Saturday, October 30, 2004


This weekend is Halloweenie Explosion! Is Your Town Haunted!? Lemme know!

Last night was the Halloween Carnival at my daughter's school. It brought back so many memories. We use to have Halloween Carnivals there when I was a student. Many moons ago. The kids had a lot of fun. I ran into several friends who also attended school there and were bringing back their kids. What a hoot! Here we couldn't wait to get outta that school and now we are bringing our kids back. Oh the memories. It was good to catch up. The older I get the more I wonder "What ever happened to......"

After the Carnival O' Fun we stopped off at my moms. She had fried shrimp and had some left over. MMMM. So glad we spent an entire day heading peeling and bagging shrimp. Makes for easy cooking now. Just defrost and fry! Last Sunday Rich and I fried some up on the new patio. How nice that was!

Jessica went to the movies to see The Grudge. I'll have to wait until she comes home to get a movie review.

Rich is at the camp. I guess no news means no deer. I sure hope he snags one soon! We are expecting a cool front on Monday and I'm sure the deer will start moving then. Only problem is he will be back at work.

I've read a few blogs mentioning blog explosion and joined. I was hoping to find some really interesting new reads. You can only branch out so far clicking on friends' blog reads. Eventually it seems to make a full circle. I use to use the "next blog" at the top of blogs but usually ended up with blogs in other languages or worse, bLogS wrIttEn iN soMe tEeny-bOppEr haRd to ReAd sTufF. I'm not too keen on how BE works with points and credits, but I have managed to find some really good blogs to continue reading and even found a chick in my neck of the woods. How cool that is! So check out Leslie when ya get a chance. I also ran into Desmond's Blog and well..he's just got the kind of soul that shines.

Now I'm off to see what kinda trouble I can get into. Enjoy the festivities!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Wiped out

Since returning home from my vacation I have been wiped out. I returned with a sinus infection. Ye-haw! How much ick can sinuses hold? I'm still not 100% better, but I"m in the world of the living again. A shower can do wonders for the body.

Jessica had her wisdom teeth pulled a week ago Thursday. She's just about back to normal. We called her a Cabbage Patch kid. She would try to smile but her cheeks were so swollen that they would not lift. She was so funny. At one point she said, "Mom! All I do is eat and sleep!" Yes..and it was silent and heavenly. I'm not being mean. I am simply stating a fact. No phone ringing. No wanting to go anywhere. No I NEED something. No arguing with siblings! Bliss. Now the Codiene has worn off and it's life as usual at our house. Which seems more Normal to me anyways. Cabbie (as Daniel lovingly refers to her now) had no bruising and her face is just about back to normal. If you had never seen her before you wouldn't know she had them removed a little over a week ago. Next is spacers and then braces! She's so excited.

Richard is at the camp and I'm praying he calls me with news of snagging a deer. He soo deserves it. He's got his '67 Jeep on the road and almost every night we have gone for a lil joy ride. Something so free to have no top on the jeep and no doors. You can enjoy the moon and the air and breeze. Today we zipped out together for lunch. Mostly you notice the men staring at you as you drive by. The women really don't realise all the work involved in getting a vehicle on the road. Ya just put gas in it and it goes. HAHA

Today my cell phone company called me to renew my contract for 2 more years and they would give me a percentage off my bill for the next 24 months! That equals to a $2.00 savings each month. Hmm... I wonder how far they are willing to go to keep such a wonderful, loyal customer?

Girl: Would you like to renew your contract at this time?
Me: Does my phone get text messages?
Girl: Yes, $5 for 100 or $10 and get unlimited.
Me: Nah. There has got to be something better than that you can offer me. Do you have any better plans?
Girl: Are you happy with your current minutes?
Me: yes, we rarely use them all.
Girl: I see your weekends start at 8? I can make them start at 7.
Me: Oh? How much is that gonna cost?
Girl: Uhm. Nothing.
Me: YES! I'll take it! Sign me up for 2 more years! I knew I loved XXXX for a reason!

