becomes of it. Thanks for the 'push'.

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