Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Word To Jenn!

Uhm, I gave the kids some Tshirts I found... in the back of the truck. They were supposed to be Cmas presents LOLOL Some things never change!

I've been wondering...

Does cologne/perfume make that much of a difference to you??

Do you have a favorite?

Yesterday I was in the grocery store. I was wheeling the buggy (yes, we say buggy in the south) up to the packets of seasonings and a man was standing there reading over his list. I passed him just enough so we were back-to-back and as I was reaching for the taco seasoning I caught a whiff of his cologne. Just a subtle hint. A nice manly cologne. Not all that eye watering, throat choking, bugspray kinda cologne most younger men seem to be wearing these days. You know, that kinda musky manly scent. YUM! Suddenly this man seemed more attractive than he had been. Each time I passed him in the store I couldn't help but smiling. Rich being gone doesn't help. He wears cologne like that. And I miss him. I'm sure he will not know what hit him when he comes home. All this excitement over cologne!? Maybe this is what happens to him when I wear the perfume he loves?

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

It could have been embarrassing!

Okay, first lemme state that normally these kinds of things do not happen to me. I'm too anal. hahaha

Home from church and I changed my clothes. We would be returning to the church hall later that night so I left my pants on the bed. When I slipped off my pants I also took off my undies in one swoop - they stayed inside my pants. I grabbed a pair of silk undies from the drawer to wear and slipped into my lounge pants. If case you are wondering (men mostly) my silk undies don't cling/bunch up/ride up under my dress pants like cotton ones do. I was in a hurry that morning for church and wrestled with those dern cotton undies all during mass. I sure didn't want to fight them at the dinner social so I made sure and changed them as soon as I was home.

Time to run to the church hall. As usual, we were running late. Slip, zip. Out of the lounge pants and into the dress clothes. Off we go! By getting there late we were forced to park at the far end of the lot. Thank goodness!

I'm hurrying Rich along and we are laughing and cutting up when he says, "What's on your shoe?" huh? Wha??? OMGOSH! My hot pink cotton panties are half hanging out from my pant leg!

Can you imagine walking into a church social and having them fall out right there! In front of everyone???? It's not likely that you can play off hot pink undies or kick them under a table before someone notices!


Monday, December 27, 2004


Last night it was just Sarah and I. I asked Sarah if she was going to miss MawMaw. There was a time when Sarah was afraid of MawMaw. That was until she heard that MawMaw constantly said her prayers. Sarah thought MawMaw was talking to people who were not there - and that scared her. Since Sarah and I were alone I thought I'd ask a few questions to see how Sarah was handling MawMaw's death. Sarah nodded she would miss MawMaw. I assured her that she was not alone and that I would miss her a lot too. Then Sarah added, "I prayed for her in Church today." My heart was smashed in a million pieces. My lil girl thought enough to say a prayer for her grandmother. I sure hope all my kids have a strong spiritual bond. That they know to lean on and trust in the Lord all throughot their lives. I think Sarah is off to a good start.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Best Friends!
Rich and Jessica

Is it really over?

I hope everyone had a wonderful, memory-filled Christmas!

Are the festivities over? Can we get back to normal living?

Not that I want the Christmas spirit to end because you should live that way wall year. I just want the hustle and bustle to stop. It's been a crazy since..oh, say, OCTOBER! I need a rest.

Tonight Rich and Daniel are up at the camp. Hopefully they will snag a deer. A hunting trip to Wyoming is the talk between the men. I sure hope they make it come true. A trip of a lifetime! I know Rich would sooo love that!

The kids had a blast on Cmas morning. By the time Rich and I were up, the gifts were sorted by child and each kid was eagerly awaiting. We go from youngest to oldest to open. Gives everyone time to see what the other is getting and you get a moment in the spotlight. We do this at my parents' house and the in-laws. It also helps to stretch Cmas a wee bit longer. The excitement builds as the kids hold off on the biggest gifts until last.

Each year they get a together gift. This year it was a telescope. I think ole mom wanted that more hehehe, but they all enjoy the moon and stars and meteor showers and the eclipses. I thought it was fitting - with the new patio and all.

Tonight I took it outside and sited the moon. Wow. The glow alone is amazing...but the detail! People. You are missing soo much by viewing the moon with the naked eye. Sarah said she wished there would be someone on the moon and that we could see them by looking thru the telescope. Wouldn't that be amazing!?

We also saw a sparkling star. It was doing just that, too. Sparkling! Now we are inside winding down for bed. I'm so sleepy!

Enjoy a few snapshots of the day!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Do You Believe in Signs?

We buried my grandmother December 23. It was one of THE hardest days of my life. This was a woman who was my rock. She was not supposed to EVER die. As an adult I see things differently now. There comes a time for all things to end.

