Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Changes again??

Where you create a post looks different. Someone is playing with the controls again.

I belong to a few "groups" online. One is a freezer meal group. Really good recipes and MOST people have common sense. But, if I have to read one more post about boiling ground beef I will need 2 cups of strong coffee as to not hunt these women down and put the metal strainer permanently on their head as a hat. I mean, cmon, how many times do we need to hash out boiling vs frying ground meat. Boil. You know, water, pot, boil?? What kinda greasy meat are you buying to begin with?? I've heard of rinsing your ground meat under hot water in a strainer after you have cooked it. But if boiling suits your fancy, then by all means boil away! We just don't wanna read about it weekly! And one woman... she saves her boiled beef liquid...and uses it for stock!? HUH? Lady, it's greasy water! Didn't you just say you boiled it to get the grease out?? HELL-OOOOO??

Then they move on to potatoes. Do potatoes freeze? NO. NO. NO. They don't. Nor will they freeze in POTATOE salad, POTATOE soup, nor whole POTATOES. They do not freeze well unless mashed and mixed in with some other stuff. We discussed THIS topic last week. All the emails sent read more or less "will potatoes freeze?" and these week we are blasted with the same ole "Will potatoes freeze?" questions all over again. People, people. A LITTLE work on your end of perhaps READING the email that comes through and most of your questions will be answered. If not, go read the help files! You got an email when you signed up for the group telling you how to access the help files and to read them before sending out email. That would be so we don't have to rehash boiled vs fried meat and freezing mashed potatoes!!

I just don't have time for stupid people. I know some people aren't too computer savvy,,,but you can read, right????

Oh yah, before I more thing... green card. :)

Monday, September 27, 2004

One lump or two?

Break time! I'm out of work. THAT hasn't happened in a long time. I'm sure within the first minute I signed off five doctors jumped on the system to dictate. Always works that way.

Instead of picking up the living room or hanging the clothes in the washer I'll enjoy the quiet. I worked this weekend, but it was a nice, easy weekend. The weather is beautiful today and should be like this the rest of the week. Unfortunately, friends in Florida don't have it so good. You have my prayers.

Sorry, can't take it anymore. Gotta put away the folded clothes and MAKE COFFEE!

You want one lump or two?

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Ivan revisited

The above is true. Ivan is in the Gulf and is expected to bring us lots and lots of rain. While it's true we need it, not so much at one time. We are expecting so much rain from Ivan, that the parish (county to the rest of you) below us, which borders the Gulf, has shut down schools for the day. We are expecting 50 mph winds, too.

I'm sure it will hit just as I head out the door to run errands.

If you live in Texas, you're next for Ivan.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go.

Monday, September 20, 2004


I'm all for scrounging up some bizness...but by golly, show some respect.

If you are a telemarketer:

Do not yawn in my ear and then never apologize.

Please state WHO you are and WHERE you are calling from before asking to speak with anyone in the household.

Do not call my house and ask to speak to Richard as if you know him personally.
You don't. And you don't know his wife either, so show some respect, especially if you are a woman calling and happen to get the wifey on the phone. Trust me, you aren't fooling me or making me wonder if my husband is having an affair by asking to speak to Richard, and then when I tell you he is not in you rudely hang up. I CAN hear the 100s of other telemarketers in the background. Only the real morons keep calling back and asking for him. You will always get the same response of "He is at WORK!" if you insist on calling monday thru friday from 8-5. No wonder you are a telemarketer! Write it down if you cannot remember. Better yet. Just don't call!

Please remember that most WOMEN handle the issues of bills and credit cards and you will be much more apt in getting a response by asking to speak to WHOMEVER handles these things. Don't burden my man with these dumb questions such as "Do you own your own home and do you have credit cards?" He is going to toss the phone to ME. He has more important things to worry about.... ME!

I must be twisted and demented. Sometimes I actually enjoy when a telemarketer calls. I get to be creative. As in recently. Some Bimbo called and wanted to talk to Richard. (See above) Problem was, she kept on calling. And I know she called at 9 pm one night because I was soaking in the tub waiting on my man to call me from work when she called. Each time I would politely ask who was calling and she would just hang up. Finally I got wise. The next time she called and asked for Richard, I told her this was him. She sounded a little stumped at the sound of my voice, but who is she to differ??? She cannot PROVE that I am not Richard. Come to find out, she was from Bass Master's Magazine. She ain't called back since!

I had one today:

Ring, Ring

:::yawn::: uhm.. hmm. Yes, is, Richard there?
This is he.
This is Amy... blah blah, how much do you owe in Credit Cards.
Hunny, we don't have any outstanding Cards. Please take me off your list, now!