So next month my free time will begin at 7pm! Whoo hooo! And for free. And I'll be saving $2.00 on every bill. They currently charge you an extra $5 for having your free time kick in at 7pm. I know this because a few months ago they offered it to me for $5 and I opted to hold out until it was free. Glad I waited.

So naturally I had to call my mother and rub it in. She asked how I managed to wiggle out the free 7pm with XXXX. I let her in on a little secret. First ya gotta ask for something you don't want. Then willingly give it up. Then ask for what you really want! And you have to ask. They don't just offer up things to you. It's a well kept secret.

It's halloween weekend and I have to work. The kids are wanting to go here and there and I just don't have enough time or energy to do it all. I need to get more iron pills. And soon. We'll just have to map out our evenings. I think men secretely planned hunting seasons to coincide with holidays just so they don't have to be around. ack!

Time to type. I have a report from dr. mumbles I need to finish up. The other gal has tomorrow off so it's just me and I wanna be ahead of the game going in!

The jeep has seats in it now. I just don't have a current pic of that.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

These are a few of my fav-or-ite things...

Just a few of my fave snapshots from my trip.

Sidewalk leading up to the Capital Building

Lower part of Lake Superior

Northern Lake Superior

Off to see the Wizard!

Saturday, October 23, 2004


Are wonderful! We had a blast!! There are wonderful people in Minn.! It's cold, really cold, when the wind blows off the Lake. It is really a beautiful state. The colors of changing trees that brilliant is something we southerners really don't get to enjoy. Spectacular! I saw flurries... and it was perfect to be surrounded by friends to share it with.

Roni, the gal who hosted us and was a WONDERFUL hostess - as was her family! Roni was worried we wouldn't have a good time. She was worried there was nothing to do in her home state. WOWZERS! I had a wonderful time and it was awesome to be around the gals again :)

I'm pooped and have things I gotta get done... I'll post pictures later!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

I think I'm done! wait? No. Yes!

If I forget it, oh well! I'll have to buy it there.

Camera, mp3 player (loaded!), phone, chargers, batteries, clothes, jacket, socks, shoes, bathroom stuff, meds, etc... oh and my tic-tacs. I love orange tic-tacs and asked Rich to pick me some up. Egads. I think he bought 8 packs. I"ll be making silly sounds as I wheel my luggage around. CASH! BRB Whew! Sinc'd the PDA with important numbers. GIFTS, brb. I swear, if i don't have it right in front of me I will forget it! Rats, my shorts are in the dryer. I'll have to get them in the morning. I'm pooped and I wanna go snuggle under the covers with my man. Cool front came thru and we are enjoy the 52 degrees! The kids swear we are freezing them out. Grab some more covers.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I'm leaving on a jet plane.....

I'm off to Minn. for a few days to reunite with old friends whom I met over the internet. Many people ask how me met and I figured I'd post it here. This is a story submitted by the gal we will be visiting in Minn. Yall behave and I'll see ya when I get back!

Here's the story:

A couple of years ago, a group of us started chatting and emailing on a regular basis. Last fall, one of our dearest, sweetest members had a nagging cough that wouldn't go away. Doctors diagnosed pneumonia, but the antibiotics didn't work. She started to see specialists, who found a spot on her lungs. After a biopsy, it was determined to be non-cancerous. The whole group rejoiced with her. But the problems didn't go away. Several months passed, and she decided she needed a second opinion. This time it was determined to be cancer, and she needed to start chemotherapy right away.

Our group was thrown into a panic, and a few of us decided we needed to be there for her. We planned our visit for halfway through the projected chemotherapy and set it up with her husband as a surprise for our friend. But the chemo never started.

Our worries increased. What did this mean? Why were they waiting? But we kept our plans for a visit anyhow. Wednesday before we were to leave, her husband called to say that she'd gone in for another biopsy and arrested on the table. Still, we planned to go. Maybe she'd come to. Or at least, God willing, she'd know we were there -- somehow.

We arrived in Missouri Friday afternoon as planned, from Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, Louisiana and Minnesota, and all met for the first time. It was wonderful! We had a great lunch, then set off for the hotel. Our first order of business on check-in was to call the husband and see how our friend was doing.