Being surrounded by family and friends and sharing the good memories and funny stories... wonderful memories. It just goes to show you how loved she was and how loving she was. She left deep impressions on people. Good impressions. How blessed we are to have had her in our lives.

When someone dies we always want reassurance that they are okay. That they are happy. We need that to be able to go on living. Some people will look for signs. Some people want to make things into a sign. I just cannot be done. You cannot force a sign.

After she passed the "sign" stories started coming. I know these were signs. Each person was given a special sign. Specifically for them. I won't share those. They are too personal for the internet's eyes. But I will share mine with you. And I think you will agree that it was a sign.

I have always loved snow. Yes. A girl from Southern Louisiana. Snow. Ask Derbs. I want to hear all the stories of the snow falling and all the pictures you can snap. My northern friends think I am insane. Who could possibly love snow?? Me. That's who. Me.

My aunt was in last week from Colorado to visit my grandmother while she was in the nursing home. My aunt always comes with gifts. She gave me a silver snowflake with 2004 engraved in it and lil blue stones on the ends of the flakes on a silver necklace. Perfect for me. She said this way I could always have my snow with me. I was soo happy to have my snow!

My son tells me on Monday that we are forecasted to have snow on Christmas Eve. This is five days before Christmas Eve. Lots can happen and chances are that it will get pushed up or back and no snow on Christmas Eve for us. Heck, it hasn't snowed on Christmas Eve in 75 yrs!

We are all gathered at my parent's house to see my brother and his family before they leave to go back home to Georgia. The weather was to get bad and we wanted them safe and sound at home! Prayers can be said in Georgia just as well as in Louisiana. God hears all.

As we were sitting around we started on the subject of it snowing for Christmas Eve. I tell everyone that if it snows on Christmas Eve that I will know that is MY sign from my grandmother. And we jokingly say I will have to be committed if it does indeed snow.

I wear my snowflake necklace to the first day of services for my grandmother and a few comment on how pretty it is and how much my grandmother loved the snow and the cold weather. That's just what she got for her services. Very cold weather.

The services were very hard. But the love and strength of our family was very evident. We are all bound by this one woman, this amazing woman, and bound tightly.

On Christmas Eve I wake up to find some lil round balls of ... snow/sleet on my truck and porch steps. I quickly grab the camera and snap away. This is my sign! But it really didn't feel like a sign. I didn't have that feeling. That feeling of warmth and knowing all is right.

In Louisiana IF it snows a hit and miss here and there you are pretty much guaranteed that it's not gonna start and stop anywhere else. One spot and you can pretty much say that was it. I was content. If this was to be my sign then so be it.

Off to breakfast we go with my aunt and her husband and my parents. Then off to the airport to see them back to Colorado.

Back home to wrap some presents and Rich was gonna make some beef jerky. All day sitting at the table wrapping I would look outside and squint really hard trying to make myself see snow. Nothing.

My aunt who lives here calls to say it's snowing at their house and she thought of me and wanted to call.

Okay. They got snow.

Then a few hours later my sister calls me from about 15 miles away. It's SNOWING at her house. OMGOSH. It's coming my way!?


All day.


I meet my sister in town to retrieve my kidlets and it's those same darn balls of sleet. She assures me this is how it started at her house and that it got harder within minutes. Humph! Nothing more. It stopped. Shoot! I had even gone prepared with my video camera and digital camera.

But you cannot force a sign. You cannot make a sign. It has to come naturally.

I pick Jessica up at her friends and we stay and visited a while. No snow.

I stopped by the cemetery thinking I would see my sign there! I NEED A SIGN. Everyone else got a sign. Why not me? Had I set myself up for some serious disappointment by saying I wanted snow on Christmas Eve and THAT would be my sign, and now I won't be getting it?? What have I done????

No sign at the cemetery either.

Once home, the kids started watching tv and Rich was snacking on jerky and I needed to rest. I was so tired. It had been a long week.

There was still no snow. But I keep reminding myself that Christmas Eve was not over with yet. Be patient.

I wake up around 8:30. I putter around in my room for a while and I'm in the bathroom when Jessica comes running. "Mom! Mom! I can hear it falling against my window. It's SNOWING!"

Sure as shooting it's SNOWING. Not some lil balls of sleet. Not some half-melted slivers of slush. GENUINE SNOW FLAKES. They are whirling around and landing and staying!

I telling the kids in a furry of half hollering and half screaming with excitement:
Get the camera!
Get the video!
Get the cell phone!
Get your jacket!

I immediately called my aunt in Colorado.