I"m sure they think I'm strange to have a manly name or that the poor man who lives there is going thru a sex change LOLOL

One guy musta called a dozen times. Each time he would say, "Is this XXX-XXXX?" and I would say, "No it's not." And he would hang up and try again-getting ME each time! Finally he caught on! Moron.

Another fav was to find it out it was a telemarketer and tell them to hold on while I went to get Richard. I'd give the phone to one of the kids and go back to doing whatever I was doing before being interrupted. Daniel loved telling these people, who were to eager to listen while waiting for Richard to come to the phone, all about his Ninja Turtles and Batman and Spiderman. HAHAHAHAH

Life is short, enjoy it to the max!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Aftermath

Ivan packed a punch, but the tornados were the real killer. No pun intended. We have tornado warnings now and again but I never really paid much mind to them. After seeing/hearing what the tornados did... I'm rethinking the tornado thing.

I watched/listened to the Channel 13 feed over the internet from in Florida. A car in a tree, people calling in saying they were scared and wanted to vacate their mobile homes (you stayed in one for a cat 4 storm??), tornados everywhere. Today I saw footage of the trailers that were no more due to a tornado where 5 people died. Died. I just can't fathom it.

Emily, stay safe. I'm thinking of you! Friend in Georgia has gotten over 6 inches of rain aleady. Another friend had to get offline around 3, the lights were flickering. Still waiting to hear back from a friend and my brother in Atlanta! Don't they know I worry??

Heed those tornado warnings, folks! And thank God for all you have. In an instant it can all be gone. {{{{{friends}}}}

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Move em out

After reading Emily's blog, I'm reminded of last year when we evacuated. It is nerve-wrecking to say the least. If it would have been up to my husband, we would have put the freezer on top of the surburban. Not knowing if you will have anything to come back to is not a good feeling. This hurricane is not playing around.

I vowed last year to make a list when I was calm of all the things to take. Thinking even about the order in which to load them in the truck! You should have see our vehicles when we left. Swamp dwellers - the stuff was piled in the boat. Anything and everything we could fit. Suddenly everything in my life seemed to hold some sort of importance and I wanted to take it with me. It was a pain to unload when we got back, but we did not lose anything and for that I am very grateful. Friends in New Iberia were hit hard. Granted, New Iberia is only a bit over an hour away, but is was like a war zone there. I'll never forget listening to their radio station, operating on generators in the parking lot, getting the word out to folks.

"Mr. X just stopped by and wanted me to annouce their freezer is defrosting so he is having to cook everything. If you need food, you can go by XXXX Street."

"OH! Good news. X just called and said the power trucks were down her road at XXXX, and there are five of them so power hopefully will be back on shortly in that area."

"There is a shelter open at X for those who need electricity for oxygen, a/c for the elderly, and small babies, etc."

It still brings tears to my eyes to think about it. An hour away from me. It could have so easily been us.

Emily, stay safe. You and yours are in our prayers. Let us know when you get back.

I think I'm gone make my list.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Got Shrimp?

We do now. My parents, my sister and I got 100 lb total. Yesterday my parents picked up the shrimp and we met them at their house when they got back. We headed, peeled and bagged up all 100 lb. My back hurts, my feet hurt, my fingers have lil nicks in them from the shrimp...but I have shrimp in the freezer to last me awhile.

Today we head back to my parent's house to eat fried shrimp - YUMMY. Fries, onion rings, shrimp, and desserts. MMMM

Saturday I worked most of the morning and then my mom calls that my SIL has driven in from Georgia and will be there within 30 minutes. Yikes! We had a great visit and it's always nice to see them. The kids grow so fast. Sarah was disappointed that her and Jaime didn't get to spend the night together, but at least they got to see each other and play for a few hours. I'll have to email my brother and tell him to get the kids set up on yahoo so they can use the cameras to see each other and talk. They'll LOVE that. Thank goodness for technology.

Off to work!

Saturday, September 11, 2004


Sarah and I had blocked off rooms with towels in hopes to keep hammy in one general location. Sarah was eating her mac n cheese when Jessica called her to the room. Apparently hammy returned to familiar surroundings (Sarah's bedroom) and was at the foot of her bed on the floor sitting and cleaning himself. Sarah scooped him up! Yah!! Poor lil hammy was trembling. I guess after being lost in that bedroom was enough excitement for him LMAO.

Whew! Now my lil girl is happy once more.

rodent alert

I hated to say Amber alert. The thought of a child being kidnapped is enough to send any parent on a fierce lookout for their child.

No, we have a rodent alert. Sarah's lil hammy has busted out of his ball and is roaming our house. She misses him already. Her hammy is the best. He's soo friendly. So cute. Her heart is breaking. We have some food set out for him and his cage. Hopefully he will come back to familiar surroudings. If not, we are off to replace the lil bugger.

