Monday, January 03, 2005


Boy, am I ever glad to see 2004 GONE!

New Year's was spent at home with Daniel and Sarah. We had a grand ole time popping fireworks. The kids skateboarded on the patio between lighting fireworks and I enjoyed sitting back and watching them. Midnight hit and the neighborhood was alive with a bang! By 12:05 all was quiet and everyone was inside. The kids and I stayed up a bit watching tv and then crashed. Jessica was at a friends and Rich was at work. Normally, Rich and I are on the phone at midnight when he has to work because - what you do at midnight is what you do all year long! This year he was busy working and couldn't get to the phone. Ugh. Guess this means we will spend 2005 apart most of the time. Oh? And when will this all begin, you ask? Today LOL He's headed to the camp for some MUCH NEEDED relaxation. I sure hope he enjoys the break.

Jessica gets her braces tightened today. Oh joy! I will have to be heavily sedated over the next week. Oh wait.. SHE will have to be heavily sedated LOL She's gonna drive us all insane. But on the bright side. Her teeth aleady are shifting and looking better.

Time to get to work... '05 won't wait forever :)

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