She died one hour before we arrived, and never even knew we were coming. I will always regret that part, but a very special bond formed between the five of us that time can never erase. We were there for each other at the time we found out, and for that, I'll always be grateful. Bless you Marilyn. I miss you terribly!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

ready? Set? NO!

I forgot some stuff when we went to town. That's what we call it in the country - going to town. When I was little going to town was a social duty. You gussied up (or your mom gussied you up) and you ran errands and went to the grocery store. You were bound to meet lots of people in the grocery store. Nowadays the convience stores and everyone zipping in and out of the grocery store on the way home from work stopped the grocery store social duty. Such is change!

Anyways... I forgot some things. Mostly because my husband was back from the camp and escorted me into town. I tease him often about how I'm sure people must think I"m a single woman because I'm never with my husband when I got to town. He thinks it is hysterical and begs me to tell them the reason they never see him is because I have him chained to the bed and I'm in a hurry to get his favorite snack between the next time I ravage him - cheese! LOL Men! Gotta love em.

My outting was a great score! We darted into Target and got new bedding! Hopefully hubby will go pick out an iron bed while I'm gone and have it all ready when I get back. We have a frame now - no headboard or footboard. We finally found some we like and I'll let him pick it out and surprise me. When I go out of town for a few days he usually does something around the house to surprise me. Either something new or he rearranges things. He's so cute!! Tomorrow he is supposed to get the mulch in around the trees on the patio and get some furniture. Whoo hooo! Cannot wait!

Anyways... after Target we went to Kmart. Bust! I don't know why that place is still open. Blah. Can't find anything there. I was looking for a particular lotion that I must have.

I am not a lotion person but this stuff is incredible. No slimey feeling and smells so nice. I have to have some for my trip and Target usually carries it. None. Kmart - none. At this point, I'm ready to have a panic attack. Rich suggests I find it on the web, "Rachel, EVERYthing is available on the web. Order it there." Argh! I need it now! I'm so last minute.

So we stopped off at Walgreen's to get Daniel's medicine and lo and behold the cosmetics gal helped me locate it. I snatched up two bottles. I dunno who was more excited - me for finding it or her for having it.

Oh, out of curiosity I asked the pharmacist the price of Daniel's medications. Gulp. 168.00 for the 300 mg and 86.00 for the 150 mg. He takes 450 mg twice a day and this is for a one month supply. Thank goodness for RX cards!! And I was complaining when the co-pay went up last year!?! Egads!!!!

Off to snuggle with my man who is watching westerns and calling me to go watch the (and I quote) "all these squinty lil eyed men" with him. I might have mentioned earlier that all the closeups had the men with these squinty eyes. I suppose it is to make them more menacing? Grimey men, tanned from the sun, dusty from the ride, spitting tabacco and/or smoking a pipe/cigarettes/cigar and yet most of them have good teeth LOL Rich says they spend all their $ on dentist. They MUST! hahah

Gnite! Hope you enjoyed my ramblings. Tomorrow I pack after I check the weather.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Do not pass GO

Heck, I can't even get to GO, must less pass it!

After a weekend of running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I'm still not ready for my trip. Hopefully Rich will return early on Tuesday and run some errands while I do laundry. I think that stuff multiplies at night while I sleep! Where are the good fairies who come and do housework while you sleep? They must be on strike, again.

The weather is cooler today. The rain has stopped too. Hopefully soon I can sit outside on my new patio and enjoy it! Rich called this morning to say nobody has even seen a deer this weekend. It's rained up there all weekend. My cousin did get a bobcat and Rich got a rabbit, but nothing else. Makes for long days when it's dreary weather.

