Friday, January 28, 2005


Did you know a hunny bun warmed in the microwave makes a delicious breakfast? MMM! Haven't had one of these in years.

Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry.

It's cold and raining and miserable. I'm glad Rich is sleeping all warm in the bed and that I don't have to get out and go to work.

And, IT'S FRIDAY!!!!

Some girlfriends and I are going out tonight. Should be fun. Hopefully the rain will stop and it won't be too windy.

My kitchen is coming along nicely. Soon we will start on ripping down the old and putting in the new upper ones. I'll be happy when it's all done! Wait, then we start on the living room. ack!

Monday, January 24, 2005

Lots on my brain

My brain is forever turning. It never seems to stop. This week has been no different. Work has been hectic. The kids have kept me busy. Weekend was busy. This entire week will be busy. My mom said time flew after 30, but man, she sure didn't tell me it went at the speed of light!!

Rich has been working on the house again. I'll be glad when this is done. Does it ever end? Maybe by Cmas this year? LOL

I got really sick while working today. So much that I could barely speak to by boss on the phone. She could tell I wasn't feeling good and said to rest and just work when I could. Ugh. I hate to make up time, but I hate to have the work pile up even more. Joy of working at home? I can still work and look like crap and nobody knows. Un-joy? I feel compelled to make up my work because I can work and still look like crap and nobody knows. LOL yes, I'm a work-a-holic. But I love my job. Maybe by tomorrow this dull ache in my head will be gone.


Saturday, January 22, 2005

Busy Saturday

We won't get blasted with snow or below 0 temps, but we are expecting cold weather. Yesteray and even today, the windows were open and at times it was stuffy inside the house. Tonight the wind is howling and it supposed to be 32! Brr.

Today I did a few loads of laundry. Then the kids cleaned their rooms. Egads! Where were they hiding this stuff??

I mixed up a some bulk mixes - a biscuit one that makes everything from pancakes/waffles to biscuits and cinnimon rolls to cookies! I love mixes that can be used lots of ways. I also made up a mix for instant oatmeal. It's basic stuff and you add whatever types of fruits to it or whatever you like in your oatmeal. The kids said it was good - that's gotta mean something! Thank goodness I finally found a recipe to use up some of those oats. You can only eat so much granola bars. Tomorrow it's pizza crusts and a taco seasoning in bulk. Can't wait for the pizza. We haven't had it in awhile.

We rented Elf and Anaconda. The kids have watched Anaconda 3 times already. Elf? Well, I got about 3/4 of the way thru and somehow I got lost in the kichen/laundry room and when I returned to the living room (2 hours later) the kids were on round 3 of Anaconda. Oh well. I'll catch the end in the next day or so. Hopefully. Oh the joys of being a parent. And I wonder why I don't read like I use to? I'd never finish a book at this rate.

Tomorrow is church and a baby shower. :) Nice quiet day!

Hope those of you up North are staying warm!

Friday, January 21, 2005

What lies ahead...

is a weekend full of stuff!

Sarah's science fair project has to be completed - I need to get some pictures developed for that!

Jessica and a friend to the movies and then they are going to the friend's house to spend the night.

Daniel having a friend over to spend the night.

Rich has to go to work tonight.

CCD for Sarah.

Clean house - do laundry!!


Baby shower!

Get ready for monday.

I know that doesn't seem like a lot. But three kids in tow and each needing different directions and times. Hey! I am only one person. Not to mention the general check email, pay bills, cook, clean kitchen, did I mention laundry? Still need to get some stuff back into the attic... and I need to REST.

You'd think I'd be pencil thin by now with all this running around I do! What gives??

Friday, January 14, 2005

Boy, was I surprised!!

Rich really wowed me this time! I'm picky. I don't like to shop, but when I purchase something I'm just plain ole picky. I don't deny it. Especially when I have to use it daily, for like 8 hours each day. I'm so impressed with what he picked out! Lumbar support is heaven. I type all day and then play on the computer at night and sit here to talk on the phone so my chair has to be comfy.

I fight insomnia off and on. These past 2 weeks it has been hell. 4-5 hours each night is not a good thing. I'm cranky and too tired to sleep. I even resorted to drinking warm milk. It did seem to work, but not something I wanna do every darn night. Rich was either gone or working nights these past two weeks and there is no way I'm talking sleeping meds. I won't hear anything. I'm normally okay with him working nights, but he took the dog with him to the camp for a week. No outdoor alarm. Gotta love a big dawg alarm. The following week I think I was just too tired and then I worked 10 hours days, took a break and worked a few more hours at night. We were behind! Besides, the money is good.

