Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Wake me in 2005!

Good grief! Will this ever end?

Got word today that my dad's mom has fallen and possibly broken some vertebrae in her neck. So, if you are the praying kind I'd appreciate some prayers. My grandmother has the starting of dementia and this could be pretty rough on her.

Will keep ya posted. If I remain sane enough to make it to 2005, it will be a miracle!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Whoa Nelly!

Can someone please stop time for say..oh... a month!? I dared not venture out on Black Friday this year. There was nothing that I had to have worth venturing out in that mob of frantic people. Oh, I was a frantic Black Friday shopper before. But the kids were little and they had visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads and their wishes were easy to fill. NOW? I have NO clue!

My brother and his family are coming in for Cmas. I'm so excited! Naturally, I have to work that weekend but it should be slow. I normally send a check to the kiddo's, but since they are coming in I'd like to get them a something instead of cash. Kids like to rip open stuff. I dunno how my brother is gonna fit all that stuff in the vehicle to go back to Georgia. LOL I'll have to email my sis n law and see what the kids need. See them once a year, ya just don't get a feel for what they want or already have. We shall see!

Rich and Daniel went up to JB's camp. It musta been women's weekend. Three women got deer. Rich said Daniel thought he saw a rabbit and asked to see the binoculars. That's when he saw it was a doe. He was so nervous he was shaking. Rich took a look and they waited until it got a bit closer. He shot, but they were out of range. Both he and Daniel were so nervous they could barely hold the binnoculars and the gun. Boys! They had a good time and have beautiful, cold weather to boot. Father and son bonding. Life is good.

Today it's laundry (again) and maybe getting the tree down to decorate. Time to get into the holiday spirit. A lil snow would help! Speaking of. A friend sent me pictures of a freak snow store in the desert of California! Can you imagine!!??
Winter wonderland
Looky the snow!
Snow and palm trees

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Preparing for the feast!

My parents are having a turkey fried. My sister and I are bring sides. I can hardly wait! I was given a recipe to try for cheesecake. Oh my! If it tastes like the batter part... I'll be making it often. Hurry Thursday!

We had a cold front move through. BRRR. At least it will make hurrying around seem more exciting. That hustle and bustle in the air always makes people frisky!

Anyone gonna venture out on Black Friday? My sister and I do. Tomorrow we will map out what we need from each store. Gotta charge up the 2-way radios!


Monday, November 22, 2004


Bonko. Ohmygosh. I haven't laughed that hard in a looong time. Gather 8 women together.. you think teens are loud and crazy? You ain't seen nutting! Good food. Good friends. No husband, teens, etc... oh man.

You know how you mispronounce a word wrong and never correct yourself? After a few yrs of saying it wrong, well, it starts to sound normal!

The hostess has a dog. Kathy was asking if the dog barked and Lala said the dog didn't until you left. THEN she barked when you got close to the door. And barks loud! So Kathy says, "Man! Really? You have a rapid dog there!" Rapid? Rabid maybe. But not raPid. OMGOSH. I'm quick to catch when someone saying something wrong. It just seems to come out louder and more obvious. I was laughing soo hard I couldn't see to roll the dice. Rapid? All I could imagine was this dog running really fast around the neighborhood with foamy spit oozing out and Kathy on the phone with the police screaming, "Officer, officer, hurry! There is a rapid dog running around and he's foaming at the mouth!" And the office replies with, "Ma'am, everything will be okay if you can run faster than the dog!"

Guess you had to be there! Debbie almost wet her pants laughing at a rapid dog!

I won't get into the hose plower nor the month of Optober. hahaha

Tday is coming!

We held the annual three-way phone call to discuss the menu. Mom and Dad are frying a turkey. YUM! I've been assigned to make the greenbeans for life... then I'll have drinks and dessert. We'll be stuffed like lil turkeys again after eating this meal. Each year we say the following year must be trimmed down! Ya think it is? NOT!

We are expecting a cold front to push through for Tgiving. Will be nice to celebrate with a chill in the air. Sunday I wore capris and sandals to church! Not that I minded... Heck. We've had Cmas with the a/c on and opening up sweaters! ugh.

