Sunday, September 05, 2004


I took the kids the eye doctor on Saturday. Sarah has been complaining she cannot see the overhead projector. Why do they use those fuzzy things anyway? We spent good/LOTS of money on those erasable boards that they no longer use. GRRR.

So Sarah got glasses for reading/school work. Daniel got a new RX. His vision only changed in one eye and he needs new lens. We brought Sarah's to the one-hour place because she was soo excited to have her OWN glasses. I think the novelty has now worn off. It's almost more trouble than it's worth to take them on and off than to simply keep them on all the time. She does look just adorable tho. She claims we are the "Glasses Family" because all but Jessica has to wear glasses. Richard wears his for night driving and hunting (giggle) So he can see clearer. Oh-kay!

So, we are at the eye doctor and I'm watching the kids discuss what all will be done to them during the appointment when I hear one of the employees answer the phone.

Hello. Thank you for calling X.
Yes. I can help you with an appointment.
How about on the ___th?
Your name?
Okay, is that Jennifer with a Jay, or Jennifer with a Gee?

OMGOSH!? Jennifer with a Gee?? Gennifer?? I almost fell out my chair but I think my jaw hitting the floor prevented that from happening.

I'm off tomorrow and the kids have off on Tuesday for teacher inservice meeting. Rich is taking them to the movies since he will be off. I have no idea what we are doing on Monday. I'd like to do SOMEthing...and cleaning is not on that list!

I'm off to put together my veggie tray for the BBQ at my parent's house. Yummy! Drunken chicken is calling my name!


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