So I konked out at 8:21 last night. I woke at 10pm and heard the dryer and Rich's voice..but I refused to do anything else but bury my head in the pillow and go back to sleep. I woke at 5:30am and lounged. Ahh, what a great feeling. No rushing to get up and wishing I could hit that snooze button. I LOUNGED for 30 mins. Rich was trying to sleep and I was bouncing around the bed and yacking up a storm. Guess that good night's rest did me good. I was feeling spry and frisky. It was COLD in the house. I jacked up the heat some more and woke the kids up. They musta stayed up a wee bit later than mom allows because they sure were tired.

I grabbed my morning coffee and headed to the computer. I had 30 mins of surfing/blog reading to do. I rounded the corner and there was my new chair. I slipped into it and found myself in heaven. Ahhh, lumbar support.... thick padding, padded arms, NICE fabric, head rest, and sloped seat so my short legs can finally reach the floor. AHH, bliss. Each time I had to get out of the chair it was just as exciting to get back in as it was the first time round.

So my husband did good. He did darn good. Sad part is I didn't realize just how ratty my old chair was until I got a new one.

Thanks, Rich. (smooches)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

He surprised me!

I cannot stand knowing I have to wait for a gift. I'm worse than a kid! I guess because when I want something I just go get it, but when someone GIVES you something you have to wait for it.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I also hate to have a gift for someone and have to wait to give it to them! It kills me to buy early for Cmas and then I have to hide presents - mainly from myself. Then I hide them too well and cannot find them when I need them. This happens to me every year.

Richard secretly loves to drive me insane knowing the above. If I have a gift for him, I will ask over and over if he wants it then even if his Bday is a few days away. He will just smile and say he can wait. WAIT?? Then it eats at me. I start thinking of how much he will love what I got him and be so happy. At this point I'm practically shoving it in his hands to unwrap. I think I drive him crazy with my silliness sometimes.

Today he told me he ordered me something.


I had an option. I could pester him until he juuust about told me what it was then I hold both arms out at length and squeeze my eyes shut and scream, "NO, NO, NO! Don't tell me!" Then a few minutes later I'd be begging for a hint.


I could wait. I could wait it out. Afterall, it's been ordered, right? I mean. It will be delivered one day. Delivered?? Flowers?? Nah, he knows I prefer hand-picked ones. Delivered? My bed? Nah, he wants me to have the final say on it. What on earth could be delivered?

With great pride and a smile that was absolutely beaming he tugged on his belt loops and said, "I ordered you a new chair for work. You work hard and you deserve something comfortable." My jaw dropped and I got all teary-eyed. A new chair!!?? He was so excited to have picked something out that he knew I wanted/needed. He said I'll like it. I already love it!

But you have to understand where this is all coming from. My sis, my aunt and myself were all sitting around talking during the holidays. My aunt was saying how she had asked for a vacuum cleaner for Cmas, she must finally be domesticated. She's been married for 5 yrs this month and never dreamed she would have wanted a vacuum cleaner - a maid maybe! My sis added that her MIL told her to never ask for an appliance as a gift. My sis wiggled her eyebrows and said it was more of the MILs way of saying not to buy HER any appliance. Me? I'm down to earth. I look at it this way. If he heard me say I need this or that and got it for me...well.. that would be he actually LISTENS to me! How much better can you get? Your man listening to you!? And then taking the time to go and pick it out? Especially if he picked up on me needing something thoughout the year and then getting it for me.. what a man.

That's just what Rich did. He heard me complain now and again about my chair and bought me a new one. A surprise one. Ahh..I think I'm in love all over again.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Thank My Lucky Stars!

Yessssssssssss! I was able to view Comet Machholz last night! Hubby was BBQing, so I hauled the scope outside to visit and look at the stars. I'm not the greatest star gazer but I make the attempt! And let me say - It was well worth it! I was able to view Seven sisters thru the scope. Amazing! I had a had time locating the green comet with the scope. I finally opted to lie on my back on the patio and use binoculars. I'm yacking away to Richard as he's flipping the steaks on the grill about how neat it is that you can see the stars so bright with the scope or the binoculars and how much I've already learned in such a short time when I let out a scream! A shooting star passed right in front of the binoculars!! By now I was shaking and my voice was jittery. I was so wanting to find that comet.

Rich sprawled out next to me on the cement. I remember when we dated we would ride to the bean fields, get a blanket and climb in the back of his truck and watch the sky. Many nights we see shooting stars. Out in the country where no lights are around, the sky literally glows from the brightness of the stars. We'd lay around and drink and talk and snuggle under the blankets. (sigh) Many a memory!