Rich and Daniel are gearing up to go hunting after Tgiving meal. Hopefully they score.

Time for lunch!

Sunday, November 21, 2004


Anyone have a good recipe for cheesecake? Is the philly box one good? I made the reduced carb one tonight unwillingly - Rich bought low-fat creamcheese..ick! I'd hate to make yet another cheesecake for a test run for Tgiving. I've got Bonko tomorrow night and not enough time to test one out. Help me here people! Lemme know if you have a good recipe for cheesecake.

I finally got the comments section working - though I'd rather have the pop-up window like what Derbs has! Maybe one day.

Those of you passing through, leave a comment so I can read/discover your blog too. I'd like to return the favor.

Now that my migraine is gone I'm off to bed. OH joy, 5 hours of sleep tonight! GRRRRR.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Date Night/Girls Night

Since Rich got his '61 Willys Jeep running, we have been riding around a few times each night. We call it our date night. The other night we road all over town and ended up at the Civic Center and walked along the boardwalk. It was like a flashback of dating, cept we are older and wiser! We enjoy the moment now..not rushing off to meet friends or get a drink or grab a bite. We just enjoy the moment. Alone.

Riding with no top on the jeep seems to make the moon a lot closer and the stars a lot brighter. The ride is bumpy, loud, sometimes chilly and muses up my hair..but I love it! Wouldn't trade it for the world. Rich is so proud of that jeep and he loves driving it around. I love to see him so happy.

Friday night was date night with the girls. Me and two friends hit the Casino here in town. We played a bit and lost. Opted to grab a bite - because your luck changes after you eat - and went back for more. This time we plopped ourselves down for three hours at the penny machines and never moved! I broke even and the other lost. So I treated them to coffee and dessert on the way home. Debbie's daughter (24) would call and say "Mom? Where are you NOW?" HAHAHA Funny how when the shoes on the other foot things change. Ohoo, but we had wonderful time and can't wait to go back again. Next time I'm seeking out a video poker machine.


Friday, November 19, 2004

Ohoo, tag boards are back! Funny how ya miss those lil suckers! Kinda like you don't miss tv until cable is out! Then suddenly you have nothing else to do and WANT to watch tv. More to write later. I'm just glad the tag boards are back up. Mostly because I cannot seem to get the comments thingie to work! grrrr.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


After all that friend talking ...Sarah's best friend, Kade, is moving today. They are moving several states over. I've done everything I could think of to help ease the transition, but I know she's still gonna hurt really bad.

I think they drove off at 3pm to avoid the bus and the tears. I dunno which is worse, watching them drive off as you cry in the street or never getting to say good-bye.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Old Friends Revisited

Growing up there were about 12 of us, give or take one or two here and there, that all hung out together in our neighborhood. Boys and Girls. Sometimes there were couples, mostly not. We were just friends. Learning about life and relationships and all that kid-related stuff. There was a field that separated my road from the next, and in that field is where we'd all hang out. On our three-wheelers. We were some cool kids, I tell ya. We'd meet in the morning and ride all day, coming home worn out and so dusty that even our teeth were gritty. Those were the good ole days for us. Memories to last a lifetime. And they have. That was 20+ yrs ago and we still smile when we think about those days.

Today? We are all grown up and scattered about around different towns throughout the state and across the country. Have we forgotten each other? No. We had something very special all those years ago. It's funny to see Chris all grown up now. A man. A married man with kids of his own and a successful business. I still expect him to be that grinning kid from way back when. It's especially hard to see him bear the death of his mother. That's what brought us all together. Not a birthday party, or a birth or even a marriage... a death. That's what friends do. They rally together in a time of need putting their life on hold for a few hours or days to be there for each other. And there we were, gathered around sharing what we have done in the last 20 yrs; our accomplishments, our kids, our lives, sharing news of those who were not able to be there, etc. For a moment we were the old gang again. I think Chris was deeply touched that these friends had not forgotten him, had not left him alone in this time of need. One of the gang drove for 3 hours to attend the rosary. She wanted to be there. That bond of friendship has proven to last 20+ years. What greater solace than the comfort of friends?