Time for lunch!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Last night

A friend and I have really been having some deep conversations. I grew up in the same neighborhood as Angie. Our parents knew each other and were friends our whole lives. Her mother has since passed and her father now lives in another town, but she I have remained friends for 30+ yrs. Sometimes we go long spans without talking and then, like recently, it seems we see each other or talk to each other pretty regularly. We just kinda pick up where we left off and go from there. We think a lot alike on some things and then other things we are totally different. She's great to talk to and I've finally met my match on who can talk more hahaha

Angie and I met up for Charlie's Rosary last night. I know it brought back a lot of memories of her mother's funeral. For some reason this Rosary was especially hard. When Charlie's dad died last year I just could not bring myself to go. I could not see Cindy and her siblings in pain. I could not image their mother without their father. It was just too hard. And while I should have gone to be there for Cindy, I just couldn't. I hope she understands.

Charlie's Rosary was the most beautiful Rosary I have ever attended. There is a group from the church that will come and lead everyone in the saying of the Rosary. It was especially hard to see the ones who knew the family personally. Each decade of the Rosary was said by different person - at one point led by the women of the congregation. Between each decade they sang a few verses to different songs. Several times I just broke down. The room was jammed packed and overflowing into the back room. They are a big family, but the support was amazing. I saw friends I had not seen in yrs. Lots of catching up and lots of tears. It's just so unfair. Nobody should bury their child. But the same was said over and over: Mr Gene and Charlie are in heaven together. And what a sight for them to be reunited that must have been. They're riding horses and working cattle...together again. They are greatly missed.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

I napped

I napped for 30 mins so I should be up until at least 2am. This is getting old. Quickly.

A good friend of mine called today to say her brother passed away this morning. It just doesn't seem fair. He was too young. But cancer knows no age limit.

I got my hair cut today. Needed it! I looked like I had been living in a cave the past few months. The gal who cuts my hair is pregnant. She looks so good. Already has that glow. With my fresh cut hair I can mark that off my list of things to get ready before my trip. One week and counting. Guess this weekend I will pack. That way if anything is dirty I have time to get it washed. I'm still looking for new night clothes. I don't think my friends want to see me in my ole raggedy stuff. I promised myself I would start shopping early for this trip. And I did. I just didn't get what was on my list. Priorities ya know. Do you think my friends are gonna notice if I wear the same outfit for 3 days? HAHAHA I'm waiting to see what the temps do up north. Can't wait! Time to make yet another list of things to get down. I'll make the list and then forget it at home - typical LOL

It's raining here. Hopefully the cool weather will come. I'm still waiting. I'm sure when the cold rain starts I will be complaining. Supposed to be a wet winter in the south this yr.

I'm good at giving advice. I should learn to listen to my own. I'm doing that now. Thanks L for understanding. Guess I didn't realize how it sounded or how it made you feel. I forget that sometimes people just want to vent and don't want/need advice. They already know what they need to do. But they have to do it in their own time, their own way.

I've got another full weekend and a full week next week. I really need this vacation. Once I get back, Jessica will have her wisdom teeth pulled. Oh joy. Then the braces will go on! Had to get the stuff cleared with the insurance company and align dates that worked for everyone. This mother stuff is stressful!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Cooler days

We are expecting some cooler weather. Why would I get so excited about cooler weather? Hello! I'm in Louisiana folks. It's HOT here. And humid. And mosquitos will eat you alive. Hopefully this will be the beginning of the cooler weather on a daily basis. The kids want to wear their new jackets. They want to play outside in pants and never sweat. They want to ride the bus home and not be dripping and feeling like a layer of dust is covering their skin. I wanna save on my electric bill!!

My parents are out of town. That makes me the "keeper" The keeper of my grandmother. Gotta zip over there and change her sheets today. She can't tug on stuff due to her fall last November. I'm sure she will load Sarah up with all kinds of goodies. Grandmothers are good for that sort of thing.

I looked for patio furniture. Blah! They have Christmas stuff out already. Kinda hard to get in the spirit when I'm looking for SUMMER furniture. The stores are also getting their winter clothes in. I think they sent Alaska's order to us. I can't tell you the last time I own a heavy coat. Or a coat in general. Jackets are good round these parts. Makes me all stuffy to walk around the clothes department with all those big coats.

Work is so slow they sent the other gal home. Wouldn't ya know it. Soon as she clocks out we are flooded with work. *I* could use the day off and SHE needs the $$. What's wrong with this picture? Lots of things I need to do before my trip.