Not sleet.
Actual flakes! And you can see them! Flakes!
What time is it?

It was the time that my grandmother passed away! And *I* was getting my snow!

There was no denying it. This was my sign!

People will talk for years how it snowed on Christmas Eve in 2004 and how amazing it was after 75 yrs. But my family and I will know why it really snowed!

Saturday, December 18, 2004


My heart hurts. My grandmother passed away.

I had a whole post and I deleted it. It really is just too personal. The internet is a huge place. I feel too alone as it is.

Thanks for understanding.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

One step forward and two steps back!

I started wrapping tonight. I'm not finished. I'm only wrapping what I MUST have for this Saturday with my side of the family. Of course, that covers just about all I've purchased! I can't find some Cmas gifts. I guess I hid them too well. I had them next to my computer for ages. And now? No where to be found. Legos. For my nephew. Bought on clearance months ago. My grandmother use to do this very thing. Guess he'll get it for his birthday next year. I'm ahead of the race. I just hope I can find them before next AUGUST! I really need to get a central location for gifts that I purchase early. Sounds good!

I have played this game a zillion times. Omgosh... the concentration you begin to draw from after you have OOPSed a few times. But it always feels so good to win no matter how many tried it takes ya!

It's cold here. Last night it was 27. Brrr. We just aren't prepared for this kinda cold. How many times do I have to tell the kids, 'Put on your night pants, it's gonna be COLD tonight." before they will believe me? They are so use to walking in short and socks... I had to threaten to turn off the heat if they weren't going to do as I asked. Their teeth were a chattering this morning when they woke up though!

We managed to pick the satsumas off the tree so they didn't freeze and we picked the riper oranges. We attempted to put sheets over the fruit trees. uhm, my trees are huge! When did they get that big??? ONE sheet will not cover it. Maybe if I tied like 5 sheets end to end and then wrapped the tree. Maybe.

All I know is I was warm in my bed and slept so hard. Could be the medications too. Tylenol has a new thing out - kinda like Nyquil. Great for a cough. Cough suppressant and acetaminophen and jack up the price! Still, the cough suppressant is the highest dose available and is cheaper to buy it like this. Amazing the prices people pay for brand names and not fully understanding what medications are actually in stuff. Do some research. You may find the same amount of whatever you're taking currently in another med - generic even - or a whole other brand!

Knowledge is power!

I gotta check on a friend soon. She pulled her back bent over wrapping presents! I'm telling ya - this mommy work is HARD bizness! Another friend might have the flu. Gosh I hope not. That would be the pits. When all the running around needing to be done and wrapping and decorating and it's stressful enough... then to be sick?? AT CHRISTMAS???

I gotta go take more medications and finish up my wrapping. Lost is a re-run tonight so I'll have to find something new to watch.

Bundle up! Keep warm and toasty.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Too many questions!

My aunt is in from Colorado. Weekdays I work, so doing something with her is out of the question. My sister and I asked her to keep Friday night free for us.

We started out at a lil mexican place. GREAT food and even better margaritas! MMM We ate, drank and laughed until we cried. Then the next question. Where are we going from here?

Let me just clear up a few things. We are all happily married. We are all adults. We are all adults whose husbands are not jealous people. We have daddy's and don't need their permission to go out!

Yes, we opted for the bar up the road with a live band. Gotta love a band. Especially a good band!

I ran into several people I know and the same questions kept coming up:

"Hey! What are you doing here?"

"Is your husband here?" or "Where is Rich??"

"Does Richard know you are here?"

and my all-time favorite...

"Is there a party? a graduation or something?"

PEOPLE! Yes, my husband knew I was out. He knows I was in a B.A.R. and he's totally find with it. Why was he not out with me?? Geeze, I needed a SITTER! hehehe. It was girls night out for crying out loud! He certainly didn't want to be a fourth wheel.

It's always good to go out with the girls now and then. Especially when you are not looking. The guys tend to navigate to you and you all end up having a good time. No pressure of going home with someone or getting numbers, etc. Just plain ole fun and dancing and laughs.

It does ya heart good too when you go out. Looking around, seeing all those people looking for that spark, looking for that certain someone to fill a void, I realized all over again how lucky I am to have Richard.

Monday, December 06, 2004

please explain

I know we all find quirks in other families and especially our inlaws. Each family has their own way of doing things. No harm done.

But please explain to why my MIL can call at 9am and ask me what Rich's schedule is for his birthday, yet at 2pm she calls and wants him to return her call so she can ask him about his schedule around Cmas. Uhm...after 17 years, have they not figured out that Rich will tell them, "I'll have to talk to Rachel." or "I'm not sure what we have planned yet."?

