Friday, January 14, 2005

Boy, was I surprised!!

Rich really wowed me this time! I'm picky. I don't like to shop, but when I purchase something I'm just plain ole picky. I don't deny it. Especially when I have to use it daily, for like 8 hours each day. I'm so impressed with what he picked out! Lumbar support is heaven. I type all day and then play on the computer at night and sit here to talk on the phone so my chair has to be comfy.

I fight insomnia off and on. These past 2 weeks it has been hell. 4-5 hours each night is not a good thing. I'm cranky and too tired to sleep. I even resorted to drinking warm milk. It did seem to work, but not something I wanna do every darn night. Rich was either gone or working nights these past two weeks and there is no way I'm talking sleeping meds. I won't hear anything. I'm normally okay with him working nights, but he took the dog with him to the camp for a week. No outdoor alarm. Gotta love a big dawg alarm. The following week I think I was just too tired and then I worked 10 hours days, took a break and worked a few more hours at night. We were behind! Besides, the money is good.

So I konked out at 8:21 last night. I woke at 10pm and heard the dryer and Rich's voice..but I refused to do anything else but bury my head in the pillow and go back to sleep. I woke at 5:30am and lounged. Ahh, what a great feeling. No rushing to get up and wishing I could hit that snooze button. I LOUNGED for 30 mins. Rich was trying to sleep and I was bouncing around the bed and yacking up a storm. Guess that good night's rest did me good. I was feeling spry and frisky. It was COLD in the house. I jacked up the heat some more and woke the kids up. They musta stayed up a wee bit later than mom allows because they sure were tired.

I grabbed my morning coffee and headed to the computer. I had 30 mins of surfing/blog reading to do. I rounded the corner and there was my new chair. I slipped into it and found myself in heaven. Ahhh, lumbar support.... thick padding, padded arms, NICE fabric, head rest, and sloped seat so my short legs can finally reach the floor. AHH, bliss. Each time I had to get out of the chair it was just as exciting to get back in as it was the first time round.

So my husband did good. He did darn good. Sad part is I didn't realize just how ratty my old chair was until I got a new one.

Thanks, Rich. (smooches)

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