Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Almost forgot!

We watched The Miracle Worker tonight. The kids were in awe that Hellen Keller was blind and deaf and later was able to learn. They kept asking, "When is it gonna click, mamma?? Don't she KNOW what a dog is yet?" Patience little ones.

I was doing dishes and noticed the table was a wreck from supper.

"HELLO? Front and center! This kitchen table is a mess! Get whatever is yours out of here. Whatever you leave is going in the trash! And tuck those chairs in. You came to this table and had to pull it out didn't you? Well, you and put it back like you found it!"

The kids are rolling eyes and sneering at me from behind my back. I know these things. Mom's have eyes in the back of their heads ya know.

"By golly, if lil Hellen Keller can learn to sign and understand things, you CAN be taught to pick up behind yourselfs and you will!"

Then the groans started. hahahah They should know by now there is always a lesson in there somewhere.

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