Tuesday, December 28, 2004

It could have been embarrassing!

Okay, first lemme state that normally these kinds of things do not happen to me. I'm too anal. hahaha

Home from church and I changed my clothes. We would be returning to the church hall later that night so I left my pants on the bed. When I slipped off my pants I also took off my undies in one swoop - they stayed inside my pants. I grabbed a pair of silk undies from the drawer to wear and slipped into my lounge pants. If case you are wondering (men mostly) my silk undies don't cling/bunch up/ride up under my dress pants like cotton ones do. I was in a hurry that morning for church and wrestled with those dern cotton undies all during mass. I sure didn't want to fight them at the dinner social so I made sure and changed them as soon as I was home.

Time to run to the church hall. As usual, we were running late. Slip, zip. Out of the lounge pants and into the dress clothes. Off we go! By getting there late we were forced to park at the far end of the lot. Thank goodness!

I'm hurrying Rich along and we are laughing and cutting up when he says, "What's on your shoe?" huh? Wha??? OMGOSH! My hot pink cotton panties are half hanging out from my pant leg!

Can you imagine walking into a church social and having them fall out right there! In front of everyone???? It's not likely that you can play off hot pink undies or kick them under a table before someone notices!


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