I guided Rich to Seven Sisters after we found Orion's Belt and star-jumped around. I think he was impressed that I could read a sky map and find my way around after only a few nights of doing this. Then I guided him to the Comet. He paused and said, "Yup! I do believe you found that fuzzy star you been looking for." HAHHAHA I FOUND IT! And after I knew where to look in the sky, I could faintly see it with the eye. Not much, but I could. It was brilliant and fuzzy and light green. My only wish was that I could find it through the scope. Maybe tonight?

Friday, January 07, 2005

Happy Birthdy, Daddy!

Today is my dad's birthday. Funny how he still looks the same to me after all these yrs. Okay, so a lil gray here and there..but basically still the same.

My dad makes wine. Good wine! GREAT wine. My dad goes hog wild when he gets into something. Take his wine making. He had an interest in wine. Did a few tours(while they were traveling) and asked lots of questions. He was introduced to people who knew how to make wine and he asked them lots of questions. He made phone calls and gathered material. Then he dove into it. Now, I'm not talking a few bottles here and there. And I"m not talking enough wine for Christmas presents. We now call his outdoor kitchen The Winery. He has gobs and gobs of wine! And he's still making it. Did you know you can make X amount of wine before you have to get a license? And you cannot sell your wine...then you will need a venders license. My dad is like this with everything.

They travel a lot in their motor home. When they bought it, they bought everything they could get their hands on. When birthdays or Cmas comes around you cannot get them anything for the motor home - THEY ALREADY HAVE IT! lol Same when they rode motorcycles. Yes, my parents rode motorcycles and belonged to a club and went all the way to Nova Scotia on a motorcycle!! People..we live in southern Louisiana! They were gone 6 weeks on that "tour." I'm glad to see them having fun. But my dad just goes bonkers. Motorcycle, pull behind camper, all the riding gear, helmets with radios and walkie-talkies, etc. You name it, he had it. Lights and plates and designs on the bike. He even had a special seat put on it.

If your are ever in Southern La. Stop on by and take a tour of his winery. He's very proud of it and I'm sure there will be "samples" at the end of the tour.

Thursday we had a lil office party. We all met at one gal's house to see her new kitchen and well...cajuns cannot go anywhere without bringing food! We had a lot of food, but it was all soo good. Chicken wings (fried and baked in hot sauce) dips, crackers, veggies, fruits, cheese dips, cream cheese and pepper jelly (mine) with crackers and wine and ... i brought a bottle of homemade fruit cocktail wine. You add some to your sprite or Diet Rite and MMM Spritzers! We had a great time and I hope we are able to do it again soon. I work from home so I don't get to see them very often. It's nice to sit and talk about other things besides work.

It's been raining a lot today. It got really dark in the house - I had to turn the light on at one point to see to type - and I thought the bottom was gonna fall out. A big clap of thunder and that was it. It was getting brighter and I could hear this horrible noise. I thought a plane was flying really low - i live near an airport - but it was the rain. All I could think about was how horrible that sound must have been for the tsunami. (shudder)

I'm still hoping to catch the Green Comet I just stuck my head out and its cloudy. Blah! If you'd like to see a really beautiful picture of Mercury and Venus rising... go here I sure hope she blows that up and frames it! It's awesome. Stumbling across her Blog really pushed me to get a scope for the family. I really need to learn more astronomy. I just love learning and I have a feeling I drive my kids madd with it. Maybe just a lil bit is rubbing off on them and they'll be the same. I'm not talking I wanna learn more math formulas or word modifiers... I want the FUN stuff!

I must get that from my dad.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Fly Lady, No More!

This is what I've been searching for!

How to start the day with a positive outlook..

1. Open a new file in your PC.

2. Name it "Housework."

3. Send it to the RECYCLE BIN

4. Empty the RECYCLE BIN

5. Your PC will ask you, "Are you sure you want to delete Housework permanently?"

6. Answer calmly, "Yes," and press the mouse button firmly....

7. Feel better?

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Jessica got her bands changed yesterday. Pink and purple. In just four weeks we can tell a difference. She's so happy.

Darn clouds! Daniel and I were out until after 10:30 star gazing last night. I'm looking for the Green Comet and learning how to read a sky map and trying to learn to work the telescope. If anyone has some ideas, please share! Missed the meteor shower due to the clouds. Maybe by 9:30 the clouds will have parted some and we'll be able to see it then.

