Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Jessica got her bands changed yesterday. Pink and purple. In just four weeks we can tell a difference. She's so happy.

Darn clouds! Daniel and I were out until after 10:30 star gazing last night. I'm looking for the Green Comet and learning how to read a sky map and trying to learn to work the telescope. If anyone has some ideas, please share! Missed the meteor shower due to the clouds. Maybe by 9:30 the clouds will have parted some and we'll be able to see it then.

Finally took the Cmas tree down. I usually leave it up until the Epiphony but couldn't take it any longer. When Rich comes home he can put the boxes back in the attic. They are blocking the doorway to the hall and it's a pain in my backside.

Work is swamped. My poor fingers should be bones right about now. I think I'll go call Rich at the camp and then type some more. A mamma's work is never done!

I vow to get to bed earlier tonight! This 1am stuff has got to go!

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