My brother, nerd #1, sent me a program to convert my CDs to mp3. Yeah! Now the tuff part - to pick which songs are worthy of a convert. Oh, still need to pick up rechargeable batteries and a charger. I have a sneaky feeling the batteries will be drained fast.

Off to work!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I must be old

Emily is gonna be 30 and wondering how she will handle it. With grace and style! You'll wonder how you ever thought 30 was a big deal in a few more years. Happy Birthday Ms Emily! Enjoy the day - you only turn 30 once!!!

I'm really enjoying my MP3 player. I found a program to convert my cd music to mp3 and getting it ready for my trip. The kids love it, but they say I need better music. Hey, I can't help it if I like Lousiana LeRoux and Prince and Rachael Lampa and Wham and Leo Sayer. Brings back the memories. Next trip into town and I'm getting rechargeable batteries and a recharger. Naturally, we have everything for AA and this uses AAA. It's a conspiracy!

We got the cement poured for our patio today. It's all across the back of the house and 16 feet out. It's poured around 2 trees and we'll put mulch and those solar lights. We'll have a fire pit too. Can't wait for the first party/BBQ out there. We had some xtra cement so we made a walkway from the patio to Rich's smokehouse. That is gonna be really nice. He can put the bbq pit there too and it will be out of the way of the patio.

They had a cool day to work with 55% humidity. Nice! And now the patio furniture is all on I'm looking. I'll have to get pics up here soon. The workers did a wonderful job. They should be very proud of their work. Funny thing.. Rich paid them and now they are hiring him to do some dirt work with his tractor for them. Tomorrow! Men are so silly sometimes.

I'm off to snuggle with my Beau. Gnite!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Is it live, or is it Memorex?

That would be the Memorex biomorph mp3 player. My kids love their gadget freak mother. I always bring home the coolest stuff. Ain't it great to be a nerd! And I love explaining how it all works. The wheels are turning in their heads and CLICK! You can see the face of understanding sweep over them. They each want memory of their own now. LOL I did pretty good with my memory. It was on sale AND came with a rebate.. so it ended up costing me $15 to max it out. Whoo hoo. Not often *I* stumble across something that good. Think I may have to go back and get one more. Even Rich thought it was the neatest thing. He kept commenting on how clear it was - even the FM radio. Gotta love technology. I was all giddy until he discovered the stopwatch feature. Then he informed me it would be a good way to track my workout. HUH? Yes. I gotta get back into my pilates.

Tonight was bonko, and 8 women speaking their minds of who should be president... finally we all just said a woman needs to run the country! For a moment I thought they were gonna have to give Lou oxygen. Ruffled some feathers. Still haven't figured out if she was pissed at me for not getting riled up or just pissed in general. Oh well. She can huff and puff all she wants. Won't be changing my mind. Wouldn't you just LOVE to know. Sorry. My lips are sealed! Oh! Song to download!


Saturday, October 02, 2004

There is an echo in here

Everyone is missing from their blogs and there is an echo in here. They are all off doing fun stuff.

What did I do today:

1. CCD for Sarah (religious classes for you non catholics)
2. Loaded truck with stuff to give mom at the bday party.
3. Attended niece's 5th Bday party at the bowling alley and had a good time. My 2 oldest and my dad bowled. My mom and I watched. I let Sarah play with the party folks. My sister only had one hour to bowl and the more people you have, the longer it takes. So the bigger ones moved on to their own lane. They had so much fun. Can't wait to go back. Ran into a friend and caught up with her.
4. Ran home and dropped oldest off so the gal she sits for could come pick her up at appointed time.
5. Gathered younger two and headed out.
6. Hit the library, where I ran into a friend and we sat in the children's section and caught up. The kids curled up with books and read. I should visit friends at the library more often LOL
7. Grabbed a bite to eat.
8. Went to Target. Spent waay too much time there.
9. Went to Walmart. Got Daniel's new lenses. Was surprised I found more stuff at Target that I liked. Will have to go back and pick these things up.
10. Came home.