Finally took the Cmas tree down. I usually leave it up until the Epiphony but couldn't take it any longer. When Rich comes home he can put the boxes back in the attic. They are blocking the doorway to the hall and it's a pain in my backside.

Work is swamped. My poor fingers should be bones right about now. I think I'll go call Rich at the camp and then type some more. A mamma's work is never done!

I vow to get to bed earlier tonight! This 1am stuff has got to go!

Monday, January 03, 2005


When someone mentions the word lotion I think of my nephew. My brother and his family were visiting family in Colorado one year. My aunt was playing cards with my nephew. He was very young and was making up the rules as he went. Naturally, he would win every hand. Oh, he IS my brother's child hahaha. So my aunt asked him what was the name of this new game. Without missing a beat he scans the room and replies, "Lotion." HAHAHAHAHA

Tonight I'm talking to my girlfriend online and we got to talking about lotion. Of course my nephew popped into my head. Now this friend I met... over 6 months ago and it just amazes me how each time we talk we find more and more stuff in common. I called her the other night to bitch and moan and of course she just listened and chuckled.. and let me ramble. This woman is exactly like ME! Normally it's people calling me and needing to bend my ear (as we say in the south) and I console and bounce back ideas...but Karen is just a mirror image of me! It's so nice to get that. To have someone do to me what I've done for years to all my other friends. Part of me is really hard to open up to people. I don't want them to know my personal business. But Karen, that gal is just easy to talk to I find myself just yacking away! The best part is..she loves it. She loves it as much as I love calling and hearing about her kids or her job or yes, even her X. We have so much in common it's spooky. I'm so glad we found each other out on the internet. My life has been so enriched by having her as a friend.

So I talked to her the other night and all was well when I got off the phone. Then tonight, well, I wanted to call and see what decision she had made on something really important. I could have emailed. I could have just waited for her to let me know, but I called anyway. There had been some major happenings in her life today and she filled me in. We talked a bit but her phone kept ringing with people calling and I let her get back to that saying I"d call her later and when things had settled down on her end. She found me online just a bit ago..and at one point said "I thought you had called earlier me because you sensed I needed a friend." Ya know... I say I was calling to find out the decision she had made..but it was a pretty strong vibe pulling me to call her. Maybe deep down I felt she needed someone? Email is really nice..but there is something about hearing a live person's voice on the other end. Something very comforting and more personal. I hope tomorrow is better for her.

Back to lotion. During our conversation online we got started on lotions. My fave is Neutrogena's light sesame formula lotion. I love that stuff. I always had normal skin. Really soft skin. I dunno if it's our crazy weather or just getting older, but my skin is really dry and just soaks up lotion. I don't like lotion that leaves you with a film on your skin. ICK! Greezy stuff. I want to soften, not be oiled down. We got on the subject of Bath and Body lotions, which are both our favs! We both love the same flavors (scents). Karen has a bottle in every room. I think Bath & Body is our secret addiction. If you have not tried their 100% Shea Butter.. hunny, you are missing out!

Tonight I ran a hot bath and added some Sweet Pea bath salts then used some Sweet Pea salt scrub. MMM. I'm so silky soft and smell so sweet. Too bad Rich is at the camp! Maybe I can con the kids into putting some Shea Butter on my tootsies!? Hmmm.. worth a shot.

Yah, I know. I'm mostly rambling.. but don't forget there is nothing better than love, family, friends and pampering yourself. You deserve it all!

God Bless!


Boy, am I ever glad to see 2004 GONE!

New Year's was spent at home with Daniel and Sarah. We had a grand ole time popping fireworks. The kids skateboarded on the patio between lighting fireworks and I enjoyed sitting back and watching them. Midnight hit and the neighborhood was alive with a bang! By 12:05 all was quiet and everyone was inside. The kids and I stayed up a bit watching tv and then crashed. Jessica was at a friends and Rich was at work. Normally, Rich and I are on the phone at midnight when he has to work because - what you do at midnight is what you do all year long! This year he was busy working and couldn't get to the phone. Ugh. Guess this means we will spend 2005 apart most of the time. Oh? And when will this all begin, you ask? Today LOL He's headed to the camp for some MUCH NEEDED relaxation. I sure hope he enjoys the break.

Jessica gets her braces tightened today. Oh joy! I will have to be heavily sedated over the next week. Oh wait.. SHE will have to be heavily sedated LOL She's gonna drive us all insane. But on the bright side. Her teeth aleady are shifting and looking better.

Time to get to work... '05 won't wait forever :)