My best friend's dad told me once, "You will have lots of acquaintances in your lifetime, but there will be very few friends. Real friends. And those real friends you'll be able to count on one hand." And he's right.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Sarah Smurf

Yes, below is Sarah. Sarah Smurf. In all her glory around 3yrs old. She was out in the shop with her daddy and decided to spray paint herself. She was wearing rubber boots and a t-shirt. So from the top of the boots to where her tshirt stopped is blue! Then her arms..and of course HER HEAD. We had to shave her hair poor baby. Rich just seemed to think this was the funniest thing ever and I was horrified! Poison control reassured me that the paint would wear off and that putting Goo Be Gone on my baby's skin would be more harmful. After a brief moment of silence I asked if was going to be a phone call to be remember and he agreed. Glad I could brighten someone's day! At the time it was awful. Now we can look back and laugh. My baby has come a long way in years...but she's still that free-spirited child who we all long to be. She is gonna have one helluva life and I'm gonna enjoy watching her live it. Thanks for the reminder Derbs!

I've got soo much to blog about..but I need to sort it all out in my head. Lot's of emotions and reliving the past and reflecting.

It was a busy weekend, that's for sure. My grandmother's Bday party at my house where Rich cooked a HUGE pot of veggie soup - slurped up and enjoyed by all. My sis and her family came for the party and we all just had a wonderful time. Lots of stories shared from the "good ole dayz" and lots of family stories shared. My grandmother's bday was Friday. She's 84. The anniversary of my grandfather's death (her husband) was Sunday. It has been 20 yrs that he's been gone. After 20 yrs I just realized he passed away 2 days after her birthday. I'm sure she thinks of that every year. I know this year we filled that day with memories and laughs and love. I'll have lots of photos to share too. Gotta love HELLO for that - but blogging in HELLO is the pits!

More later - gotta go get the kids uniforms out the dryer so they don't wrinkle!

Smurf Baby!
Smurf legs

Saturday, November 13, 2004


Below is a picture of Sarah and her hampster, Hammy. She got lil Hammy months ago and is still playing with him just about on a daily basis. In the mornings, she will get dressed for school and take Hammy out of his cage for some playtime. He's so small and cute and well..he's just a good Hammy! Sarah has always had a way with animals. Even with the bird. I can talk to him and attempt to pet him and all I get is hissing and squawking. Sarah will come up right behind me and stick her hand near the cage and he's lowering his head for a scratch! All animals love her. And you can see by the glee in that childs face that she just loves her lil Hammy!
Sarah and Hammy

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Fire pit Posted by Hello
Enjoying the patio Posted by Hello
Pictures of the new patio Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


My uncle's camp is on the Sabine River. Right on the river. White sand that squeeks when you walk on it. Cool water. Always. Constantly flowing cool water. Clear water. Sandy bottoms. All we have to do is ask if space is available and it's ours. Three bedrooms, bathroom, living, kitchen, central air/heat, porch across the front, dish tv, etc.... yes, a camp. A lil slice of heaven waiting. To boot, from the camp it is 4-wheeler riding distance to the lease where the men hunt. Rich goes every chance he gets, hunting season or not. I tag along whenever possible.

Tonight we grilled burgers and had chips, beans and deviled eggs. For dessert we made smores on the fire pit. The patio is turning out to be very useful. The cooler weather is nice and helps keep the skeeters away. Ahhh. Memories in the making. I sure hope my kids look back and remember all these things.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Raccoon prints (the hands) and a doe print Posted by Hello

Trees Posted by Hello

lake near the stand Posted by Hello

A big ole buck's print! Posted by Hello

Rich climbing into the stand Posted by Hello

What you see while in the stand.  Posted by Hello

Walking up to the stand Posted by Hello


Whoo hoo! Enjoy the pics! I still have a few more to show. So many new things added to blogger to play with.

Chris with his "teef" in Posted by Hello

Rich's Jeep Posted by Hello

Shoreline of Lake Superior Posted by Hello

Off to see the Wizard! (which one is ME?) Posted by Hello

Sidewalk leading up to the State Capital Building Posted by Hello

Weekend News

My great aunt passed away Saturday. As much as we all knew it was coming it was still very hard. She's in a much greater place and finally at peace.

