Monday, December 27, 2004


Last night it was just Sarah and I. I asked Sarah if she was going to miss MawMaw. There was a time when Sarah was afraid of MawMaw. That was until she heard that MawMaw constantly said her prayers. Sarah thought MawMaw was talking to people who were not there - and that scared her. Since Sarah and I were alone I thought I'd ask a few questions to see how Sarah was handling MawMaw's death. Sarah nodded she would miss MawMaw. I assured her that she was not alone and that I would miss her a lot too. Then Sarah added, "I prayed for her in Church today." My heart was smashed in a million pieces. My lil girl thought enough to say a prayer for her grandmother. I sure hope all my kids have a strong spiritual bond. That they know to lean on and trust in the Lord all throughot their lives. I think Sarah is off to a good start.

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