Wednesday, September 08, 2004


This is a typical conversation in our house:

I use a lot of freezer bags. Actually, I REuse a lot of freezer bags. I use the same ones over and over for the same things like frozen pancakes, frozen burgers, frozen chicken, frozen ground meat. You get the picture. Before you call the Food Police, know that I use the same OUTER bag. I double bag all my stuff for the freezer. The inner bags are el cheapos and thus get tossed after each use.

I'm out of burger and pancakes, so I store the empty freezer bags.... where else but the freezer? I walked into the kitchen tonight and found all my freezer bags on the table. ????

me: Anyone know WHY these bags are on the kitchen table?

Rich: Anyone know WHY those bags were in the freezer, empty????

Me: Because I reuse them silly! They are empty and need refilling.

Rich: (laughing) OHHHH! I wondered about that.

me: What? You think you have some crazy wife who stores FREEZER bags, where else, in the FREEZER??

Rich: Noooo, but, I have kids, remember?

OMGosh, I laughed soo hard. You'd have to know Rich to understand this. He can be so darned funny!

I went to the eye doctor. Another 2 weeks on existing drops and then he added another drop. They dryness isn't as bad, but I'm still not up to normal.

I'm off to bed. I worked for 12 hours - give or take 1 1/2 due to children- and i'm pooped. We are behind at work and I'm working to get us caught up. The other gal works this weekend so she'll do her catching up work then.


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