Ahh, the camp. Bliss. The water was much too high so no beach walking was done. Rats. But I did go deer hunting with Richard and he just couldn't stop smiling. He was so happy to have me there. He's so silly. No deer though. But we had a good time giggling and acting crazy. We enjoyed 4-wheeler riding and I love to watch him show me things or explain things to me. He just lights up and is so eager to share. You have to understand that Rich is very quiet. VERY QUIET. Most people believe the he don't like them - far from the truth - all because he don't talk much. He says I talk enough for the both of us. Imagine that!

Lemme tell ya...It was a sight to behold trying to get my hiney into the deer stand. OMGoodness. It's 10+ feet off the ground! The forest creatures never giggled so much in their lives. By the time I made it into the stand I was shaking and sweating and crying. Can you imagine my Fear F*ctor? #1 See who can get into the deer stand faster! Lordy be! You've never seen fear until you saw me attempting to hoist myself into the stand. The guys all have long legs and upper body strength. Rich can stand on the 3rd rung down and the entrance to the stand will be below his hips. He'll lift a leg and step on into the stand. ME? I'm on the HIGHEST rung and the floor isn't even to my hips!!

Ya thought going IN was funny? Shoulda seen me trying to get out. HELLO! I don't bend at the ribs.. I gotta get my hips out the door before I'll bend! Poor Rich had my foot and is trying to place it on the steps... LEMME BEND FIRST! Here I am trying to ease myself onto the so-called ladder and there is nothing in the stand that I can hold on to for leverage. I have no upper arm strength. I type all day people! Rich stayed behind me on the ladder until I was safely down. I kept feeling like I was gonna just fall over backwards.

I've got to get HELLO set up so I can share the pics with everyone. My shooting (pictures) is a little better than it use to be. And I want yall to see how pretty Louisiana is.

Daniel had an even better time than we did. He hung around my cousin, who was there, and the neighbor. They took him squirrel hunting and 4-wheeler riding and really just made him feel like one of the guys. It's always such a big deal when you are a kid to be included with the grownups. I forget how many squirrels they got total all weekend. I'm waiting to be told the guys are coming over for squirrel however-they-cook-it supper. No thanks! None for me. I'll be more than happy to play hostess and listen to the hunting stories. Men can tell some tall tales!

Time to put the clean sheets on the bed! MMM...nothing better than climbing into clean sheets. Ya just sleep so much better on that first night.

Saturday, November 06, 2004


When I read Desmond's blog it reminded me how people all over the word view things very differently.

My grandfather's house is next door. He raised chickens all his life - hens and roosters. He had a cabane (that's french for a shed/storage building) to put them at night and, of course, it was called the cock house. We think nothing of it.

I overheard my kids while they were taking turns rolling each other around in a barrel, "Hey! Roll me over that way (pointing) really fast. But don't go past the cock house or I will be sick." Ahh, innocence is bliss.

We had a cat that my FIL would call Puss. Then the kids called her Puss-Puss. Imagine a child standing on the porch hollering for their cat, "Heeeeeeeeeeere Pusssssssssss! Heeeeeeeeeeeere Puss-Pusssssssssss!" hahahaha

GOtta scoot. Time to pack and head up to the camp to meet the rest of the family. Hopefully someone will get a deer. I've been instructed to bring my camera. He must have seen "signs" of deer.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Now another great aunt is in the hospital. She had a urinary tract infection and the infection got into her blood stream. There is really nothing they can do. So they've put her on morphine to keep her comfortable. The morphine will lower her blood pressure and she will slip into a coma and pass away. When? We don't know. It's wait and see.

Delima. I've seen my aunt at family reunions and the last time was pretty rough. They had her so doped up and her daughter was feeding her mashed potatoes when I went to say hi. She couldn't move too much but she kept smiling when I'd talk. Her daughter said, "Mamma probably don't know who you are and can't respond." I laughed and said, "oh yes, she knows it's me. I can see her smiling at me." Aunt V squeezed my hand and her eyes lit up and I swear a tear formed in her eye. I know mine did.