This coming from people who go sometimes three months without a phone call or a visit. We don't go there anymore. Trust me, I have my reasons. Perhaps below will help you.

Never ceases to amaze me the phone calls with them. His dad is famous for telling me, "If you can remember to tell Rich, let him know that I called." IF I can remember? WHAT? It use to piss me off. Now I've matured. My reply is, "Sure thing. If I can remember, of course!"


Birthday Party

Saturday was my grandmother's birthday. There we were, 13 of us crowded into her room at the nursing home singing Happy Birthday. She loved her presents and especially loved her boudin. I'm sure her roomy was praying that we don't come often haha. We had cake and brownies and cokes and boudin! MMM The staff thought we were wonderful as we shared the love (the food and drinks) with them. It's a birthday party and we wanted all to celebrate with us. They even let us have our party in the dining hall. Mawmaw slept in her room while we mingled in the hall. My kids put the connection together with my dad and his siblings. It's funny to hear them say, "THAT'S your brother??"

My aunt from Colorado is in and it's soo good to see her. She looks great having lost 30+ pounds! Whoo hooo! Speaking of...I need to call and see what plans are for the next few days. I'm sure my mom and dad have a gumbo planned or even fried shrimp? MMMMM

Lunch is ova!

Sunday, December 05, 2004


Sign today at Wendy's said that due to the recent hurricanes in Florida, the tomatoe crops were hit hard and they will only give tomatoes on request. Uhm, do the plan to take .10 OFF per burger? I think they put more lettuce.

Desmond, yes, life can be cruel. Everyone wants to due with dignity and grace. I hope my grandmother doesn't suffer any longer than need be.

Leslie - check is in the mail. :) Thanks again!

Bye - we are off to get some shopping done - three kids in tow, dunno how much I'll get!

Friday, December 03, 2004


Oh, this BE is a such a good thing. I met a gal who lives not too far from me and she's a soapaholic. Whudda thunkit?? Leslie and I emailed about her soap addiction and my husband's love of making soaps and she offered to send me a lil sumpin-sumpin she's been working on. It arrived today and in the package was an extra lil sumpin - soap!

Rich checked the mail today and handed me this package. Immediately I thought it was some makeup I had ordered, but I hadn't ordered any. Once I took that package in my hands...that bulging, chock-oh-block full package, I knew what it was! Leslie's package!


Before I could even get the package open I could smell the sweet heavenly smell! OH MY GOSH! That stuff smells soo good! "That stuff" is called "Dead Sea Mud Space Bar." and it's all MINE. Because my friend gave it to ME. hahaha

She also sent me a lil something she has been working on perfecting and I can't wait to try it. Not gonna mention it just yet. Mum's the word.

Everything is package and labeled so professionally that I feel so pampered! So if your looking for that unique gift to give someone or just want something a lil different... check out Leslie's new site! I'm sure she has something that will catch your eye for that perfect gift or just a lil something extra to have for the holidays for that unexpected guest that you want to feel welcomed. What better way than with a gift made with love!?!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Grandmotherly love

My grandmother lives with her son. He made a trip to the store and found her sitting in blood when he returned. She had fallen and had a gash in her head. He immediately took her to the Emergency Room - after some cussing and fussing I'm told. My grandmother has dementia. So sometimes she's in her own lil world and you become a character in that world. Mostly it's humerous. Then it came become really serious. Makes you wonder how much of her world really laps over into reality.

She told me she fell. And a man came out of the bathroom. And she told this man he had to help her find her people so they could help her. And he did. Nobody was home except her. We know she talks to people who aren't there. But these same characters keep showing up. Sometimes she calls you by their names, and when you correct her she will say every so softly, "No, that's not Beau. No. That's Jerry. Yes. That's Jerry. I know who Jerry is."

When I saw her at the hospital she was in a neck brace, which looked very uncomfortable and honestly I don't know how it was supposed to be helping. We were told she'd be having a Halo (picture B)later that evening. Yes, it's screwed into your skull. And I imagine it hurts like hell. Not to mention her already hurting head due to the gash, which they stitched.

Now she looks like an Angel (halo) and actually looks much better. They'll be moving her to a nursing home while the Halo is in place. After that I don't know what they'll do.

It's so hard to see this woman who for so many years was the one guiding you and helping you and being strong and knowing exactly what to do and what to say. Now the roles are reversed. I want my grandmother back. My old grandmother. The woman who could say more with a hug or a look and you instantly knew what had to be done no matter how hard it was or how much you didn't want to do it. The woman who always had compassion and a heart of gold. A woman who was quick as a whip and a fist of iron if you messed with her family. The woman who loved you... matter what.

I hope I"m a tad like her during my lifetime.