Monday, August 16, 2004

ya hear that?

SILENCE! School is in session!

As much as I'll miss them, I know they are excited to go back and see friends and form close-knit relationships that will last a lifetime. The oldest two hopped the bus. I brought the youngest one. She has the same teacher her sister had. This teached LOVED Jessica. Look out, I have a feeling Sarah will be called Jessica all year. And I know the teacher means no harm, but think of the student. They have their own identity and are struggling to break away from being known as "jessica's lil sister." Heck, my kids look so much alike even Daniel was called "jessica's lil brother." GRRR They are people and have names! Use them. OH well...

I saw many happy faces and a few crying kids. Most were pre-K. They were so tiny to be going off to school. One lil girl's mouth was frozen in a half-opened, turned down frown. No sound, but she was having trouble seeing due to the tears in her eyes. What mother wouldn't fear they were doing something traumatic to their child by MAKING them attend?? I'm so glad all mine were eager to go and learn. Whew!

The bird seems lost. The hampsters sleep all day anyways. The cats will miss Sarah petting them when she's outside playing. I'll miss the giggles and yes, gasp, even the arguing during the day. But, it will be oh so nice to nibble on my favorite snacks and not be hounded for "a bite." LOL

Can't wait to hear how the first day was!

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