It's so hard to see my family growing older. I knew eventually they would...but not pass this quickly this close together! My heart aches. I don't want to see them in pain. I don't want to see family members in pain. The wars will start. My aunts children never did get along. I'm waiting for the groups to form and start attacking each other.

I'll be there for my cousin, of course. I'm torn between going up to the hospital and seeing her before she passes. Part of me wants to do it and the other part wants to stay protected. Am I doing it for me or for her?

What would you do? Rachelnla@yahoo.com

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A tease!

The weather is teasing us. Yesterday it rained ALL day and now? Now it is 55 degrees out. That may not seem to cold to some of you, but when it goes from the upper 70s to low 50s in twenty-four hours..it can put a chill in ya bones. The kids are "freezing" and Rich and I are loving it. HOpefully we can use our firepit tomorrow night. I'd suggest hotdogs roasted on the pit but after having them for the past few days I dunno if I can stomach another one so soon. OH! Maybe we'll do smores! MMMM That's it! Smores it is.

Tonight we had porksteaks in a gravy with rice, peas & carrots and for those who didn't want rice I made some smashed taters. (mashed potatoes) And for dessert? Yup. Cheesecake. YUMMY.

Another great aunt is in the hospital. 2004 will be the death of my family!

Rich has shaved his beard and kept his goat-tee.. yummy! gnite! :)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Election day! It has rained on-and-off all day. Really hard at times. Sheets of rain. Pelting rain. Rain... well, you get the picture. Lots of rain.

We headed out to vote after I finished work. Rich took Daniel in with him. We try to take the kiddos with us to show them the importance of voting and to get them familiar with the how aspect of voting. You know how they call out your name and spell it, then you sign the book? The woman doing the calling is my neighbor and she has a big, booming voice. So when it was my turn I told her to say my name extra loud and she did. When she asked why, I said because I wanted to see what it would feel like to have my name announced like I was making a grand entrance to a ball or something really formal. Then the women held open the voting booth curtain with a sweeping hand. They all got a kick out of that. I sure hope I never outgrown my silliness.

Then we headed to WalM*rt for this-n-that. Daniel got his ears lowered (a haircut) and after that Rich and I had a hard time picking him out in a crowd. I kept teasing him saying that tomorrow the teacher would ask who is the new student. He said, "Mom, you use to tell me that when I was little kid." Sorry, didn't know 12 was so old! They grow much too fast.

We ran into a few people we knew at WalM*rt - one was a guy I had not seen since 8th grade! He and Rich went to the same high school, but I went to another. He's all growed up now!

Then we zipped by and picked up boudin for the kids. They found my Cheesecake Factory cheesecake in the freezer today! MMM, melt in your mouth bliss.

The rain has stopped and the election tallies will soon start rolling in. I'm off to do some extra typing to pass the time!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Trick R ick!

Oh the candy. The candy oozing from the plastic pumpkin heads. It's calling my name! No anymore though. I think every milk dud in the house is in my tummy.

It was a rushed weekend, but filled with lots of fun!

Friday was school carnival.

Saturday was CCD, decorate the church hall. Supper at my moms. Trunk R Treat in the church parking lot. It was our first year and it was a great success! Met up with friends (hunter widows) in the neighborhood and sat up until 2 am drinking wine and talking. It was great to sit, relax and hold adult conversation.

Sunday was church, home to rest and then back to church to work the halloween carnival - which was a huge success. Switched costumes and darted over to friend's house and visited while the kiddos ran up and down the road trick r treating. Zipped to moms to show them the kiddos all dressed up and then home to ZZZZZ.

Between all this I worked, grocery shopped, cleaned house and found time to fix a meal. It was rushed, but it was so much fun. I'm glad it's over to have a little break before the holidaze starts rushing in.

Tonight I'm hosting bonko and I sure hope 8 women are really hungy. Rich cooked a huge pot of chili last night for us. Today it should be even better since it sat and the flavors had a chance to mingle and share some love. MMMMM It's been cloudy and windy all day. Hot wind. Hopefully that cool front will push in soon! I still need to get pics of the patio to share.

Wake me when Christmas is over!