Her and Daniel both wanted one. Daniel got his first and then rodent fever hit with her. Rich and I thought she was too young to handle the responsibility. That child is an animal lover. She plays with her hammy every morning before school and as you can see, she had him out already this morning playing with him.

It was MOM who suggested she put him in his ball and let him roll around while she cooked some mac n cheese. The guilt I feel. Prayer lil hammy finds his way back into his mommy's protective cuddles. Better still, pray we find him before I got to bed tonight!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Almost forgot!

We watched The Miracle Worker tonight. The kids were in awe that Hellen Keller was blind and deaf and later was able to learn. They kept asking, "When is it gonna click, mamma?? Don't she KNOW what a dog is yet?" Patience little ones.

I was doing dishes and noticed the table was a wreck from supper.

"HELLO? Front and center! This kitchen table is a mess! Get whatever is yours out of here. Whatever you leave is going in the trash! And tuck those chairs in. You came to this table and had to pull it out didn't you? Well, you and put it back like you found it!"

The kids are rolling eyes and sneering at me from behind my back. I know these things. Mom's have eyes in the back of their heads ya know.

"By golly, if lil Hellen Keller can learn to sign and understand things, you CAN be taught to pick up behind yourselfs and you will!"

Then the groans started. hahahah They should know by now there is always a lesson in there somewhere.


This is a typical conversation in our house:

I use a lot of freezer bags. Actually, I REuse a lot of freezer bags. I use the same ones over and over for the same things like frozen pancakes, frozen burgers, frozen chicken, frozen ground meat. You get the picture. Before you call the Food Police, know that I use the same OUTER bag. I double bag all my stuff for the freezer. The inner bags are el cheapos and thus get tossed after each use.

I'm out of burger and pancakes, so I store the empty freezer bags.... where else but the freezer? I walked into the kitchen tonight and found all my freezer bags on the table. ????

me: Anyone know WHY these bags are on the kitchen table?

Rich: Anyone know WHY those bags were in the freezer, empty????

Me: Because I reuse them silly! They are empty and need refilling.

Rich: (laughing) OHHHH! I wondered about that.

me: What? You think you have some crazy wife who stores FREEZER bags, where else, in the FREEZER??

Rich: Noooo, but, I have kids, remember?

OMGosh, I laughed soo hard. You'd have to know Rich to understand this. He can be so darned funny!

I went to the eye doctor. Another 2 weeks on existing drops and then he added another drop. They dryness isn't as bad, but I'm still not up to normal.

I'm off to bed. I worked for 12 hours - give or take 1 1/2 due to children- and i'm pooped. We are behind at work and I'm working to get us caught up. The other gal works this weekend so she'll do her catching up work then.


Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Not liking this

Each Sunday in church we recite a prayer to keep us safe from Hurricanes. My faith is strong, but I do not like what I am seeing. If this thing gets in the Gulf we will be in big trouble.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Once more

If I hear one more time how Clinton's surgery went I think I'll puke. Does anyone really care? Okay, so he had surgery. So do lots of other people. Besides, do you really think they found a heart in there? C'mon, people!

Sunday, September 05, 2004


I took the kids the eye doctor on Saturday. Sarah has been complaining she cannot see the overhead projector. Why do they use those fuzzy things anyway? We spent good/LOTS of money on those erasable boards that they no longer use. GRRR.

So Sarah got glasses for reading/school work. Daniel got a new RX. His vision only changed in one eye and he needs new lens. We brought Sarah's to the one-hour place because she was soo excited to have her OWN glasses. I think the novelty has now worn off. It's almost more trouble than it's worth to take them on and off than to simply keep them on all the time. She does look just adorable tho. She claims we are the "Glasses Family" because all but Jessica has to wear glasses. Richard wears his for night driving and hunting (giggle) So he can see clearer. Oh-kay!

So, we are at the eye doctor and I'm watching the kids discuss what all will be done to them during the appointment when I hear one of the employees answer the phone.

Hello. Thank you for calling X.
Yes. I can help you with an appointment.
How about on the ___th?
Your name?
Okay, is that Jennifer with a Jay, or Jennifer with a Gee?

OMGOSH!? Jennifer with a Gee?? Gennifer?? I almost fell out my chair but I think my jaw hitting the floor prevented that from happening.

I'm off tomorrow and the kids have off on Tuesday for teacher inservice meeting. Rich is taking them to the movies since he will be off. I have no idea what we are doing on Monday. I'd like to do SOMEthing...and cleaning is not on that list!

I'm off to put together my veggie tray for the BBQ at my parent's house. Yummy! Drunken chicken is calling my name!