I am pooped. My feet hurt. I wasn't anticipating all that walking! I picked up a few things for Cmas too. Aren't you impresse? Just little things - don't get all excited.

I did splurge at Target. I bought an MP3 player. Just a basic kind. Nothing fancy, but wow can that thing play. Sounds just like I'm listening to it playing on the computer. I've loaded up some songs and jammed around the house. The kids reinforced what I already knew. I cannot sing, HAHAHA, but I don't care. I'm having a good time. I'll really enjoy this lil gadget on my trip. The plane is soo boring and loud. I"ll have to bring some books from home to read on the plane too. I'll have a few hours worth of flying and some layover time.

Spoke with Rich tonight. He's at the camp. Zoey got three squirrels and a rabbit. Whoo hoo! Rich has been talking of joining a hunting club. Zoey would quickly pay the fees herself if they accepted dog biscuits. She LIVES to hunt. When she sees the 4-wheeler getting loaded... oh man, she goes bonkers. Rich said she ran all day long and is pooped. She was snoring away on the porch. Gotta love living in the South! Can't wait to hear how she does tomorrow. She makes a mamma proud.

I've GOT to start getting to bed earlier. This stinks.

If she only had a brain

That "group" email. Yah, the new question was a request for a taco meat recipe she can cook in the crockpot. Someone responded they didn't know why she wanted to cook it in the crockpot when she could brown it on the stove, drain and then add the needed amount of taco seasoning packets, bag it up in servings according to your family's needs and you're done! I wonder how she had fed her family all these other times? I mean, one pound of meat per seasoning packet is not too hard to figure out. So if you have 5 lb of meat, 5 packets. If she only had a brain! Amazing how simple life would be?

And to think I'm fretting over being in 2 places at once, getting 3 kids to and from, shopping, errands, housework, bills, family obligations, etc., when I should be home making major decisions as to how many packets of seasoning mix I need for my 5 lb of ground meat.

At least they did not say boil the meat. I think that topic is out of circulation for the next 5 days. I'm sure once they start talking about the weekend cooking sessions someone will just have to mention boiling it and the topic will resurface.

Oh well, must be nice to have nothing other to do than worry about seasoning packets. Some days I wish I could go back to just being the homemaker. I truly lived the life of luxury. The never-have-any-money luxury, but still. I got the kiddies off to school and the day was mine. Dishes, tv, computer, music, load of laundry, lunch, get out stuff for supper, cook, tv, computer, laundry, kids (and all that it entails) and bedtime. Do it all over again the next day. Never did my husband say "why isn't this clean? What DID you do all day??" Never. He knows kids take up your time and he's darn understanding.

But. I'm glad I have a job. A job that lets me do what I enjoy. A job that I get credit and PAY for doing. Three years later I STILL love my job. I'm also glad that more family members are participating in the responsilities of the home. I think that is important. No more "you didn't wash?" Like my day centered around making sure their stuff was taken care of??

I like the role my husband plays now. He is a wonderful father. Now he is a wonderful caregiver also. He knows how important it is for X to get that favorite cup. Not any ole cup will do. And why it is so important to make them unload the dishwasher at different times. hahaha He never understood those things before. Now he does. More importantly, he totally understands that he has to make get some me time. He sees now that it can consume you and you will never be able to schedule away time. Now he makes sure I have it - before, he would just say to take it when I needed it. Now he sees to it that I take it. Gotta love a man like that! He spent many a years hunting, fishing, camping, etc.. while I sat home with lil ones. Alone. Now they are older and I'm doing whatever strikes my fancy. Matter of fact, he informed me today before leaving for the camp that my trip is in 2 weeks! Whooo hooo!

Meals are in the freezer... house had a major cleanup before Rich left for the camp. Need to pack or make a list, but first I need some new stuff. Much cooler temps in Minn as compared to La! Time to start making my lists so I don't forget anything.

For now, I need sleep!! I've been running on 6 hours or less a night for 3 weeks. I'm not as young as I use to be. Now it's to the point where I'm too tired to sleep. Guess I'll go watch infomercials. They sell some strange stuff late at night.